Steep Learning Curve: DNC Staff Rally Behind Brazile As Democratic Leaders Reportedly Groom Chelsea For Congress

220px-donna_brazile_1chelsea_clinton_dnc_july_2016_croppedFor even the armchair political commentator, the results of this election were not surprising. The voters made two things clear from the outset of the election: they wanted a change from the establishment and they did not like Hillary Clinton. The Democratic leadership responded by engineering the selection of perhaps the greatest establishment figure in politics and someone with a record level of unpopularity with voters. On election day, voters followed through on every poll: they voted against Clinton and the establishment. Only the mainstream media and democratic insiders seemed bowled over by the news — shocked that the voters would reject their sage advice and lopsided coverage. Indeed, as someone who contributed to the coverage that night, I was shocked how shocked everyone was. While the odds favored Clinton, her low popularity with independent voters and high polling figures on dishonesty made the election uncertain at best. As we began to discuss years ago, the “remaking” of Clinton seemed disconnected from voters who continued to view her and the Clinton family as the personification of the establishment. It showed how entirely out of touch the core Democratic leadership (and media) has become. Now, that thick cloak of denial appears firmly in place as Democrats blame FBI Director Comey for the loss despite the fact that Hillary was declining in the polls before his late disclosure to Congress and the fact that Hillary set records on dishonesty in poll after poll. Two stories this week have brought this home. One was the rallying behind Donna Brazile by DNC staff last week with the notable exception of one man who confronted both Brazile and his colleagues. The second is the report that Democratic leaders immediately turned form Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat to start grooming Chelsea Clinton for political office. The problem it seems was that the public was not given enough Clintons. Faced with a populist uprising, the Democratic leadership seems to be offering more of the same like an actor who cannot move beyond one script and one role.

We have previously discussed the unethical actions of interim DNC chief Brazile and the conspicuous failures of the media to investigate her claims of altered emails. While CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker called Brazile’s actions “disgusting” and others have denounced her actions, the DNC has stuck with Brazile and she recently appeared before staff to given them a pep talk.

The event however did not turn out quite as planned when one staffer had had enough. According to The Huffington Post, a staffer named Zach asked “Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this? You backed a flawed candidate, and your friend [former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz] plotted through this to support your own gain and yourself.” He continued by saying “You are part of the problem. You and your friends will die of old age and I’m going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy.”

He then left — a personification for millions of independents and Democrats who abandoned the party to elect Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, the rest of the DNC rallied behind Brazile and gave breathless accounts of her inspiring leadership. A DNC staffer told HuffPost that there was “overwhelming” support for Brazile and that her words “had some staffers in tears.” That would be welcomed news for Republican strategists. It is also worth noting that, after emails showed that Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (Brazile’s predecessor) had worked to rig the primary and dealt dishonestly with Sanders, she was overwhelmingly reelected and embraced by the DNC leadership.

The second story is even more curious. Many viewed the election as the ultimate rejection of the Clinton dynasty that has controlled the Democratic party for over a decade. The Clintons put their family and its “brand” front and center in this election . . . and voters rejected it. However, within hours of the defeat, Democratic leaders were reportedly turning to Chelsea Clinton as the new flag bearer. Clinton, 36, is reportedly being groomed by the same leadership to replace Rep. Nita Lowey, 79, in representing New York’s 17th District. Of course, Chelsea does not live there but the district covers part of Westchester County, including Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua.

Chelsea was previously given a high-ranking media position with disastrous results — a move that was denounced by journalists as political connections overwhelming journalistic merit. Her role in the Clinton Foundation has come under fire. However, the greatest problem is that her resume is largely the result of her family and foundation ties.

The question is whether the Democrats are going to spin the result of this election and deny reality when, in two years, they will be facing the inverse of this election: more Democratic seats will be up for grabs and Trump could receive a super majority in Congress, including a veto-proof margin.

