“I Wish They Didn’t Let You In The Country”: Video Shows Woman Allegedly Abusing Muslim In Store Line

There is a disturbing video just posted on an encounter of a Muslim woman with another woman at the Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia — not far from my home.  On the video below, the rude woman allegedly tells the Muslim “I wish they didn’t let you in the country” during their encounter on Saturday.  The Muslim woman is a friend of comedian Jeremy McLellan and he shared the videotape.  He said that his friend was wearing a hijab identifying her as a Muslim.  Since the woman is clearly shown, the question is whether the woman has a case if she is falsely depicted.  Conversely, we have previously discussed whether people should be disciplined by employers for conduct or statements in their private lives.

It is sad to think that such an encounter would occur today but clearly it does.  Ironically, the Muslim woman had allowed the abusive woman to cut the line.  When she informs the woman that she is from this country, the rude woman responds with “Obama’s not in office anymore.  You don’t have a Muslim in there anymore.”

What is interesting legally is how the rude woman will respond. She is clearly shown on the videotape, which has not been authenticated in any legal sense. If the videotape is falsified, she could obviously sue for false light, defamation and other claims.  It is incredibly sad to think that Muslims have to put up with such prejudices and insults in this country.  I would not have remained silent if I had heard such offensive remarks in front of me in line.  In the video, the woman insists that she is entirely “normal.”  I am happily confident that that is not true, but that does not mean that this type of abuse is uncommon.

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  1. This seems suspicious. Why is this woman going to Trader Joe’s just to buy a single green pepper? If she planned to do that, why would she get a cart? Why not a basket? Or why not just grab it and walk to the register?

    Either way, she has a right under the 1st amendment to say what she thinks. Let’s not forget, if the situation was reversed — if an uncovered woman when into the Muslim world, she might be at threat of physical harm, abuse or worse.

    Last week I was in my local Grand Mart in 7 Corners, on the border between Arlington and Falls Church. A woman was shopping wearing the full burka. It was terrifying and repulsive. As a woman, and as a citizen of the free world, my reaction might be similar to a black person (or any civilized person) to seeing someone donning KKK outfit. That type of dress has no place in the civilized world. The heck with ‘tolerance’. It’s offensive, repulsive, and anti human.

    1. It’s definitely emotionally triggering, but then again, it is intended to be. Anyone familiar with Muslim history understands the “in your face” aggressiveness and the symbolism of intentioning building Muslim mosques atop the churches they destroyed. Like a dog taking a crap on your lawn. But the most of the posters here, Americans and Europeans are pussys which is why the barbarians will eventually rule over them.

      1. A woman wearing a head scarf is not analogous to a dog defecating. You need to dial it back.

  2. She has a right to say what she thinks under the 1st Amendment, the Constitution protects that right for now anyway but not if ACLU, SPLC and CAIR had their way, she’d likely be persecuted for having her opinion and verbally expressing it, not nice maybe I don’t know her experience or why she feels the way she does. Many American’s are seeing the parallels of what is occurring in Europe beginning to happen here, PC and stifling speech, Islam being taught in “public” schools and Christianity not being allowed due to the relentless ACLU who’s only job seems to protect Liberal speech, accusations of unfounded racism, & domestic terrorism. Maybe this is why she might be angry and fed-up.

    1. Or maybe one of the 3,0000+ Americans murdered on 9/11 was a relative or friend. Remember them?

  3. The advertising of being Muslim by wearing identifying clothing is new to US citizens. It’s a little like “flipping the bird”. Do any other religions have required clothing? Muslims in our country must understand the fear their way of dressing instills. On the other hand, girls walk around in public practically naked, more and more so every day. But they don’t kill. Seeing not just killing, but the brutality (chopping off heads, throwing people off a six-story building for being homosexual, treating women like dogs, and more) is shocking, with the reaction being “send them home”.

    1. The kippah was common among Jewish students where I went to college. Judaism where I grew up tended to be Reform and I’d never seen any headgear outside of the yarmulkes people were wearing at a funeral I attended. The few East Indian women you’d see in my home town commonly wore traditional clothing as well.

      1. Some nerd wearing a kippah isn’t going to provoke the same emotional reaction as seeing someone proudly wearing the dress or uniform of Muslims, who are known to be responsible for atrocities against non-Muslims.

        1. So what?

          (btw, those chaps were generally pre-meds and generally as socially adept as anyone else in that particular time and place).

  4. Much ado about very little. In France, the Muslim gear is outlawed only in government-sponsored settings (schools, government offices). The government is supposed to favor no religion (to be “lay” or “laique,” as they say), least of all to encourage the ostentatious display of religion. People have been asked to put away their crucifixes.

