Professors Excuse Students From Classes and Exams To Deal With The “Trauma” Of The Trump Election

old_guitarist_chicagoAs discussed last night with Megyn Kelly (below), there are stories out this week of professors excusing students from classes or even exams due to the trauma caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It is the same response that we saw to the Ferguson, Missouri riots, which I also criticized at schools like Columbia. I cancelled class so that everyone could participate in this historic election. Many of my students were poll watchers and campaign workers. However, we all returned the next day and, even my students upset with the results, directed that energy told their education and moving forward. I was proud of them. We do our students a disservice by reinforcing this modern version of the vapors, where students emotionally collapse when legal or political events do not go their way. Ironically, one of the things I most respect about Hillary Clinton is her fighting spirit. She tended to stand her ground and, when knocked down, to pick herself up immediately and fight again.

One story details how an economics professor at Yale wrote his students to say “I am getting many heartfelt notes from students who are in shock over the election returns” and “fear, rightly or wrongly for their families” and are “requesting that the exam be postponed.” He agreed to do so.


Part of college education is to help shape emerging citizens who need to face adversity and disappointment without being some type of emotional hemophiliacs who swoon or sulk with disappointments. Democracy guarantees rights not results. These students and their candidate lost. That is crushing for many but from that disappointment should come a renewed commitment to their cause. The system worked. Voters have been saying for years that they felt that they no longer counted and that Washington would not change. They wanted an outsider. The Democrats gave them the ultimate establishment figure and a candidate with the highest negative polling numbers of any Democrat. The result should not surprise people. The voters did count this week. They changed things. For the better or the worse . . . only time will tell. Yet, we all remain bound by a common article of faith in our democratic system. When you lose, you pick yourself up (as my students did this week) and get on with it. That is what education is about.

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  1. College Trauma: Like in 1971 when a classmate went off to Nam as a ROTC officer and got killed by the gooks in one week.

    1. Lee Harvey Oswald – as an ex-Marine you should know your friend would have been made a 2nd Lt in the Reg Army on graduation from college. Did you go to Canada?

  2. Oh just write an essay on how you feel today. Hand it in and you’ll get a passing grade. Then you can go back to your dorm room and take a Valium and everything will be just hunky dory.

  3. Detroit Pistons’ Stan Van Gunny goes off on Trump: ‘Brazenly racist’

    PHOENIX — Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy noticed the quietness on this morning’s bus ride to Talking Stick Resort Arena.

    He wondered whether his team was still thinking about its embarrassing 32-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers two nights ago. But backup center Aron Baynes let him know that wasn’t it. He told Van Gundy that the players’ thoughts were on Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election Tuesday night.

    That result disgusted Van Gundy. In a six-minute diatribe today, Van Gundy unloaded on the unconventional candidate who rose from being an underdog in GOP primaries to occupying the most powerful office in the world.

    “I don’t think anybody can deny this guy is openly and brazenly racist and misogynistic,” Van Gundy said. “We have just thrown a good part of our population under the bus, and I have problems with thinking this is where we are as a country.”

    1. The point of this post is? Been hearing for years how racist the Clintons are. I even learned one from the DNC–I never heard of “Taco” before. Thanks Democrats! I’ll be careful how I say that…

  4. I assure you Professor, I know for a fact some of your students made time and space yesterday to grieve. You’re simply blissfully unaware. The students who showed up to your class, arrived not because of some special grit or strong ‘moral’ fiber, but because by the time one gets to professional school, one knows the character of institutions such as yours, the people who staff it, and one adjusts accordingly. In other words, your students are too astute to expect empathy from you on matters touching upon their identities. (Perhaps they’ve read this blog?)

    Also classic, how you tut-tutted a group of student protesters in a previous post and in this post tut-tutted another group of students for failing to “renew commitment to their cause.” A substancless civility critique from a person who incessantly harangues against civility critiques…ok. There’s a reason I get my GW Law Alum invitations, solicitations, postcards, etc, and with a chuckle and throw them in the trash. Some of the students you’re so proud to use as rhetorical weapons will follow suit in due time. But hey, that’s a sullen, emotional hypochondriac for you.

    1. This is so strange to read–or is it just me? Yeah, you lost an election. You put a lot into it, but you lost. Move on. If this is that debilitating for these people, how in the world are they going to be able to deal with the real horrors that life can throw your way?