I am an independent and do not have a horse in this race. However, in speaking with my Democratic students, they express complete separation from the Democratic leadership and the establishment politics that it has come to represent. I come from a long-standing Democratic and liberal family in Chicago. When I was raised in that environment, the Democratic party was the populist party — the voice of the outsider and emerging constituencies. Now it is viewed as the party of insiders and establishment power brokers. There may be enough unhappy members (particularly Sanders people) to change the party, but these stories do not help with that image.

It seems to me that, if the Democrats want to resurrect their party, it will require entirely new leadership and a new vision to fit an increasing independent populace.

What do you think?

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    1. Is Reid living on another planet, delusional or just simply corrupt? Kellyanne rocked!

  1. It’s nice to discover that there are some thinking feminists out there — unlike far too many of my friends who are wearing safety pins and rocking back and forth….

    “As the media showcased Trump’s unscripted and uncensored boorish behavior, we watched women rally. They donned pantsuits. They exhorted each other towards unity in indignation (“Wake TF up! He’s disgusting. He hates disabled people! He’ll be the end of us all.”). They assembled in places like Wellesley College, desperately eager to bear witness to the piercing of the glass ceiling and usher in a new era. We watched as leading female celebrities campaigned to seize this moment in history.

    Women all over this country needed Hillary to be the redemptor. To heal us. To right the wrongs and to confer a power we have felt stripped from us.

    It’s only natural that women would look to a woman to help lead us home.

    What happens when in our desperation for the solution to be simplified, we allow ourselves to be duped… when we can’t bear to scratch beneath the surface to recognize our projections and how we participate in our own co-option?”

    Entire op ed here:

    1. Hillary was never ‘that’ woman redemptor. Someone as corrupt and sociopathic as Hillary could never lead anyone home, or heal them, let alone right the wrongs and confer power you felt has been stripped from you? I am trying to understand this viewpoint and this odd cultish following that I keep hearing from so many women, but I simply cannot understand what they see in Hillary. In my view Hillary was never a leader. She rode coattails to everything she ever did. This is not a woman to admire or blindly follow to lead you ‘home’ like she is some cult leader. She was always a wannabe.

    2. Interesting article, but I found the embedded 2 minute video clip of Julian Assange interview to be most important in shining a light of understanding on one of the larger concerns about Hillary Clinton’s state department tenure:

      ISIS is being funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. During her tenure as SoS total arms exports from the United States, in terms of the dollar value doubled. And the consequence of this is that this notorious terrorist jihadist group called ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation.

      Yes, it’s just a family charity.

      1. I have to agree with Mr. Assange this is the most significant revelation of all the Clinton emails. Sadly, it is not surprising. Truth be told, out of all the news media and independent publishers, Wikileaks has shown to be the most credible of all and the one least likely to engage in quid pro quo with governments or politicians. In fact, I would venture to say they are the most transparent, which is ironic considering they are somewhat of a rogue.

        The fact that the liberal left continues to fawn over Hillary Clinton shows just how morally bankrupt many of their followers continue to be, especially in light of overwhelming evidence the Clintons are corrupt and will sell out our national security for their own self-interests.

        I have said for years that once a politician becomes corrupted there are no redeeming qualities restoring the candidate to suitability for office. One of the reasons for this is they cannot be trusted to put the American people above themselves.

        A criticism I have of the left is when confronted by evidence proving how corrupt she is, it is often met with denial and hostility to the accuser. The Clintons are the reason I will never vote for a democrat. I cannot support a political party that turned such a blind eye to what happened in the state department prior to when John Kerry assumed office and how the party railroaded Bernie Sanders. I didn’t agree with much of Sander’s approach to various issues, but I recognized he was a viable candidate within the democratic party and he was shafted. Admittedly I lost considerable respect for him when he endorsed Hillary after all the rigging and deceptions. If he would have at the democratic convention instead of voicing his support for Hillary, he declared the democratic party’s leadership rigged the primary then walked out of the convention my perception of his honorability would be at a highest level.

