Suspect In Deaths Of Two Women In Kentucky Was Deported Eight Times

3b36cfdf00000578-4017688-miguel_angel_villasenor_saucedo_above_a_40_year_old_mexican_nati-m-4_14813028326593b37718e00000578-4017688-image-a-5_1481302844492As Congress and the incoming Trump Administration grapples with how to carry out Trump pledge for a crackdown on illegal immigration, a recent tragedy in Louisville has galvanized the pro-deportation forces. While most undocumented individuals lead productive lives in the United States, Miguel Angel Villasenor-Saucedo, 40, could well become the next Willy Horton for the crackdown campaign. After it was alleged that the illegal immigrant had killed two people in a hit-and-run. it was discovered that he had been deported eight times from this country. The case shows just how open our borders are when someone like this man can enter so easily after deportations.

A warrant has been issued for Villasenor-Saucedo after he reportedly struck two women who were outside of their car in the aftermath of an unrelated accident. They were standing by their car when Villasenor-Saucedo’s Chevy 1500 truck slammed into them. He then fled the scene.

Villasenor-Saucedo is a case study of illegal immigration. He was caught four times by border agents in Texas. In arrests in June and September 2011, he said that he crossed the Rio Grande near Brownsville and rafted across the river near Hidalgo. He was arrested twice in November 2012 and said that he crossed the river near Hidalgo.

3b37d40c00000578-4017688-image-a-98_14813172500313b37d41100000578-4017688-image-m-97_1481317244486Only one of the victims has been identified: Migidalia Morell-Manso, 49. Despite the two deaths, if convicted, Villasenor-Saucedo only faces up to two years in federal prison. He is also facing charges from Kentucky authorities for leaving the scene of an accident and failing to maintain insurance and an operators license. There is no word on who he was working for.

Police believe that Villasenor-Saucedo was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

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  1. I just hung up the phone w/member “isaacbasonkovich.” Isaac’s internet is down. He told me to post that he requests to offer his home for this guy to live in, and help him turn his life around. He can mow Isaac’s lawn and shovel snow in the winter.

    /sarc off

  2. Someone here in the “clinic” told me that an “anchor baby” was a baby anchor attached to the ankle of a deportee and thrown overboard three miles out to sea. That sounds a bit far fetched but what the heck, a guy like this deserves it. Is this what an “anchor baby” is?

    1. I’m another inmate in the asylum. Jack is out from the library for now. I think his name is Jacob Rubenstein but he goes by the alias here on the computer. He is a good man and I have been reading the blog for the past several days. Many of you folks would fit in well with us. here. I am getting out tomorrow. No name, no blame.

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