Saudi Sharia Court Orders Two Women Flogged For Over Bad Language on Social Media

125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgnicubunu_open_mouthWe have yet another example of the barbaric application of Islamic Sharia law — a medieval system that is used in many Muslim nations to impose Islamic values on citizens. The latest example comes from Saudi Arabia where two women were sentenced by a Sharia “judge” to 20 lashes after having been found guilty of using bad language over WhatsApp.

The women were jailed for 10 days and scheduled for flogging due to their use of “impermissible expressions” But the Sharia court reviewed the messages and found both women were equally at fault in using bad or objectionable language.

So the “enlightened” Islamic law now punishes potty mouth with floggings. Of course, since some Muslim clerics have concluded that global warming is the result of “immodest women” such flogging will likely continue until the reduction of global temperatures in the Paris Agreement is achieved.