      1. No, it’s not just you.Cold Bourgeois appeals to perseverance and concern trolling about the will of the next generation is at least Victorian.The prof’s post is just masking an indifference and dislike of anything he perceives as “politically correct.” No real thought on why certain students would have wanted to reschedule their exam. Just assume they’re weak, sheltered and proceed with the grandstanding and virtuous lecturing.

        I’d find Turley’s post more meaningful if the President-Elect were a generic Romney/Rubio type. I’m not going to re-litigate Trump’s failings,but he isn’t tabula rasa to quote someone smarter than me. He built a campaign in part by promising to turn the full force of the federal law enforcement and surveillance apparatus against racial and religious minorities and will largely face no opposition as president.

        If the response is to characterize people’s ensuing alarm, anger, distress and concern for the well-being of self, family, and friends as “swooning” and to offer shallow platitudes concerning grit, I’m afraid it’s not the students who need a reality check. People process negative emotions and mourn all the time for various things. This is a normal human behavior, not an indication they cannot navigate hardship. Allowing people time to do that is a voluntary courtesy. However, extending it is not the end of American civic norms, nor a destruction of character. What is this implied equivalence between being upset for a day or two with refusing to move on?

        This was not a mandate from a department head or administrator. Never mind that maybe this business prof knows his students better than JT. Wrap it up in erudite detachment all you want, but in the end, annoyance at the gesture is just annoyance at someone being kind.

        1. You illustrate one of the main problems facing the entire nation right now. Responsibility, especially personal responsibility, is the hallmark of the generation that made this country survive. The rest seem to be standing on their shoulders. I don’t want/need government to take care of me. It just needs to stay out of the way and require ridiculous demands of it’s population based its own priorities. Get on with it and don’t make government an excuse. I made it through 2 terms of W, these snowflakes can do it as well.

  5. I have found out that Prof Turley himself conducted a “purge” of many of his former moderators here who were not toeing the party line as manifested in his new venue on FAUX News. I guess that actively falsifying the news on many occasions is not a sin for him. but Brazille doing something minor is a major sin. Lying is no problem in a news program though.

    The disparity of the coverage of sins such as this ONE prof out of about one thousand at Yale is a major flaw. Now if it had been the order of the President of Yale, THEN I would agree with Turley.

        1. Ever watch a sheep go through an open gate that was closed a moment before? They will jump as if it was still closed and the ones after them and so on till the flock jumps its way through the wide open gate. Same for the Democrats when faced with the facts that their team ran a campaign riddled with nasty crooked if not downright illegal behavior. That they have no one, N-O O-N-E, but themselves to blame just doesn’t compute.

          1. I do not know the answer to this. In the last dump it was reported via email that Clinton took a $1 million check from the Qatar gov when she was secretary of state. OK… if I (regular-ol’ basket of deplorable stock) became secretary of state (with my ominous Appalachian too-wide grin…), went to Qatar and they gave me a check for $1million dollars, and I sent an email to Rachel Maddow about it, what would I get????
            But I would like to point out, if they gave me that, I would see that I did nothing wrong, just want that out there…

  6. Me: Sorry boss, Clinton lost the election. I can’t come to work.
    Boss: What?
    Me: Clinton lost. I’m distraught. Trump winning hurt me almost as much as hearing someone say a word I don’t like. I’m devastated. I need to snuggle with TrigglyPuff in my safe space.
    Boss: Do I have this right? You want time off to snuggle with TrigglyPuff in your safe space because Clinton lost an election?
    Me: Yes.
    Boss: I see. Take all the time you need.
    Me: Thanks, boss. I knew you’d understand.
    Boss: No, you don’t understand. Take all the time you need. You’re fired.

  7. Oh, and maybe the Professor could assign an out-of-class assignment like doing Election Haiku! Like this:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    (Yes, I know I posted this already on the long DJT President thread, and yes, I am attention-whore, but I am really proud of this! Because even the color of the flowers play into it, because forget-me-nots are blue, and you even get the “f” sound alliteration, and the visual image of “moles” nibbling roots to bring in the email hacks, and you have your season allusion, and the cutting element is “felled” which is like dead on. I mean, I really think I ought to win some kind of Haiku award for this!)

    1. That’s okay Squeek – America loves and rewards attention whores. Unlike the majority of ’em your work actually has artistry and merit!! Yay for you!

