Afghan Government Pardons The “Butcher of Kabul” And Gives His Terrorist Group Governing Authority

gulbuddin_hekmatyarIf you were still wondering what the thousands of dead and wounded U.S. soldiers (and billions in funds) lost in Afghanistan accomplished, your confusion is about to be exponentially increased. This week, our Afghan allies in the government pardoned one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world — a man who murdered Americans, supported throwing acid in the faces of girls and women, and stood out among the most blood-soaked terrorists in the world. He is now effectively the ally of the Afghan government and by extension the United States. The man is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the hated leader of the militant group, Hezb-i-Islami. He is better known by his popular and well-earned nickname: “The Butcher of Kabul.”

Hekmatyar is one of the most despicable human beings on the planet and the focus of countless human rights complaints for the widespread murdering of civilians, the killing of any intellectuals, rampant torture of prisoners, and killing and scaring of girls who want to be educated.

Hekmatyar will also receive the release of all Hezb-i-Islami prisoners, who are also accused of rampant human rights violations, and he will be given two or three locations inside Afghanistan where the group will control.

You may recall that President George W. Bush explained our war in Afghanistan as our “war on terror.” Now, we will simply reclassify terrorists and allies and claim victory?

So, we will now continue our military and financial support for a government that includes a man who murdered and tortured his way to infamy: our newest de facto ally, the Butcher of Kabul.

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  1. Okkdoekee, let him out just long enough for a drone up his *** Can’t hit em if ya can’t see em.

    1. It would be nice if she did a video of the neo Nazi group of mercenaries she contracted with to remove (skewer) Gaddaffi with. I bet most of the little girls in Libya don’t have nice clothes to wear and and a full length mirror to look into.

      1. Think the Clinton ad is very effective. It is aimed at female voters in swing states and also at men that don’t like to see their wives and daughters referred to as pigs.

      2. Right on! HRC should also do a video of all the women and children who have lost their fathers, brothers, uncles, male cousins in Iraq, Libya and Syria due to her war mongering ways! Or how bout all the women and children from Honduras who were forced to leave and sneak into the US in hopes of finding a safer environment after HRC supported the coup.

        Trump sez bad stuff, HRC has DONE bad stuff!

        1. Got it. Assad and Putin are bombing Syrian hospitals on purpose and a former secretary of state is to blame.

          1. what exactly is your point? You are not mentioning the Doctors without Borders hospitals which have been bombed by the U.S.?? My point is very simple: HRC and the neo cons need to go.

            1. The hospitals were bombed in 2015 and 2016. What office does Hillary Clinton currently hold?

          2. The point is clearly that Hillary’s actions have had consequences that she won’t acknowledge.

            1. Of course but she was one senator when Iraq was invaded. Her actions as Secy of State have consequences but she has not held that position for four years so why not pick on Obama and John Kerry?

          3. Do yourself justice and stop listening to the news media owned by the defense industry. Maybe ask, “why are we furthering conflict in a country that has not attacked us by arming terrorist groups, and the same group we blamed for 9-11.” This is the biggest chance for the biggest profits, if they don’t screw up and get us all killed. We are one incident away from a “fog of war” war as it is. In a place we have no business being. The russkies were asked to help in Syria, we were not. I don’t get why this is so hard to understand (unless you listen to the usual corporate media).

            1. slohrss29 Right on. I heard an interview with Putin addressing the situation and the guy speaks like a sane human being, as compared to our duopoly baboons.

              1. It seems as though Putin writes fairly frequently, but his op-eds are never published in the states. Another note back to HW, while I don’t think he had a good reason (a valid reason outside the propaganda…) HW did show restraint against Iraq. He also told Gorby that we would all go home when the Soviet Union collapsed; however, we have worked hard to push a military onto their doorsteps. Even posters here don’t seem to understand why a leader would have a problem with this. ????? I have said this before, I think Putin is showing amazing restraint, and most likely waiting on the outcome of the election to make any concrete policies of response… if there isn’t a wrong “airstrike” in Syria before then. This article is just another mark in the cycle of opportunistic cash for the military industrial complex.

                  1. That’s never been proven. And he may be guilty. The fact remains he is the leader of a sovereign nation, and our laws do not apply. We don’t get a say. That seems to be hard for Americans to understand too. Plus, that pales in comparison to the people we have assassinated in countries around the world. 4 dronings just last weekend I think. That is an act of war, and somehow, that just doesn’t matter any more.

