More Cow Bell: Swiss Town Bars Entry Of Cow Bell Critic

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.19.08 AM 1We have previously discussed the move to drop the use of the large cow bells that is part of the Swiss identity. Now local citizens in the canton of Aargau have moved to deny a passport to Nancy Holten, 42, because of her advocacy on behalf of the Swiss cows. It turns out that citizens and towns can object to the issuance of passports in Switzerland.

black-and-white-cow-3Holten who was born in the Netherlands, but moved to Switzerland when she was eight. She is fluent in Swiss German and her children have Swiss citizenship. That would seem ample reason for a passport. However, she is also a vegan and animal rights advocate. She has worked to educate people about the harm to cows by those large cow bells She has objected that some of these bells can reach 100 decibels and is like a cow having a pneumatic drill going around their necks. They can also weigh five kilograms or over eleven pounds.

Holten tried to get a passport in 2015 and it was approved by the local officials but then rejected by 144 out of 206 residents in a vote. It is an example of tyranny of the majority. This women is being punished because she cared deeply for these animals and has exercised her free speech rights on their behalf. Rather than counter her points, these residents are trying to bar her from traveling.

Urs Treier, a spokesperson for the local government administration in the village, said that people who stand out are outspoken and “cause the community to not want such a person in their midst.” And that is horrible, right? It is wonderful that the Swiss are so involved in civic decisions but there is a line between participatory politics and majoritarian tyranny.

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  1. Another reminder of how Jimmy Fallon spoiled SNL skits by being a laughing douche.

  2. Citizenship is like a club. You have to apply to be a member, if you are not already a citizen thereof. Sooo, the other club members don’t have any rights to say who can join their club? Nonsense. I think these reasons are trivial, and if I was a member of the Swiss Club, I might vote to let her become a member. But I would have no right to impose my opinion on the other club members. And NOT being a member of the Swiss Club at all, I certainly have no right to put in my two cents worth.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Don’t forget that the Swiss refused to take Jews during WWII and traded with Germany. They are not to be trusted.

    1. Using that standard Paul you would be hard-pressed to find any nation on this planet to be trusted. Which one of them do not have skeletons in the closet? Your comment says something about human nature though. It should be trusted only to disappoint.

      1. As a matter oif fact the US State Department has from time to time routinely turned down Jews and in WWII days was heavily anti-semetic. The latest instance along with Christians, Bahai’s, Yazidis and even Kurds etc. is the preference for Islamics instead of the ones getting slaughtered by the Islamics. But what do you expect from a war monger like Kerry besides ducking out on his troops under the Navy’s curiouos three scratches your outta here rule.

          1. I do not care. I don’t believe you nor your ridiculous Kantish philsophy. Your beliefs are your problem or more correctly the problem of the ruling class of your collective. I don’t believe that you know what self government, independence, freedom, thinking and reasoning mean as evidenced by your writings. Always the party line.

            Therefore you are irrelevant and and immaterial left eventually with a Nuremberg Defense “I was only following order Mein Herr!” The perfect confession of guilt with a spurious attached request for clemency. Can’t do it. Only you can do that. Carville and the rest won’t give it to you and you won’t give it to yourself. So? Of what use are you? None. Except as a portrayal of what happens when people do not think, reason, or take individual responsibility

            The examination of the nature of DBB is not useful and note likely to be useful Ergo I don’t think of you at all. Except as a tool The answer to that is of course somewhere in Radical Reasoning or current daily mantra of the party. It is of no consequence. Is it immoral or imoral to come to that conclusion? Answer? How can one draw a moral conclusion to a nonentity

            Still we operate under a never ending examination of all the things of life and their nature. Who knows? Even in objectivism miracles do occure or more accurately. Someone will come up with a new cure or way of testing and examining .

            For the rest of you that means there might be a cure for stupidity besides death. Now it’s time to examine myself the one ‘thing’ of life and reality that needs constant attention. Michelle Antoinette was wrong to abandon Hope. That’s another name accepting defeat and agreeing to serve out your sentence. One should always hope and keep searching. Why? Because I owe it to myself.

            It will be a while as the collective has no ready made answers and only a few are allowed to change the daily rant. Most probably it will offer nothing but a rehash of that already – not offered. It’s another way recognizing those who are – like Michelle Antoinette. Probably Hopeless.

            Now Paul does not agree with me from his viewpoint as an educator. Therein lies any hope you have. But that’s his thinking and reasoning. It requires yours and that is not in evidence thus far.

            But it would be immoral not to point out that opportunity. Will you avail yourself? How? It takes independent thinking and reasoning. Not everyone is able to apply cognition or even recognition and yet everyone must do exactly that – on their own.

  4. No dissenting opinions allowed!
    Sounds like the the new mindset in the
    University Campuses.

  5. The Swiss think that their feces do not stink. When they come in to this country we should ring the cow bell. And make em wear it.

  6. Judge not by your standards in this country. It’s meaningless. Judge by the standards and in the context of that country. Then if you don’t like playing the big bad world dictator and applying the tyranny of the majority except think about what standards your are demanding. In economic terms compare Switzerland’s status as a debtor nation compared to being near 20 trillion in the hole. Then say “Whoops.”

    It may surprise you to know by percent of GDP the USA is only 36th with debt totaling about 71% of it’s GDP Swizerland is half that.

    But the moral argument is so what? Why are we sticking our nose in the affairs of a single community in another country?

  7. “Urs Treier, a spokesperson for the local government administration in the village, said that people who stand out and are outspoken and “cause the community to not want such a person in their midst.””

    I’m not understanding something, if the community does not want this person there then why would they deny her a passport to leave?

    After further review, it appears she was applying for naturalization as a Swiss citizen and it’s this naturalization that the citizens of the community objected to.

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