Report: Solar Energy Employs More People Than All Fossil Fuel Industries Combined

fixed_tilt_solar_panel_at_canterbury_municipal_building_canterbury_new_hampshire398px-BarnettShaleDrilling-9323One of the greatest concerns with the Trump Administration remains the environment.  I share those concerns.  The United States is falling behind the rest of the world in advancing green industries and markets. A return to fossil energy could not only erase gains in the environment but push our workforce farther away from the most competitive economies.  A new report shows how important solar energy is to the workforce and the economy.  The latest report from the Department of Energy shows that solar energy in the United States employs more people than traditional coal, gas and oil combined.  At the same time, we have seen other countries slash the cost of renewable energy and radically expand the use of such energy as global leaders in the new industry.  Notably, a recent poll showed that two thirds of the public oppose the return to fossil fuels for energy as opposed to alternative fuels.

According to the government report, solar energy employed 374,000 people over the year 2015-2016.  That accounted for 43 per cent of the sector’s workforce as compared to traditional fossil fuel employment of 187,117.  That is just 22 per cent of the workforce.

The proposed return to fossil fuel production occurs at a time when the net generation from coal sources has declined by 53 per cent between 2006 and September 2016 and electricity generation from natural gas increased by 33 per cent. During that same period, solar power has increased by over 5,000 per cent in the same period.

Wind power stocks have already fallen after the election.  Putting aside climate change concerns, the concern over the re-emphasis on fossil fuels could place the United States into a seriously diminished competitive position against our European allies.  That will cost jobs, exports, and economic growth.

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    1. What percentage of the national wealth would you spend immediately – after which other programs were funded – and consider sufficient? What programs would you keep but limit funding and which ones do away with entirely? Without sacrificing the needed amount for all you considered important?

      1. Nice introductionto your work place. I have three solar panels max production is 200 watts 13.4 volts at peak efficency coupled to a wind generator which produces about 250 watts at peak efficiency and feeds into four six volt 235 amph hr batteries. two to a 12 volt bank at 235 amph hours. and is sufficient for two people since they are mounted on a sailing boat.

        Assuming there are no clouds and winds. the largest power draw is a five cubic foot capacity deep freeze .and some other elecrical electronic devices. For air conditioning, electrical heat or microwave I must plug into shore power. but on shore power the batteries stay topped of and so far are six years old with no signs of wearing out.

        So I find it a very efficient way and he cost to date was about $4,000 dollars USA spread over ten years from 2000 to 2010 and since then an extra $1,000 for solar panel upgrades and additional wiring.

        So sixteen years…..and not counting cost of electricity at the dock about $30.00 a month or a dollar a day.

        the next will probably be battery renewal and I will probably go to the sealed variety still in six volt as the amp hour per each are increasing rapidly with technological advances and where I am the price is considerably less than in the home country.

        Just as a way of comparing. I’m sure I use more for lighting etc. than the average Indian citizen and what I do have is enough for two in all activities of life.

    2. Global Warming Manipulating come out, De Vos confirmed, Peralta finally to get Medal of Honor cross your fingers, Protect America plan set to advance to Supreme Court, Pelosillyni admits is not up to the job and someone put a sock in Warren’s mouth. The other one is for Shumer. It’s been a great beginning for the third week!

      1. Glad to see you’re pleased…..Just remember this: Power Corrupts..and absolute power corrupts absolutely…(to paraphrase Lord Acton)….and Republicans need to remember that what goes around, comes around–especially a party that did everything in its’ power to stymie Obama (and to President Trump’s credit, he at least acknowledged it even though he’s moving at breath neck speed to dismantle the last 8 years with his appointments of folks who don’t believe in the agencies they’re supposed to lead)………you’re also right in one other respect–there is no credible official opposition……unless you’re hanging out in California right now….cheers…..

        1. Yes what goes around comes around but next time it won’t be the Democrats they are fairly trashed and exposed. Nor will it be the Republicans nor will it be in four or eight or sixteen years. It took the Progressives posing as Democrats a full century to te to the point of openly ignoring the law of the land and it took one election to destroy them. At the same time the Republicans (as the right wing of the left) were destroyed.

