Jerusalem Ultra-Orthodox Groups Display Public Posters Demanding That Women Avoid Main Street

Posters in Jerusalem neighborhoods have reminded women of the hold of orthodox groups over life in the city. The posters ask women in an ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood to avoid the main street during the intermediate days of the religious holiday of Sukkot. So women are expected to use side streets in the town of Mea Sharim, one of the oldest Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, to avoid men seeing them.

The posters are a circumvention of a decision of the High Court of Justice. The Court banned the use of partitions on public streets to protect ultra-orthodox men from temptation.

The posters tell women “Only go through side streets, and in general minimse visits in the (Mea Shearim) neighborhood in those hours.”

Secular organizations have objected to the posters, though so long as the groups are making requests rather than orders, they might have the law on their side. After all, why aren’t such posters covered under free speech?

41 thoughts on “Jerusalem Ultra-Orthodox Groups Display Public Posters Demanding That Women Avoid Main Street”

  1. Why are our wonderful Jewish women treated as if they are MUSLIMS ? If you read the TORAH,I have never
    read where they are nothing more than to pleasure a man. Were they not PROPHETS ? What was MIRIAM ?

    1. In the quran, there is a whole chapter named Mariam. The story of Miriam is told in detail. In it, she not only inspired Imran, who was the prophet and chief rabbi, she taught him spirituality too. God himself vouches for the purity and the noblesse of Mariam. That was also the first instance noted in any holy book where a woman was made the equal or better than man, that a woman was given the right to worship in the holiest of places and that woman was served by angels while her guardian was ignorant of that realm of spirituality.
      Additionally, in the quran, Jesus is always referred to as son of Mariam…Jesus, son of Mariam… any greater enobling?

      Who else was enobled in the quran? The wife of pharaoh. Not only did she save Moses, but she is also shown as a righteous woman and one of the best women of her time.

      khadijah, the Prophet’s first wife? She was a friend and a mother to him, she was the first believer and a life long supporter. When he thought he lost his mind when the revelation came, she comforted him then took him to to her cousin, a Christian wise who vouched for his prophecy. Even decades later, he sent gifts to her old friends in memory of the love he bore her, and he would tear up when she was mentioned.

      His daughter, Fatima…whom he treated as a queen and showed respect greater than a man was ever given.

      His wife, Aisha: Empowered, she routinely corrected his companions on religious matters. Not only did she even argue with the Prophet on religious matters, she even taught religion…One of the great schools of sunni islam was established through her teachings.

      Meanwhile, our friend bambam keeps justifying keeping jewish women from worshipping at the wall. Hell, she wants to keep them out of sight altogether.

  2. It really has little to do with Israel or what clique of boys this time are busy trying to keep the boot on women’s necks. Enough already! I’ve found most men prize their family jewels beyond anything else, so I’m happy to raise the ante so they know at least some of us won’t go quietly into submissive handmaiden mode and slink through the back streets, People (in this case men) who refuse to take responsibility for their own feelings or actions…don’t deserve adult – let alone patriarchal- status. They are nailing proclamations of their own failures in the public square- and shame should follow. If that doesn’t work, then de-nut them.

    1. Agreed!
      Bambam, I am shocked that as a woman you keep justifying religious patriarchy!
      Pretty odd that while I denounce all patriarchy, especially religious and especially in Islam, you keep justifying judaic patriarchy every chance you get.
      Sure hope your daughters can find inspiration elsewhere to free themselves from such mindset!

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