Saudi Cleric Promises Syrian Fighters 72 Virgins Who Are So Pure That Their Spit Can Turn The Sea Sweet

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.15.15 PMA new video is circulating on the Internet showing Sheikh Abdullah al-Muhaysini, a Saudi cleric in Syria affiliated with al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, sending out young Muslims to die in the battle for Aleppo with the promise of 72 virgins who are so beautiful that they can simply spit in the sea and turn it sweet. They also apparently release perfume when you hug them. There are many Muslims who insist that the 72 virgin claim is a myth started by anti-Islamic forces.

We have previously seen clerics describing these virgins as “pure, unblemished, menstraution-free, free of feces, urine, phlegm, children” and even translucent.

Muhaysini is another extremist export from Saudi Arabia. The Quran refers to such houris in similar terms and also refers to young boys of “perpetual freshness” and as “fair as virgin pearls.” Clerics have previously seized on passages to assure suicide bombers and soldiers of the rewards of their sacrifices. This video shows just how creepy such pitches can be.

The situation in Aleppo has been rapidly declining for ISIS and its allies with bombings and food shortages. These pitches of translucent virgins may be all that extremists like Muhaysini have to offer. However, the success of ISIS and extreme Islamic sects have been to deny outside exposure to opposing ideas while feeding recruits (often with little or no secular education) a steady diet of Islamic teachings and sex-infused paradisal fantasies. However, not only do many Muslims reject such extremist views, but some experts insist that this is all a miss interpretation of the word “raisins” — a serious potential error for those in the audience with Muhaysini. I expect that finding 72 raisins after the Battle for Aleppo may be a tad disappointing.

Many Muslim scholars insist that the claim of 72 virgins is a myth started by anti-Islamic writers — not the Koran. Yet, there are videotapes like the one below (assuming the translation is accurate) and stories of the virgin pitch being made to Muslim soldiers.

While I obviously cannot speak for the translation, here is the video tape:

43 thoughts on “Saudi Cleric Promises Syrian Fighters 72 Virgins Who Are So Pure That Their Spit Can Turn The Sea Sweet”

  1. Why would anyone want sex with a virgin? Promise them a good looking hooker.

  2. Okay, now they are just making stuff up. How the hell does this guy know?

  3. Cheevers, the whole debacle isn’t about war, it’s about business. Repeat business in this case, and it certainly can’t be any better right now. As bad as that sounds, I wonder what would happen to our economy if that all stopped over there suddenly. Maybe we don’t want to think about that. Even deficit spending needs some sort of income to sustain itself.

  4. I have read the Penguin translation of the Koran. There is not a word about 72 anythings. It does state at least 137 times to argue gently with the people of the Book, i.e., Jews and Christians.

  5. @Squeeky,

    I don’t believe it’s the hat, I think it’s that intelligent, extra ordinary, remarkable, exceptional, brilliant, perspicuous shadow it sits on.

  6. Having dated one virgin, I can’t imagine why anyone would want seventy-two of them.

  7. @Squeeky: “It’s uh, er, one of the major requirements. Uh, oh,. . .”!” I don’t speak Arabic!”

    Despite my occasional claim that we see through you, I am going to guess …. not translucent enough.

  8. @Darren S

    Darren the Black Ace of Spades (the death card) was left on the dead in Nam, “Charlie” had this thing about death and misfortune connected to it.

    I suggest we spread a bag of “Fat Bubba’s Pork Rinds” over the dead Jihadist, this may encourage them to vacate the area and off themselves in a holy state?

  9. @Squeeky

    I think you exceed the requirements! Its that Hat!

  10. Is this promise really any different than being giving a place in “Heaven” for NON violent behaviors while in the service of a deity?
    Promises, promises, promises.
    Only one way to find out if they are delivered and no one can empirically validate the successes.
    Talk about prurient interests!
    This virgin thing just seems like Islamic Pervert Prime for martyrs.

  11. On May 8, 1945 one of the greatest armies surrendered to the U.S. and its allies. By greatest I refer to their tenacity to fight, warfare tech, aircraft, tanks, U-boats just the Horten Brothers work alone was far ahead of anything we dreamed about. We and our allies were also fighting a war on the other side of the world and brought them to their knees shortly thereafter.

    Here we have this group of animals who wipe their assets with their bare fingers and we can’t stop them, why? In WWII we boasted how we could drop bombs in a pickle barrel, today we can fire a rocket from an easy chair in Colorado and hit the pickle. Has this nation and it’s allies lost their heart to defeat this group of sub humans? What in Gods name has our nation come to?

  12. Ummmm…. it its all the same to you guys, I think I’ll just stick with 2 or 3 experienced women.

  13. I might suggest a covert operation similar to Project Eldest Son from the Vietnam War. Somehow convince the ISIS potential martyrs that every so often, one who detonated himself would instead of a reward of 72 virgins, actually receives 72 raisins.

    Perhaps putting the raisins on the eyes of a dead terrorist to be later discovered by his fellow fighters might be an unnerving sight, seeding doubt as to whether blowing themselves to smithereens is worth the possibility of only getting raisins. Why not, it’s only a cheap pack of raisins.

  14. As long as the morons buy into this lets up the ante offer 144 Sea Sweet Virgins right out of Vegas. Supply a big stadium, plenty virgin explosives, free seating to every member of the families close (very close) to the detonation point and a box of Cuba’s best Macanudo’s.

  15. Despite similarity in words between languages it was not Seven Raisens. But urban myth has it there was something about Seven Virginians…..

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