                    1. Looks like we’ve run out of child posts. Figured the blog template would only allow so many.

                      In response to your remark below; if he is a hard baller, that still has nothing to do with us. We don’t apply our laws beyond our borders. He is the recognized leader of a country, and we are to act accordingly. I guess this is another example of generations of the application of overriding liberal ideals that render existing laws as “guidelines.”
                      Put another way, it ain’t our country, and it’s none of our business. It’s that country’s business. The world is in no short supply of mean, evil people.

  2. Roscoe, Thanks for that Tom foolery piece and I am a big fan of his. The object of it is a little off the mark since he was not tried or even accused of any war crimes, unlike his boss who was kicked out of the US after he retired from NASA for his REAL war crimes. Von Braun was an officer in the SS, and my disagreement with US policies in Germany after the war was that the de-Nazification policies were not thorough enough. All SS officers should have been tried and executed after the war. Von Braun would have escaped that penalty since he spent a number of weeks in the tender care of the Gestapo for not being fanatic enough of a Nazi. I think that being imprisoned by the Gestapo is a pretty good defense in any trial of that kind.

    As most might remember from Patton, he was relieved of command for putting the Nazis back in office in his area of occupation. Eisenhower had a nasty temper and was outraged that he had sent hundreds of thousands of GIs to their deaths, only to see the SOBs placed back in power. At least the US had control of that area, and there was NO German government at the time. In Afghanistan. there IS a government which the US supports, but does NOT control. Just as Iraq declined to grant the status of forces agreement the US demanded to keep US troops, the US has not a whole lot of choice as to how Afghanistan runs the place.

    The US did even worse after WWII when the OSS and later the CIA hid wanted war criminals from the Nuremberg trials and the French who wanted the Butcher of Lyon. We hid Klaus Barbie and many of his cohorts in the Gestapo and SS and put them to work for the CIA. Barbie found refuge in South America where he acted as a police adviser to the various dictatorships the US installed and supported. I guess he taught them just how to torture and kill the people of those countries who did not care for such regimes. The Vatican under Puis XII was instrumental in aiding the escape of most of these war criminals, with support from the CIA. The CIA also used them for their knowledge of their collaborators who could be used against the Soviets in their areas of occupation. MI-6, and then the CIA were running a war against the Soviet Union immediately after the war, sending sabotuers to blow up and sabotage facilities. They used the knowledge from the German Nazis to recruit and help in this.

    So while I agree with Prof Turley that it is a very bad bargain to have this criminal in the government, the Afghans are the ones who have the final decision, unless we want to occupy and run the country ourselves. So this is not unprecedented nor unusual in our history. Remember the UN Sec.Gen,Kurt Waldhiem, who was a REAL war criminal who had slaughtered thousands of civilians while an officer in the Balkans. It is funny that he wound up as the HEAD of the very organization he fought against in WWII. NOW THAT is even worse than anything Prof Turley has brought to our attention or that Tom Lehrer decries.

    1. Well, we had best get used to Nazis, because our country will soon have its very own version of them. Because somebody will have to take out all the garbage the Democrats and Liberals have been piling up, and reversing all the anti-civilization crap they have been pushing. Either that, or a foreign power will take us over. I am 32, so if I live to be 100, I will probably get to see it.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  3. This is not news. The US Government has always been best buddies with Hekmatyar. He’s been an asset of the MICC (that’s military–industrial–congressional complex) for some time. The objective of the friendship? To ensure that the World is a dangerous place so that the MICC can obtain even more power and, of course, to ensure massive future cash flows from the war business, which is called “defense” in our Orwellian world.

  4. Nick, where is he from? All I know he is constantly shillin’ for Hill – I thought he was a David Brock employee

    1. Autumn, after while you will realize he wasn’t trying to be sarcastic or funny. The lower case “god” he’s referring to is the progressive, bureaucratic, weaponized, administrative state, he adoringly calls the United States Government.

      1. Nick and Olly – thanks for enlightening me. Now I wonder: is Issac a refugee from the North Country? =)

  5. Autumn, He has a sarcastic sense of humor when he is making fun of the country that took him in from a socialistic, poutine eating, beer swilling, French speaking, wasteland.

  6. re: “But god is on our side.”

    That’s real funny Isaac – first time I’ve seen any evidence that you have a sense of humor!

  7. It all depends on whose side you are on. History is written by the winners. A Werner Von Braun on the winning side is a good guy. On the losing side he is simply not yet on the winning side. The US did more damage and murder to Vietnam and Laos than Von Braun could ever imagine, the US lost, but didn’t send any scientists to Vietnam or Laos. Well we make it up as we go along. It doesn’t always follow a script. But god is on our side.

