“Best In Show”: Saudi Arabia Arrests Two Men Organizing A Dog Pageant

220px-Terrier_mixed-breed_dog200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgWe have previously discussed cases involving the view of many Muslims that dogs are unclean. Now, Saudi Arabia has again taken Islamic values to a far extreme by arresting two men for simply organizing a dog pageant in Jeddah. That’s it. They simply wanted to pick the 10 best dogs in the Kingdom so they were arrested for  an “un-Islamic” act .

The men used social media to organize a show to pick the “most beautiful dog in Jeddah.” The top three owners were to win prizes during the Eid festival to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. After the arrest, city officials announced that the contest would be cancelled.

The infamous morality police look for dog owners and report them as violating the Islamic view of dogs as “unclean.” Formally known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the force has been regularly accused of thuggish and abusive actions. They raid birthday parties to arrest people dancing. The religious police force that has been a constant presence in the Kingdom, such as arresting a woman having coffee with colleagues, and forcing young girls to burn to death in fire rather than run out without their scarves. Then there was the time that the religious police in Dammam marched into a popular dinosaur exhibit and shut it down without any explanation of why the dinosaurs threatened the virtue of good Muslims. Then there was the flogging of a women who insulted them. Then there are the round ups of religious people for simply praying at home. Then there is the arrest of a man for standing in line with his wife at a grocery store. The list goes on and on.

So now the morality police are arresting dog lovers and stopping the threat of dog shows to Islam. Once again, this is one of our closest allies against Islamic extremists.

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  1. Now we learn that Mohammed didn’t like dogs… but then young girls are fine for the pedo prophet.

  2. Civilized behavior is one man’s opinion of moon light, I learned, when I had to quickly locate a firearm and illegally fire it in order to dispatch an injured animal within city limits.
    I am familiar with property rights.
    I assume your references to Jefferson’s definition of property rights or other principles most likely are reflected somewhere in the primary law of Torah or are we constantly imagining that new variations are actually new? I suspect that the GR (golden rule) probably covers the NAP.

  3. Steve Groen
    1, July 11, 2016 at 9:58 am
    “I’m sure Saudis probably think we’re at the bottom of the enlightened rankings when a cop shoots a Minneapolis guy whose subculture he’s afraid of.”

    Mr Groen has engaged in a classic self-hating exercise which requires one to ascribe Western values to the Saudi mindset, and then imagine them cringing at our degraded culture. Why would you assume the Saudi mind is evaluating things in terms of enlightenment? Have they demonstrated any such traits? Granted, that they will take our own values and shove them down our throats and that many will then genuflect and grovel, but that trick has become a little shopworn. We know they don’t share the western idea freedom and justice applied equally to all. And nothing is easier than criticizing someone else for failing to keep their own standards, despite the fact that they themselves have never even aimed for it.

    1. There are absolutes as to what constitutes civilized behavior Christine.
      A civilized society strives to protect the rights and property of the citizens.
      It’s that simple. And we have all rights if you were wondering.

      Are you familiar with Jefferson’s definition of rights that is based on property or the more
      contemporary NAP? (non aggression principle)

  4. I went to the animal fair!
    The birds and beasts were there.
    The old baboon by the light of the moon…
    Was combing his auburn hair.
    The monkey he got drunk.
    And fell on the elephants trunk.
    The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees and
    That was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk!

  5. If all of the Saudi dogs are going to spend time competing in pageants, where the fairest dog of all will win a prize, who is going to be at home cooking up the couscous? That’s the real problem. No women left at home making dinner. Now, that’s a crime in a society where the prevailing religion deems women to be inferior and relegated to the position of second class. They are considered to be the servants of their male family members and routinely beaten for failing to meet those standards.

  6. The only pets allowed in Saudi Arabia are: Slaves, concubines & housemaids.

  7. Steve

    The difference is that the deficiencies in our police officers, although rare, make headlines, are not condoned, and give rise to efforts to improve the situation. In Islamic oriented states such as SA, the deficiencies are applauded as being closer to god or some other sort of mumbo jumbo. Not the same thing at all.

    Again the differences, we try-they don’t, we criticize our selves-they don’t, we try to see things in a logical and universal way-they don’t. What makes the headlines in the US is when we fail at trying to better ourselves. What makes the headlines in SA is when they succeed in suppressing human nature.

  8. I’m sure Saudis probably think we’re at the bottom of the enlightened rankings when a cop shoots a Minneapolis guy whose subculture he’s afraid of.

    1. Steve – there is a difference between an individual action and a state sponsored action. BTW, I personally do not subscribe to the idea of subcultures. I do believe in gangs, though.

  9. No, all of “Islam” doesn’t think women are unclean and ugly. It’s the Saudi version of fundamentalist Islam, that views women as domestic cattle, owned and possessed, not to be viewed by anyone outside the family. In some other Muslim countries, attractive women are very much seen in the open. Have a look at the flight attendants on Emirate Airlines.

  10. This is why God made guns. Islam also thinks that women are unclean and ugly. That is why they cover their heads and faces. There is no Facebook in Islamic countries. Buttbook but no Facebook.

  11. The Saudis are extremists. I am not sure why we put up with them. I am surprised there are enough dogs to have a dog show.

  12. Our police are not much far behind, they enforce thousands of tyrannical, unconstitutional, arbitrary laws on us 24.7.

    I think we need to clean our own house before we start judging others.

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