Navy Midshipman Gets The Call Of A Lifetime

Navy_Athletics_logoThere are times when a fantasy seems to unfold before your eyes.  Malcolm Perry experienced just that in a moment that rivals Santa coming to Rudolf to ask him to guide his sleigh tonight.  Perry is a member of the Navy football team but low on the depth chart and recovering from an illness.  However, when QB Tago Smith was injured and backup Will Worth not playing, the coach looked into the stands and saw Perry in his dress whites with his other midshipman.

Perry entered with the rest of the midshipmen to the traditional “Brigade of the Midshipmen.” The coach told Perry to suit up.  He went into the game and ran seven times securing the 52-16 win over Fordham.  This included a 90-yard drive in the fourth quarter ending in a field goal.

Even if Perry does not have a future in the NFL, that moment should last a lifetime.

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  1. Beat Navy!

    Very cool story. I’m still not happy that they’ve been kicking our butts for the last 14 years in the only game that really matters (Army/Navy), but I love hearing good stories about the cadets.

    I just visited my Alma Mater, and checked in on Michie stadium and the plebes walking around….. I think we’re ready to take Navy to the house this year. Please god let this be the year.

  2. Let’s quit taking the fun out of a true story by disparaging the opponent. How many times have we “seen a mouse make the elephant dance”? These football players (both teams) are in it to win. They not “you” are on the field battling it out. They not you risk a career ending injury. They not you put in the practices. I’ll stop there….the ” you ” are the jerks who probably berate your child for a B+.

    As for the Mids, try to live through Plebe summer and Plebe year, then come and talk.

    I can personally tell everyone that today’s young officers are absolutely the finest and best. Angels? No. I want a well informed and able officer who is willing to endure the hardships of deployments and seperation and be able to kill and send others into the jaws of disasters.

    As I work with kids interested in the USNA & NROTC, I tell them about life at sea and then ask point blank, are you willing to kill? To actually see the splattered entrails of a human being who had a family and believed in his or cause? Several changed their minds.

    I thought I’d only see sea water. Then I served in brown water and have the dovetailed beret and “V” to prove it. My wife thought she would never see sea duty or the inside of a combat zone. She missed shipping out but not the war…Desert Storm and served in the zone.

    I want officers that can dance all around any of my abilities and kill. It’s an armed force for God’s sake… don’t cast the red herring about God. It’s a phtrase for God’s sake.

  3. I hope I’m not accused of using to broad a brush to say that the student-athletes who play at the service academies exemplify the best and the brightest that this nation has to give. Dedication, discipline, and self-sacrifice are not mere words to these few; rather, they compose the theme of their young lives.

  4. What a good story.
    Yup, I still believe in Santa, too.
    Ain’t nuttin wrong with a bit of story with some feelings.

  5. I’ve got a buddy who lives in Philly. Back in the 60’s/70’s their family had a tradition of attending the Army/Navy Game. My old man instilled in me a love of the history of that great game. He took me to a couple games @ West Point when I was a kid. Very impressive tradition. I simply can’t jump up and down that they trounced a patsy. I see things as they are.

  6. Olly, I gave kudos to the young man. My swipe was @ their opponent. Just keepin’ it real.

  7. Nick,
    Why take a swipe at this midshipman? This young man has the honor of serving in the United States Navy first, playing on its football team against anyone is icing on the cake. They know a national championship is unlikely, however the Commander-in-Chief trophy is what they prize. Even if they never win a game, these men are developing into the citizens this nation needs.

  8. This isn’t the Cinderella story it seems. As I understand it, Perry is a JV QB and the designated 4th QB on the varsity squad. Only three QBs were initially suited up.

    Early in the game, the first QB was injured and the 2nd took over. The 3rd was injured or something so was an unreliable backup for the 2nd, now on the field. (Why he was suited up in the first place…dunno.) So, to have a backup, they called Perry down and found his uniform. I understand he also got to run a few plays late in the game.

  9. Great story and kudos to the young man. But, it was Fordham and they haven’t been anything since Lombardi was a member of their Seven Blocks of Granite.

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