        Now the democrats are simply a party of the social justice warrior agitator we see as paid protesters in various cities. Useful Idiots many of them, they think their plight is meaningful when in actuality they are being played by the same power brokers that backed Hillary. If they had any sense of independent thinking they would realize they are nothing more than pawns and tools for oligarchical elites.

        I believe people would be better served to not give politicians in general so much power–power over their lives that is. A good measure in dealing with politicians is the control the amount of damage they can do while in office. Let them play whatever game they choose, and leave ordinary people alone. The existence of a political class necessitates the populous becoming more self sufficient. The stronger we are as individuals, the less need we will have for the political class to rescue us from whatever problem we face. In other words, the more irrelevant the political class, the better equipped the citizenry is to rely on their own devices to have rewarding lives.

  2. Trump won. I don’t really believe he has an out and out mandate. I hope he doesn’t take Obamas attitude. However elections still have consequences.

  3. This election was really 51 individual elections. 50 states and DC. Some big population states(California and New York) in particular with their large Democrat numbers gave HRC the plurality. Without the electoral college smaller population states(Vermont and Wyoming) for example would be totally ignored. The candidates would just campaign in the 10 most populous states, promise them everything and give the bill to the other 40 states.

      1. Donald J. Trump


        The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.
        10:45 PM – 6 Nov 2012

        1. Wast of time.

          Those unhappy with Trump need to start thinking about how to put up a real candidate that is not part of the neoliberal elite next time. That’s not going to be easy because all anyone can think of is how to blame the other guy or in the case of the media how to ignore this entirely and do exactly the same thing all over again with Chelsea. Insanity.

  4. Blog is a Trump rally. If some foolish democrat happens to show up here they get clobbered by the mob.

    1. I, too, am concerned about Trump. I am waiting to see what he does. He has many concerning positions. He cannot actually do anything unilaterally. If he does, he needs to be impeached.

      1. Obama acted unilaterally beyond his constitutional authority. Should he have been impeached?

  5. For out of touch and delusional, Turley needs to take a hard look in his mirror. First off, it now looks like Clinton will have polled over TWO MILLION more votes than Trump. Yet we hear nothing about this disparity from a Constitutional lawyer. It looks like we will get more of the same with Trump in office. What are the implications for future elections? It looks like the GOP will appoint SCOTUS judges to overturn the SCOTUS ruling about one person, one vote in redistricting Congressional districts. Then we can look forward to having the states apportion their electoral votes according to those gerrymandered districts so that the gap will be even more grotesque than it is now. This will effectively end representative government in the USA, and make it more like the UK in the bad old days when pocket boroughs were the norm and most of the people there had NO vote in any case.

    It gets worse in Turley’s view since he ignores the outright bribes Trump has paid to get his way, yet calls Clinton out for doing what other Sec of States and W Bush have done in FAR greater measures. That is truly picking a mite out of another’s eye, while ignoring the beam in ones own. I have seen nothing at all here from Turley about the FACT that Trump illegally paid out of his non-profit trust a campaign contribution to the FL AGs election campaign and had to pay a FINE! So there is NO question about his guilt! Then we find out that the media and even worse, the NY AG did not even bother to check whether or not the Trump Foundation was even LEGALLY constituted. So Trump has an illegal non-profit foundation which he then uses as his personal piggy bank to pay outright bribes and personal portraits, while Turley complains about the hypothetical link between a REAL charitable well run legitimate foundation and Clinton’s term as Sec of State. NONE of those funds went into her or her family’s pocket. Turley expressed astonishment that his lawyers did not submit the proper documents for his foundation, yet NO comment on the ability of Trump to conduct his affairs even legally, or the fact that the mass media and the AG of NY did not check out this fraud beforehand. Of course Trump supporters thought that it was a vendetta against Trump despite the gentle treatment he got from the IRS and the AG of NY. So while there are some critical and interesting legal issues, we still have nothing but vituperation against the Democratic Party and Clinton. This blog has degenerated immensely.

