Problem Solved? Australia Succeeds In Stripping All References To The Great Barrier Reef From Climate Change Report

BleachedcoralIn another disgraceful move related to environmental damage, the Australian government has stripped out any reference to the Great Barrier Reef, the Northern Territory’s glorious Kakadu national park and Tasmania’s forests in a report on climate change. Equally disgraceful was the willingness of Unesco to knuckle under to any country that objected to such references in the report entitled “Destinations at Risk: World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate.” The massive “bleaching” of the Great Barrier Reef has horrified people around the world as we watch the loss of this natural wonder to climate change and poor governmental policies, as we previously discussed.

Australia insisted that the references to the Great Barrier Reef “had the potential to cause considerable confusion” because it had gotten the UN to drop references earlier to the reef as “in danger.” However, that move was also denounced since the over-whelming environmental and scientific community view the reef as endangered from mass coral bleaching. So now the report has been whitewashed, leaving it looking much like the reef itself.

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  1. Global warming, oops it’s called climate change now. I am amazed how many people believe this. Nobody knows what will happen in the next 100 years. This is about money, which is all anything is about in DC. The US recycles, adds solar panel to their homes, don’t litter (except for creeps). Scientists who know this is bad science keep quiet because they don’t want to be ridiculed. What DC wants is to send money to countries to “help” their climate change protections. CA has the cleanest air, 95% pollution free. I imagine that’s about as good as you can get. In the 70’s we were going to freeze. Washington State was going to be a glacier. When Glenn Beck was on FOX in the afternoons he had John Bolten and a gentleman from the UK. It was the best hour of information and education. I’m sure FOX or Mr. Beck has that tape and would be happy for you to see it. My husband’s degrees are in Physics and he was astounded at how well the actual proof these three men presented with statistics, measurements, facts on paper.

    Professor, view that tape and you will be amazed at what our “scientists” know, but don’t tell us.

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