Steep Learning Curve: DNC Staff Rally Behind Brazile As Democratic Leaders Reportedly Groom Chelsea For Congress

220px-donna_brazile_1chelsea_clinton_dnc_july_2016_croppedFor even the armchair political commentator, the results of this election were not surprising. The voters made two things clear from the outset of the election: they wanted a change from the establishment and they did not like Hillary Clinton. The Democratic leadership responded by engineering the selection of perhaps the greatest establishment figure in politics and someone with a record level of unpopularity with voters. On election day, voters followed through on every poll: they voted against Clinton and the establishment. Only the mainstream media and democratic insiders seemed bowled over by the news — shocked that the voters would reject their sage advice and lopsided coverage. Indeed, as someone who contributed to the coverage that night, I was shocked how shocked everyone was. While the odds favored Clinton, her low popularity with independent voters and high polling figures on dishonesty made the election uncertain at best. As we began to discuss years ago, the “remaking” of Clinton seemed disconnected from voters who continued to view her and the Clinton family as the personification of the establishment. It showed how entirely out of touch the core Democratic leadership (and media) has become. Now, that thick cloak of denial appears firmly in place as Democrats blame FBI Director Comey for the loss despite the fact that Hillary was declining in the polls before his late disclosure to Congress and the fact that Hillary set records on dishonesty in poll after poll. Two stories this week have brought this home. One was the rallying behind Donna Brazile by DNC staff last week with the notable exception of one man who confronted both Brazile and his colleagues. The second is the report that Democratic leaders immediately turned form Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat to start grooming Chelsea Clinton for political office. The problem it seems was that the public was not given enough Clintons. Faced with a populist uprising, the Democratic leadership seems to be offering more of the same like an actor who cannot move beyond one script and one role.

We have previously discussed the unethical actions of interim DNC chief Brazile and the conspicuous failures of the media to investigate her claims of altered emails. While CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker called Brazile’s actions “disgusting” and others have denounced her actions, the DNC has stuck with Brazile and she recently appeared before staff to given them a pep talk.

The event however did not turn out quite as planned when one staffer had had enough. According to The Huffington Post, a staffer named Zach asked “Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this? You backed a flawed candidate, and your friend [former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz] plotted through this to support your own gain and yourself.” He continued by saying “You are part of the problem. You and your friends will die of old age and I’m going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy.”

He then left — a personification for millions of independents and Democrats who abandoned the party to elect Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, the rest of the DNC rallied behind Brazile and gave breathless accounts of her inspiring leadership. A DNC staffer told HuffPost that there was “overwhelming” support for Brazile and that her words “had some staffers in tears.” That would be welcomed news for Republican strategists. It is also worth noting that, after emails showed that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (Brazile’s predecessor) had worked to rig the primary and dealt dishonestly with Sanders, she was overwhelmingly reelected and embraced by the DNC leadership.

The second story is even more curious. Many viewed the election as the ultimate rejection of the Clinton dynasty that has controlled the Democratic party for over a decade. The Clintons put their family and its “brand” front and center in this election . . . and voters rejected it. However, within hours of the defeat, Democratic leaders were reportedly turning to Chelsea Clinton as the new flag bearer. Clinton, 36, is reportedly being groomed by the same leadership to replace Rep. Nita Lowey, 79, in representing New York’s 17th District. Of course, Chelsea does not live there but the district covers part of Westchester County, including Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua.

Chelsea was previously given a high-ranking media position with disastrous results — a move that was denounced by journalists as political connections overwhelming journalistic merit. Her role in the Clinton Foundation has come under fire. However, the greatest problem is that her resume is largely the result of her family and foundation ties.

The question is whether the Democrats are going to spin the result of this election and deny reality when, in two years, they will be facing the inverse of this election: more Democratic seats will be up for grabs and Trump could receive a super majority in Congress, including a veto-proof margin.

I am an independent and do not have a horse in this race. However, in speaking with my Democratic students, they express complete separation from the Democratic leadership and the establishment politics that it has come to represent. I come from a long-standing Democratic and liberal family in Chicago. When I was raised in that environment, the Democratic party was the populist party — the voice of the outsider and emerging constituencies. Now it is viewed as the party of insiders and establishment power brokers. There may be enough unhappy members (particularly Sanders people) to change the party, but these stories do not help with that image.