          So now we have on the one side mostly moderate centrist Constitutional Republic and at the base using representative democratic principles learning to either use a new system or get smashed again. They didn’t win except for their down ballot work.

          On the other side we have the former DNC leadership moved sharply to the extremist left wing as white ID secular progressives, some Greens, some Latino Amerians now coming forward to vie for or join with Afro Americans to take over the DNC, some ash and trash and then the newly forming IDC who are speaking with the Constitutional Republic supporters

          What comes around will certainly look much different than expected if you are expecting status quo. In this case It’s the center where resides the Constitution and it’s supporters versus the left and the left still includes RINOs to DINOs on out to regressives, national socialists and international socialists. It HAD it’s own center but now is far too fragmented to claim that.

          consider all the DNC elected officials in the House and Senate belong either two the new owners of the DNC or belong to the left wing extremists. RINOS are next to non existent so the center of the left is also far to the left. many of those new DNC owners do not favor the extremists any more than we did.

          Warren got as sock in her mouth and they are gunning for Shumer which means the party with a new far left center now has no effective leadership. Pelosi just quit….So they really have nothing left to come around and offer.

          Rationalism and Logic without Reality only work if Reality is ignored and the onlly reality is the 100% for sure outcome side lost, the lottery ticket candidate won and so far having taken the time to see what the supporters wanted is the new reality. Anything else leaves you with contradictions that defeat the premise as it is incomplete.

          Reworked you will have something. I suggested objectivism until you and what’s left of the left are on sure ground – if ever.

          Brave New World but it still spins…

          1. What you note as “ignoring the law” was clearly “challenged–wasn’t it? whether it was Immigration, The Healthcare Law, Guns, The transgender regulations/etc since Congress was not going to do anything? (and before you get excited, it is not a “left” or right is a reflection of the reality of the past 8 years). Obama, though seems to have loads of fun hanging out with Richard Branson. I will also remind you that the current crowd in charge in Congress are the same crowd that said Obama will be a one-term President.

            Since you “assumed’ things about me, I will only note this for your consideration–I couldn’t care less who proposes what–as long as it works and as long as all the ordinary individuals end up being winners–anyone who wishes to work, can work..anyone who wishes to go to college, can go to college and build a life that matters. But when you have a crowd that stays silent when the President implicitly praises Putin, r\ejecfts its’ own proposals (and I remind you that the insurance mandate was a heritage foundation idea..not withstanding the “spin”), I trust you understand the scepticism–especially as I readl, for instance, that it costs 30 Mil a Month to protect Trump Tower, Eric Trump’s trip to Uruguay on Business cost 97,000 in hotel bills for the secret service–and yet there are plans to cut the EPA, withdraw from Paris (that we’ve talked about), cut section 8 housing (which is already a challenge–as homelessness is a profound challenge–AND No poverty is NOT a choice as Dr. Carson claimed..and as you have a President who has been attacking the Judiciary (as if he thinks he’s above it all–and FYI the arguments at the 9th Circuit (which I listened to in its’ entirety) should concern all who are “Principled constitutionalists”)

            Last quick point before I run off: Change for the sake of Change is no change at all–and I believe on this final point, we seem to agree


            1. Getting there. The only point I make is one must have a valid starting point. conservative/liberal or Democrat/Republican no longer work and the one party system no longer exists, and the two part system is for the most part hanging by a thread held only by the overlapping election system.

              How you discipline the left is entirely up to you after all they are used to being disciplined. As for my side which isn’t a side but the valid center we learn to build coalitions of those who are like minded on the major points and willing to discuss and come to terms on the peripherals.

              At the present and using historically accurate definitions the right – absent a few far right extremists who want NO government is partially used by the citizens, the ultimate source of power and that by virtue takinng the place of the King or Emperor as holding that position by divine power. That’s as useful as it gets as most of that group are in the center with the Constitution and the rest have a foot at the very least in that center. But what else would you expect to find in the center of a Constitutional Republic?.

