The Manchurian Senator? Sen. Whitehouse Suggests Sessions Could Have Been “Message Boy” For Russians

Just a day after Sen. Al Franken publicly accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of perjury, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) went public on CBS with a theory that appears to have been bothering him:  “You can imagine a set of circumstances in which the Trump campaign gave him talking points [and] he was a message boy for them.”  The purpose, Whitehouse suggested, was for Sessions to convey “Mission accomplished” after meeting with his Russian handlers. It is a curious notion that Sessions was a Manchurian senator but the Russian ambassador still met with him in the presence of staffers on the Hill or in public at the Republican National Convention.  If this is a sequel to the Manchurian Candidate, I may have to pass.

Whitehouse dismissed Sessions explanation and noted “You can imagine a set of circumstances in which the Trump campaign gave him talking points [and] he was a message boy for them . . . There was a content related to the relations between U.S.A. and Russia, favorable to Russia that would have encouraged them to support the Trump campaign. And then he returned back to the Trump campaign and said, ‘Done it, you know, mission accomplished here.'”

Notably, unlike Franken, Whitehouse (correctly) said that it was premature to accuse Sessions of perjury even though he found it “really, really hard to believe that he didn’t remember that.”  Yet, he was interested in whether Sessions was the “message boy” for Russian masters.

In fairness to Whitehouse, there is a valid basis for investigation over the Russian interference in the election.   I have objected to the level of moral outrage being expressed by politicians.  Moral outrage by politicians is something of a performance art in Washington.

The question is how Whitehouse would uncover the Manchurian Candidate if the two staffers support his account of the brief meeting in his Senate office.  There is also the truly moronic use of one of the most visible members of the Trump team as your “message boy.”

Time will tell but this sequel may need some plot work.


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  1. Another demonstration, in case we needed one, that the Democratic congressional caucus is thickly populated by people who are unserious (when they’re not vicious like upChuck Schumer). The Democratic Party is a wide conduit for kakistocracy.

    1. Or they are trying to keep a kleptocracy, Putin style, from taking hold. Time will tell.

  2. The Manchurian Candidate loved the original movie big fan of Sinatra. Obama would always come to mind. Always wondered what would happen if a group walked around the WH when he was there dressed like the Queen of Diamonds and a guy with a bull horn yelled “Barry resign”.

  3. I wonder how many Dums are sorry they brought the Russia thing up? Let see what Wiki brings up and who is involved with who, what and where? Who is/are the “leaker/s” Dums, Republicans, Obama leftovers and what is/has been their motivation? I don’t think the Dums wanted this kind of investigation or more Wiki dumps.
    Still no one and I mean no one have come up with any proof that the President connected with Russia to win the election. Every time someone is asked do you have proof the answer is always no. Were the Russians behind the hacking sure, did they make Americans reject Hilly no, who did: 8 years of Obama.

    Anybody here vote for President Trump because of the Russians, please, please tell the libs how?

  4. When you chant “Lock her Up” we know you mean Hillary.

    When it is chanted “Lock Him Up” there are many to choose from. So far, there is Flynn, Sessions and Trump.

      1. Me thinks espionage sounds good. But just like sessions did Clinton, I think the gander is good for the goose.

  5. I find all this Russia did it mongering disgusting. If Sessions did something illegal, let’s have it investigated and have him charged. It’s the context within which this Russia, Russia, Russia cries are out of control and dangerous to a civil society.

    Democrats are using unsubstantiated rumor mongering to do at least three things:

    1. They have successfully shifted the public’s attention away from understanding the implications of mass surveillance on this society by the deep state/IC. The MSM and lefty outfits have buried the wikileaks revelations of the CIA’s completely illegal surveillance by putting this story under– Russia did it! A story about the complete and utter destruction of the rule of law by the IC has simply disappeared. Knowledge that the Constitution doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. It’s quite terrifying as to their effectiveness in disappearing this knowledge or outrage from the public.

    2. For Democrats, the IC/deep state has become their savior. It is their utopia, one which is actually a dystopia. The IC may not be questioned. The IC brings only truth! The IC is creating a “progressive” surveillance police state. Go STATE Go!

    3. Let’s have that war! Democrats just can’t get enough war. 7 countries is way too few for them. Time to get those Russians! Forget about law enforcement, let’s have another war. Honestly, I have no idea why Democrats object to Trump. He’s pro war with Russia and he just increase the defense budget. The man can never make Democrats happy even when he’s doing exactly what they want!

    Thank you Democrats, the MSM and lefty media for enabling the destruction of our society. We actual leftists so deeply appreciate your service to our nation. We hope you get to send more soldiers to die, get more civilian deaths, get more of that police state which brings such wholesome goodness to every society in which it exists. We’re thrilled that you are able to keep people from actually resisting social and environmental disaster with your Russian propaganda. Fine work! Consider the coffin nailed!

    1. Well said Jill, and that is what’s scary about these egocentric “my need gave me the right, so any consequences are justified” philosophy. They honestly believe they are the base point for ethics and morality–that is why you have this idiotic trainwreck of thinking you seeing perpetually illustrated. This is how we drift into war. Who would ever thought that a nut with a gun would be the start of a half century of conflict and possibly as many as 100 million deaths (I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Democrats…).

            1. Dem-CIA coup attempt was to make him continue with aggressive foreign policy. It worked.

              1. He promised to “bomb the hell out of them”in the campaign. Another campaign promise…..

      1. I just tired to listen to wikiileaks press conference. It was interfered with all the way, finally becoming nearly unintelligible when Assange spoke about the CIA using the German consulate for spying.

        I truly resent USGinc.deepstate/IC preventing me from hearing this press conference. It is my right and anyone else’s to hear this information. Yet the beloved IC prevented my access. It’s come to this.