    The so-called rude woman was being publically obnoxious. Is that punishable in the U.S.?

  5. I haven’t seen or heard anything in the video that is legally actionable or worthy of such an uproar resulting in “breaking news”, considering how common insulting others is within any society.

    1. Exactly, Mr. Smith.

      On another note – how is one to know whether a Muslim is of the non-violent variety – and if so, that they don’t support violence against non-Muslims?

  6. This is ‘Breaking News’?

    It is sad to think that such an encounter would occur today but clearly it does.

    Well, if you submit yourself to the will of Landru, everyone will walk around with glassy smiles on their faces and no one will be rude to anyone else in a store queue.

    Remember Rodney King &c? The local media cut just 3 seconds off the front of that video and entirely altered the conclusion one might draw from what’s depicted. They do that. The Venn diagram which includes sets marked ‘people of integrity’ and ‘media people’ doesn’t have much of an intersection.

    I don’t imagine providing more context would alter one’s conclusions in this case, but it’s also difficult to imagine one offering the other a courtesy and the other responding with insults. That’s something that very seldom happens. (My father opened the door for a woman in an airport around about 1972 and she used her feminist foot to step on his foot; that’s about the last time I can recall something like that happening).

  7. FakeHateCrimes.org displays a ton of fake hate crimes toward every sort of protected class, which later turned out to be fake crimes committed specifically as so-called “false flags” to cast aspersions on Republicans/Conservatives and Trump. This could be just another such false flag, so don’t necessarily jump to too many conclusions.

    The worst thing about the fake crimes at the above site is that the original crimes were covered ad nauseam by the MSM, but the retractions/truth never or almost never appear. One crime was committed by a Pastor who spray painted his own church wall, connecting Trump to Hitler. HOW ORIGINAL!

    Good job, MSM!

  8. Viral videos are always suspect in my view. Who thinks to put this on camera? Who keeps up with the inflammatory stuff while on tape? Nobody who doesn’t have a motive.

    1. Could wearing a hijab be considered an act of provocation? After all, there is no Koranic requirement for it. The Koran simply advises Muslims to dress “modestly.” The hijab is purely cultural, and suburban Virginia is not Saudi Arabia. So why would a 20-something American-born woman wear a hijab, other than to make a statement? Certainly she has the right to dress in a way that proclaims herself a Muslim, but in doing so she is probably expecting a reaction. If a German-American guy is standing in line wearing lederhosen, and someone says he looks like an idiot, should he record the statement and post it to show how he has been victimized due to his heritage? Maybe everyone should start wearing the fashions of our ancestors, so that we can all be subjects of ridicule.

      1. The preferred dress in Saudi Arabia is the niqab, which you’re not likely to see much of anywhere else, certainly not in NoVa. FWER, Prof. Turley uses a picture of a woman in a niqab to illustrate his bitch-moan stories about Muslim villagers in India who won’t get with the GW faculty program.

        We live in a world where young women shlep about with bare midriffs, magenta hair, and enough precious metal on their fingers, toes, tongue, ,and ears to cause a panic on the Eurodollar market. A woman in a hijab is just part of the landscape.

    2. Could be perfecltly above-board or the dame in question could be Mme. Defarge. Without the opening remarks as context, it’s hard to tell.

  9. Now if they she had given one half inch and not worn the face covering and presented a valid ID with out a mask things probably would be different.

    But it’s like languages. We do a dis-service but not requiring English be taught or even English and one other foreign language. In four decades Spanish will be the predominant langauge of the largest voting bloc and we have no official language except for a requirement on printed documents of government. The corollary is when I go south I speak their language and vice versa.

    However the candle on the cake is we are blessed to live in the Western Hemisphere. Three languages and you own it. Spanish, English, Portuguese Big deal. In the Eastern Hemisphere is 100 to 200 languages per continent.

    We don’t use the advantages we have nor require new people to do the same bu tmost of them are bi-lingual and many tri lingual.

    Four decades and there well may be a vote on the official language. Something that hasn’t been done. Are your kids going to grow up stupid and undeducated?

    That’s the results of racism and bigotry with a huge degree of the lazy.

    1. How do you know she was wearing face covering? She may have only had her hair covered which is more likely.

  10. Not enough video was shown to get a sense of what happened. The alleged Muzzie sounded sort of b*tchy, too. But, this is all the Diversity Police need to come swarming out in support of whatever.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. One woman is the target of another’s attempt to intimidate and your response is that the one being intimidated is “b*tchy. Your prejudice is in full display Squeeky.