    1. Thank Gott for Von Braun! Without him, we could all have been nuked by the Ruskies! Besides, what did Werner do that all the Hillbots haven’t done??? That is, show allegiance to their Fuhrer, no matter what he or she does. And as far as the little “superiority” thingie . . . how is that different from any liberal Democrat who thinks they are morally and intellectually superior to Conservatives and Republicans solely on the basis of the fact that they are Democrats???

      Gee, but Von Braun would have made a great Democrat!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. He worked for Hercules (I believe, the contractors names and projects shift around) in the area here. Never heard anything bad about him personally.

    2. History is written by the winners.

      No, history is written by the intelligentsia, and they are often partisans with deficient integrity.

    3. The US did more damage and murder to Vietnam and Laos

      Your alternative to fighting the reds was what?

  8. The International is a movie that I believe truly reflects what entity controls the conflicts in the world. Just follow the money and by that I mean follow who finances these conflicts, not just who is financed by them.

    “Umberto Calvini: [In explaining the “true” nature of banking in the world] The IBBC is a bank. Their objective isn’t to control the conflict, it’s to control the debt that the conflict produces. You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value, is in the debt that it creates. You control the debt, you control everything. You find this upsetting, yes? But this is the very essence of the banking industry, to make us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt.” The International (2009)

  9. Autumn, Churchill said one of his many truths, “There can be no peace w/o victory.” The same holds true w/ the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

    Obama wants to bug out just like he so successfully did in Iraq!! So, anything goes. What a freakin’ mess this inept prez leaves his successor, both internationally and domestically.

      1. We need to carpet bomb saudi arabia for being complicit in 9-11. And leave.

        We certainly do not need to carpet bomb an innocent 3d country just because some Americans are addled by political and historical fantasies.

          1. “Clear links”? The ‘redacted’ 28 pages were anything but ‘clear’. This person had phone numbers of other people who had phone numbers in Aspen which belonged to a company the Saudi Ambassador used as a contractor, &c.. This person met that person in Los Angeles, and we think that person may have given money to this other person, etc.

    1. Agreed. I don’t think BO has cared one way or another whether these military operations were successful. He’s post-national. It was driven by PR and run by tyros like Ben Rhodes.

    2. Nick,

      The last thing neo cons – Rep or Dem – want is victory and peace – impairs their profits from the war machine.

      Did you see that RFK’s speech writer, Adam Wolinsky, a lifelong Democrat came out for Trump because HRC is a warmonger? In Politico – a Liberal Hilbot rag of all places!

      “John and Robert Kennedy devoted their greatest commitments and energies to the prevention of war and the preservation of peace. To them that was not an abstract formula but the necessary foundation of human life. But today’s Democrats have become the Party of War: a home for arms merchants, mercenaries, academic war planners, lobbyists for every foreign intervention, promoters of color revolutions, failed generals, exploiters of the natural resources of corrupt governments. We have American military bases in 80 countries, and there are now American military personnel on the ground in about 130 countries, a remarkable achievement since there are only 192 recognized countries. Generals and admirals announce our national policies. Theater commanders are our principal ambassadors. Our first answer to trouble or opposition of any kind seems always to be a military movement or action.

      Nor has the Democratic Party candidate for president this year, Hillary Clinton, sought peace. Instead she has pushed America into successive invasions, successive efforts at “regime change.” She has sought to prevent Americans from seeking friendship or cooperation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by characterizing him as “another Hitler.” She proclaims herself ready to invade Syria immediately after taking the oath of office. Her shadow War Cabinet brims with the architects of war and disaster for the past decades, the neocons who led us to our present pass, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, in Ukraine, unrepentant of all past errors, ready to resume it all with fresh trillions and fresh blood. And the Democrats she leads seem intent on worsening relations with Russia, for example by sending American warships into the Black Sea, or by introducing nuclear weapons ever closer to Russia itself.”

      Entire op-ed here:

      1. And another Democrat, Andrew Stein, comes out for Trump:

        I have been steeped in the Democratic Party all my life. My father, Jerry, was a New York City Democratic chairman and power broker, and I grew up in and around the Democratic Party. When I was a young man, former senators and Democratic presidential and vice-presidential nominees Herbert Humphrey and Estes Kefauver stayed at my apartment and we would proudly discuss the great traditions of the Democratic Party.

