Two South Carolina Teens Ask Man To Help Pull Their Car Out of Ditch . . . Then Murder The Man

1471431829176 Deon Frasier, 17, and Michael Dupree-Taylor, 19, are two South Carolina teens who have distinguished themselves in the alleged depravity of criminal conduct. The two asked 45-year-old Chadwick Garrett to help them pull their vehicle out of ditch. When he did so, they allegedly shot and killed him rather than pay him for his trouble.

scshooting18n-3-webGarrett was reportedly promised $20 to pull the car out of the ditch. When he asked about the money, he was reportedly shot several times in the chest. The affidavit is a bit unclear on the witness who came forward. She is described as calling police 20 minutes after the shooting about her SUV being used without her permission.

Police went to the woman’s apartment and she said that Frasier and Dupree-Taylor were inside.

Police say that Dupree-Taylor confessed to being at the scene of the shooting while Frasier confessed to being the gunman that shot and killed Garrett.

Bond has been denied in the case.

The shocking case maximizes the premeditation and callous elements that tend to guarantee a death sentence. With the confessions, if admissible, the defense would have to focus on the mitigating elements on sentencing. However, this is not a good case for any jury.

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  1. @Bill McWilliams

    The Great Depression of the 1930s did not affect the business of organized crime to the degree it affected many aspects of the legitimate economy. After Prohibition ended in 1933, major criminal organizations diversified and became increasingly powerful in the process. Gambling, loan-sharking, and the growth industry of narcotics distribution became important sources of criminal revenue as repeal threatened the proceeds from the illegal sale of alcohol.

    An increasingly significant area of enterprise during this period was “racketeering.” While the term may be defined many different ways, it generally refers to the variety of means by which organized crime groups, through the use of violence (actual or implied), gain control of labor unions or legitimate businesses.

    It’s just common sense that the thugs ain’t gonna become saints if drugs are legalized.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. Squeeky saId:

    “If they can not make money selling drugs, then they will simply branch out and start robbing, killing, hijacking, kidnapping, whatever.”

    You don’t know what they would do, but we DO know what happened after alcohol Prohibtion was ended. Crimes that took place DURING prohibition, because of prohibition – ended.

    You must be obsessed with giving us the benefits? of your fertile imagination. That might explain why you misstated what I said. Maybe your career continuation would be endangered if your lawyer employer no longer has drug defendants to charge for pleading guilty.

  3. @Bill McWilliams

    I have heard before that if we legalize drugs, the crime rate will drop. True, if selling crack isn’t illegal anymore, then arrests for selling crack will go down.

    BUT, we live in a dynamic world, and if you change just one thing, there is no guarantee that all that will be affected is that one thing. For example, back in the 1940’s we stopped selling metal and gasoline to Japan, in order to stop their war on China. Ooopsies! Deprived of our raw materials, they just launched into a bigger war and Pearl Harbored us.

    Now ask yourself. If a dangerous bunch of criminals have an income stream from drugs, and you cut off that income stream, what are they going to do? You think they will stop being criminals, and go become husbands and fathers, and get full time jobs.

    But I don’t. I work with my BFF who is an attorney. Some of her clients are criminals, and let me tell you, most of them are not going to do anything except criminal stuff, because that is simply who they are. If they can not make money selling drugs, then they will simply branch out and start robbing, killing, hijacking, kidnapping, whatever. They have a personal animus about working an 8 hour per day job. Ain’t gonna happen.

    And, your theory that the two savages needed money to buy drugs, is nonsense. IMHO. They could have sold their gun to raise money to buy drugs.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. In the “tough on crime, tough on the CAUSES of crime” department, the simplest, fastest, surest way to reduce life and property crimes is to legalize drugs. For all we know, these two thugs may have been on their way to buy drugs. If drugs were legal, their cost would be a mere fraction of today’s artificially high cost. In this case, assume for argument they were intent on buying two rocks of Crack @ $10.00 per rock. If Crack was legal, the same two rocks might only cost 25 cents each. In that case, they might have been able to pay their Samaritan – if not $20.00, maybe e.g. $5.00.
    The point is, if the U.S. government would get out of the drug business and legalize them, the crime rate would drop so far and fast that politicians might become influenced to begin ranting and raving about more important things than what people in a free (sic) society smoke, snort, inject, or ingest.

    1. bill mcwilliams – regardless of the price of drugs, these two were not going to pay for the tow job.

  5. “The question up front here is whether the people in conjunction can have some trial and then kill these two killers and then will the people as a whole (all members of that state) go to Hell for their killing of the killers? If I was on the jury I would be afraid to go to Hell and vote for life in prison.”

    I don’t support the death penalty (primarily because of the risk of error), but the same Bible that includes the ten commandments clearly also calls for the death penalty. Even in the New Testament, St. Paul emphasizes the civil government’s role in carrying out God’s judgment on wrongdoers (Romans 13:1-4).

  6. If I was on the jury I would be afraid to go to Hell and vote for life in prison.

    The notion that executing someone duly convicted of a capital crime is a mortal sin is quite a novelty. See the late Fr. Avery Dulles, SJ on Sacred Scripture and capital sentences. The franchise of the public official to execute criminals is incorporated in the Gospels.