              The rest is up for discussion. I should state again I do not use the terminology of the left be it PC or regressives or socialists of any kind as it’s immaterial and inaccurate propaganda and serves no useful purpose.. So if yo decide to castigate conservatives or Republicans to me that just means the right wing of the left and that suggests you are whacking your right hand for what your left hand did.

              1. Believe it or not, I am enjoying this–and it is such discourse that we should have—-I think we’re on the same page–as I am sure you agree, blaming is easy–it deflects responsibility and solutions should not matter where they came from–I hope you know as a student of history that it was how Lyndon Johnson and Everett Dirksen who worked together to get civil rights legislation passed–As you implicitly noted in your thoughts, one thing I do know–we can’t look to Washington for answers–it starts from the towns of America–that’s why I continue to have faith not withstanding the carnage of the last few weeks. I will only end with this: For me, conservatism entails retaining the best and building on it responsibly….whether that is the conservatism the current crowd in Washington ascribes to is a different question. Cheers….

                1. Find out who the two leaders of the Republican Party were back then. It took 100% of the Republican Party in Congress to vote for that bill to get it passed as most of the Democrat party voted against it. A minority yes vote from the Demos plus the entire Repos got it passed. Democrats then as now and since their inception to now have always been first the party of slavery then the Black and Jim Crow Laws the anti civil rights Clinton made a sort of half assed speech about them becoming the party of civil rights but nothing much happened, The big move was gettingthe RINO movement started for a one party system with all that bi partisan stuff. When 9/11 happened they overwhelmingly both RINO and DINO supported the Patriot Act which did two things.

                  1. Constitution suspended within 100 miles of the coast or border that’s for the Border Patrol and Coast Guard but it’s not limited by anything except distance. .

                  2. Replacement of probable cause with the phrase ‘suspicion of terrorism.’ No definition of terrorism and no definition of targets they said but never made official in writing citizens exempted.

                  3rd item they passed an Obama requested addition which added ‘ suspicion of ‘support of terrorism’ and OBama went on TV to brag about it. I watched it in disgust. 31 Dec 2015 while waiting for the fireworks and damn near puked. NOT ONE news channel reported it though 15 Senators plus some Reps. were making noise about it prior to the vote..

                  The change was embedded in the end of the year budget bill as an earmark add on. #1 above and #2 were extended and here’s the fun part. Arrest under that charges suspends all civil rights.

                  That’s Obams’s legacy he left in place and in force. Trump is aware of it.

                  They also extended the right of the DHS to extend any sentence at will with no limit. However sine their is no trial and nothing else specified the sentence can really be anything they want. No limits.

                  The Democrats supported that 100% the Rino Republicans also leaving the vote in the Senate 85 to 15.

                  One reason we went after the Reublicans as hard as we went after the Democrats but Hillary was still the main target.

                  This time it’s any RINOs left, Shumer and Pelosi and Warren who just shot her foot off. .

                  But as for the Johnson Bill Dirksen couldn’t get enough Democrats to vote for it so they made a deal with the Republicans.

                  On the side of the Democrats Wayne Morse of Oregon was the only vote against the Tonkin Gulf resolution and that allowed LBJ to go into Vietnam full force AFTER reversing a Kennedy decision before he died to pull all the advisers and so forth out.

                  And I lived through every bit of it.

                  I would really like to see that ‘suspicion of’ business which requires zero proof stipulated to exclude citizens and see the draft law repealed. It’s existence is thanks to Charles Wrangeli

                  24 years in the Infantry etc. and the damn draft is more trouble than it’s worth.

                  Their is the icing on your cake.

                  Just one of the reasons we started and carried through the counter revolution. it isn’t over yet.

                  Enjoy your evening….

                  1. I forgot this part. The source of some of this and a good one is a conversation between Turley and John Kusack turns out they were high school friends.. Kusack is the interviewee Turley the interviewer and Kusack goes into these little known civil rights violations in depth and detail. Sep of 2015 published elsewhere and then put in this blog.

                    My Interview With John Cusack on Civil Liberties and Obama …
                    Sep 3, 2012 – My Interview With John Cusack on Civil Liberties and Obama … Now, belief in human rights law and civil liberties leads one to the …

                    Cusack is a Democrat but he’s strong on civil rights and the Constitution….

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