It seems to me that, if the Democrats want to resurrect their party, it will require entirely new leadership and a new vision to fit an increasing independent populace.

What do you think?

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  1. Dr Michelle Alexander said earlier this year that trying to reform the Democratic Party was probably a fool’s errand and I agreed with her despite working as a volunteer with the Sanders campaign. Having lived part of my life in Arkansas, I have had the chance of meeting both of them- not exactly a big deal at that time in that relatively small state- and had no illusions that they were anything other than grifters.

    The Clintons took over the Democratic Party via the DLC and have enriched themselves while destroying the party. The Democratic Party of today has little in common with the party of FDR, Truman, JFK or LBJ and has long ago forgotten working people. Instead of trying to fix something so thoroughly infested with Clinton acolytes, it is time to get serious about forming a new Political Party from scratch- without the Jim Crow and Slavery baggage of the Democratic Party.

    There is an opening between the Hillbots and the NeoCons for people grounded in reality and dedicated to honest, efficient and accountable government.

  2. Eh, I don’t think there’s much comparison. I mean, it’s “reportedly.” The article is about a post in some vague future, the current Democratic occupant of which is still going strong. Also, it was reported by an unnamed source via the New York Post, so I would take the quotation with a huge grain of salt. The DNC is in upheaval, which I will be watching with great, great interest. If a reporter asked a “Democratic Leader” about Chelsea Clinton at this point, I’m guessing the response would be a blank look and a “er, sure, we’ll consider a lot of people,” and go back to the leadership change.

  3. After only two day’s since Trump’s election:

    1. Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad calls for cooperation with the US
    2. Russian president Putin says Russia is ready to restore positive relations with the US
    3. Mexico and Canada agree to cooperate to renegotiate or scrap NAFTA
    4. White House abandons TTP and TTIP
    5. Dow Jones reaches all time high

    As Hillary and Obama have both said – let’s give Trump a chance to succeed for all Americans.

  4. The political establishment needs to rededicate itself to truth and the virtue of public service.

  5. Here’s dear leader getting his game on peaceful water protectors. Mr. president, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!

    The utter hypocrisy of Democrats is on full display. “Oh, Trump will build a wall! Oh, that’s awful.” Meanwhile dear leader. Obama, has already built a wall along the Mexican border and he’s in full military mode again here with the water protectors and his nice new military wall! Do I see Democrats protesting Obama for ?his crimes against our people and the Mexican people? No, I do not!

    Donna compared herself to Christians under the Roman empire! OMG–how can she be taken seriously????I guess her actions are very inspiring to current and aspirant criminals. Bring her on for Ted Talks at GS!!!

    No we don’t need or want more Democratic criminals in office. I know it’s hard to believe but people don’t like being abused. Well go figure!

    1. Jill, love it “dear Leader” etc. Sooo, I sent out your most excellent rant from the other day to my Hilbot friends. Silence.

      Still, the grief is still fresh – they are organizing for a 1 Million Woman March on DC on Inauguration Day to protest Trump — and no doubt, they will adorn themselves with safety pins and cluster. Actually a good thing for all the service classes – hotel maids, servers, etc. – you know, the downtrodden black and brown folk they love so much. Though my bro who works in food and bev sez overall, aside from Indians (east Asian), Liberals are the worst tippers. Maybe cause he’s a white male? =)

      Perhaps by March they can focus and actually take stock and learn from the mistakes. But in the meantime don’t expect any support for Standing Rock, etc.

      Cynical? as Sarah Palin might say “you betcha!” =)

          1. OMG The sky is falling the sky is falling…don’t know about the tribes but the others are the same group that failed to go out and vote by the millions for their candidate so I’m not to very much impressed with your scare talk … Besides one is the Rosebud Reservation in the Dakotas and the other is Omaha Nebraska and features …ha ha the Hillary voters that didn’t vote.

        1. Besides being hysterical it’s not Sioux it’s Lakota. The campaign is over and if memory serves the tribes have their own pipelines. Besides the latest on that is choosing a different route is in the works. Back behind the eight ball where you belong. Move On it’s yesterdays stale news.

