Unmarried Woman in Dubai Arrested For Giving Birth Without A Husband

0000019486190px-WLM_-_roel1943_-_KoranWe have been discussing how Dubai is trying to lure Westerners to the country while it is continuing to impose the medieval Islamic Sharia system with predictably abusive results, particularly for women.  Now, Dubai police have arrest a 30-year-old Ethiopian woman in the Al Qassimi Hospital after she gave birth to a child as an unmarried woman.  The hospital called police that  that newborn baby was illegitimate and she is an illegal maid.

Now, in fulfillment of the supposedly enlightened Islamic legal system system, the woman is jailed and the baby is being held in the prison for breast feeding.  That is so much more acceptable than having an unmarried woman with a child.

While most of us are shocked by the hospital calling in the police, the police has been critical of the hospital in reportedly saying that “They should not accept such cases of unmarried pregnant women.” So unmarried women should have babies without doctors or hospitals?  It is morally superior to deny a woman and a baby necessary medical treatment according to the Dubai police than assist an unmarried woman with a delivery.

However, all is now right with the Sharia system. According to news outlets in the Middle East, the mother and baby are in jail and the doctors have handed over the case to the public prosecutor.

34 thoughts on “Unmarried Woman in Dubai Arrested For Giving Birth Without A Husband”

  1. My question is this if an unmarried lady jailed whose responsibility to register the birth of baby if mother is in jail and will face possible deportation after her sentence. How will she beable to register baby herself

  2. I used to live in Dubai for more than 2 years. Once in a while, I used to hear or read about cases like this. Some people do not realize how easily they can get into trouble in Dubai. I think it is partially because of Dubai is full of contradictions. For example, in small hospitals women cannot get gynecologist appointment without providing marriage certificate. On the other, they never ask for marriage certificate in Saudi hospital.
    Sometimes people forget that they live under Sharia Law and must be very careful.

  3. A blog whose motto is res ipsa loquitur should recognize that a child born to an unmarried woman is prima facie evidence of fornication. And no less an authority that Maimonides stated that the punishment for fornication should be flagellation.
    It may be time to repeal the Torah, as well as Sharia.

  4. And the father is safely
    Out of prison free to impregnate more women, married or not. Yep, sounds a male gods plan to me.

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