  8. I may be wrong, but right now I have a good feeling about a Trump administration doing all it can to help all Americans prosper – esp working class Americans.

    Trump has already kept one of his first promises to the people: “I will fight for you and I will win for you.”

    By golly, he did. And he won it nearly single-handedly – just as he promised.

    And when he said the result would be a “Brexit Plus Plus Plus”, he was correct! He took all of the rust belt states of Ohio, Michigan, PA, Wisconsin….and Florida.

    Do not underestimate this man –of the people – fighting for the people. I have a good feeling about him. Let’s see…..

    1. I hope you’re right. We’ll see how the cabinet thing goes. There are plenty of neocons floating around like jellyfish who’ll just might wash up in his cabinet. Too bad we can chase them all down like Wyatt Earp. I’d be glad to help, but I think my swinging my leg over a horse days went on down the road.

    2. Trump a man of the people? That is truly laughable. I guess I forgot that most people in the US have their own B757 with gold plated fixtures then. Then I saw a photo of a full size Trump cutout alongside one of the other notorious draft dodger John Wayne. They both used their connections, unlike the rest of us ordinary people, to get out of fighting in the wars that they were supposed to be fighting in. Not much of an ordinary American, nor much of a REAL patriot. That is why Trump won because his supporters prefer myths to reality.

    1. Squeeky – the Lusitania was sunk with a single torpedo. Very unusual, usually took 3 or 4. However, the Lusitania was carrying 43 thousand boxes of ammo for the Brits.

  9. No test because of an election? Hahahahaha! I’d find an election somewhere in the world for this dimwit professor every week. I hear Botswana has one coming up.

  10. I had to laugh at Turley’s comment about Clinton. It is like Trump saying he respects Obama after denying that he was an American at ALL. His comments about her not immediately addressing the crowd after what ALL consider to be a historic upset, shows that he lacks any class at all. Nothing is so much FUN as kicking a woman while she is down. Right?I used to have a lot of respect for his views, no more. I think she did the diplomatic thing after what had to be a major shock and kept her silence rather than make things worse. I am also struck by how he had no problem with Trump spitting in the face of his supporters who are God fearing Evangelicals by not bothering to even ask for Gods blessing on the USA.

    I posted about how Putin might have some Russian hotties waiting for him in Moscow which I thought would be facetious, but it turns out now that it is TRUE. The Russians have admitted that they had major and extensive contacts with his campaign all along! I hope the GOP is proud of themselves in electing our first Russian supported President. It at least answers why Trump spit on John McCain before the election since he was a major player in the US effort to fight against Russian encroachment in Georgia. Can anybody say TREASON? Of course, Turley will now have to eat crow since he too supported the coup in the Ukraine, and Trump will endorse further Russian moves thanks to that brilliant move. So Trump has just showed that what goes around comes around. The US screws around in their backyard, they screw with our elections including using wikipedia and Snowden and even the FBI. Way to go US paytriots.

    1. Better check back into that Georgia thing a little more. There was a campaign contribution to McCain out of that, and he was ready to put American soldiers in front of tanks there too. Putin checked another illicit play over there.

      And apparently, there was contact with Russians. Doesn’t seem to be anything out of the norm from what I have seen. For being so rainbowy, you Clinton people sure are pretty xenophobic when it comes to Russia. Oh, sorry, they must be in the rank of the “Deplorables” as well.

      1. I am astounded at the idea that a candidate for POTUS is normally in contact with foreign governments and getting aid from them is the NORM is beyond belief. I am glad YOU said that since I would not be believed that you said it. By the way, I am hardly against the Russians since I was outraged at the coup in the Ukraine against the legally elected government. I am outraged at Putin’s authoritarian rule and his other faults. I dislike Trump, but his idea of dismantling NATO is not a bad idea, but it will put a real damper on the fight against ISIS and Afghanistan. At least the US should stop backing up Russia’s neighbors who wish the US to go to war with Russia to settle old scores. They are perfectly willing to fight to the last American GI in their hate for Russia. I DO support the sanctions that are in place against Russia, and it basically treason for Trump to have such contacts with that government. I hope Prof Turley will address that crime that Trump has committed. Of course that would get him fired from FAUX, so I will not be holding my breath.

        1. randyjet – so you are or are not, upset about the over 1000 foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation?

