Hampshire College Student Allegedly Assaults Basketball Players For Wearing Braids As A Form Of Cultural Appropriation

Hampshire-college-logoWe have seen rising violence and intolerance on our colleges and universities as some students seek to prevent speakers and claim an ever-widening array of “microaggressions”  and cultural appropriations.  The latest occurred during a basketball game where a player was attacked due to wearing braids that 20-year-old Hispanic student, Carmen Figueroa, claimed to be cultural misappropriation.

Figueroa pleaded not guilty to charged of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct.  She was arrested after the attack at Hampshire College’s Robert Crown Center on January 27. Figueroa allegedly told the players at the Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team and told them to remove braids from their hair as“cultural appropriation.” When the players refused, police say that Figueroa assaulted one of the students.  She was allegedly assisted by another Hampshire College student, who pulled the hair of one of the players.  Figueroa is accused of stepping on the student who fell to the ground and further injuring her.  She is quoted as screaming racial slurs and abuse and trying to punch the players.

This incident followed an incident at Pitzer College where white female students to warned to take off big hoop earrings as cultural appropriation.  Two Latina students were responsible for the warnings.

We also discussed earlier how a students at Oberlin declared the serving of sushi as cultural appropriation while  a white student was assaulted at San Francisco State University for wearing dreadlocks by an African American student.

The belief that students can demand changes in the clothing of other students is a predictable extension of the growing levels of speech restrictions on our campuses.  After if you can determine what students or speakers cannot say, why not dictate what they cannot wear?



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  1. There are at any time an irreducible minority of unstable people who talk crazy and do strange things. Social institutions and practice can act to contain them or encourage them. What higher education has done is engage in ludicrous intellectualizing to persuade labile and histrionic people that their craziness is in pursuit of justice. Another gift to all of us from contemporary academe.

  2. I wouldn’t hyperventilate over this. If the goal is to reduce or eliminate racist behavior and attitudes, charging cultural appropriation as an offense seems misdirected and ineffectual at best. But learning to stand up for yourself and your race is part of growing up including a little pushing and shoving. One’s choices won’t always be the right ones and the hope is one learns from their mistakes.

    Acts of real violence are another matter and the distinguishing line of reason (not fear or intimidation) is what school authorities are supposed to establish as part of their jobs.

    1. I agree. People are animals. They seek ways to divide and dominate. Racial and ethnic relations will never be perfect, but today the weak-minded are easily manipulated to think they are being continually threatened for what they are–and this seems to be left’s sole contribution and strategy to maintain power these days. Look at all the left MSM coverage of the pipeline fiasco… (crickets…). The horrible decay of the inner cities–places where Democrats have been in control for generations. Forget your decaying economic opportunities, just get outraged about what matters least in the end, what you look like and where you come from. It’s an effective, easy, and self-perpetuating distraction that serves its masters very well. Oh, along with, “ahhhhhhh, we hate that guy…”

      1. I agree. People are animals. They seek ways to divide and dominate.

        People are ‘animals’ in the sense that they’re not plants. Some of them seek to dominate, and some do not.

  3. The ultimate response to cultural appropriation is “Stop using English!!!! It is cultural appropriation!!!!”

  4. Isn’t having to recognize cultural authenticity of origin actually racist?
    You know,” How dare you wear your hair the way only people of my race may do?”
    Doesn’t that imply that there are stereotypes attached to that race?
    Man I’m confused.

  5. Every college student should carry a handgun. Shoot the dumb broad and tell her parents to go back to where ever they came from. Three generations of idiots are enough. Buck v. Bell. And that is not Southwestern Bell.

    1. Quite observant. The same phenomenon occurs when banks have no regulation by police, and investment firms and lending institutions have no regulations by the government. Gangs of thugs take over the whole establishment and loot bare the savings of hard working Americans. Very honest of you to admit this phenomenon is predominantly right wing.

      I don’t agree, such sweeping categorizations smack of rank ignorance and worse, even pride of one’s ignorance, but still, as a great teacher once said, If you don’t wear your ignorance on your sleeve so it’s pathetically visible to all, it will take you much longer to do anything about it.

      1. BB, I wouldn’t say this problem is predominantly right wing. We know that banks control the left wing as well. HRC made that clear in the last election. We never hear anymore about economic opportunity. We don’t hear them come forth about single payer healthcare… the only thing they have is that the don’t like Trump and stand for social justice. Designing your platform around social justice keeps wall street off the hook. When the Democrats offer up any kind of platform of ANYTHING (other than, “we aren’t THAT guy…”), then I’ll be glad to revisit my argument. Really glad to…

        1. Single payer has been introduced in California. Anything worthwhile will be passed by leftists at the state level where it could conceivably have a chance.

          1. You miscalculate the left’s money masters. Unless the big pharm and bank make it, it won’t happen. Look at the Ryan bill for minute. That’s where it’s going. Isn’t it just easier for you lefty guys to keep saying Trump is evil and under the powers of the “force” as projected by Putin, than to try to switch to rational debate on… ISSUES????

