Game 6: Cubs Face Dodgers In Latest Challenge To The Billygoat Curse

chc_1200x630I am preparing for tonight’s sixth game against the Dodgers. I have long feared the Dodgers in the playoffs and they have proven every bit as tough an opponent. Tonight Clayton Kershaw returns and the odds favor the Dodgers but I remain hopeful.

unknownA win will put us in the World Series for the first time since 1945. We have reached the World Series seven times with our most recent win being the 1908 World Series.

I still think we can beat Kershaw and came close last time with a lost of 0-1 to the Dodgers with a number of hits just short of a homer at Wrigley.

Go Cubbies!

10 thoughts on “Game 6: Cubs Face Dodgers In Latest Challenge To The Billygoat Curse”

  1. The game will start soon and it is not on my television set up. I am going to have to find a radio station. Jeso.

  2. Go Cubbies Go Team!
    Fight for Chi Ca Go!
    Keep your honor, fight team fight..
    Beat them with all your might.

  3. I’m sorry to say that this is the year of the dodgers; it will be either the Clinton or Trump dynasty. The Citizen Class will be the losers.

  4. Go Dodgers The Cubs had a Great game the night of the third and final presidential debate and I enjoyed their home runs. But I am a Dodger. SO may the Mighty Dodgers prevail!!

  5. I have many friends who are Cub fans. I understand their angst but nevertheless find it tedious. You see, I grew up in CT among the even more self absorbed, woe is me, Red Sox fans. I like this Cubs team. I hope they win. However, I will caution the many people tired of hearing Cub fans sing the blues interminably. The victim mindset in New England didn’t really vanish until the Red Sox won their 2nd World Series. The 3rd championship 3 years ago put out the final embers of victimhood.

    Here’s my hope. That the Cubs win and the game IS UNDER 4 FREAKING HOURS!!!! Game 5 was a 9 inning 4 hour 16 minute game. That’s insane.

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