Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Bans Girls Older Than Five From Riding Bikes As “Provocative”

imgresIn yet another example of how similar extreme groups in Judaism and Islam can be, an ultra-orthodox Jewish leader has reportedly banned girls aged five and older from riding bicycles;claiming it is “immodest” and too “provocative” for men watching girls as young as six on a bicycle.You may recall the outrageous move by the city of New York to remove bike lanes in an area in New York to protect the sensibilities of Hasidic men. Previously, an influential rabbi moved to block women from driving –just as his Islamic counterparts have done in places like Saudi Arabia.

The rabbi in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nahloat issued the decree to synagogues across the area. He warned that girls over five riding bikes could “cause serious damage to their modesty” and that bicycle seats caused young girls to sit in a way men found “provocative.” Accordingly, the Haredi ruling said: “We inform parents that they are obligated to forbid their daughters from age five and up from acting in this illegitimate way.”

This decision follows objections by ultra-orthodox rabbis to women in Bnei Brak studying in higher education because of the corrupting influence of secular ideas. Other rabbis have sought to block access to the Internet and to declare smartphones to be non-kosher.

images While most of us see a five year old in the picture above, some ultra-Orthodox men apparently see something more like this picture. That seems particularly depressing in terms of the mentality of your supporters that they cannot see a five-year-old girl on a bike without being “provoked.”

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  1. The Rabbi and his friends are schmendricks, which are loosely defined as apprentice schlemeles. A schlemele is a guy who spills the soup. The guy who is spilt onto is a schlemazel. Sorta like the difference between idiots and morons.

  2. Jim22:

    Well, since I have ridden horses since I was a kid, and since all the girls stay out of trouble at the barn because they spend all their free time with the ponies instead of getting tramp stamps or piercings or hanging out with the wrong crowd, I absolutely think it’s ridiculous for a grown man to get sexually aroused by a 5 year old girl riding a bicycle. It’s healthy exercise.

    Now, if he wanted to criticize parents for letting very young girls wear revealing clothing or date before they’re even teenagers, he’d have a point.

    But claiming little girls can’t ride bikes (or horses) because it makes men feel aroused is not normal behavior.

    If more girls rode bikes (or horses) they’d be healthier and have less time on their hands to get into trouble. Sorry, but I disagree with you on this one. Thou shalt not forbid riding!

  3. How about forced distribution of ‘Saltpeter’ for of these clowns who can’t control themselves and those who punish little girls for it!

  4. This sentiment is reveals more of the licentious thoughts that stir in the minds of those rabbis, than anything the bike riding females are doing, or of anyone else.

  5. I think fathers should ultimately decide what their daughters do and mothers decide what their sons will do. However, I am an agnostic, so no church is going to ask my advice.

  6. ‘Thank you for respecting our values….’

    Thank you for giving credibility to subjugating women, encouraging rape, validating pedophilia, etc.

    The greatest gift of a creator or evolutionary happenstance, however one wishes to explain it, is the gift of self control; which only comes truly through self knowledge and understanding. First one has to understand the world through one’s own existence. Then one has to realize that we are all Bozos on this bus. Only then can one truly respect others.

    This power induced ‘respect’ is nothing more than a tail that is fast evolving away as the world settles down and more and more of its inhabitants are given the opportunity to understand and respect themselves first and then understand and respect others.

    For a clear and graphic contrast and comparison, travel to Saudi Arabia and then cruise the areas around a US university. In the US all the sexual drives are in the open and the holy goal is to control them. When a breach occurs the civil laws step in and take over. In Saudi Arabia-Saudi Arabia represents all religious extremism-when a breach occurs the local pedophile mullah comes up with some convoluted references to an even more convoluted interpretation of and even more convoluted fairy tale, to massage it into place.

    Button that top button, show no ankle, wrist, or neck. Don’t be eyeballing any girls now.

  7. I thought the same thing Karen. If any man sees the simple act of a child riding a bicycle as something sexually provocative then it’s not the child that needs to be controlled.

  8. The rabbi might be nuts but he has no official power. He’s a religious leader & as such is entitled to his views, even crazy ones. It’s not comparable to the situation in Islamic states where religious crazies have state power & impose their ideas on the public.

  9. “Bicycle races are coming your way
    So forget all your duties oh yeah!
    Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
    So look out for those beauties oh yeah”

  10. Before we all pass judgment, take a look at our own “progressive” society and tell us truly who is in the wrong here.

    Karen, how warped are you that you think this guy is in need of pedophilia counseling because he feels he is doing what he should to protect the children of his community. Our tramp stamped, pierced, hooker dressing teenage girls are doing much better right?

  11. Male superiority over women is NOT “religion”, nor is racism or homophobia. Those are not “beliefs” or “faith”. They are simply selfish lust, greed, and desire to dominate others. To call them “religion” is to take away any legitimacy that religion has or ever had. The only legitimacy religion has, if it has any, is when it addresses people getting along with each other, being kind to each other, and respecting the rights of others.

  12. You need to change your category title: “Religion” is actually “Let’s make fun of other people’s religion.”

  13. Religion ain’t about celebrating the gods – it’s about controlling the masses. Just like politics.

  14. Probably shouldn’t play baseball either because sliding into a base is too provocative.

    What nutz!

  15. Well, that’s just ridiculous. If this rabbi feels a 5 year old girl riding a bike is provocative, perhaps he should seek a mental health professional to see if he has pedophilia inclinations, and protect the public…from himself.

    Will they include unicycles in this ban?

  16. The flip-side is that during a court ordered post divorce child custody therapy session in a southwestern state within the past ten years, I have a degreed psychologist tell me that I was wrong to give my 8 year old daughter a shoulder ride, “because her vagina was too close to my neck”.

    Ironically for this story, the shoulder ride in question was given during a Chanukka Party and group dance in the social hall of the temple in conjunction with several other hundred people.

    Nut jobs do not know religious bounds.

  17. Imagine the horror they would suffer if taken to the Fremont Solstice Bicycle Parade on the 18th in Seattle.

  18. Isn’t it amazing that women and girls must be punished because men cannot be trusted to control themselves. Men who are that out of control belong on medication and in mental facilities!

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