  11. As a moderate centrist without a party but still a self governing citizen and strong supporter of the Representative Constituional Republic I am firmly against any form of sexism, racism, or bigotry. Those who choose that route are not included as good citizens starting with the Clintons and their kind and on down to the Davey Dukes and their kind and add to that any form of reverse sexism and racism and bigotry.

    Many agreed and together we were a large part of defeating those who lean in those directions – but realize there is more to be done.

    In this case, in particular there are two fairly new factors. Both are cultural and both attempt to use our systems of rights and responsibilities to bring their old ways with them. One is Sharia Law which does not exist once they leave the Mosque just as the Ten Commandments do not exist as one leaves the church.

    The other is the clothing that masks the individual from identification on ID cards or in public view. There is more but I’ll pick on the recent military change in lallowing beards, long hair, and turbans.

    Practically speaking devices such as protective masks with poisoh gas filters do not work well when worn with that impedimenta. The soldier is therefore ‘useless’ and good only in the rear areas. and then not in riot control situations. Te way to fix that is either deny them entry in to the military services OR make them take the annual gas chamber test dressed as they please. I’m willing to bet the local religious authority will issue a dispensation for such instances. Same with gas masks when shooting and so on.

    But the main example is found in George Washington’s Letter To The Quakers where they asked. not demanded but asked, is there a way we can serve without carrying a weapon and killing? thus was born the use of Quakers in the battlefield Medical Corps.

    Anotheer is treating women as second class citizens and no more than baby factories which is the outcome of the draft laws applying only to men – yet both get the same goodies and benefits. Why? Men are the cannon fodder and women are the baby factories for the next war.

    How is that fair of in any way equal in treatment. Rights everyone of them have responsibilities. so the message is yes you can have college funding ….but the price is pregnancy and delivery of the child. Sounds pretty unequal to me but it’s true.

    Besides I don’t like the draft. a lesson learned after 24 years most of which with draftees. Manhy so useless they get the rear echelon jobs and not the dangerous stuff.

    But the final reason is this. If we put up with bigoted, sexist, racist comments or writings it will never go away and the worst offender is the goverenment itself. Were it not true there would be no block for race or sex (except maybe on medical records) Don’t put up with it and it will change. Let it continue it will continue forever.

    And that Mr. Obama is NOT who we are.

    1. My reaction to the situation in the article Step between them and ask the offender. May I see your draft card? Or when sexual criminals are given a free pass by enablers and those who themselves are victimizers call them on it. Social warriors? They wouldn’t make a pimple on a soldiers ass and deserve to be treated as what they are. Phonies.

    2. Hard to believe you actually served, if you believe that all, many, or even a majority of veterans were ever in combat. I work with veterans all day, and not one of them ever saw action. Yes, they all get vets benefits, for serving as computer techs, paralegals, cooks, admin assistants, med techs, mechanics, and virtually every other job that civilian federal employees perform. We hired a guy the other day who got vets’ preference because he did data entry at an Air Base in North Dakota or some god forsaken place 20+ years ago. Yes, my federal agency hires vets in droves and less than 5% were ever in combat or even had a combat related MOS (occupational category). So cut the crap about advocating discrimination against women vets because they weren’t in the infantry. Unless you want to deny benefits to the 80% of male veterans who did not serve in combat either.

      1. If the vet was stationed in ND he gets hazard pay because of the weather. He was probably either at Minot or Grand Forks. In the winter, 40 below is a nice day.

  12. Again, the best solution for this sort of festering sore is to expose it. Thanks to whomever posted this. The woman is obviously sick, angry, and stupid. Perhaps viewing herself on this video will start some long unused gears turning and who knows? If she does take action then her hole just gets deeper. Unfortunately there is need for a big hole as there is a lot of this scumbaggery going on.

    1. Who posted it? Obviously the U.S. born woman wearing a hijab and going around filming conversations with complete strangers, hoping to record something offensive so she can get “victim points.” There was a time when people ignored rude comments. Now all the snowflakes compete for victimhood status.

      1. TIN

        The video speaks for itself. The woman is complete scum and she was filmed through the phenomenon of every cell phone having the capability to do so. Your argument puts you squarely in her gang. The only way to get rid of this scum is to expose it to the scum itself and to everyone else. Imagine having someone talking to you this way.

        1. TIN – Pleeaz, complete scum do not shop at Trader Joe’s. These are upper-middle class and lower-upper class shoppers. So, basically they do not do a big business in food stamps.

          1. Very telling that you equate scum with low income. Scum isn’t defined by economic status but by behavior that happens at all economic levels. Some of the most generous people are at the lowest economic status and some of the scummiest are at the top.

