Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

kennethbeck16Ok, this one is a tad unfair. If you answer running naked down a trail wearing nothing but several bells hanging from his genitals, you are a criminal studies genius and should immediately apply to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. It certainly brings a new meeting to saying “I will be there with bells on.”

In this case, “for whom the bell tolls” is Kenneth Allen Beck, 64. The Utah man was arrested near Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork (near Provo) running down a trail. He had been reportedly running naked on the trail with his bells in front of various witnesses. Police found him near the parking lot fully clothed. He told them that he “just likes doing what witnesses described to see their reaction.” His previous record indicates that he is not just a naturalist. He was convicted in 2005 for exposing himself to the waitress while ordering food.

He was cited for lewdness involving a child. However, they left it at a misdemeanor.

I have hiked in that area, but we have a distinct different view of how to expose oneself to nature.

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  1. See. I told Quasimodo to use birth control. But noooo it “ruined the moment” he claimed.

    Now, the woods are infested with these little monsters.

  2. This gives that old expression–EVERY TIME A BELL RINGS AN ANGEL GETS HIS WINGS–a whole new meaning. I will never be able to watch, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, without this visual in my mind. Come to think of it, after seeing his fat, round, rosy, smiling mug, I couldn’t help but think of Santa–only more clean-shaven for the hot and sweltering summer months. I guess we all now know what Santa does during the off-season. Kids–stay off this guy’s lap at Christmas time.

  3. Just noticed someone posted from Deliverance the scene w/the most graphic criminal violence (not “violins” as Rosanna Rosannadana wrongly thought on SNL). Don’t let this scene deter you from watching this all time classic, worthy of viewing for many reasons I won’t list here.

    I won’t apologize for stating you’ve not properly experienced a film (especially one like this w/sweeping outdoor vistas) till it’s viewed with theater-like “field of vision” (ratio of screen size to viewing distance) and w/appropriately high audio quality.

    1. Joseph Jones – I have enjoyed films on actual theatre 70mm screens with superb sound systems regularly. Here in the Phoenix area Harkins Theater owns Cine Capri which is a 70mm screen with a sound system that will knock you out of your socks. They actually own two in the Phoenix area. I saw Star Wars opening day at the original Cine Capri. They have built one in Oklahoma City as well.

      I have seen 1950s 3-D, 1960s Cinerama and Cinemascope. I have seen them all in the theatre.

  4. I recently viewed “Deliverance” on BluRay Disc on a 92″ retractable perforated screen, in an acoustically treated room w/full light control. This scene occurs when the crew enters town to pick up their canoes. The blind local guy plays his banjo on the porch above the crew member playing his guitar on the dirt road below (“Dueling Banjos” was popular then and is still easily recognized).

    The on-screen banjo player was not a musician. The left hand of the person “fretting” the banjo belonged to a musician behind the on-screen banjo player.

    The movie made the area a ton of money.

    Deliverance is an all time classic, highly recommended (especially w/theater-like field of vision and sound), and Reynolds’ best work. For many years Reynolds held RB records at FSU. He would have had a stellar NFL career if not for having crashed his car drunk. In that accident he was trapped for a long period (“Jaws Of Life” not yet invented), which ruined his legs and future NFL career. IIRC Reynolds’ father (the local Sheriff), responded to the accident.

    In Reynold’s “Smokey and the Bandit” movies, Reynolds’ character’s relationship with the Sheriff (played by the late great Jackie Gleason) shared similarities w/Reynolds’ relationship with his real life Sheriff father.

    Please return to your normal programming.

  5. Tin

    In the Deliverance rape scene, you have squeal like a pig. Hiking & camping is fun.

  6. Those two hillbillies in “Deliverance” would be happy to see a fat white dude with bells on his wing-ding wandering through their neck of the woods…..

    1. Tin – now the BIG question is: Did they bag the poop as evidence or did they leave it for the store to deal with?

  7. Perhaps he was just identifying as a cow, or a goat, or something we haven’t thought of yet. We don’t get to choose what species we are born into, yet.

  8. I love to walk the beaches in San Diego. Black’s Beach in La Jolla is a nude beach. It is one of the most beautiful stretches, beneath the Torrey Pines golf course and the glide port. I remain clothed, since it’s clothing optional. However, I would say @ least 60-70% of the nude people are this guys demographic.

  9. JT – If you are planning a hike in Utah, and see this guy on the trail, what would you do?

  10. The emperor has no clothes
    but with bells on his genitals
    and the the urge to expose
    he has music wherever he goes

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