Islamic Politicians Who Advocated Chastity Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex In Car On Public Beach

160823-islamist-couple-caught-in-car-featureMoulay Omar Benhammad, 63, and Fatima Nejjar, 62, have long been figures in the Islamic community calling for chastity and advocating Islamic justice. The two Islamic politicians are now under fire after being found allegedly having sex on a Moroccan beach.

The followers of their Islamic Unity and Reform Movement (MUR) (the ideological wing of the Islamic Justice and Development Party) are not amused and have suspended the two politicians.

The two were allegedly found in a “sexual position” inside of a car on a beach in Mohammedia, about 16 miles north of Casablanca.

Benhammad, a married father of seven, has defended himself by declaring that Najjar is his common law wife and his current wife is against any prosecution for adultery. He was charged with attempted corruption. Nejjar, a widow and mother of six, was booked for complicity to adultery. Under Morocco’s law (which are modeled on Islamic values), extramarital sex is punishable by up to a year behind bars in Morocco.

The couple may have gained a new insight and opposition to the adoption of a Sharia system for Morocco. We have previously seen how adulterers have been stoned in the application of Islamic Sharia justice in other countries.

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  1. @BFM

    Satin? Do you mean Silk of Diamond and Silk? She does seem to have a special relationship with HRC

    1. ” Do you mean Silk of Diamond and Silk? She does seem to have a special relationship with HRC”

      Well … I do believe that if we ever got Diamond, Silk and Clinton on the same page, working together, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Pity the poor fool that would give us trouble then.

  2. According to The Guardian millennials are having less sex than previous generations: ” Less sex please, we’re millennials – study:
    Ongoing US research shows more adults aged 20-24 report having no sexual partner than those at the same age group born in the 60s, 70s and 80s”

    The comments are interesting, even hilarious…

    From Wonketeer “If we are going to make up random explanations for this here’s a few completely unfounded ones of my own:

    1. Millennials are too preoccupied reading Guardian articles on millenials to do the nasty with each other.

    2. Pokemon Go. Instead of poking one another, they are powering up their rattatas.

    3. Maybe they are too ugly. A sudden and unaccountable decline in goodlookingness among the young may mean that they no longer fancy each other.

    4. Sex is politically incorrect. It’s offensive and oppressive and cultural appropriation, and Tumblr users are campaigning to ban it outright.

    5. Porn has set impossibly high standards of expectation and young people who watch porn are reluctant to have actual sex, because they don’t have enough tentacles.”

    1. “And how bout the rise of Satan worshippers in the U.S.? I think they are Hilbots.”

      If this is your round about way of pointing out that Clinton has a special relation with Satin, then I have to wonder in this day of so many threats, can we afford to pass up that kind of resource?

      Has anyone doubted that Clinton is connected?

      If she is not elected we may have to appoint her some kind of special envoy.

      The devil you say?

  3. Too bad nothing has been noted here about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy since she has been a six figure paid spokeswoman for abstinence to keep women from unwanted pregnancy. Then we have the family values aspect in which she was unmarried to boot! Seems like those who are most concerned with our morals, have none of their own, which might explain why they are so concerned. Just like the conservative leaders who are mostly all divorced, or are adulterers like Gingrich and Trump.

    1. randyjet – saw that Weiner was up to his old tricks again. This time taking pic with the baby in bed with him. He is married to an adviser to Hillary. A woman who belongs to a named terrorist group. Daughter of a woman who supports genital mutilation for women.

  4. There is a a very old entry in the daily log of Coronado Naval Amphibious Base California. The essence of the account:
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    Upon getting closer the hump was observed to be moving. Upon further investigation, the patrol suggested that the “humper and humpee” should move along. The quote is verbatim. Too bad cellphones and selfies weren’t even in our imagination then.

  5. What a backward people. Why here the thumpers get a motel, a TV show, a mega mansion, yachts, planes, lots and lots of gold watches and eyeliner, and other great stuff. What a backward nation.

  6. Did you ever notice how American politicians who promote “Family values” often have a girl friend on the side.

  7. And the thing is, he is lying. No guy in his right mind could come when looking at that ugly thing with the headscarf on. Ugly, ugly bo bugly. Banna fanna fo ugly. UGLY!

  8. OK, the big story is that they have 13 kids between their two families. Imagine if we bring a million Muslims here, how many that would be in a few decades. Anyway, it is good for an Irish Poem!

    Coupe de Grace???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once were some very strict Muzzies,
    Who the police caught rubbing their fuzzies!
    Sooo, in computer jive,
    Was this a “hard” drive?
    The connectors were certainly scuzzies. . .

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    Oh, this is just multiple word plays. SCSI “scuzzy” connectors, you know male-female plugs, oh never mind.

    1. “They also will be charged with abominably poor taste in sex partner selection !! DMD”

      Ummm …. felony bad taste?

  9. @bam bam

    Par for the course indeed in terms of perverted clergy like the Catholic priests who preyed on boys or fundamentalist Protestant christians who did the same. Wrong is wrong no matter what banner of religion it is clothed under.

  10. Well … on the other hand it is refreshing to find a public figure reassessing his or her position on an important pubic issue.

    How do you know whether its good or bad unless you try it.

  11. The problem is that almost anything can be a sexual position in a car. I would need more description before I could condemn their behavior.

  12. Perhaps the guy could claim that the scarf, draped across her face and only revealing her eyes, served to prevent him from realizing that it wasn’t his wife? At least he wasn’t having sex with some underage boy, which is par for the course within the Muslim clergy.

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