    1. randyjet – if you know the Constitution, you know the votes are based on the Electoral College. It is in the damn Constitution. Hillary ran her campaign based on that premise, so did Trump. I doubt that you are going to get states in fly-over territory to give up their power so the NE and West Coast can elect the President.

    2. randyjet – I believe there are real questions as to whether the Clinton Foundation “was even LEGALLY constituted” as required by laws governing non profits. And I don’t recall reading about the NY AG’s office opening a serious investigation into the Clinton Foundation. I agree there should be scrutiny of Trump’s foundation, but not to the exclusion of a serious look into the dealings of the Clinton Foundation as well – which now stretches to Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc, well beyond its original intent and purpose when it was launched in the state of Arkansas.

    3. randyjet – did you see the accusations of the Clintons using their family nonprofit foundation funds to pay for Chelsea’s wedding? And other questions along those lines. I wouldn’t say the Clinton Foundation is above scrutiny.

  6. Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 28m28 minutes ago

    Clinton will finish with widest popular vote margin among Electoral College losers, excluding years (1824, 1876) where not all states voted.

    1. The popular vote argument is totally relevant to whether Trump has a mandate. Most voters did not sign up for what he wants to do.

  7. As the party moves heedlessly left, it’s farther out of the mainstream. Any sailor can tell you that –and that it puts you closer to the rocks.

    1. I can agree with Mark’s statement, but I am still on the fence with whether the leftward movement is merely the public face of the party yet those running the party actually have designs that might be actually right wing by definition.


      The party is fully becoming more left wing.

      I can say with certainty that in either case the part is certainly more authoritarian than it was in the past and that the public as a whole is actually moving against the leftist mentality, that is what is becoming the leftist mentality.

      The Social Justice Warrior faction of the Democrats is completely outside the realm of the average American. If the party wanted resurrect its administration and become a more convincing force in American politics it needs to return to being an advocate of the average citizen, not insulting them. (calling them racists, hicks, unsophisticated, etc) They also need to stop putting everyone against each other. And, most importantly, they need to stop being a tool of corporate America and the elites while claiming to be for the working man.

  8. Couldn’t agree more. While I have no idea whether Sanders would’ve won the election if he’d been nominated, Clinton and the DNC made a huge mistake after the primaries when they not only ignored but alienated his legion of supporters. Charity begins at home, and the Dem leadership should have made an attempt to heal the rift in the party before moving on to the national stage. It was their responsibility to make a compelling case for Clinton’s presidential bid, not the responsibility of fence sitters to vote for her because they had no other choice.

    Instead, she went into the general election with fractured support, and millions of would-be Democratic voters either voted for Trump, wrote in protest votes or stayed home. That’s on her and on party leadership, not on voters who felt disenfranchised. They need to stop making excuses and own up to it.

  9. “Grooming” is a good word. Trump has hired Hollande’s hairstylist. He is grooming Turnleydog for the DC Court of Appeals in response to his help in the election with the “intellectuals”.

      1. Anyone who fancies constitutional provisions require states issue marriage licenses to pairs of dudes is intellectually dishonest and unfit it serve in that capacity.

  10. Just saw a photo where a protester is holding a sign that says “RAPE MELANIA”. There are ads looking to hire ‘Stop Trump’ protesters asking them to show up, with signage and get paid $35 an hour! This infuriates me. Enough already. It was Hillary Clintons campaign rhetoric that painted Trump as the next coming of Hitler. The election is over, people! Hillary conceded the election. You may not like the results, but this is how it works. Your petition to have the results overturned by the electoral college will never happen. Your Hate and intolerance is on full display from the progressive/left. Where is the president? Where are words from Hillary Clinton denouncing this? Hillary and Obama want the unrest to continue right until January. This is exactly why Trump will probably be reelected in four years. The Democrats have been destroyed under Obama and the party does not know what it is doing – so they all say let the protest/riots continue!

    1. Are you accusing the Lakota Sioux of being paid? I know gay people that are scared to death that are protesting. Have you heard about Mike Pence’s gay conversion therapy? Don’t those protestors have the right to assemble?