        2. Exactly. Putin may be an autocrat, but that’s the Russian’s business, certainly not ours (although most in Washington seem not to think so). From what I have read, it could be fairly easy to stop ISIS–stop the flow of arms from the state department, stop the money from Saudi Arabia and other poor actors over there. ISIS is a snowballing case of blowback.
          The cold war has not ended for the neocons, it never did. People don’t seem to understand where we are at. Putin held a press conference as a warning again, he is NOT going to let those missiles be built in Poland and Romania (he would have 5:00 warning if they launched, so the minute they go online, it’s showtime). It’s his Cuban missile crisis moment, and the fact that our Democrat overlords were comfortable with this shows how morally bankrupt they really are. People here complain about “race relations” “gender equality” and the like, but that all goes out the window when the missiles launch. You don’t have to love Putin, but you do have to respect him. Same reason I wouldn’t corner a rattlesnake, why would I put myself in that position if I didn’t have to? To me, this is the problem that needs to be addressed FIRST. We can argue about the rest later. If there is a later.

          1. Also, given my reply above, is it really so strange that the Russians would prefer to support the guy who said he wanted to talk to him? That’s when you know this whole thing got creepy, when the Democrats immediately started to vilify Trump when he said he would talk to them. Geeeez. The anti war Democrats??? The only other thing I really would like to see out of Trump (not expecting much) would be to stop the tax exempt status of these NGOs that are out causing all these problems around the world.

            1. slohrss,


              President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged subtle barbs in speeches before the U.N. General Assembly ahead of a one-on-one meeting in New York Monday evening.

              Before sitting down with Putin, Obama was also being criticized by key GOP leaders, who accused him of playing into the Kremlin’s hands.

              Senator Marco Rubio told NPR news early Monday morning that if he was president, “I’m not sure we would meet with [Putin]” or Iranian leaders. Rubio, a presidential candidate and Republican establishment favorite, received praise for his performance in the second GOP presidential debate, during which he said that the United States needed to take a tougher approach to Russia. Obama and Putin have not met since 2014, when Russia escalated its involvement in Ukraine by supplying weapons to pro-Russian separatist forces…

              The perception that Obama has rolled out the red carpet for Putin is a key part of Republican candidates’ complaints about current U.S. foreign policy…

    2. Whatever RandyJet. We are just glad the Hildebeest has been slain. And the fact she didn’t come out just demonstrates her arrogance. Goodbye. Maybe she too will move to New Zealand with crone Ginsberg.

      1. Make no mistake. Hillary is here to stay. She is still making millions by the hour and fully intends to continue. She is and will remain a power broker, big time, selling influence to foreign corporations for outlandish sums to the Clinton Scam Fund. I strongly doubt Trump will put her in the slammer where she belongs, I think behind the scenes, he remains a friend of the Clintons, but we’ll see.

    3. I have to admit I am a bit confused Randy.

      Much of the time you have commented here, you have been very pro-Russian in your comments. Now that Trump is involved, suddenly trying to work with the Russians is treasonous. What’s up with that?

    4. Some, even myself, view HRC as a Satan-worshiping scum of the earth who personally caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents in Libya (in total ruins now since HRC’s CIA toppled Gadaffi, ISIS runs amok and there is no government of which to speak, it’s destroyed, but don’t let that ruin your bagel to tomorrow morning). In one recent weekend about two hundred Libyans died trying to reach Italy, of about two thousand attempting to flee. She also supports third term abortion (beheading the baby in the womb is great fun, try it) as long as no body part is visible, and selling said body parts.

      Your sympathy for her is noted. Don’t be surprised some think her a loathsome creature unworthy of sympathy.

  11. I am pleased to announce that I have been selected by the George Soros Foundation to lead the effort on mobilizing students on college campuses throughout the nation to protest the presidency of Donald J. Trump. I have been given a three-year grant and a generous budget to persuade colleges and universities to give students full-time credits for protest activities that they conduct under my supervision. My unofficial marching orders are to do whatever is necessary to help create greater social strife and dissension. If I’m successful in getting students to participate in defacing public and private property and engaging in occasional violent outbursts that cause the destruction of said properties, I will receive a 25% bonus if, in the judgment of the George Soros Foundation Board, my efforts led in large part to those results. I will also receive an extension of my contract if I continue to produce strife and destruction. Wish me luck!

