Trump Supporter On Flight Yells Profanities At Passengers . . . Delta Allows Man To Take The Flight Anyway [UPDATED]

3ab98d4400000578-0-image-a-81_1480006785312Ok, what is wrong with this picture? A video taken by passenger Emma Baum shows an obnoxious man yelling support for Donald Trump on her flight and calling other passengers “Hillary bitches.” Delta proceeds to take the man off the plane but then returns the man to his seat and allows him to take the flight. Come again? A passenger yells profanities and abuses other passengers and Delta still reportedly allows him to take that flight with those passengers? Update: Delta has now banned the man from Delta flights for life.

If there was a passenger who was arguing with the man, it does not appear on the videotape. If so, that passenger should also have been removed if he or she was disruptive in the same fashion. If he was drunk, a later flight offers a wonderful opportunity to sober up. The point is that this is not about politics but rather conduct.

Here is the video:

The flight was from Atlanta to Allentown and the man had already obviously been screaming before the videotape began. The man was yelling “Donald Trump baby!” and We got some Hillary bitches on here?” while pointing at passengers. He added “Donald Trump is your President. Every god damn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

I could not care less who he supported. The fact is that he was yelling and abusing passengers but Delta still returned him to the flight. He clearly was not apologetic according to one witness who said that, upon sitting back down, the man said “This is what you get for being a patriot.”

No, this is what you get for being a utter idiot and nuisance. Indeed, his rude performance likely delighted some who want to portray all Trump supporters as part of that “basket of deplorables.” I do not blame other passengers being a tad put out in learning that someone can engage in such bizarre and disturbing fashion but still be deemed fit to fly, particularly after all of stories of people being booted over tee-shirts (and here) or tweets.

What do you think?

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  1. Regardless as to what this guy is, his behavior says that he should be removed from the plane and kept off until he can act in a civil manner.

  2. @Prairie Rose, November 25, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    “Agreed–he should have been booted.”

    “I am very curious why Delta did not boot him.”

    Maybe they forgot to wear their jackboots that day. 🙂

    Seriously, I’m surprised at the punitive indignation in JT’s post and its comments with its concomitant contempt for the 1st Amendment’s protection of speech, particularly in view of the passenger’s having been removed from the plane before being allowed to return to his seat.

    Although I personally don’t fly that much, I’ve always offered and enthusiastically supported criticism of the authoritarian behavior of US airline personnel, such as that expressed here:

    Jonathan Turley July 24, 2014
    “For those critical of the changes in air travel, it is another chilling glimpse into the increased sense of power of flight crew over passengers, particularly in removing passengers from flights.”

    It seems that special snowflakery with its demand for “safe spaces” isn’t confined to our college campuses, but is actually manifest in the general population, and even in participants on blogs ostensibly concerned with civil liberties.

  3. Anyone remember the scene from the movie “Airplane!” with the hysterical lady, and the people lined up in the planes isle with baseball bats, chains, guns?

    1. Cher Burr – reminds me of Woody Allen’s “Bananas.” Particularly the scene where he takes power. From today on, all underwear will be worn on the outside.

  4. Why do the airlines take Muslims off the plane for wearing hijabs or speaking Arabic but this guy slides? Disgusting.

  5. Delta – Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. Nuff said. Delta is one of the worst carriers IMO and I go out of my way to avoid flying with them which ain’t easy down here in Dixie. It used to be one of my favs in the 80s until management fired a lot of pilots and flight attendents and chopped their benefits – the service went downhill accordingly.

    I am with Squeek – I think this ebullient and rude young man had imbibed early. He would not have been reboarded at McCarren in Vegas – my brother has told me numerous stories of the marshalls pulling folks off planes – and not so nicely either.

  6. One wonders if the vitriol at home will be looser and more flowing now that Trump and his thugs have won. Month after unrelenting month of racism, bigotry, misogyny, and other incentives for the white thugs of this country, will filter out into the public. People are not racist by nature but they pick it up at home. And, home has been the anger and anxiety tapped by Trump for the past, ‘too long’. Sometimes the absurdity of political correctness overshadows the danger of the other extreme. People should watch what they say. That means they just might be watching what they think. And, thinking is the first step. This piece of white trash should have been arrested for inciting a riot. And, as it is on tape, convicted and punished enough to make that example known, that freedom of speech sometimes means not having to have freedom of speech shoved down your throat in a public place.