      1. Keep in mind that Mike Pence is the VP, not the president. And Trump is more socially liberal than Hillary. Plus he’s not a partisan. He’ll focus on jobs and immigration, not social issues.

        And yes, there is a right to peaceably assemble, but there’s plenty of documentation that a lot of these are paid protesters being bussed in.

        Smashing windows, destroying property, assaulting people, spitting on people, threatening Trump’s life, calling for his assassination, burning an effigy of Trump, burning the flag, spray painting hate speech on public buildings — I would not call this peaceable assembly. And I believe it is wrong for president Obama and Hillary Clinton to remain silent on this issue.

      1. harrison – everyone has the right to protest assuming they have permits from the city, etc. However, they do not have the right to destroy property.

        1. Just curious, Paul, did we get permits from the Crown in 1775? I sure hope so, cause Americans all love regulations. With that question pending, I couldn’t agree with you more.

          1. Brooklin Bridge – personally I do not think you should have to get a parade permit to have a protest march. However, the SC disagrees with me. I know they are wrong, but maybe someday they will change. There is a chance to fill 2 liberal and 1 conservative SC posts during Trump’s first term. If he makes the right choices the SC would be conservative for the next 15 years or so.

    2. dlm27 – this is and George Soros in action. It is rent-a-mob. This showed up in the Wikileaks emails as well.

        1. harrison – is paying for the buses, etc for the protesters. They are doing the organizing. It is their money in play.

  11. I think Bush 41 and Bush 43 killed any desire in the American public for political dynasties. I know I kept saying “No more Clintons, no more Bushes,”.at the beginning of this presidential cycle. And I am definitely not interested in a Michelle Obama or a Chelsea Clinton presidential run. If I have the disasterious choices I had in this election, I will work for another Green Party candidate! I would have voted for Kaisich before I voted for Clinton after voting Yellow dog Democrat for years. I am not interested in any more elitist candidates. Give me a plan spoken, honest candidate like Bernie or I am voting 3rd party! Establishment candidates go home and stay there!

    1. Dynasties and political careerism are definitely a problem in US politics. They foster deadbeat governance. The people in charge should be public servants — “service” being the key idea.

      1. helaursam – like cutting all the heads of the hydra, I think a sound beating of Chelsea is the only thing that is going to put this to rest. The Republicans need to find and groom an excellent candidate to run against her.

  12. At the very least, political dynasties should be forestalled. Dynasties are antithetical to participation in government by ordinary citizens. Did we not rebel from kings?

    1. A lot of big words but in the end Americans went for the Tyrant. Polybius wrote 2,200 years ago that when democracy fails, the people invite in a Tyrant. But, nice peppering of $50 words: antithetical etc. Put down the thesaurus and read history. As for rebelling from kings, the US system of government is more akin to the British Royalty of the 18th Century than is the British today. Or, for that matter, that any other country. Every four years America hosts the most deplorable circus in the world to elect its King or Queen. America’s democracy is the illusion of democracy with two parties/choices-one more than a tyrant. America’s democracy is an illusion and Trump sold the illusion. Read his ‘Art of the Deal’. “You don’t sell the building. You sell the illusion.” You bought it, we all have to suffer. Apparently Palin is even being considered for a post. Darren, you can teach her vocabulary. Of all the right wing nuts on this blog you held the most promise.

      1. Many who concluded that they are living under tyranny, or about to be ruled by a tyrant, would seriously explore their options to avoid that despotic country.
        That would seem to be especially true for those holding duel citizenship.
        But maybe some of those would decide to stay put, and prefer ro endlessly bitch and moan about living under a “tyrant’s” rule.