          1. In these parts they are known as the Lakota Sioux. The protests of Trump and the pipeline continue and are growing.

          2. Michael Aarethun – the Sioux have several subgroups of which the Lakota are one. As a side note, the Lakota are the only Indian tribe the Corps of Discovery had problems with and warned others about. And it is the Lakota who were involved (with other tribes) in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

  6. Clinton lost, Trump did not win.  When Clinton pulled the Mark Rubio-‘I’m gonna play Trump’s dissing game.’-she left her platform of issues and relied on painting Trump as a male chauvinist, narcissistic, egotistical, megalomaniac.  She couldn’t sling sh*t as well as Trump.  No one wanted to see her sling sh*t.  If it could have been rendered down to the effects on the economy, standard of living, education, health care, etc versus Trump’s constant ranting and raving the contrast would have worked in her favor.  As it morphed into slinging sh*t on both sides, Clinton lost her credibility, what she had and where she had it, and she was easy pickings for Trump. The more outrageous he got the more she tried to paint him with his own brush.  He had been painting himself with his brush for decades. Americans had already fallen to the bio-feedback of that pulsation.  

    The Americans that would have voted for Clinton and the issues were added to Trump’s bio-feedback routine.  He kept the pulse pulsating at a constant rhythm and enough mindless idiots pulsated along with him.  The press says he recognized and addressed the real concerns of Americans.  Bullsh*t.  Trump understood the base emotion of most Americans, frustration. Frustration because you’re just a meaningless cog in the machine was morphed into all the other sh*t:  terrorists, immigrants, Muslims, ACA, etc.  Trump directed the angst of the ‘everyman’ onto Clinton and she simply stupidly slapped him back.  If she had ignored his antics and relentlessly laid out Americans real problems and her solutions, she would have won.  Trump’s sh*t was hard to see for what it was and is when it got mixed in with hers.

    As it seems to be going Trump is not the crazy that he put across. He is talking about modifying the ACA, not repealing it wholesale. He is talking about enhanced border security not a wall paid for by Mexicans.  He will probably do everything in moderation.  The country will probably not take a hit much bigger than the one Reagan laid on, not as catastrophic as the one from the three stooges, but a hit never the less.  As Reagan explained on TV after he admitted that his economic policies had failed, when Bush Sr. was losing to Clinton, “You can’t lower taxes/revenue and increase spending.”  

    Perhaps there is one little ray of hope.  If anything has ever illustrated that the two party system doesn’t work it is this.  The Republican Party is almost completely dysfunctional and has held America hostage for seven + years in it’s megalomaniac manner of garnering power. It is the haven for the idiots that cling to the past despite the facts.  The Republican Party is Treason personified. Over the past seven years they have proved that as the collective institution that would rather see nothing done unless it is going backwards. Now the Democratic Party has just followed suit.  

    Trump got in in spite of the Republican Party and Clinton lost solely because of the Democratic Party. It was the genius of her Democrat advisers/handlers that she morph into cliches. Their reasoning was that Americans are not capable of focusing on the issues but more susceptible to the emotional pulsation of the cliche. We will have to wait to find out if Americans are collectively not intelligent enough to focus on the realities of their country. This election has told us that it is the illusion still that maintains a hold on most Americans. Trump states in his book, ‘You don’t sell the building. You sell the illusion.’ This is the first rule of the huckster.  

    The US is the last country in the developed world with such a bipolar system of government. We have and continue to experience the extremes.  But, that’s what makes America Number One. Perhaps America is strong enough to kick the sh*t out of itself on an ongoing basis.

    1. Anybody but Michelle let hem eat ethanol Antoinette. Why not one of the truly bright and educated people instead of the dregs and leavings?

    2. Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. the Republicans got their faces punched in until they ran from being part of the fascist lefts one party system. They are not out of the woods nor the wood shed yet. The rest of your comment is inaccurate self serving crybaby frijoles which is Spanish for bull shit. Are you enjoying your meal? You deserve it and this isn’t over yet. There are still a lot of paybacks to settle for the last hundred years of left sing socialist fascist hypocrisy not the least of which is the war mongering, all the dead citizens who fought your socialist wars only to see you sell them out at home, the steady never ending anti civil rights racism of your party, the sexism , and the bigotry. You look in the mirror and describe what you see in yourself and blame us and think we take your seriously? Only as a continued target. No reconciliation the counter revolution continues and that includes the Rinos of the Republican Party.

      1. well sing might work since they are singing like rat eating onions or is it ‘frijoles?’