    1. issac – the man is clearly suppressing a riot. He is not making a call to action. This is not like Obama’s “They bring a knife. We bring a gun.”

    1. Point well taken. Glad to see other people stand up to the crazy lady. May we all do the same.

  7. Nick, that list of meek and mild Democrats. Is that all you could come up with?

  8. I watched the video above. He should have been removed from the plane. At 30,000 feet.

  9. If his behavior is the new norm for airline travel, I would rather take a bus. In fact I would pay double to do so.
    His behavior was outrageous
    Delta’s response in not removing him more outrageous.
    Hope he isn’t a new appointee.

    1. Ron, correct, we don’t know if the man behaving badly while on the plane is a stooge or a plant to make Trump supporters appear to be exactly the “deplorables” that the media presstitutes have worked so hard to paint them as. He fits the fake “deplorable” profile a bit too perfectly to be real, right down to the loudmouth bully with a Southern accent (for that authentic KKK “feel”) along with the “redneck” persona.

      In fact, according to the patented Adamo ironclad logic, the available indicators tell us that the individual IS a plant/stooge, and is not a genuine Trump supporter. What indicators, you say?

      Well, for starters, let’s assume that the individual was genuine, for argument’s sake. Don’t you think the mainstream media would have found out the man’s identify and investigated his background if he were really a Trump supporter? Although the mainstream media presstitutes ordinarily do no genuine investigations, for THIS particular purpose, they would have become regular Auguste Dupins. (Sorry, if you don’t know who Auguste Dupin is, you’ll have to do some research.)

      If this guy was really the dumb, loudmouth redneck that he appears to be, you can be sure he’d leave plenty of clues on his Facebook website, or have other negative things that the media presstitutes could point to that the media presstitutes would use to make all Trump supporters seem bad.

      But the media presstitutes are silent! And the only rational reason for that is that they HAVE thoroughly researched the guy and they have determined that he has ties to the DNC, and has no known connections to Trump. So, of course, if that is what they found, they are going to remain silent.

      1. I’m sure you guys feel much better now having convinced yourselves that all the incidents of hate, racism, homophobia and misogyny done in the name of Drumpf are plants, but deep inside you, you know that it isn’t true. They are real events done by the sorriest section of our society now that one of them has been elected president. That is what gave them the courage to come out of the closet.

        1. That is correct, statistically they cannot ALL be true. Also correct is “They are real events done by the sorriest section of our society now that one of them has been elected president.” Historically that would lean towards those that put ideology before principles. And for that you can thank progressives who dominate BOTH major political parties.

        2. Texas Aggie – we now know that at least some of them were faked by Hillary supporters.

  10. Trump’s voters wanted as role models for the youth of America a racist bully who brags about grabbing women by their private parts,and a former nude model as 1st lady.Little girls of America want to be 1st lady
    get buck naked for all the world to see.

    When your mindset is that putting that couple in the White House is a good thing.How far behind can the idea of let’s bully anyone that is not just like us be ?

    1. RICH – Well, we have one former President who may have impregnated his nanny 4 times while she was his slave. The Clintons have an “open marriage” as did the Kennedys and the Roosevelts. So, really where do we look for our heroes?

      1. Are you unaware of the difference between consensual sex and sexual assault? It certainly seems that way.

  11. Agreed–he should have been booted. Hopefully he did not order any alcohol. Egad.

    I am very curious why Delta did not boot him. What was their reasoning???

  12. It doesn’t matter what the other passengers were saying about Trump or Hillary. He has to control himself. If you stand up on a plane and start screaming obscenities, you get taken off and you miss that flight.

    I wondered if he was returned to his seat because his excuse was that other passengers talked politics and started insulting him. It would be no excuse for escalating it to that degree. You don’t throw gasoline on a candle flame, and you are not required to engage with each and every person who says something that offends you.

    The pilot in the earlier story had it correctly. Folks, we’re in a metal tube at 30,000 feet. Don’t talk politics so we can all arrive safely.

    I don’t know what the FAA rules are, but I would have expected him to have been put on the next flight to give him some time to cool down.

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