        1. Or see if they could change things for the better, what a true patriot does. True patriots are not simply born but made. Then there are those xenophobes, the antithesis (borrowed that from Darren) of what it means to be American who have nothing more to say but, ‘my way or the highway’, ‘you’re fired’, etc. You heard all that treason these past many months and elected the tyrant anyway. Find a mirror and spend some time really thinking. Go back eight years when America could be proud of itself and compare that with today when it is again the laughing stock of the world. Then reflect on what got us to this shame, seven + years of Republican obstructionism, stalling reform and progress to ‘show’ America what a bad idea a Democratic President is. The alleged Obama exceeding his executive powers is nothing compared with the treason of the Republican Congress and Senate holding the American people hostage so that they could get their way. Even when Mitch McConnell stated flat out that the majority Republicans would oppose any and every thing coming from Obama regardless of what it was, verbatim, they get elected. What to you call voters who elect traitors to run the country? What do you call voters who elect a tyrant with no substance? Clinton may have fell short playing the game but she has the substance lacking in Trump. Or at least this is the fact that we have left to ponder. Perhaps he is some sort of genius. Perhaps he will get himself impeached for trying to steer the country in the right direction. Perhaps the fox won’t eat too many chickens. History has shown us that we are in for a recession in five to six years.

          1. Isaac…
            – People who live under an actual tyranny are generally not free to say that they are under a tyranny, or critisize the tyrant.
            Those who do speak out risk execution, or imprisonment.
            Those who falsely claim that they’re living under a tyranny are a lot freer to make that bogus claim.
            Spouting off and falsely claiming that “I’m living under tyranny and I’m working to change things” is a very low risk, non-heroic and non-consequential
            means of self aggrandizement.

          2. What makes you think Trump is the traitor? Maybe there is more to be revealed from the FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation? Why do you assume there is no substance there with Trump and so much substance with Hillary? She fell short playing the game that she has been playing her entire adult life with every advantage on her side. She made mistakes in judgement that cost her the election. Her own staff has said that her ‘instincts are less than optimal’.

            Throughout his campaign Trump made the argument that Hillary lacked the judgment, that her instincts were lacking, that she lacked the stamina. And the mistakes she made, the mistakes her staff made, and the mistakes the DNC made – all cost her the election. And it all proved that Trump was correct in his assessment of Hillary – she does not have good judgment and her instincts were way off.

          3. issac – I know the government of the United States is strange concept to you, however Congress was designed to be the check on the Executive.

            1. Exactly! it’s just the presidency people! And we have the House. We have the Senate. We have the Supreme Court. We have state governments, local governments – we got it all. Checks and balances galore. Relax. Give Trump a chance. America will survive. And probably begin to thrive and prosper again.

              1. Lee – we survived Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Surely we can survive The Donald.

          4. oh and, isaac, to answer your Q’s

            “What to you call voters who elect traitors to run the country?” A Hillary Clinton voter
            What do you call voters who elect a tyrant with no substance?” A Hillary Clinton voter
            “Clinton may have fell short playing the game” The understatement of the decade

          5. isaac – do you need a therapy dog? or some playdoh and coloring books? would any of that help? or maybe just a hug? I hear this is what they are providing for some congressional offices on Capitol Hill and at Yale and other universities. Just making sure you have all you need to cope with this loss.

      2. You’re congeitally incapable of learning anything or what? The answer is right in your own comment, “…when democracy fails,…”. Democracy failed Thanks to people like you.

        If it hadn’t, if Clinton had not used dirty pool during the primaries, supposedly a democratic process, you know, the one where the people decide instead of big money, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and Donna Brazille, and the Koch brothers and so on, the people would have had Sanders vs.Trump. You can say Sanders wouldn’t have won, or wasn’t practical, or experienced (snort – 30+ years) all you want, it still would have been the choice the people asked for, instead of the one people like you rammed down their throats.

        But even more important than that, Clinton represented everything people did not want, more of the same, more austerity for them, more obscene wealth for Clinton and her handlers on Wall Street. So there was no choice. A neoliberal and neoconservative who would continue servicing wall st and the military industrial complex vs. what you refer to as a tyrant. That is no choice at all and people, besides those who honestly wanted Trump (and have every right to) stayed home, or voted for Trump in protest or voted for something, anything other than the status quo. You simply can’t handle it..You have to blame everyone but yourself and your bankrupt, moribund, neoliberal Democrat party.

