Afghan Government Pardons The “Butcher of Kabul” And Gives His Terrorist Group Governing Authority

gulbuddin_hekmatyarIf you were still wondering what the thousands of dead and wounded U.S. soldiers (and billions in funds) lost in Afghanistan accomplished, your confusion is about to be exponentially increased. This week, our Afghan allies in the government pardoned one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world — a man who murdered Americans, supported throwing acid in the faces of girls and women, and stood out among the most blood-soaked terrorists in the world. He is now effectively the ally of the Afghan government and by extension the United States. The man is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the hated leader of the militant group, Hezb-i-Islami. He is better known by his popular and well-earned nickname: “The Butcher of Kabul.”

Hekmatyar is one of the most despicable human beings on the planet and the focus of countless human rights complaints for the widespread murdering of civilians, the killing of any intellectuals, rampant torture of prisoners, and killing and scaring of girls who want to be educated.

Hekmatyar will also receive the release of all Hezb-i-Islami prisoners, who are also accused of rampant human rights violations, and he will be given two or three locations inside Afghanistan where the group will control.

You may recall that President George W. Bush explained our war in Afghanistan as our “war on terror.” Now, we will simply reclassify terrorists and allies and claim victory?

So, we will now continue our military and financial support for a government that includes a man who murdered and tortured his way to infamy: our newest de facto ally, the Butcher of Kabul.

95 thoughts on “Afghan Government Pardons The “Butcher of Kabul” And Gives His Terrorist Group Governing Authority

  1. God is Dog spelled backwards and War is Raw spelled backwards. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Praise the Lard on Sunday and Crisco on Monday. Don’t be a chump for Trump. Military Industrial Complex loves The Donald. Pay as you go. You are on the way to Hell in a handbasket America.

    • Your alternative to Gen. al-Sisi in Egypt is just whom? The clown car he replaced (largely unlamented by the populace)?

      Several of the Arab monarchies have been somewhat successful at incorporating electoral and deliberative institutions into political practice, as have the bosses of patron-client networks in Lebanon. Other than that, you’re out of luck in the Arab world. Tunisia might just prove an exception. Wait 30-odd years, and you’ll have your answer.

      • Why say “He’s a fantastic guy”? He is not. Yes he replaced a clown but Sisi is not a fantastic guy unless one has a penchant for torture.

  2. Our involvement in Afghanistan came at a time of thawing relations with Russia and it was Russian Generals with first hand experience who strongly advised the US not to get involved in an unwinnable war with a people who literally have no concept of loyalty and enjoy killing others. Sadly, the US is again ignoring the Russians in Syria and we will suffer the same. Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen – what does it take to prove the ineptitude of the CIA.

  3. After reading all of your postings, I’m wondering what the middle east would be like if we did not get involved. And the Russians and the Chinese did. Would they be the ones saddled with the financial, human and material investment. Would they be the countries that would be the targets of the international terrorist?

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