Saudi Arabian Atheist Sent to Jail For 10 Years and 2000 Lashes For Discussing His Lack of Faith On Social Media

125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia has long been an exporter of extremist Islamic values as part of its Wahhabi sect. Despite our close alliance with the Kingdom, it imposes radical Islamic Sharia principles and denies basic rights to women, non-Muslims, and dissidents. In the latest outrage from Saudi Arabia, a court has sentenced a man to ten years in prison and 2,000 lashes for merely expressing his atheism on Twitter. It appears that the Saudi and Sharia courts are terrified that people could actually inform other Saudis of alternatives to Islam or different values.  The fear and anger only appeared to grow when the Kingdom could not coerce the 28-year-old who refused to repent and stood by his human right to express his faith.  We previously discussed this case, but Saudi Arabia is proceeding with the whippings as this man remains defiant.

The Saudis are the first to object to any country curtailing Islamic worship but it is also the first to deny the freedom of religion to non-Muslims.  The Saudis will not even allow a church to be constructed in the country.  Now it is sentencing people for merely acknowledging their faith or lack of faith on social media.

Saudi Arabia treats atheism as terrorism under one of its more notorious laws.  That’s right. One of the greatest sources of actual terrorism in the world of Sunni radicals, Saudi continues to export extreme religious principles will defining atheism as terrorism.


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  2. Sharia law in SA is an unholy alliance between the Princes and the Mullahs. It’s all about power. Notice that the Princes who party like hell and go off on sex jaunts are never flogged. Many people are unaware that the majority of Saudi Arabians live in abject poverty. The Mullahs are free to prosecute them under the name of Allah to keep them in line.

    1. Many people are unaware that the majority of Saudi Arabians live in abject poverty.

      They’re unaware of it because it isn’t true. Bracketing out the value-added from the extractive industries, Saudi Arabia’s national income per capita is about $25,000 per annum, or about 1/2 the norm of the occidental world. The World Bank has not attempted income distribution assessments for the Arabian peninsula. They do assess literacy and life expectancy as well as data on housing. The last assessment of the native Saudi population (in 2004) estimated adult literacy at 83% of the total. Assessments in recent years of populations between 15 and 25 years of age put literacy in this demographic segment at 98% of the total. Life expectancy at birth is now 74 years, a level the United States did not reach until about 1980. Most native Saudis own their own home (expatriates tend to be renters). About 97% of the population in toto has electric service and 63% internet service. About 75% have piped water from public reservoirs and 55% have public sewer service.

  3. Our allies what a great bunch of guys those Saudi Princes are…..of course their law is perfect as their justice minster once said when happily taking billions from the USA to study justice reform. Why is it perfect….it came to them directly from GOD. Theocrats hazardous to humans.

  4. It’s about control, not theology. Whether Islam or a polygamist cult in the Utah desert, when you have to control what your people think, wear and say, you know that the “religion,” standing alone, isn’t enough to keep your flock from leaving.

  5. I am also troubled with the revelation that Huma’s mother and other family members run an extremist Muslim magazine, where they claim that women’s rights are contrary to Islam, and advocate Sharia Law.

    This would not bother me if I believed that Huma completely rejected her family’s beliefs on human rights and Sharia Law. It would not be relevant if she had turned her back. However, notably, she was listed as an editor on the magazine for 12 years.

    What…the…hell. Is that why she stays with Anthony Weiner? It’s not to bond with Hillary over being stuck with the worst cheaters ever. Does she feel somehow like she has no choice, or right, to leave? How much of these extremist beliefs are part of the internalized belief system of arguably one of the most influential advisors to a presidential candidate, and someone who has been very powerful in government for decades?

    We need to find out where Huma stands, besides being a doormat to someone who may be seriously mentally ill with a sexual disorder.

    1. Karen – there are some that think that Anthony Wiener and Bill Clinton are ‘beards’ for their wives, hence the continued marriage.

    2. Huma is a Muslim plant. Keep HRC in line. Learn all our top secrets. Saudi Arabia owns us.

    1. Paul least the Sa’udis recognize that the concept of human rights is the stinking evil heart of the Political Correctness monster.

  6. The more extreme the religion, the more oppressive the religion, the more severe the punishments delivered by a religion, the more obvious that that religion is bogus. If a religion has to beat its tenets into its followers then it is not worth the cloth wrapped around the pervert’s head. Those adherents, proponents, representatives of Islam that met out these punishments, dictums, whatever are the worst enemies of that religion. The best thing Islam can do is to ostracize these mutts. The best first step would be to refrain from including any mention of Islam or religion in the thuggery that is going on. The next step would be for the Western World to refuse to attach any religious value whatsoever to these fanatical, perverse, and paranoid activities. Stop bowing to these idiots. Stop offering any signs of reverence to the perverts who offer themselves to the world as religious leaders. Stop recognizing anything to do with religious intolerance. Keep the money, oil, big screen TVs and Ferrari’s coming though.

  7. I don’t agree with Colin Kaepernick, but I do agree with the Supreme Court backing up his freedom of speech. If we don’t believe in freedom of speech we could slide down that slope and end up like Saudi Arabia.

    1. When did the federal Supreme Court ever issue a ruling for or against him? Whenever did he petition any trial or appellate court on the matter?

    1. Kaepernick’s just a wealthy hypocrite. Does Kaepernick give a damn about any of the things that he says the US isn’t doing or is doing wrong? No, he could care less. As long as he’s raking in the cash, he couldn’t give a turd about anyone else, except himself.

      And the Presstitutes promote him and make him a story because they want to avoid REAL issues. The Presstitutes are simply doing what they do best. Exploding weapons of mass distraction.

      And Kaepernick is the perfect tool for them to exploit the passivity and stupidity of the American public.

  8. I am a Democrat Dog and I hate Muslims and all people of Faith. You too Baptists. Round up the Pedophile Priests and kill them on national tv. Cut their weenies off on live screen and then hang them by the neck until dead.
    Religion! What a joke. Wake up. Have Faith in your Dog. That is all you need.

  9. Let’s see how Colin Koepernick is treated in the US. It’s a similar scenario – condemning a person for how they think.

    1. Somehow, I think Kaepernick’ll avoid the 2,000 lashes and 10 years in prison part. Otherwise, the two cases are identical. Or something like that.

  10. @mitch

    nothing to be done about the partisan Demoncrats. Facts will not sway them. Look what just went in down in FL – DWS a heinous candidate financed by the predatory loan industry as well as private prisons and heartily endorsed by Obomber, Biden and HRC beat Tim Canova. The party is beyond repair. Time for it to implode.

  11. You always hear about how Muslims hate the Jews but the truth is they hate Christians more than Jews and they hate Atheists the most of all. But you never hear that in the press because they dont want to spook all the Democrats supporting the migrants coming to America since many of them are Atheists and Christians. Thats not even going into how they feel about the Gays.

    1. You are wrong about Muslims. They have more than enough hatred and venom in them to share with anyone at all that crosses their paths. But the thing Muslims hate the most is civilization. Nothing gets their blood boiling more than civilization. As it turns out, though, Jews, Christians, and Atheists are among the most civilized people on the planet, so Muslims hate all three with equal ferocity and bile.

  12. I have faith. Dog was put on Earth by God to take care of humans. It’s not fried chicken daddy, its Shake N Bake. And all that.

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