      1. PaulCS

        What was the name of that Lusitania book you were telling me about??? I forget, and I am becoming more interested in it because of another book I just ordered about the Galveston hurricane thingy way back when.

        @Ralph Adamo

        Hilarious! But for real, I bet Soros really does have people on the payroll doing just that!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. I’m glad that you appreciate my sense of humor. However, on other message boards, like Alex Jones’s websites, they seem to either have no sense of humor or are unable to discern attempts at satire. When I posted the same message on Jones’s Prison Planet, for example, I was attacked as a Nazi, a fascist, and a pawn of Soros. I didn’t think my satiric attempt was that bad. So you’ve given me some comfort. I also get comfort from the fact that some people have even assumed that certain stories published by The Onion are genuine news.

        1. Ralph Adamo – I am familiar with some of your comments and that one did not fit the tenor of the others. You were singing for a whole new band. 😉

    1. I did see a funny (well, you know, not laughing funny, but irony funny…) that a Soros NGO was planning its next color revolution here…. maybe it’s not a joke. ????

  12. The MSM is largely to blame for the disbelief of Hilbots that Trump beat her. Rachel Maddow leading them down a deceptive path of untruth.

      1. So surprising that a Lesbian woman would have issue with a misogynist neo-authoritarian who supporters are threatening her and others like her with the gas chambers.

        1. This is the reasoning of a paranoiac – although I think it would be grand if these morons were to fade away.

    1. I think the blame is squarely on those who are in disbelief; let em soak in it for awhile. To be scandalized or gob-smacked is proof one had their heads in the sand. I have heard good decent people look me straight in the eye and tell me they don’t want to hear about it anymore. Poverty? Nope. People who can’t find work? Nope -ears shut. People loosing their homes? Nope, Nope, Nope. Climate change? Hillary will take care of it! (yea, and pigs fly). Now they are scandalized because they don’t feel Trump’s wife is refined enough. Huh??? His hair sucks. His language is vulgar. No, seriously?, SERIOUSLY? THAT’s what bothers you???

    2. That’s a great clip. The guy just kept nailing it!

      To correct a point, the guy who chimed in from somewhere invisible and said Putin had invaded Ukraine was full of it. The United States, with Hillary firmly in charge of State, engineered and supported a coup in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland is on record stating the fact. AFTER the coup, after a duly elected president that just happened to favor Russia’s financial aid package over NATO’s austerity for your citizens and riches for your Oligarchs bid, after this guy was forcibly removed from power by a US supported coup, THEN,and only then, Russia gave assistance to people in the east of the country.

      Note: Russia’s aid package wasn’t all roses either, but was significantly better than NATO’s financial Trojan horse (interest rates that, like Greece, are known before hand to be impossible for the country to honor and thus guaranteed plunder for the banks when the loans become due.).

      1. Which makes it totally OK for Russia to violate the post WW2 norms of respecting international borders. Do you have any idea how wrong your argument is?

        1. Do you know how wrong it is to put nuclear weapons on someone’s borders? Maybe you better shake off your offense and wake up to reality. Putin is not going to have nuclear missiles sitting on his borders anymore than Kennedy was going let missiles in Cuba.

          Oh, and by the way, look at our history here. We have had NO problem not respecting others borders if they did not act as required. Maybe read a little.

        2. Norms??? How about the norms promised to the USSR when it broke up that we would not try and encircle it with NATO? How about the NATO rule that it won’t lend to countries that are at war? Ukraine was and is in a civil war yet NATO is throwing more loans at it right and left. Note, I didn’t say gifts; I said loans and people like Joe Biden’s son were and are over their queueing up to slice and dice the country up at FIRE sale prices as soon as those loans come due and Ukraine can’t pay. They want the farm land to turn around and rent to the previous owners. They want the pipe lines to screw Russia. Most of all they want to shove nuclear missiles in Russia’s face and impose draconian economic sanctions via their puppets sometimes referred to as the European Union member countries.

          You, sir, might want to know what you are talking about before you talk about “wrong” arguments.

        3. Please enlighten us by what legal authority does the US military enforce regime change in Syria, which military excursion has directly caused over a million refugees and killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocents? (Assad is the legally installed President.)

