Saudi Arabian Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Pokemon Go

Pokemon-Go_logo.svgSaudi Arabia’s top Islamic clerics have renewed a prior religious edict or fatwa that warns against playing Pokemon in order to expressly denounce the playing of the wildly popular mobile phone application Pokemon Go as UnIslamic and evil. This will come as a shock to my kids and their cousins who recently coerced me to drive around the neighborhood to bag a few Pokemon (while correctly me that it is not pronounced “pokeMAN.”) One would have hoped that with Sunni following the Saudi Wahhabi sect beheading people and enslaving girls, Pokemon Go would seem fairly low on the list of “to do” subjects for clerics.

Nevertheless, the clerics have previously focused on Pokemon as evil and said that the cards constituted a form of gambling, uses devious Masonic-like symbols and promotes “forbidden images”. No, this is not a joke or a spoof. This is the leading group of clerics in Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Saleh al-Fozan, a member of the kingdom’s powerful council of senior clerics, reaffirmed the fatwa and the inherent evil represented by Pokemon. By the way, one of the things noted by the clerics with greatest concern is that a six-pointed star appears in the game — which they note is similar to that of Israel. They also noted the appearance of a few crosses suggesting Christianity as well as symbols that they deemed reflective of polytheism or freemasonry.

Other clerics have joined in the campaign against Pokemon. Senior Egyptian clerics at Egypt’s Al-Azhar has denounced the game, including Al-Azhar under-secretary Abbas Shumman who trick children to lose their sense of reality and create a “manic attachment to technology.” Kuwaiti clerics have also denounced the game. Clerics have encouraged parents to punish their children and reward them for rejecting the “antiIslamic” influence.

Of course, there is another possibility that this is just a kid’s game and the clerics are extremists obsessed with stamping out the influence of other religions and see any popular non-religious activity as a threat to their control. Either that or Pokemon is a Zionist-Christian-Free Mason- Polytheist cult conspiracy designed to supplant Islam. You choose.

15 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Pokemon Go”

  1. I dread to think what will occur when the craze hits here in about two month.

  2. I’m with the Imams on this one.

    The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters.

    “Game was developed by a CIA-funded software front group to use mobile device cameras of brain-dead public to conduct mass surveillance of any area requiring immediate video documentation by CIA/FBI/NSA. It’s essentially a spying machine pretending to be a game. Game’s puppet masters simply plop a virtual monster into any desired surveillance location, and hoards of brain-dead apocalyptic zombie humans instantly converge on the scene, pointing their mobile cams at the virtual ‘monsters’ so they can earn their virtual ‘points’. Video from players’ cameras is [surreptitiously] streamed to CIA/FBI/NSA in real time, along with precise GPS coordinates. The more people needed converge onto an area of interest, the higher the monster value placed at that location. When high-value monsters appear in such locations, hoards of Pokemon players rush to the scene via bicycles, taxis, automobiles and even on foot, all pointing their cams at the high-value target and [unknowingly] upstreaming real-time video to the CIA/FBI/NSA. Pokemon Go is CIA’s way of turning obedient zombie humans into inadvertent collectors of actionable on-the-ground intelligence. Pokemon is the game that turns bored citizens into highly effective domestic spies unwittingly working for the police state.”

    The creators stole the idea (what else is new?) from the move, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (

    And, yes, I AM wearing my tin-foil hat. Why do you ask?

  3. It is really very simple. When you play pokemon go you cannot pray at the same time.

  4. @Dave137

    An 18-year-old can’t buy a can of beer, but he can legally authorize someone to deface him for life by tattooing his face? in America today, an 18 y/o isn’t very mature. Blame that on parents, schools, culture, national wealth or whatever, but it’s the case. If it were up to me, I would raise the age to purchase alcohol, cigarettes and tattoos to 25. it would lead to a lot less death, destruction, cancer, emphysema and stupid immature life-damaging choices.

  5. It’s so much easier to declare something is evil than to solve real problems like Climate Change, nuclear weapons accessible to reckless irresponsible people, personal information about everyone accessible to those same reckless irresponsible folks.

    1. Doglover – climate change is not real. The data has been fudged. All the data from south of the Equator has been made up since it was unreliable at best.

  6. Pokemon was on TV last night yakking for more than an hour. His offspring were there. One wife. Pork em if ya gottem. He wants America to make him the leader. The song they sing is an approach to the guys from elsewhere.

    These little town blues
    They have all melted away
    I am about to make a brand new start of it
    Right there in old New York

    And If I can make it there
    You know, I’m gonna make it just about anywhere
    Come on come true
    New York, New York, New York

  7. We had a suspicious yuot in our neighborhood lately and when he was finely stopped by police, turned out to be a level 26 Pokemon Go Trainer. Damned if I know what that is! Also my local branch library is Pokemon gym, whatever that is! The branch library is used by several hundred high school students as a waiting spot for their parents. I just envision bloodshed.

  8. “Pokemon Go would seem fairly low on the list of “to do” subjects for clerics.”

    An attention-getter in light of the game’s (equally insane) popularity. It’s just a clerical marketing move.

    TIN: “If some tattoo “artist” did that to my kid, I’d burn his shop to the ground.”

    Maybe you should blame the parents. (Or the non-kid 18-year-old.)

  9. I want a fatwa issued against the current trend of people (“sheeple”) defacing themselves with hideous tattoos (or “tramp stamps” as they are more accurately called.) I saw a kid of about 18 in Home Depot the other day who had tattoos around his eyes and covering his cheek, completely disfiguring his face. If some tattoo “artist” did that to my kid, I’d burn his shop to the ground.

  10. Well, there is the broken windows syndrome. Today it is Pokemon, tomorrow it is lipstick in public, or something else that is more horrible. Sooo, I am all for this fatwa. Plus, can these guys issue a fatwa against people who order coffee that has these multiple conditions, and then when the barista screws it up and puts real whipped cream in, instead of low fat whipped faux-cream, the idiot insists that the order be redone???

    Because, and I hate to admit it, but I would love to see them decapitate the snobby little twerps in the public square! And make them drink the “wrong coffee order” before the scimitar comes down.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Prof, in case it wasn’t clear yet, a fatwa ONLY applies to Muslims, and solely to those muslims who attribute authority to that cleric. That makes exactly 100 people, or half of that, perhaps even less. And they don”t include you or your kids or anyone on this blog, including me.
    It is as relevant to the world as the Amish fatwa defining the length of women’s dresses.
    Meanwhile, I would love to get your insight on this.

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