“I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic”: Three Muslim Migrants Savagely Beat Young Iraqi Who Wore Satirical T-Shirt

Screen-Shot-2016-05-29-at-6.11.30-PM-650x571Any Iraqi migrant spotted a t-shirt that seemed to capture the feelings of many Muslims who face assumptions that they are dangerous or unhinged. The 23-year-old wore the t-shirt reading “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic” back to his asylum home in Berlin and was promptly almost beaten to death by three Muslim refugees who decided that the t-shirt was anti-Islamic.

The Iraqi was hospitalized and two of the alleged attackers, a 27-year-old from Syria and a 33-year-old from Lebanon, were later arrested. Of course, by defending Islam from a perceived insult, the attackers fulfilled a stereotype put forward by critics. It is not even clear how such a t-shirt would “offend” Islam since it was meant to show that there was no reason to fear Muslims.

This would create an interesting question under Europe’s robust hate crime laws.  Is this a hate crime when Muslims attack another Muslim who is viewed as disrespecting their mutual religion?  The attack is based on the perceived meaning of the message on the shirt rather than the religion of the wearer.  Germany does not have a separate category of offenses for “hate crimes” though it does criminalize speech viewed as insulting or disrespecting religion.  Yet, hate is considered in sentencing as an aggravating factor.

11 thoughts on ““I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic”: Three Muslim Migrants Savagely Beat Young Iraqi Who Wore Satirical T-Shirt”

  1. InalienableWrights, speaking of “useful idiots,” may I suggest that you do a little reality study about Islam. There is NO such thing as “moderate” Islam. There is only Islam. Your “no real problems” theory is baseless. ANY concentrations of Muslims results is MAJOR problems. Not just occasionally. Not just sometimes. But 100% of the time. Here’s your primer video about the myth of moderate Islam. View this at least 30 times before posting any more nonsense about “moderate” Islam. If you have any leftist tendencies whatsoever, you will need to boost the number of viewings to at least 100 times a day before any of it will sink in, since you’ve been thoroughly brainwashed and will need to start from less than scratch.

  2. If I have not made the point abundantly clear, let me try again. Islam and Civilization are incompatible. Either Civilization must expel Islam or Islam will destroy Civilization.

    1. If you do not recognize it, this is the latest version of the 6000 year old government divide and conquer agenda.

      We have had Mosques in this country for about 100 years with no real problems. The problem now is not as much Islam, as it is our criminal government first radicalizing them, then arming them, and then bringing them into our country.

      Don’t be a useful idiot. See this for the divide and conquer that it is and go after your criminal government and attack the root, not the symptom.

  3. The real tragedy is that the Satanic State of Germany does not allow it’s slaves to be armed to defend themselves.

    This does not happen in places where much of the population is armed, such as where I am now residing. For the most part crime in general happens in victim disarmament zones, whether it be a post office, a school, or a country such as Germany.

    Governments are supposed to protect rights, not grant them, nor trample them.

  4. After serving their sentences, they should be returned to their respective countries.

  5. MLM: Muslim Lives Matter.
    MLB: Major League Bumfarts.
    MLK: Martin Luther Kennedy.
    MLS: Muslim Lives Sisco.

  6. I think it qualifies as a hate crime. They hate people with a sense of humor.

  7. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. But here in Cincinnati we don’t need no muslims coming in as so called “refugees”. We got enough Catholics too. We have a problem with some pedophile priests. Maybe America needs a new Constitutional Amendment which protects people from other people and their religious views, animosity and harm. The Constitutional provision should protect one human from criminal charges related to self protection from religious nuts. Like the kid who kills the pedophile priest in revenge should be protected.

  8. I guess the t-shirt was wrong. There is no such thing as Islamophobia because the fear, as shown by this incident, is totally rational.

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