“I Wish They Didn’t Let You In The Country”: Video Shows Woman Allegedly Abusing Muslim In Store Line

There is a disturbing video just posted on an encounter of a Muslim woman with another woman at the Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia — not far from my home.  On the video below, the rude woman allegedly tells the Muslim “I wish they didn’t let you in the country” during their encounter on Saturday.  The Muslim woman is a friend of comedian Jeremy McLellan and he shared the videotape.  He said that his friend was wearing a hijab identifying her as a Muslim.  Since the woman is clearly shown, the question is whether the woman has a case if she is falsely depicted.  Conversely, we have previously discussed whether people should be disciplined by employers for conduct or statements in their private lives.

It is sad to think that such an encounter would occur today but clearly it does.  Ironically, the Muslim woman had allowed the abusive woman to cut the line.  When she informs the woman that she is from this country, the rude woman responds with “Obama’s not in office anymore.  You don’t have a Muslim in there anymore.”

What is interesting legally is how the rude woman will respond. She is clearly shown on the videotape, which has not been authenticated in any legal sense. If the videotape is falsified, she could obviously sue for false light, defamation and other claims.  It is incredibly sad to think that Muslims have to put up with such prejudices and insults in this country.  I would not have remained silent if I had heard such offensive remarks in front of me in line.  In the video, the woman insists that she is entirely “normal.”  I am happily confident that that is not true, but that does not mean that this type of abuse is uncommon.

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      1. I have dressed like that before, but I’ve never treated anyone like trailer trash just because they’re Muslim. Hence, the likeness befit Girl Reporter.

  1. People are rude and crude and sometimes not just having a good day , please stop making it about Muslims , at least she is not decapitating her . If you want to see what discrimination and normal means , just go to a Muslim country , and keep in mind that you have not flown planes in their buildings, and cut in line in front of them and then come back and tell me what’s normal .
    Give me a break ! That’s what I think .

    1. Agreed. These people are all ready to faint and clutching their pearls because someone said, “I wish they hadn’t let you into this country.” Jeez, grow a pair already. If you can’t handle school yard style insults, no wonder the enemies of democracy will take over your country and spit in your faces.

  2. This is a whole lot of nothing.

    There are rude, crazy, and abusive people everywhere. Get over it.

    Who said that all white men should go extinct? Who said white people should kill themselves? I know, whataboutry is not an argument. Yet selective outrage lessens my outrage.

    In the arena of group politics, the individual loses value. Individualism kills bigotry. (See Martin Luther King, Jr.) We allowed and some even promoted group identity and politics pushed by race baiters and politicians. Intellectually dishonest people are going to pushback with prejudice.

    That being said, if this woman was in my employee, I’m sure there would be other reasons to dismiss her. This ugly pathology probably can’t be contained.

    1. Dr. King was never a particular advocate of individualism. He died before certain things were a matter of controversy in this country, but there’s no great reason to think he’d have been at odds with what was the consensus among black politicians after 1971. The one person in his camarilla who was a critic of AA in subsequent years was Bayard Rustin, From 1964 until his retirement, Mr. Rustin worked on the research staff of the AFL-CIO and had no influence among black elected officials and organizational chieftains. I think Ralph David Abernathy may have been dubious about AA; nobody paid him any mind after he departed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1977.

  3. Peasant women used to wear head scarfs outdoors. This is all just foolish…

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