  7. Have you ever read “Freakanominics ” by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner?
    They use statistical data that basically says that after Roe v Wade was passed crime rates went down within the next 15-20 years.

    See Steven Sailer on their thesis. Descriptive statistics on the distribution of criminal behavior among age cohorts pretty much discredits their thesis absent the demonstration of confounding variables. The decline in criminal behavior after 1990 was abnormally concentrated among older age cohorts born prior to 1971. The cohorts born during the years running from 1973 to 1978 had a demonstrably higher propensity toward criminal conduct at given ages than the cohorts just senior to them.

    I haven’t kept track of the controversy in recent years, but Sailer’s last report was that Leavitt and Dubner had to retract portions of their work because of errors in data processing. IIRC, the data processing errors ruined the regression analyses they were relying on for demonstrating this thesis.

    And all that’s a second-order consideration. Eugenics is plain evil, as is abortion.

  8. what source of environment produces such dark souls??? the welfare/entitlement environment started by LBJ with his “Great Society.” Sit on you ass and get paid to do so. For girls: spread your legs and pump out another welfare maggot

    The TANF (ne AFDC) rolls have been cut by 2/3 in the last 20 years. As of 1991, general relief payments only were offered in 9 states. It’s fewer today.

    The homicide rate in 1930 was not much different from what it was in 1980. Human evil and disorder predated the systemic federal welfare state. The appropriate response is deterrence, punishment, and incapacitation. Poorly structured welfare states may exacerbate certain problems, but the welfare state in general is a question separate from that of crime control. You need cops and prison guards to control crime.

  9. KCF,
    I hope all 3 individuals you just cited get the death penalty. I try to hold out hoped for rehabilitation, but they are depraved.

    Parents say Greenville Co. man shot to death over speakers

    “Christopher Shane Satterfield, who goes by Shane, was found shot to death beside a car around 8 p.m. near the intersection of Rutherford Road and Locust Street, authorities said.

    The …suspects met Christopher to buy a set of speakers but robbed him and shot him, pointblank in the back of the head.

    “Took four shots at him and left him lying there dead over a set of speakers they obviously couldn’t afford,” Greg Satterfield said.”

  11. “A teen neighbor of an elderly Korean War veteran found burned to death in the back yard of his North Birmingham home is now charged in the brutal slaying.

    Thomas Sims, an 18-year-old already awaiting trial in connection with an armed carjacking earlier this year, is charged with capital murder and held on no bond. He is charged in the killing of 85-year-old Gene Emory Dacus, affectionately called “Mr. Gene” by his neighbors.

    Edwards said witnesses told police they saw a fire in the yard before seeing a man running down a nearby alley with a red gasoline jug. Police arrested that man a short distance from the crime scene.

    Edwards said that the preliminary investigation shows the suspect and the victim had an argument, before the victim was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

    Even at 85, Dacus made it his priority to tidy the neighborhood. He cut his neighbors’ grass, and they watched out for him. “He was very sweet to all of the children,” McComb said. “He kept our neighborhood clean.”

    Dacus’ car was stolen about three weeks ago. Neighbors said he then became worried about his truck also getting stolen so they advised him to pull it into his yard and close to his house, which he did.

    That truck, however, disappeared about the same time he was killed. Police are now searching for his 1999 Dodge Ram pickup. It is white with a blue hood.”

  12. Lynn Poole,
    Your suggestion is a human rights violation and something China does. I agree with you that these two young men are monsters, but your suggestion goes too far.

    Calling innocent children, who did not choose to be born into poverty and instability ‘maggots’ damages your argument that the Great Society is actually worse for people in poverty. People will ignore what point you are trying to make and focus on the dehumanizing comments. Those comments just feed into the perception that anyone who opposes all or part of the Great Society is a terrible person.

    I have concerns about the effectiveness and the social ramifications of welfare programs, too.

  13. what source of environment produces such dark souls??? the welfare/entitlement environment started by LBJ with his “Great Society.” Sit on you ass and get paid to do so. For girls: spread your legs and pump out another welfare maggot and get paid money for doing so. NO RESPONSIBILILTY FOR ANYTHING and demand that all the working fools pay for your laziness. it is not so hard to figure out except for the Leftist Pinko-Liberal that use welfare programs to keep these people under control for votes. The above two maggots that killed the man…………hang them. I do not want tax money spent for 60 years for incarnation.

  14. Better idea, put both young gentlemen in solitary…..blood test them every 30 days. If/when they test clean…..use them for body parts- heart, liver, lungs etc. let THEM finally be of use to society and decent citizens with bad organs

  15. There are really scary people out there.

    That’s why I disagree with people who think incarceration should be primarily about rehabilitation. That’s great when it occurs, but sometimes, the rest of us just need to be kept safe from the maniacs.

  16. “if there were not whites there would have been no car in the ditch to pull out

    Whites put them in that terrible situation.

    Is there no end to their evil machinations?!

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