    3. But see how you just made a case for Trump’s argument that Hillary has bad judgment? What happened to ‘when they go low, we go high’? Hillary jumped right on in the mud pit. And why call Trump a huckster and con man? Isn’t this skill what gets politicians elected? The art and skill of persuasion that you call being a huckster? And all of this – every single bit of the result of this election is on Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They subverted democracy to shove Hillary down our throats. And now I read that HIllary is blaming FBI director Comey for her losing the election. Again, Hillary and the DNC own this for running a candidate under active FBI criminal investigation.

      1. And Hillary and the media wanted us all to believe that Trump was a Russian operative. And that Trump was going to start a nuclear war. And that Trump is a racist, bigot, next coming of Hitler. How do all these square up? They don’t. Hillary chose to go low because she had nothing else. Her campaign was colluding with the DNC. Her campaign was colluding with the media. Her campaign got the debate questions in advance. Her campaign chose to hob knob with wealthy donors on the west coast, in NYC and on Marthas Vineyard instead of holding rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin – as Trump chose to do. Her campaign lost this election in a collosal epic fashion. And all of it proves Trump’s assertion that Hillary has bad judgment. Clearly she does!

        1. I thinik she forgot everyone has already cast Soros in that roll and by extension Hillery herself but a comment if I may on the percentages of voting. It’s true the M2F major middle finger voters came out with extra percentages and millions voting.

          It’s also true that those pretending to be a pimple on a warriors ass or maybe a pimple on a pimple and are busy trashing their neighbor hoods are collectively the minority abut 60 plus percent to 40 minus percent not counting illegals.

          That will change between 2030 and 2050 Look at demographic projections both government and such as Pew researchers. No longer except for some East Europeans are attracting new caucasian immigrants in the record numbers seen before. black isn’t changing much but brown is and all together the percentages will undergo changes not existing today.

          Some of the East Europeans are in point of fact immigrating one more time from USA to Mexico and are neighbors to the expat community. Why? USA has started to remind them of what they grew up under and the term police state is used quite often.

          We have our own fences, policies etc. to mend and one is rescind the superseded by direct order AND by congressional action Bill of Rights and Civil Rights provisions. Until that happens the terrorists have won what they started in 9/11 and caused a new home grown variety to take their place.

          That’s what happens when ‘suspicion of’ replaced ‘probable cause’ and warrants are no longer needed.

          How many can cite the source of that statement? Or were you too watching the ball drop while you dropped the ball last Dec. 31st?

    4. issac – it seems a fair amount of independents made their decision in the last week. So we have to thank Wikileaks for their help.

  7. My ship is pulling out shortly and I’ll be losing internet access soon, so I just want to add one thing…

    If Mr. Obama wants to maximize whatever good will he has left, he should pardon Edward Snowden.

    Oh, and President Elect Trump sure has energized and engaged We the People. That’s a good thing.

  8. These people never go away. There’s a Kennedy congress
    Man in eastern Ma. A Bush just ran for president. Hilary runs for president. There’s talk of Michele running for senate. Just do us all a favor and go away. There’s plenty of good people to run for office.

  9. If the Clinton Foundation is linked to any official corruption or malfeasance, as an officer of the corporation Chelsea might be subjected to criminal and civil sanctions by the government. Of course, the possibility of a criminal prosecution never stopped the DNC from questioning the suitability of a Clinton for office.

    If the DNC continues to foster its current course, I agree it becomes increasingly more likely it will fall apart.

    At this stage, if the system wasn’t rigged to only allow two political parties, the Democratic Party would be about to face defeat at the hands of being siphoned off by another.

  10. The DNC just doesn’t get it.

    The DNC leadership is acting like the quack doctor with the bellows in Gulliver’s Travels; pumping in hot air up the backside of the democrat voter until the patient dies from a massive “blowout”. In the aftermath the DNC then inexplicably uses the same technique to revive the patent, believing that only changing the direction of the wind will revive the party.

    1. From what I have read above, it sounds like instead of a presidential run, Sanders should focus his energy on cleaning out the DNC. He’s the perfect person to start it.

  11. What struck me from that lone dissenter to Brazile’s fete, is that he believes that the election of Hillary Clinton would have ground the climate change of an entire planet to a halt. He actually believes that he will die 40 years before his time because Donald Trump is President.

