Florida Woman Run Over By Christmas Float

xmasparadela1940If being bitten by the donkey at a “live nativity” Christmas scene was not bad enough, consider being run over by a Christmas float (not the one shown here). That is the holiday memory from this year for Miriam Miss, 59, who stepped into the street to retrieve a free throw and was struck down by a float

Police say that the woman may have been pushed from behind and fell under the wheels of the float, which was moving no faster than two miles per hour. She was taken to a hospital.

The incident could raise obvious issues of negligence. There was apparently a walker who was tasked with looking out for people. However, the combination of free items thrown on the grounds and moving vehicles raises a foreseeable risk of collision with a float. However, the slow speed and the reportedly push from behind are obvious factors supporting the parade. The problem is that any parade has some risk and we do not want to live in a society that squeezes all risk out of events with all of the fun. There is a difference between negligently operating a balloon float in the Macy’s parade and failing to prevent a sudden accident in front of a slow moving float.

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  1. We drive our horses in parades and I hate, hate, hate, hate, when they throw free stuff like candy along the route. Kids will dash right underneath the wagon and the horses themselves, while their parents blissfully look on, taking pictures. When we get stuck behind an entry throwing stuff, some of us have to walk the entire route, and even then we’re harried by the end trying to stop suicidal shrieking kids from throwing themselves under over 2,000 pounds of horse with blinders on. We usually put as much distance as possible between us and the entry of our ire to give enough time for all the stuff to get snatched up.

    If there hadn’t been a push, this was just an accident. Don’t lean down in front of a moving vehicle or person if you don’t want to get hit. Even the slimy monster who can only crawl 2 miles an hour inexplicably gets people in the old horror movies. However, the shove may induce some liability. No matter what, it’s not the float operator’s fault. You do need some time to react and stop, and the crowd has the responsibility to stay out from under the wheels.

    However, I do feel very sorry for her, and hope she recovers. It was just one of those things.

  2. The problem is that any parade has some risk and we do not want to live in a society that squeezes all risk out of events with all of the fun.

    Hard to add anything to that. It can serve for a lot of “fun” things that have been banned over the years such as swimming in many places simply because it’s an easy way for politicians or local authorities to look like they are doing something.

  3. I think if she says she was pushed the float/parade are off the hook. If not, its 50/50 depending on the injuries.

  4. Well at least it wasn’t because of texting, but for a cheap Chinese float favor. Remember Black Friday people. Stay away from rampaging sheeple. I’m pretty sure this means future ban on favor throwing, and a sigh of relief from the sanitation dept.

  5. The parade organizers can be sued for negligent hiring and retention of the float’s drivers: Boon; Otter; and D-Day.

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