Couple Arrested After Filming Their Laughing As They Killed PTSD Service Dog

imgresThere is a truly horrific crime in North Carolina.  Former Spc. Marinna Rollins, 23, and Spc. Jarren Heng, 25, were charged this week with shooting Rollins’ PTSD service dog on videotape as they laughed.  After tying Rollins’ therapy animal (a pit bull named Cam), the two giggle and laugh as Rollins shoot Cam five times.

Rollins adopted Cam or Cami in 2016 from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter to work as her therapy.

On the video, Heng asks for the pleasure of shooting Cam.  They film the shooting and the burial as they record what a great time they are having.


170426145014-service-dog-killed-by-owner-exlarge-169In April, Rollins began posting on Facebook for a new home for Cam. She reportedly felt the dog was too expensive.  One of her friends saw the videotape and posted it.

Rollins is a former multimedia illustrator who left the Army last January.  Heng is assigned to a unit within Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg.  Heng was due to be sent to Korea and Rollins had the dog certified as an emotional support animal for post-traumatic stress.

They are both charged with cruelty to animals and conspiracy. Bail was set at $25,000.

What do you think the appropriate sentence should be if they are found guilty, which seems quite likely given the videotape.



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  1. In reading some of the comments, here, I’m reminded of the saying that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

  2. Vet found, dead in her apartment, Sunday 5/7.

    Our vets do not get the medical attention they need.

    1. I was coming here to post, then saw your comment.

      “Our vets do not get the medical attention they need.” — CCD

      You’re absolutely right.

  3. Oh, was the loyal dog who would worship the ground she walks on too expensive then? You know what else is expensive? Kids. Anyone who would kill an animal for pleasure makes me shudder to think of them as a parent one day.

    So what did the dog do that precipitated her killing it, laughing the whole time at the hilarity? Peed on her carpet? Ate her shoes? Dog food cost too much? What warrants gleefully killing a pet?

    Sometimes people really disappoint me. It breaks my heart to see the photo of that beautiful little pitty, knowing it was betrayed. And it’s especially heinous because Rollins had her certified as a therapy dog. There are rescues and as a last case resort there’s the pound. But, clearly, these people are deeply disturbed if they not only killed the dog, but laughed while they did it.

    Quite often, the law does not give much recourse for the killing of pets. I’ve seen a horrific case of equine abuse, with multiple animals involved, and the woman got 3 months with 10 years probation where she was prohibited from owning pets. Not much of a sentence for what she did.

    1. You know what else they should do? Re-evaluate her diagnosis of PTSD. Such a dishonorable person may have been abusing the system, as well. It is highly unlikely that someone suffering from PTSD would shoot their own therapy dog, while laughing.

      And then they could explore a dishonorable discharge.

  4. She is very sick for sure. No one would harm either of my dogs unless they went thru me first. Dogs are such intelligent creatures. I hope the rest of your life is miserable, just because

  5. The military used to transform the recruits from their civilian culture and the many identities that they represented into one that they would have a common identity. Today, the same problems infecting our civilian culture have been allowed into our military. It’s always been said what goes on in the military is a reflection on society in general, just on a much smaller scale. More like the tip of an iceberg. If we should be demanding better from our military, then improve the culture they come from.

  6. Actually the military (Army) has little to do with the situation. I believe that that we should have the draft again, until the military has been restored to it’s former strength (Including all the installations that have been deactivated and sold)… I think that better testing and fitness needs too be in place for recruits. The idea that we accept anyone who wants to join is brought on by liberal politics and political correctness. Respect for country, authority, and neighbor along with some tough discipline training, moral values, and restrictions on who can join, or be drafted, and keep political ideologies out of the military. stop the military training of political correctness and instead train our troops in honor. In the 60s it became the in thing to spit on our troops, (Kerry-Fonda) hate military liberal movement, and the great Nixon blanket pardon of traitors, (McCain and others)… set the “character” bar higher, and let the military be the military and allow them to do what ever is necessary to protect and defend the United States.

  7. Will the Army give up a highly trained soldier? I recently read an article where the Army Deployed a reserve soldier that was arrested with multiple felonies. Will try to dig it up

    1. The Reserve and National Guard (being the major manpower) Force should have regulations ,they once did, that would have given this individual a undesirable discharge. Regardless, “highly trained” should include character training … if a poor understanding or moral value, common respect, and patriotism is not present in the basic training of the soldier then it makes little difference who becomes the highly trained and fine-tuned robotic soldier and felons just may be the best raw material resource for a politically led military.

  8. With ☠️death☠️ 💬
    Their suffering ends.

    With “Night & Fog” 💬
    Suffering does not end.

    If sent to a challenging environment , they will be so busy surviving , that they will have no time to even think of animal cruelty.

  9. What kind of low life would shoot her own dog???? It’s mind boggling…. and these two deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the law! Sickening and Disgusting people.

    1. Those who treat animals this way often find their way to post offices —- to the bulletin board where they show the serial killers.

  10. This is the result of an all-volunteer, no-draft military and because of it, the various services are forced to continually lower their standards for admission into them. All body tats? Piercings? Sociopathy? Uncle Sam wants you!

    1. Well said. A return to the draft might also end the conduct of those at the universities. It’s time once again that all Americans put some skin in the game instead of seeing what they can get from the game.
      As for these two treat them according to the law.

      1. The Great Zambini – if there is a draft, I want one with no college deferment. It has to be universal, men and women, and starting tomorrow would not be soon enough.

      2. You must not be old enough to remember Vietnam? Kent State, Bill Ayers, SDS, etc. That was when the draft was going full force. Those who volunteer have skin in the game. Those who are forced have a different view.

    2. Eh, in my day you didn’t need a diploma to enlist and a lot of people did so as a diversion program to stay out of jail. Standards have gone up for enlistment.

    3. Do you honestly think men and women like these two are representative of the military services? What an insult you have made to the military and the men and women who have volunteered to serve? When we went to an all-voluntary military over 40 years ago, there were “experts” who predicted doom and gloom. The intelligence level and educational level of the military would go down. The number of Blacks and Hispanics would grow dramatically Afterall, who but the have-nots would volunteer for the military? That has no been the case. The IB level and the graduation percentages far out-distance the hopes of those who were for the AVF. The number of Blacks aho nd Hispanics has been below their percent of the population.

      Now, dear Mr. Obama, no supporter of the military, did not help things with his moral destroying antics. He hamstrung the military. He had academic whipper-snappers in the White House reviewing military actions. A seasoned general was not seen fit to make these decisions. The enemy was told what we were going to do and when. Not only did he reduce our forces at the fronts, he reduced our military. Men at the front received pink slips. (Unbelievable!) Obama’s interaction with the military is a textbook on how NOT to treat people. His actions do not make it easy to keep a volunteer force.

      As to tattoos, body piercings, etc. All the military services have strict dress codes. They have all been updated to be STRICTER than before. There are a limited number of situations which have been grandfathered.

      1. Do I think so? Given all the horrors our valiant troops have inflicted from Libya to Syria, to Yemen, to Iraq, to Afghanistan and back to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, damn straight I think so.

        1. Forgot to mention–I served in the Army for 7 years, and am well acquainted with how many psychopaths there are in uniform.

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