    And that’s the meme now. Any Republican President, if you go through the rhetoric of the past decade, will kill you via Climate Change. This is regardless of the fact that China pumps out enough toxic pollution we can eat it with a fork to satisfy our desire for more cheap stuff and Russia treats its rivers like a toxic waste site. But, no, Hillary Clinton would not only get them all to go green, she would stop our toxic eWaste from getting shipped to India, stop our country from buying cheap stuff from polluters, and stop the oceans from rising and climate to changing. One woman can grasp control of an entire planet spinning through space, that has changed from massive Ice Ages to the more usual hot climate. When you go to Malibu, you can see the shorelines of ancient seas way high up on the cliffs. But…Hillary Clinton can stop all that. Just like Obama was going to stop the rising of the seas. Remember that? Wasn’t Obama supposed to save us all?

    Look, guys, if we cannot adapt as a species to a planet that has always changed, then we will go extinct like all the species that came before us. That’s how evolution works. A reasonable goal is to clean up our environment, reduce pollution, and develop clean, green, renewable energy. A lunatic statement is that nothing we do is going to save us and we’re all doomed. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of conserving resources or cleaning up pollution if we’re doomed anyway. This rhetoric alienates people, when we should be finding common ground. People save what they value, what they feel connected to. Alienation and superiority will never get the community, unified effort that we need to clean up our air and water.

    1. I always thought the climate change debate was a little on the bait and switch side. Like you said, when the put up electronic billboards with the picture of the sun on it in China, just because no one has seen it for so long, you might suspect there is an urgent pollution problem. Just maybe…

      1. A bit of truth. We did a search for pollution causes and found out China has not the most unfiltered coal fired electric plants but the most under continued construction, is the world’s heaviest user of petro fuels and is ahead on building nuclear power plants. They have gone capitalist based with a socialist conscience with a vengeance and well on the way to developing their own Green faction as a result. And you can’t drink the water without boiling it for a good half hour.

        As for underpaid slave labor? Everyone we saw in the massive go to work, workaday and going home crowds had a cell radio phone, many had laptops, most dressed win western clothing which they produce in abundance. All the bicycles looked fairly new at least in Shangai, Beijing and Dailen. There were a lot of automobiles and small trucks. I saw one Hummer but many Range Rovers.

        One older lady was employed sweeping the dock where our ship tied up with a long branch trimmed into a sideways sweeping broom. Our guide asked on our behalf why she used it instead of something more modern? “Old ways best. then we saw her leave on a new bicycle with an MP3 in one ear and a cell in the other.


    2. Right on KarenS – actually HRC did not oppose fracking so she certainly was not about protecting the environment. But whenever I brought that up to Hilbots they brushed it aside. HRC was all about enriching herself, her handlers and members of the elite club. Good riddance.

      1. Autumn – it is necessary for the Clintons to get Chelsea elected so the graft can continue.

        1. And possibly a belated pardon now that impeachment won’t block that move and a repayment of fines and fees and costs by executive decision? Chelsea could well prove to be the most successful conniver of the whole family if she escapes indictment into an IRS court. One thing to remember IRS Courts are not part of the federal court system a similarity they enjoy along with all the Fourth Branch operations. They are a law completely unto themselves but this time their existence depends on an not so friendly Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch.

        2. Exactly! That would be THE reason other than the fact they can’t get it though their heads this wasn’t a fluke.

      2. Thank you, Autumn. I completely forgot to mention that the Wikileaks dump showed that Hillary Clinton promoted fracking globally.

    3. There is one other little item people are forgetting. Hillary might make noises but would she lift one finger more than Trump? She was so far into bed with big oil and fracking as to be virtually on a par with him – the only difference being Trump is up front about it.

  12. Jane Sanders gets it – will the rest of the status quo Demoncrats? Methinks not. Too busy splain’, complain’, pointing fingers and NOT paying attention.

  13. And now the tone deaf Democrats, not only rallying behind Brazile, who by the way is attending a $20,000.00 admission convention this weekend in FL headlined by David Horowitz, but it’s set to nominate Chuck Shumer as Senate leader and pharma lobbyist and erstwhile “liberal” Howard Dean to chair the DNC.
    Apparently the party aspires to follow the Whigs, at which they appear on track to succeed.

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