          Ditto, by what legal authority did HRC and Obama cause the CIA to arm and finance rebels in Libya who anal raped w/a bayonet and murdered Gadaffi, again, the then-legally installed President of Libya? This US-caused coup directly caused Libya to become an ISIS stronghold, and again, over a million destitute refugees who die daily trying to get to Italy. One recent week several hundred died, among about two thousand attempting to flee the rubble HRC directly and personally caused.

          You attempt to tar and feather Trump for predicted future behavior, with predictable, typical, and hypocritical MSM horse manure.

          One of our best ME “friends” the Al Saud crime syndicate (AKA “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia, or King Arthur’s Round Table of the ME) regularly slaughters homosexuals and beheads more than ISIS.

          The sooner you and your disgusting war mongering mass murdering ilk stop attempting to implement Woodrow Wilson’s doctrine of spreading American democracy around the world, the less death, dismembering, and utter ruin the world shall see.

          I shall jump for joy the day Trump removes the US from its NATO obligations. Strangely, I don’t think nuclear winter is a good outcome if Putin or anyone else invades Luxembourg. It shall be a cold day in hell before you or anyone else can list proper justification for me and other US taxpayers to finance the military defense of rich nations like Israel and in Europe so they can spend their own money on other luxuries while US infrastructure is in such terrible disrepair.

          1. Well said indeed. Don’t hold your breath, however, on removal from Nato. Trump is going to come up against fierce resistance from a world overwhelmed with Neocons and a very profitable military racket (80 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia alone) even assuming he does stick to his campaign promises.

            1. Brooklin Bridge – we should have gotten out of NATO some time back. The EU wants its own army which could replace ours.

      2. And we gave them cookies too! That’s just icing on the cake! –errrrr, well nice…

        We would be better off if these NGOs could just set loose Godzilla in these places. At least you could see the problem straight away.

        Oh, by the way, we may be hearing again soon from the Ukrainian populace concerning their pro-western corrupt puppet…

    3. As for what the video referred to the Russian citizens hoping for a peace candidate in Trump to avoid war, and this somehow is a bad thing according to the Clinton supporters, the supporters just cannot get off the runaway train of the Clinton campaign blaming the Rooskies for the email scandal and other intrigue in their party.

      I had to think back to the movie “Full Metal Jacket” when the Pogue Colonel at the scene of the mass graves lamented….

      “We’ve gotta keep our heads until this peace craze blows over.”

      1. It’s absolutely amazing Darren. These snowflakes have no idea the stakes that are in play here. I believe they think the endgame here is more racially or sexually demeaning banter.????

    4. Autumn, You consistently come up w/ GREAT videos. The MSM blamed Comey, Putin, Stein and Johnson when in reality, THEY, along w/ the candidate they anointed, Queen Hillary, were the culprits.

      1. Quit triggering Hillary snowflakes, Nick. They’ll need more coloring books and dolls to play with and it’s on our dime. Crayolas arent cheap, you know.

        1. mespo,

          I guess it might be better to be a snowflake than Trump toady! Trump is such an upstanding individual…a man to be truly admired.

            1. Darren,

              I am surprised that you would be a supporter of a man like Trump. Do you really think that a man like him should be the leader of the free world? Is there nothing about the things that he has said or done that gives you pause for thought? Do you think a man who is a racist, bigot, misogynist who admittedly has assaulted women…who has cheated honest businesspeople out of the remuneration he owed them is a man to be respected?

              So…you call anyone who chose to vote against him for president a snowflake? That’ s the way to bring this country together–name call those who voted for Trump’s opponent.

  13. There is quite a stark difference between needing smelling salts, fainting couches, time off from school to indulge in them and protests. Protests have to do with freedom of speech. Remember all the posts on that topic where everyone was all for freedom of speech, right??? Protests just move the need for smelling salts and fainting couches from the students over to the faculty and the tut tut-ing public..

  14. If it was a mistake to schedule the exam the day after Election Day – and I think it was – the professor was making a serious effort to deal with the problem. He knows his students, and I can understand why he believed the election would hit some of them so hard. I can see why it was a paralyzing blow. His solution seems a reasonable one. Nobody would get an unfair advantage from missing the test.

    1. It certainly was a mistake to schedule an exam the day after an election. One would hope professors would encourage their students to stay up late to listen to news reports as to who would be their next president.

      When I was in college, we had a blackout in the Northeastern part of this country. Our chemistry professor refused to reschedule the test…even though most of his students had no electricity and couldn’t study.

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