        2. What I meant in the second paragraph by, “I don’t agree”, was that I don’t think the Right has any monopoly on looting. I should have been more specific.

          1. What I’m saying is that these absurd categorical claims about Right wingers are just as ignorant as equally categorical and baseless claims about the Left.

      2. . Gangs of thugs take over the whole establishment and loot bare the savings of hard working Americans.

        The only institution for which that’s a description would be Bernard Madoff’s investment service. There were certainly incidents at MF Global which included looting. Neither Bernard Madoff nor Jon Corzine ever had anything to do with starboard politics (quite the contrary in Corzine’s case).

        1. BS as usual, even your weak nautical analogy. There was huge looting enabled by the repeal of Glass-Steagal under Clinton. That’s why current admin is trying to take out the clause about financial institutions being required to invest/manage funds for the benefit of the client from the Dodd Frank bill. Shameless.

          Up through 2007, and beyond, Homeowners alone were robbed of over a trillion dollars in the value of their properties.

          I would agree if you were to state that the looting is irrespective of political affiliation. It’s doubtful, however, you are even capable of such an observation. Some memory, some vocab, but little cpu beyond fear and intimidation.

          1. Up through 2007, and beyond, Homeowners alone were robbed of over a trillion dollars in the value of their properties.

            Assets values go up and down. Sometimes it’s in your interest, sometimes it isn’t. Nobody’s stealing from you. Some people ended up in the lurch because they borrowed money to buy the asset under mistaken premises.

            There was huge looting enabled by the repeal of Glass-Steagal under Clinton. That’s why current admin is trying to take out the clause about financial institutions being required to invest/manage funds for the benefit of the client from the Dodd Frank bill. Shameless.

            Glass-Steagall separated investment and commercial banking. Universal banking may be an imprudent policy because it conjoins enterprises which provoke divergent expectations from customers and conjoins institutions which should have distinct corporate cultures. It’s not injurious to depositors per se and it’s quite unremarkable in some foreign countries (e.g. Canada). Dodd-Frank did not separate investment banking from commercial banking at all and it incorporated provisions which gave troublesome discretionary power to regulators. As a practical matter, the one distressed financial institution of note which was a universal bank was Citigroup. Merrill-Lynch, Lehman and Bear, Stearns were all multiform securities firms. AIG was an insurance company that ruined itself in the OTC derivatives market. WaMu was an unadorned (but quite large) deposits-and-loans savings bank. Wachovia was a commercial bank with a brokerage appended (IIRC its brokerage subsidiary did not engage in proprietary trading). As for Citigroup, it had a mix of problems of which it’s trading book was just one. It also had a mess of sour loans and about 2/3 of its deposits were domiciled abroad. Separating commercial banking from investment banking would not have addressed these latter problems.

  6. I think that the Jap students should be required to wear hoola hoops and the black ones required to wear jungle outfits and the white ones required to wear slave owner outfits and the American Indians be required to wear head dresses etc. Anyone who changes or cr crosses over the line should have to go to a state school.

  7. In university I frequently wore kurta tunics/dresses. The students from India were flattered that I chose this style of dress. I attended a big 10 university and East Indian students I didn’t know would come up to me beaming with pride over my dress. As I’m blond with light skin, it’s not apparent that I’m part Eastern Indian. I decided not to tell them.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  8. When Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was asked by his disciples, “what will be the signs of the end of the age?”
    One of the things He talked about was Offense…..
    Matthew 24:10
    And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

  9. It’s getting to the point where claiming cultural misappropriation.is becoming cultural misappropriation….

    White people are only doing their job of giving people the blues. (a.k.a. f-ing with people)
    No need to take anything to court either, only white people can be litigious.

  10. Everyone would be better served if students such as this concentrated on their studies instead of squandering future opportunities on ridiculous and criminal pursuits such as this.

    Individuals such as this young man are becoming so under the influence of politicians and rhetoricians that incarceration becomes a possibility in their lives, and what actually is a certainty is that their puppeteers will offer them no assistance: since they are just another “useful idiot” to carry their politics.

    Does this man deserve respect? I say no. It is not only because of his resort to senseless violence but also that he seems incapable of independent thought.

  11. Can Carmen Figueroa be expatriated to back to whatever country she claims to identify with? Seriously, this bs is becoming intolerable! STFU or go “home” (if they will even claim you claim you!)

  12. There are idiots everywhere. Check out the White House. DDT and his mob are what we should be worrying about. DDT is mentally unbalanced and he is the President. These kids are just exhibiting growing pains and they are in their playpens, school.

    1. Now you heard the same old tired programming from the left wing fascist collectives. Nothing here but the proof of the original statement at the top of rampant stupidity.

    2. If President Trump is unbalanced, I like many here would like to know how we should label you with your obsession with President Trump. If the topic was Issac’s grandmothers paisley shawl you somehow would bring up President Trump. Are there any psycho analyst in the group who would like to jump in?

      1. Great Zambini and all who obsess with these childish aberrations and those, like myself, who follow the greatest travesty in the world today, the greatest entertainment for all.

