Unmarried Woman in Dubai Arrested For Giving Birth Without A Husband

0000019486190px-WLM_-_roel1943_-_KoranWe have been discussing how Dubai is trying to lure Westerners to the country while it is continuing to impose the medieval Islamic Sharia system with predictably abusive results, particularly for women.  Now, Dubai police have arrest a 30-year-old Ethiopian woman in the Al Qassimi Hospital after she gave birth to a child as an unmarried woman.  The hospital called police that  that newborn baby was illegitimate and she is an illegal maid.

Now, in fulfillment of the supposedly enlightened Islamic legal system system, the woman is jailed and the baby is being held in the prison for breast feeding.  That is so much more acceptable than having an unmarried woman with a child.

While most of us are shocked by the hospital calling in the police, the police has been critical of the hospital in reportedly saying that “They should not accept such cases of unmarried pregnant women.” So unmarried women should have babies without doctors or hospitals?  It is morally superior to deny a woman and a baby necessary medical treatment according to the Dubai police than assist an unmarried woman with a delivery.

However, all is now right with the Sharia system. According to news outlets in the Middle East, the mother and baby are in jail and the doctors have handed over the case to the public prosecutor.

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  1. Dubai has it right! We should pass a law like that in the United States, where a woman who has an illegitimate kid without the means to support the child will go straight to jail. That would end a lot of problems in black neighborhoods where the illegitimate birth rate is 72%+. They pop out the kids, and the rest of the country has to financially support the little savages. Then, support a large number of the males again, when they become adults and end up in prison.

    Before anybody says that is unfair, think about this. What happens to a black man who becomes a baby daddy, and then don’t pay his child support? When it gets to a certain amount, he is arrested and thrown in jail for non support. What happens to the black woman, who is on welfare, who had the baby? Nothing. She just gets more money. She had the option of using free birth control pills, and even abortion. Yet, nothing happens to her. Isn’t she even more guilty of non-support than the baby daddy?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Dubai has it right! We should pass a law like that in the United States, where a woman who has an illegitimate kid without the means to support the child will go straight to jail. That would end a lot of problems in black neighborhoods where the illegitimate birth rate is 72%+.

      Squeaky, about 55% of all first born children in this country are out-of-wedlock. You’re talking about jailing 1.6 million women every year. Our extant state and federal prison capacity is….1.6 million.

      1. And, if some of those 55% can’t financially support the kids they are making, are the rest of us just supposed to sit back, shut up, and pony up the money forever??? Doing that is why we have 55% of all first born children out of wedlock.

        Why not treat women the same way we treat men, and if they don’t financially support their children, then off to the hoosegow. Take the kids and give them away.

        Parents who are truly destitute go to jail over and over again for child support debt simply because they’re poor,” said Sarah Geraghty, a lawyer with the Southern Center for Human Rights, which filed a class-action lawsuit in Georgia on behalf of parents incarcerated without legal representation for failure to pay. “We see many cases in which the person is released, they’re given three months to pay a large amount of money, and then if they can’t do that they’re tossed right back in the county jail.”

        There is no national count of how many parents are incarcerated for failure to pay child support, and enforcement tactics vary from state to state, as do policies such as whether parents facing jail are given court-appointed lawyers. But in 2009, a survey in South Carolina found that one in eight inmates had been jailed for failure to pay child support. In Georgia, 3,500 parents were jailed in 2010. The Record of Hackensack, N.J., reported last year that 1,800 parents had been jailed or given ankle monitors in two New Jersey counties in 2013. (The majority of noncustodial parents nationwide are men.


        We are already locking up a lot of the non-custodial parents, sooo what is so wrong about locking up the custodial parents. too? I agree that is not going to be easy, or fun. But sitting back and doing nothing isn’t working very well either.

        Every one of these sorry-a$$ welfare moms is loading a couple hundred thousand dollar burden onto the rest of us, and then to add injury to insult, don’t even raise the kids in a good environment. They raise a new crop of little female hooligans who will do the same, and a bunch of little violent boys.

        Either lock them up, or let us, the rest of society, ABORT them in a sense. Because most abortion is just some chick saying that she doesn’t want the responsibility of the kid. Well, neither do I. I don’t want to pay to teach little Jequariarus and Lakeesha, the Quadratic Equation, or pay for their breakfast and lunch because Momma spent the food stamps on pot and booze. So let us all step away from the financial responsibility. You have the kid, then you raise the kid. Your problem, not mine.

        Or, keep doing nothing. What are we now, about $20 Trillion in debt? That day is coming anyway.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeaky, at any one time, the TANF rolls have about 4,000,000 people on them. That’s out of over 100 million mothers and children.