            1. :-). Never much liked her. She fits in too well with the Al Sharpton, Gwen Ifill crowd. They’ve got theirs, now they can just sell austerity to the rest of us as the “responsible” choice of experience and “getting things done.” Cat food for thee, my own one hundred foot yacht for moi.

        1. “Clinton represented everything people did not want.” Well, many people but by no means all people. Keep in mind that this election was really quite close, and that in the Rust Belt states Trump squeaked by to clinch the deal. This was NOT a 99 to 1 Trump victory. So it would be wise not to assume too much hubris about this.

      3. issac – every four years the United States involves itself in a mostly non-violent revolution. The quirks we are having now are rent-a-mob paid for by and George Soros.

        1. Paul

          Every four years America involves itself in the illusion of a non-violent revolution, the illusion of an election. There are two options, one more than a dictator. Regardless of how deluded most Americans are, this is the fastest dissolving democracy in the world. When you follow the hate inspired campaign of Trump with the threats to rampage if he lost, you are closer to Venezuela. The backlash from the Clinton supporters is nothing compared to what it would be if Trump lost. When you go to the polls to vote you are closer to Russia. Democracy in the US has been a game of hate for decades. People still hate the other guy from fifty years ago. People who deride Obama are memory challenged. They easily forget the Republican machine that ruined America, disgraced America, etc. Reagan played to the illusion and caused a recession. Bush simply screwed America in every way imaginable. Even Republican politicians won’t be seen with him. Carter wasn’t around long enough to be the cause of anything bad. The oil crisis was happening before him. He had nothing to do with Iran. Reagan was the duplicitous one who sold cocaine to buy missiles to give to Iran to get back the hostages. Read your history. Again, Bush is America’s shame. Clinton didn’t do much other than ride the tech revolution wave. However, as much as one can delude oneself Obama was the best that came along since JFK. He managed to take America out of the worst recession since the Great Depression without a war. He had absolutely nothing to do with 2008. He did everything positive against the most treasonous efforts of the Republican party that openly stated that they would obstruct regardless of whether it was good for America or not.

          Even now Trump is applauding some of ACA. He won’t build a wall but simply enhance border security. Trump is Trump and he will do some damage but probably not the damage that his rabid supporters wanted. The people who voted in Trump are the real danger.

          1. I think that the Democratic Party should adopt some of Isaac’s rhetoric.
            Especially about how “deluded most Americans are”, how Democrats are “more intelligent and more enlightened” than others, and how they are the “true patriots”.
            All they’d have to do is look at Isaac’s last few comments here, borrow a few of his lines, and describe those who don’t vote for them as “unenlightened, unintelligent, deluded, and unpatriotic”.
            A real winning strategy.

          2. issac – you evidently did not listen to the hate filled speeches of Clinton and Obama. Do you have selective hearing?

  13. I can’t imagine why Chelsea would want to have anything to do with any elected office. Maybe if she changed her name, changed her hair color, and moved somewhere else….. But even then she shouldn’t do it !

      1. Well, she’s better looking now than when she was younger. At least, we can be sure Trump will never lust after her.

  14. Regarding Chelsea not living in the district, the Clinton’s recently purchased a property adjacent to their home. Hmmmmm. A Democrat strategist said today that the democrats have not been listening to the “grassroots”, i.e., I assume, he meant their overall constituency. They are just now figuring this out?!

  15. I have been thinking about the “likeability” issue ….. One thing that seems pretty clear to me, looking at various of the video clips of her, is that down deep she is a classic introvert. Does not get energized by being around people, and this shows. And Trump is extrovert to the max. Way back when I did Myers Briggs typing, I remember learning that people automatically get attracted to extroverts. And when Hillary tried to extrovert herself, the effort was evident. This doesn’t have anything to do with academic smartness or ability to work hard, but just the kind of aura someone projects.

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