Saudi Cleric Promises Syrian Fighters 72 Virgins Who Are So Pure That Their Spit Can Turn The Sea Sweet

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.15.15 PMA new video is circulating on the Internet showing Sheikh Abdullah al-Muhaysini, a Saudi cleric in Syria affiliated with al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, sending out young Muslims to die in the battle for Aleppo with the promise of 72 virgins who are so beautiful that they can simply spit in the sea and turn it sweet. They also apparently release perfume when you hug them. There are many Muslims who insist that the 72 virgin claim is a myth started by anti-Islamic forces.

We have previously seen clerics describing these virgins as “pure, unblemished, menstraution-free, free of feces, urine, phlegm, children” and even translucent.

Muhaysini is another extremist export from Saudi Arabia. The Quran refers to such houris in similar terms and also refers to young boys of “perpetual freshness” and as “fair as virgin pearls.” Clerics have previously seized on passages to assure suicide bombers and soldiers of the rewards of their sacrifices. This video shows just how creepy such pitches can be.

The situation in Aleppo has been rapidly declining for ISIS and its allies with bombings and food shortages. These pitches of translucent virgins may be all that extremists like Muhaysini have to offer. However, the success of ISIS and extreme Islamic sects have been to deny outside exposure to opposing ideas while feeding recruits (often with little or no secular education) a steady diet of Islamic teachings and sex-infused paradisal fantasies. However, not only do many Muslims reject such extremist views, but some experts insist that this is all a miss interpretation of the word “raisins” — a serious potential error for those in the audience with Muhaysini. I expect that finding 72 raisins after the Battle for Aleppo may be a tad disappointing.

Many Muslim scholars insist that the claim of 72 virgins is a myth started by anti-Islamic writers — not the Koran. Yet, there are videotapes like the one below (assuming the translation is accurate) and stories of the virgin pitch being made to Muslim soldiers.

While I obviously cannot speak for the translation, here is the video tape:

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  1. Darren, thanks for solving the mystery of the virgin-raisin controversy. That was good thinking, drawing that connection.

  2. No, Squeeky, you’re not alone. I own and have read several of Gershon Legman’s books, including a first edition of his book Oragenitalism. I enjoy his writing and insights into modern culture. More people have read his works than you might think, though. For example, I recall listening to a radio show once that featured John Melendez (who used to be called “Stuttering John” when he was on the Howard Stern Show), who was discussing the underlying meanings of comedy. He described the insights he gained from reading Legman’s books and how it improved his comedy writing. Some might argue that learning about the unfunny origins of certain kinds of comedy destroys the comedy, but I disagree. I have to admit, however, that you are the few females I’ve encountered, let alone girl reporters, who actually has more than a passing acquaintance with his books. You sound like my kind of gal.

  3. I wonder how popular this philosophy would be if, to be fair and equitable, they promised the wives of martyrs 72 cabana guys at their beck and call.

  4. I don’t know who is gone but what we need is a drone to go get this Cleric and make him have a fast track to Hell. And damnation.

  5. Apparently some still think women are enslaved in heaven. What an empowering message to female Muslims. And what do the wives of “martyrs” think of this “reward”?

  6. This will address any ambiguity for you martyrs. So sweet yet so vulnerable. These doe-eyed beauties will be your reward.

  7. You know, since they are also promising young boys of eternal “freshness”, I find the following far more appropriate for these creeps than the promise of 72 poor virgins:

    These people are idiots. I mean complete morons, and in the eternal words of Ruthless People , complete morons are rare. Perhaps we can make them more rare. In true Darwinian fashion, they will be removed from the gene pool. I don’t even want them at the shallow end.

  8. Showing 72 beautiful virgins sure makes for a great recruiting poster. Certainly beats the BS of an army of one.

  9. If Bernie’s supporters don’t vote for Jill Stein, then they are the cop out.

  10. @Ralph Adamo

    WTF??? Somebody here has heard of Gershon Legman besides me??? Oh, Praise The Lord! I have his monograph on Oragenitalism! Plus, the two books he finished for Vance Randolph, which would be one of the 10 or so I would grab if the place caught on fire! Plus, like two of his Limerick Collections, in storage. He wrote something else that you can download, let me find it again. . . ahh!

    I printed this off and have it somewhere around here!

    Oh, I am no longer a lonely little petunia in an onion patch!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter..

  11. Spitting in the sea?

    Maybe that will finally get the attention of The Golfer and his perpetual excuse-making, ransom-paying, lickspittle, pantywaist horde…

  12. One candidate for president wants to reward the special interests who profit from open borders. Her main opponent says THAT won’t happen if he’s elected. Two liars. Vote third party.

  13. There have been some so-called Islamic scholars — an oxymoron, if you ask me — that argue that the 72 “virgins” is a mistranslation of the word “raisin.” Of course, even those who accept the mistranslation argument do not attempt to explain how or why 72 raisins would be some grand reward. I mean raisins are tasty and all, but 72 of them? It seems to me that these so-called Islamic scholars are simply trying to desexualize the inherent connection between sex and death that is part of the collective Islamic consciousness. Islam is literally in love with death, though destruction, torture, and mutilation are close behind.

    And, in any event, even the desexualization attempt fails because raisins are still associated with fertility. Who can forget, for example, those classic “raisin jokes?” Here’s an example:

    Buxom waitress bending over the counter: “What’ll you have?
    1st Customer: “Raisin pie.”
    2nd Customer: “Same here.”
    3rd Customer, ogling her: “Mine’s raisin’ too!”

    See the classic “Rationale of the Dirty Joke: An Analysis of Sexual Humor” by Gershon Legman.

  14. Olly, now that would be a surprise they wouldn’t have seen coming. And the camels I have seen smell bad. That would sure suck for an eternity…

  15. RSA, Nicely done!

    If I was going to martyr myself I would want more specifics. 72 virgin what? Camels? They spit, right?

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