        A bunch of kids express their importance, and at the same time impotence, upon breaking through the shell and all of a sudden what has been happening since the beginning of universities, at least a thousand years, attracts the moths to this flame. However, when the President of the US is a lying, megalomaniac, who is too inept for the job or to properly cover his tracks, and one focuses on this, it’s obsession. You all need to sort out your obsessions.

        Those who defend this piece of sh*t and his gang of tu*ds must pay closer attention to these smelly objects. No good is coming from this sewer and no good is in sight. There is a lot of chest thumping in the mob, however.

  13. Two two-word phrases may help: “F*%# Off” and “Concealed Carry.” An acronym might also help in the specific cases: “ICE.”

  14. The Norseman were wearing braids before America was even thought of! This cultural appropriation BS, yes BS, is divisive and ignorant. When it is just words it’s stupid but when it is attached to violence it’s a crime!

  15. This is pathetic and, worse, violent. These people appear to be out of control. They will need to find very small narrow limited communities where all people are just like them and no one says or does anything they don’t like. Good Luck.

    1. Toss ’em in jail, expel them from school, and fire them from any job they hold. With sanctions, most will begin to think better of this. A few will double down.

    1. No,
      Injecting partisan political crap into this type of blatant racial stupidity is why we have endless partisan political crap, and only furthers the causes of racial stupidity.

      This was a racist incident pure and simple – the concept of being endlessly offended by unintentional “microagressions” makes almost impossible the fight of those people actually seeking racial justice and true racial equality – and that would amount to an equality of opportunity NOT an equality of result. Nobody should want or need for the deck to be stacked in their favor, but neither should the game be dealt so that they never see a winning hand, no matter how skillfully they play the hand they are dealt.

      Aggression – virtually by definition, must be a conscious and willful action by one person, people, or entity upon another person, people, or entity, regardless of its size or whatever descriptive term you choose call it (micro, mini, maxi, macro, mega, tele or even cyber-aggression). Aggression can not be unintentional, and if it was unitintentionaj – then it was not an aggressive act and should not be perceived as such.

      1. ” and only furthers the causes of racial stupidity”

        Isn’t that the point? Try that in a school in Mexico and watch your face get pounded …by the woment themselves.. All you Gringas like Figueroa are supposed to do is come south for spring break get drunk and get pregnant.

      1. The smart money is on the proposition that had BO been the dean of students, this youngster would still be in good standing.

          1. Where did Obama work ‘ere going into politics? That’s right, higher education. He only practiced for about three years. At the University of Chicago, he’s notable for never having published one scholarly paper (in twelve years of drawing a salary). He also did not teach foundational courses in law. He’s a fine candidate for being shunted off into academic administration.

            1. “ere going into politics”?!? what century is this? Anyway, I doubt seriously Obama will be taking a job at Hampshire College, wherever the hell that is.

        1. the smart money never bets on contrary to fact conditions. At any rate, as far as I can tell this student remains in good standing in any case; nothing in Turley’s reporting indicates that she’s been expelled or suspended. Hopefully, she will be.

  16. top link doesn’t seem to work

    but I get it, and if I had the money for a good, really good lawyer, I would sue for the amount of hate speech and bullying I’m subjected to everyday. Since I don’t have that luxury I’m hoping to find a community I can move to where I will be accepted and no longer bullied.

    1. The news is not good. Insofar as univeristy/college level is concerned there are only TWO in the nation that would fit your requirement. The rest are all suffering from the disease of not enough education to much collective programming. As far as Figueroa is concerned you should have paid attention in history.
      Women have been doing braids all over the planet for three and a half millenniums or longer that I’m aware of and can point to proofs. Statues paintings etc. Nothing special about you cupcake.

      1. “Women have been doing braids all over the planet for three and a half millenniums or longer that I’m aware of and can point to proofs. Statues paintings etc. ”

        i know there are some here who seriously criticize Wiki but their article on braids reports that the earliest depiction of braids may go back 30,000 years and mention the Venus of Willendorf.

        It seems to me the most reasonable belief is that braiding and weaving were independently invented numerous times in many different cultures.

        1. ”…reports that the earliest depiction of braids may go back 30,000 years and mention the Venus of Willendorf.”

          I am unsure it is possible for information such as that to penetrate the black, brown, non-white world, the ones who believe they are the nexus of all that is or ever was…. That they and their cellular memory pre-date anything and everything and that no one has ever done anything but mimic them. They will have to go into the various ethnic studies departments thru out academia… in essence they are in hiding but they won’t really know that..

          I did laugh a few months ago when, in the wake of some earlier event of accusations of “cultural appropriation”, reading commentary somewhere: so can the rest of us charge that when Michelle wears a metallic Versace gown and straightens her hair?

          It has gotten insane.

      2. Aarethun — The news IS good; she was charged with assault. Much more of this, please. As to whether Figueroa should have paid better attention in history is debatable. A history course that has anything to say about who’s been wearing braids and for how long is not worth anyone’s time.

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