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  4. When their oil will dry out, I will just watch and drink a cup of tea while watching the whole place collapse.

    1. Just their proven reserves had by the UAE will last 85 years at current production levels. You’ll have to be a phenomenon of longevity if you’re to be sipping tea while the whole place collapses.

      While we’re at it, production of goods and services other than oil for export is currently running at about $27,000 per capita. About the same as in South Korea.

  5. There is a consensus among the media yakkers that it would be difficult “to vet” muslims who come into this country. Look what we did in WWII. Do you think we let many Japs in after say January 1, 1942? Close the borders– that means airports, ports, Mexican border, Canuck border. Let in those who you know hail from England or France or someplace and look to be of white, negro or other asian descent and not friggin muddle east. Jeso. Give em a piracy test. Not a literacy test.

  6. Perhaps the authorities are discounting the possibility of another Virgin Birth. ‘Tis the season for one.

  7. Those who advocate more immigration from Islamic countries, whether it be via routine Visa-seeking or through the UN refugee process, are making a de facto vote for Sharia within the borders of the United States. We only have to view the treatment of this pregnant woman to see and understand fully the standard of civilization espoused by Sharia. Furthermore, the sexual-assault of domestic workers on the part of the employer and the employer’s male family members is a time-honored tradition in the Gulf. It is rarely punished other than by paying off the unfortunate maid and sending her back to her country-of-origin in disgrace.

  8. If she was a non-Muslim maid in Dubai, the question begs to be asked, who is the father, and what was the nature of their relationship? The sexual abuse of domestics is tragically common in Dubai. It’s far safer for tourists than outsiders who go there for work. She was pregnant, and unmarried, in Dubai, and yet she remained within its borders for the birth. Why? Was she prevented from leaving for some reason? Or did she have no money or nowhere to go?

    I am also curious as to why the father is not cooling his heels in jail, or was the defenseless, third class citizen the only guilty party?

    ExpatNJ – a midwife could inform the police just the same as any hospital.

    1. There, the employers keep their workers’ passports, so leaving wasn’t an option, especially if she didn’t have enough cash to pay for the return trip.

      I am also curious as to why the father is not cooling his heels in jail

      Because they wouldn’t want to bother an honest Dubai citizen over a mere maid. I mean, they abolished slavery in 1963.

    2. Karen –

      If a midwife suspects or sees evidence the mother is a drug ab/user – or the baby shows signs – sure, she could inform the police. Good point.

      But, generally, midwives don’t draw blood and lug around High-Performance Liquid Chromatographs with them …

  9. While it is unclear if the woman and/or her baby were in distress – and, hence the hospital visit – it should be noted that in many cases, mid-wife delivery at home is safe for mother and child, and undergoing a resurgence in popularity. In many cases, it is preferable, for financial, emotional, and, especially, legal reasons.

    These days, doctors/hospitals report pregnant women or a recently-delivered baby to police, should the woman/baby test positive for nicotine, or any drug, legal or not. This is ill-advised, as many women will simply avoid doctors/hospitals for this very reason, sometimes with complications and death resulting. Some states specifically forbid the practice of midwifery to maintain this stranglehold over natural birth Rights.

    It is regrettable that there are so many busy-bodies in our world today, some using religion as an excuse for their nosiness and intrusion into otherwise peaceful people’s lives.

    Remember what movie characters Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper and FBI Agent Fox Mulder said:


  10. Turley, stay out of Dubai. Their mores are not your mores. While we’re at it, before you write pieces like this, you might just examine the divorce and illegitimacy statistics abroad in the occidental world.

  11. Worse yet, she may claim immaculate conception and start a whole new religion with child molesters at the helm….

    1. It’s amazing the degree to which Turley attracts an oecumenical collection of green slime. Pinkos, professional atheists, and people who despise blacks. He’s missing the ‘HBD’ enthusiasts (who despise Jews and blacks), the BDSholes, and the usual concern trolls. Given time and diligent effort….

  12. This is fake news. This would never happen in a Muslim country. Shirley, they got the information wrong.

  13. But, But surely Sharia is a compassionate system!:). Westerners who continue to support these theocrats should be ashamed. Anyone who things sharia is not a dangerous system or who thinks a little sharia is ok should think again particularly if you are female.

  14. I am confused. The hospital said that the woman was an “illegal maid”. In Dubai, do you need to be married in order to be a maid?

    1. The Gulf emirates and Saudi Arabia have a contextually large population of guest workers (mostly from the Indian subcontinent these days). It would appear she entered the country under false pretenses or that her work visa had expired.

  15. It may be that mother and baby are safer in prison than in her alternative environment where father/rapist might cause more mayhem than the prison hands out.

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