London Teacher Posed As Sexually Abused Girl To Falsely Accuse Colleague Of Pedophilia

stream_imgSheena Boll, 35, has been found guilty of a rather bizarre crime in London.  The teacher posed as a sexual abused 14-yer-old student to implicate a colleague of pedophilia.  In her underaged persona, Boll told police that she was sexually assaulted by the teacher.  The police responded with a full investigation that led them back to the faux 14-year-old victim.

Boll reportedly made up an entire narrative of being a vulnerable 14 year old girl who was pursued by this teacher.  Police however found that the teacher had a stellar reputation in working with students.  Three months later, they confronted Boll who admitted that she made up the story and was herself a 35-year-old teacher.

Police alleged that Boll has a history of such false allegations against various people and organizations.

After confessing to a malicious communication, Boll  was sentenced to 11 weeks prison suspended for two years.  Given the seriousness of the charge and what could have happened to the teacher, some might view that as a bit light.  However, she was also sentenced to a 12 month supervision order and 200 hours community service and ordered to pay costs and compensation to her victim.

 What is most striking about this case is the extremely high likelihood that any investigation would reveal Boll’s true guilt.
If you were the sentencing judge, would you view this sentence as sufficient punishment for labeling another teacher as a statutory rapist and pedophile?

26 thoughts on “London Teacher Posed As Sexually Abused Girl To Falsely Accuse Colleague Of Pedophilia”

  1. Sounds like Borderline Personality Disorder which shares many traits of our president’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder, like pathological lying.

  2. Frightening. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I wonder what her motive was?

    11 weeks is no deterrent to this type of crime. What’s the downside for others who think this may be a grand idea? She has a history of this type of behavior. This is insufficient punishment, and it does not give law abiding citizens enough of a break from her.

    These types of accusations last forever. The taint of the accusation can gain legs, it will be on the Internet, it will be whispered among colleagues and classmates. Sure, he was found innocent after an investigation. But how do you undo the damage? How many people will shy away from him because they heard the allegation but not the proof of innocence?

    And it is chilling to consider what would have happened to this man had her terrible crime not been uncovered.

  3. The best, most suitable, and reasonable sentence is the very worst hard labor under the law, for the period equal to what her victim could have suffered, for the crimes for which she charged him.

    Any lesser sentence is an utter and complete offense to justice.

    I would offer this sleazeball this one substitution: suppose she appeared, in shackles, in high schools and colleges, and in videos, stating her exact crimes, and describing her hard labor prison sentence. For each hour she performed the above described public service, I would consider cutting her sentence by one half the total time.

  4. The sentence here is inadequate and lacks precision. This person is obviously malicious and perhaps mentally unstable. That she attempted to ruin another person’s life in this way merits punishment-for the sake of a deterrent-of at least five years in prison. That she actually believed that she could pass as a fourteen year old girl indicates mental instability. She should be taken out of circulation for at least five years firstly to represent to like minded sorts the consequence of this behavior but at the same time evaluated carefully. Her true danger to society could be hidden beneath some very weird perspectives.

    1. Exactly. She obviously has mental problems. The question is whether such folks are better off in prison, out in society, or in a mental institution. After generations of studying and research, trial and error, still no good answers.

    2. Isaak – she may have made her allegations online. I hope mental illness has been ruled out. The fact that she tried to cover her tracks at least showed that she knew it was wrong.

  5. Light sentences seem to be the order of the day how can we expect anyone anywhere be responsible for their acts?

  6. Too light of sentence for trying destroy somebody’s reputation and career.
    We can only pray the school system does not take her back.

  7. Considering the emotional damage to the victim and the waste of police resources, I think two years actual jail time is the least she should have received.

  8. What LTMG said. When your bare false witness, especially in a case like this, she deserves prison time. Same time the person she was accusing would have gotten.

  9. Absurd. I suspect the sentence would have been far more extreme were it a biological male being sentenced.

  10. A person who makes a false accusation, if found guilty, needs to receive the same sentence as if the accused was found guilty. That would certainly be a deterrent.

  11. The sentence is light but consider this: with a person such as she it is often only a matter of time before they repeat their nefarious ways. A weak punishment is often enough to embolden them to repeat their crime. I know it might seem illogical considering she is bound by suspended sentences that can be brought down upon her if she misbehaves, but eventually the state will have another opportunity to jail her. Sadly though another will become her victim in the process.

  12. the sentence is totally ridiculous.
    this is something she has a habit of doing, what amounts to a slap on the hand serves no purpose.
    she should had ti served her prison time, been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation and to take an ethics class.

  13. The punishment for false criminal reports should somewhat equal the sentence that could have applied to the innocent victim.

  14. No. She should be jailed! She not only smeared her colleague and he will no doubt be tainted forever but she has also made it likely that the police may view other claims like hers with less sympathy.

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