    2. And please blame the democrats for Trump sending more troops to Afghanistan

      1. Dems supported the CIA coup attempt. The more restrained Flynn was replaced by war lover McMaster. Trump can’t act as anti-interventionist without even more bogus accusations of acting on behalf of Russia. We’ve had virtually non-stop anti-Russian hysteria from the Dems for months and it shows no sign of abating. Dems are now way more Joe McCarthy than Joe McCarthy ever dreamed of being. The Dems are into Dr. Strangelove/Gen. Jack D. Ripper territory now.

  6. I think we have a government that has far too many unhinged, imbeciles in it. We just need to make more war, invade more countries, take health insurance away from people, and make bankers richer so they can afford another house in Aspen, Switzerland, Norway, Bali, etc.
    Sad, so sad.

    1. Paul,

      “I think we have a government that has far too many unhinged, imbeciles in it. ”

      Are you describing the present Executive Branch?

      1. Indeed the present occupant seems a bit on the unhinged side. But I am pretty sure it was the prior administration that decided bankers lining their pockets to the tune of tens or hundreds of billions of dollars did not deserve prosecution. Oh yes the “Corporation” pled guilty and paid some fines but hey, why not pay a $10 billion fine to reap $100 billion in profit?

  7. I think the Democrats are just plain desperate and throwing crap against the wall hoping something is going to stick.

        1. You are welcome Paul. If you don’t like the smell, stay away from the manure pit.

    1. Or where there is smoke there is fire. Hopefully the investigations will provide the answers.

      1. anon – sometimes where there is smoke there is just a smoke bomb.

      2. Depends on who is doing the investigating. There was plenty to nail Hillary Clinton with and they chose not to.

    1. Clinton DID engage in pay for play with foreign governments. Everyone knows it. And Clinton arranged the Uranium One deal. There is no ‘there’ there as applies to Trump campaign. Everyone knows this as well.

  8. Wouldn’t this be totally embarrassing for the Democrats if all of this happens to be about bringing Snowden to the US.

    1. Indeed. Now that the whistle blowers have been significantly responsible for Trump getting elected, it’s time to give them their reward, Republican style – up against a wall with a bullet.

      I only wish the Democrats worked for a different master and thus were any better – cause you can’t get any worse in the hypocrisy department.

  9. And don’t forget that Stalin was our ally in WWII and if not for them the Hitler family would be ruling the roost in Europe.

    1. And, before WW2 Stalin was our enemy and Hitler was admired in the US. Kennedy liked him, Lindberg liked him, Prescott Bush was his banker, etc; because he got things done, was against communism, and made Germany great again. Then after WW2, Stalin was our enemy again. There’s a lot of flexibility in ideologies.

      1. That’s the most rational thing you’ve added. Yes, aren’t they all idealogues? Look at Churchill after all the facts have come out. They’re all the same–it’s all who’s in charge of the printing press. Stay away from foreign entanglements and don’t go looking for monsters to destroy (especially when they’re pretty much all right here…).

    2. Jack Ruby – don’t forget that Stalin and Hitler signed a non-aggression pact just before they both invaded Poland. If it were not for that, the Germans would not conquered Europe. We can thank Stalin for that. Hitler then invaded Russia, Stalin went into shock for a couple of days while German troops rolled through Russia. We have a lot to thank Stalin for.

      1. Man, it was more than a couple of days wasn’t it Paul? If I remember correctly, he had a full, piss-your-pants breakdown. Then he started shooting everyone…

        1. slohrss29 – that is the theory. Reality is vague. He was certainly out of contact with his generals for several days. 😉

            1. slohrss29 – granted the Soviets are not the bureaucratic obsessives the Germans are, but they did do some good record keeping.

  10. The McCarthy ear is coming back. You cannot talk to a Russian whether he is a Communist or not. And what you hear goes in one ear and out the other.

      1. Clinton was demonstrably guilty, had gone out of her way to commit discrete crimes to evade FOIA requirements, and lied repeatedly about what she’d done.

        No one can even define what the offense is in the case of the Russian ‘hacking’.

  11. If you don’t like the message sent, quit acting like you are guilty.

  12. Seems to be the only rational explanation of Sessions visit with the Russians. A Prosecutor can have the Court can infer intent with actions.

    I think it’s time for Sessions to come clean.

    1. “Seems to be the only rational explanation of Sessions visit with the Russians.”

      It all depends on what you are trying to rationalize. The problem is the Left started with a conclusion and they are desperately seeking anything to rationalize it. If you started with the evidence, and with an open mind eliminated the possible explanations, then you would be hard-pressed to find any there, there.

      What the Left still fails to understand is there are many, many people that will never simply trust government ever again. We have Trump as President and we are scrutinizing his every move just like the Left does, but we are measuring what he does through a different lens, a different worldview. We aren’t interested in agendas, we are interested in the rule of law and the separation of powers. We want to secure rights for all equally. We want fiscal responsibility, government limited by the constitution, national security, state’s rights, unity, and many other things that once defined what the American Idea was.

      But go ahead, keep investigating. But please try to find rational explanations for ALL the other politicians that have denied meeting with the Russians as well. You will very likely find out there is no there, there either.

  13. Wow–I guess he’ll ignore the last dump. Looks more and more like our supposed adversaries hacking us area actually just the CIA going about their daily operations. I guess this is what grasping at straws looks like in the Democratic party these days. Probably good enough for McCain and Graham to get on board though!

      1. You still don’t get it, do you? Exactly, this is a Bush guy–also a Clinton guy, a career duopololist. They stuck him out there to do damage control. Stay in your echo chamber.

        1. Bush guys are not in my echo chamber. Are Roger Stone and Steve Bannon in yours?

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