unknownunknownThe Chicago Cubs are heading to the World Series for the first time since 1945. Growing up near Wrigley (you can hear the fans from our back yard of our family home where my 89 year old mother still lives), I spent my life as one of those “lovable losers.” Losers no more. 71 years but we are losers no more. We are the National League champions. Now bring on the Indians.

Hendricks was pure genius tonight, but it was truly a full team effort that showed all of the strengths on display of this young, dynamic team.

I had the pleasure of not only growing up near Wrigley and catching balls outside of the stadium but living near the great Ernie Banks (who showed me how to break in my first mit). Every year I have told my kids, “this is our year.” Being a Cubs fan is character building. You have to continue to support your Cubbies regardless of their record. And you wait. You wait for the day when the Cubbies would shock everyone. The day the Cubs return to the World Series. That day is now October 25th.

26 thoughts on “CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!!”

  1. We in Cleveland welcome the Cubs. We are all damn lucky to be able to play these games, and regardless of the outcome, will be happy for both cities and their fans.

  2. Great to see the Cubs in the series. I just wish I owned the winter clothing franchise in Hell.

  3. Congratulations!

    What an exciting time for all the real Cubs fans, who stuck it out when the going was rough. Loyal to the bone.

  4. I’m surprised Paul Schulte hasn’t commented. He is the only one of us old enough to have seen the Cubs in the World Series. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Go Cubs!

    1. LOL! Steve, I thought of you as I watched the Badger/Hawkeye game yesterday. I’ve been to a few Big Ten stadiums, but not to Kinnick. The stands are so close to the field. I got to get there for a game.

  5. It’s their time and they seem to be steamrolling the opposition. However, as a member of the ‘Ursus Anti-defamation League’ or UADL, I must remind fans that bears and other animals find it disrespectful and indeed demeaning to see baseball and other sports teams using terms that reference our kind. That having been said, good luck to the team from Wrigley Field, the other Chicago team, the team whose time is come, etc.

  6. To beat Indians you have to know the tribe and be wary of their warfare habits. This is the Cleveland Tribe. They sometimes come at you high and then go low. Sometimes fast and then slow. Hit you high and miss you low. Cubs have to be bears and claw them with all four. Since a Cub is a baby or child bear the tactic is to play around and then rack em in the balls- balls and strikes have to result in three strikes. Knights of Columbus will show up in Cleveland wlhile the Sons of Cleveland will show up at Wrigley in ChiTown.

    Go Cubs.

  7. Maybe a sign that the ยดpost-WW2 worldwide mindf*ck is now really at and end and Trump will defeat the Wall Street-City of London Establishment in November.

  8. I was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan as a kid, but I have to say, I was pulling for the Cubs tonight. I too hope they win it all. Good luck! I think the murder rate in Chicago will improve during the Series as Sandra said. We can all hope for that too.

  9. I think everybody will root for the Cubs! Maybe everybody will be indoors watching the Series and have some time with less violence!

    1. I’m sure Dr. John Lott will be following this topic very closely, as he does with all gun and other crime related statistics.

  10. Olly, JT would not like to talk about it, but the Ricketts[owner] are big Republicans from Nebraska. Like JT, Ricketts is a U. of Chicago alum.

  11. JT, I’m happy for you and all Cub fans. What impressed me was how all the management and players talked about not being finished and needing to win 4 more games. I was living in KC in 1980 when they beat the hated Yankees to make it to the World Series. For most, it seemed like that was the goal..just beating the Yanks and getting to the Series. That’s NOT the goal. The goal is to win it all. You enjoy this victory, but then look toward beating a very tough Indians team. Both teams have superb pitching. I pick the Cubs in 7.

  12. It is the year for anti-establishment candidates. My dad was a lifelong cubs fan and he only got to see them go to the World Series once. Let’s pray they both don’t let us down.

  13. I am Happy for the Chicago Cubs. I will root for them in the World Series. I have enjoyed Jonathan Turley’s stories about his childhood growing up near Wrigley Field. Go Cubs! Be World Series Champs!

  14. Congrats Professor. I was rooting for them. Haven’t liked the Dodgers since they moved to LA

  15. Hey Hey Ho Ho to the World Series the Cubby’s will go!!!! My daddy Rick would be so proud and excited.

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