        My father was a pallbearer at St. Patrick’s for Bobby Kennedy’s funeral. When I was young, Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy were (and remain) my political heroes. Four years ago, former New York Gov. and liberal lion Mario Cuomo spoke at my father’s funeral. I think his son, current Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is a very effective leader.

        I was elected five times to the New York state Assembly as a Democrat. In 1977, I beat David Dinkins and Robert Wagner Jr. in the election for borough president of Manhattan, and then was elected twice as City Council president.

        With this background it is very hard for me not to support the Democratic nominee for president this year. But I believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.

        Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation of the Democratic Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Mr. Trump.

        I have known him since the early 1970s and have seen his deep concern for people, and how effective he has been while working on behalf of the average citizen.

        Donald Trump is no racist. On the contrary, he offers the best hope for rebuilding our inner cities and creating better education and jobs for those trapped in poverty and lacking hope. When a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico in 1984, I asked Mr. Trump to provide a 727 airliner to bring critical supplies to the island. He did so and without publicity. I asked him to rebuild the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park because the city couldn’t complete it in 10 years. Mr. Trump did it in under six months and under budget.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. That’s very interesting, and thanks for sharing. Things are indeed turning over. HW supporting Hillary, it’s all crazy out there. I am not a total Trump supporter, but he would bring real change, and things will keep changing for a long time once stirred up. Change has to start somehow.

          1. HW supporting HRC makes perfect sense. ALL the Republicans who have crossed over to vote for her are war mongers and are in favor of the TPP. Those corporate-owned pols don’t care about the citizens of the US – and destroying the rest of the world either.

            1. Exactly. Hard to be a water-toting repub these days when your electorate is holding your feet to the fire. Safe to say Trump is a mass rejection of the status quo. Which means both parties.

            2. HW was not the warmonger. He did not try to topple Sadam and invade Iraq. He was roundly criticized by both democrats and republicans for not doing so. Brush up on your history.

              1. Not the warmonger?? Why did we need to attack Iraq over another dotted line in a sea of sand? Other than Saddam was drilling sideways and falling out of favor with HW. Like our other good friend, Hosni Mubarak. Great guy… for a while, then… well we know what eventually happens to friends of Washington… Bwahahaaaaaa!

        2. Trump added aother money launderer to his list of supporters, Maybe Stein can help the grifter Trump launder the Treasury. Birds of a feather………

      2. want is victory and peace – impairs their profits from the war machine.

        Autumn recycles 8 decades old tosh as if it were instructive to anyone.

        1. What Autumn says is actually not that well known to the American public. It is deliberately well hidden. Here is an article explaining how military contractors rake in billions of dollars of our tax money and how that fact is well hidden by the DOD: “Even though the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are now less intensive, for-profit contractors are still making a killing. ThinkProgress noted in 2013: “Defense contractors have managed to not only stay afloat but also thrive in a climate of government closure and massive cuts [although, the 2016 fiscal year defense allocation indicates that the military budget is inching up again] to the Pentagon’s budget, continuing to rake in billions upon billions of dollars in profits.”

          See also Jeremy Scahill.

          1. Jill,

            Yup, the PMCs (private military contractors) are milking monies off the tax payers – much of it simply disappears into the “ether” surrounding the pols and the Pentagon. We don’t have money to fully fund the VA but plenty, apparently, for the MIC.

            Which is of course lining up behind HRC.

            “Because of its persistent inability to tally its accounts, the Pentagon is the only federal agency that has not complied with a law that requires annual audits of all government departments. That means that the $8.5 trillion in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996, the first year it was supposed to be audited, has never been accounted for. That sum exceeds the value of China’s economic output last year.”


    3. This President has kept us out of more conflict than anyone gives him credit for. Nick is for war. Send your grandkids over Nick. Afghanistan needs them. Like a hole in the head.

    4. Churchill was a warmonger and he was wrong. I think British, the U.S. and German foreign aid to Israel is what is keeping the war going. Nick, it’s just the military industrial complex making a buck off their Citizens. It’s ways been like that. I think even our own Civil War had the military industrial complex behind the schemes.

  10. We traded medical information for a ‘get out of jail free card’ to the Japanese doctor who led the experiments on live people. I see no difference here. After a war is over, you have to make friends with your enemy or kill him.

  11. Obama will probably give him billions to work with just like he did Iran. Unbelievably outrageous.

  12. We need to start a fund. A fund to pay someone to kill him. I have twenty dollars. Can someone open an account somewhere so we can get this rolling? This guy needs to be dead.