            1. I bet you’re a trial for anyone who has to deal with you in meatworld.

        2. I hope they never let you into this country. Hahahaha. No, seriously. I think you might be happy in Sweden.

      2. There was a time when husband felt it was their right ti beat there wives and the criminal justice system mostly agreed with them. There was a time when people posted “no dogs or Irish allowed. There was a time when white women made up stories about black teenagers flirting with them and those young men were hanged for nothing {see Emmett Till} There was a time when men in pointy hoods burned crosses on lawns of black and white alike to intimidate them… You miss those good old days, you probably support the move to make America Hate Again, fortunately the majority of Americans do not agree with you and they show it with every demonstration spontaneous and planned. standing up against bullies is as American as Apple Pie.

        1. We now live in a time when silly women post a salad of historical fantasy in order to impugn the character of people whose likely compares favorably to hers.

      3. Tim
        – According to “Reston Now”, a local media outlet in the town where the exchange was supposed to have taken place, a comedian named Jeremy something was the one who posted the video on Facebook, etc.
        The comedian says that his Muslim friend, (the one who was allegedly harassed),filmed the video and sent it to him.
        He also says that she does not wish to be identified.
        To date, I don’t think there is any independent verification from other customers, store employees, etc. as to where this happened, what preceded the taping, etc.

  13. I see that JT is still feeding the beast, republiborg collective heads will explode in 3-2-1………..

  14. Obviously there was something going on between these two before the video started. And as often happens in those situations, people say the meanest, most cutting things they can think of. But it was just words, and the “abused” person was free to walk away.

    1. TIN: What is your justification for saying that there was obviously something going on between the two before the video started? Nothing from the video makes it appear obvious that your claim is true. In fact, the woman who was the target of the comments remarks that the woman saying these things is not normal because individuals don’t “… just strike up a conversation with people in line talking about stuff like that if you’re normal.” This remark indicates to me that the woman who made the remarks to the muslim woman initiated the conversation for no reason other than to intimidate the muslim woman. At one point you even see her pushing her sleeves up on her arm. This is a gesture commonly performed by those whose intent is to intimidate.

      1. TIN: What is your justification for saying that there was obviously something going on between the two before the video started?

        Because what you could hear was sufficiently out-of-the-blue that there had to be preliminaries.

      2. Did you even watch the video? It starts mid-conversation with the woman saying, “First you play dumb, then you [unintellidpgible] Oh, I get it.” Then the Muslim replies, “I shouldn’t have let you in front of me.” To which the woman on camera responds, “I wish they hadn’t let you into this country.” Then the Muslim chick starts telling the woman she is crazy. So obviously, there was something going on before the filming started, and they’re both going at each other. And BTW, if someone said that he wishes I wasn’t in this country, I wouldn’t give a crap. Someone starts telling me I’m crazy, he might get a fist in his face. Of course, you have to fly your lib and rainbow flags, showing us how ultra sensitive you are to those poor abused Muslims.

    2. dogfightwithdogma has it right. First the lady cut her in line. Then the “abused” woman notes a normal person wouldn’t just say things like that out of the blue. You say she’s free to walk away but the woman invaded her personal space. She has the right to stand her ground and stand up for herself in this verbal altercation. What is she going to do? run everytime someone insults her? As a muslim woman wearing a hijab I’m sure she gets stares and possibly worse regularly. If you’re someone who is in the majority who would rarely encounter such behavior the minorities, special needs, disabled, and little people among us face it’s likely difficult for you to understand her situation. I assume she was so prepared with the camera because it’s not the first time she’s faced discrimination.

  15. If she did this why not apologize? Even if you think certain things that’s no excuse for berating others. It is sad to see people turn on each other.

    What we do know is that no matter the party, no matter the person, president Bush, Obama and now Trump have seen fit to give Muslims the special, extra legal, treatment. This isn’t the only group they go after, but it is certainly one group singled out for abuse by the govt. That abuse deeply concerns me. These lawless actions by the powerful against Muslims and other groups must end immediately.

    As for the woman, jeesh! If she did it, it’s just shameful. There is already so much hate in the world. Why not try to be kind. Reach out to people who aren’t just like you. It’s no better than the snowflakes who can’t even bear to be around a person who has right wing thoughts. Stop the madness! Be better people.

  16. It’s uncharitable (and other words like that). No biggie. Imagine growing up in the 50’s in Brooklyn. Find out why Nathan rebuked David. Over-righteousness is a dangerous malady as well.

  17. In France they outlaw the wearing of religious gear like head scarves or beanies. Viva La France!

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