  13. Afghanistan has never been conquered. The idiots in Washington, at the behest of the oil industry, tried to do it. The Taliban, our creation, had destroyed the poppy fields, but they are back and we have a heroin epidemic. And Afghanistan is still not the place to build the Caspian pipeline.

    1. Afghanistan has never been conquered. The idiots in Washington, at the behest of the oil industry, tried to do it.

      Bettykath is one of the suckers who takes Michael Moore seriously.

      1. Exposing the Mighty Wurlitzer: If the facts don’t fit – shift the blame to someone that you hope your audience dislikes.

        If you want to make someone mad, tell them a lie. If you want to make the Wurlitzer player furious, tell it the truth.

        Bettykath knows of what she speaks – and the spastic organ player noze she knows.

        1. Bill, some other people in the dayroom would like to use the computer. Besides, it’s time for the art therapy class.

    2. Bettykath is spot on. We created al qaeda to throw the Russians out. It would be far better to have the Russians in there all these years.

  14. The only thing with such articles, is that you can not trust either the lame stream media or American intel. What we found after the Soviet Union fell, is that a lot of the intel coming out was inaccurate for the lack of a more unsavory term. Apparently out agents fabricated intel to make the Soviets look more fearsome then they really were. The good old fear factor. We have to have a fearsome enemy so that the military industrial complex can sell more goods to the taxpayers. Really, we require a defense system larger and more expensive than that of the next 11 largest budgets of the countries combined? $602,000,000,000 annually could go along way to helping middle class Americans. Even if we cut 70% we would still have the largest budget, even that of China with their 1.3 billion people. That’s $1,852 per year per U.S. individual and I don’t feel I’m getting my money worth. I want a refund.

    1. Sounds good to me hskiprob. I’m with you. I also wonder if you remember our Gates’ comment when the Wall fell, “I didn’t know about it until I saw it on CNN.” Good use of taxpayer intel there…

      So, we should be asking, “Hmmmmm…. how’s that nation-building going? Looks like you made a lot more well-connected people rich than creating a shiny new model democracy.”

    2. Back in the world in which we actually live, the ratio of military expenditure to domestic product is near a 75 year low at 0.04. You can have a Canadian-style ornamental military and improve the personal income per capita of American households by 3.5%, or 2-3 years worth of income growth at current anemic rates.

      I doubt there are large numbers of American intelligence officers more inclined to fabricate than are libertarian polemicists.

    3. I agree with Hiskiprob or however ya spull the name. America is full of chumps and I am one. I have a dog who won’t poop in the yard because he thinks he will get taxed. We are the worst military nation state since Roman Empire and have nothing to show for it. The world thinks we are chumps and foreign states goad us into giving money. Afghanistan is a joke.
      Why do we care if Muslims kill Muslims of another stripe in Afghanistan?
      We need an anti war President. Both of the dorks on the ticket will keep us in war.

  15. If we can make Germany and Japan into allies, we can do the same with Afghanistan. We make deals with the devil all the time.

    1. We turned Germany and Japan into allies by defeating, occupying and eventually doing business with them. We also had the Nuremberg Trials and jailed the Nazi henchmen for life. Afghanistan is an entirely different ball of wax. We will never “own” them – too many disparate tribes with varying agendas plus the radical Taliban – it was never a “cohesive” state to begin with. I think the neo cons like it that way – constant chaos = $$$$ for the military industrial complex.

      1. There’s no confusion here as to our expenditures of blood and money in Afghanistan. It was about national security.

        Okay, that was a joke. Autumn’s always on top of it. I would add that it was really about capitalism generally, shareholder profits to the MIC and the financial sector which suckles it, and the strategic use of the military to maintain the dollar as the world’s trading currency. In short, our military has supplanted the gold reserve at Fort Knox. Without the military, the federal reserve couldn’t print paper money, there wouldn’t be any profits, and we Americans would be living in Mad Max’s world, like everyone else does.

        We’re so special.

      2. So true. We have left Iraq and Libya in mayhem, first vilifying their presidents then removing them leaving a power vacuum well suited for the Taliban and Isis. Now we are vilifying Assad and insisted HE must be removed from his office. What little semblance of civil society will be destroyed. What we did was create chaos, not stability in every country we have “helped”. At great expense to America in both money and lives.

      3. I agree with Autumn. The Military Industrial Complex is the master race of America. Be a patriot. Send your kid off to Afghanistan. Let him die for God and country. Yeah. Be a chump.

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