Trump Met With Russians At The Request Of Putin

220px-From_Russia_with_Love_–_UK_cinema_posterThe decision of the White House to host Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak on the day after the termination of FBI Director James Comey ranks as one of the worst political decisions of a White House in years.  Kislyak is the very Russian diplomat at the heart of the allegations of influencing peddling and collusion with Trump officials.  Just as every network was exploring allegations that Comey was fired to protect Trump was an investigation into his ties with the Russians, the White House guaranteed that the Russians would be shown huddling with Trump followed by grinning photos in the Oval Office.  That can be attributed to a long litany of self-inflicted wounds by this White House. However, what was more disturbing was the fact that U.S. photographers were barred from the meeting.  Only the photographers from Tass were allowed. Tass is state-run agency.  So not only did Trump meet with the Russians at the height of the allegations over Russian influence but the American people only saw pictures given to them by the Russians.

It also turns out that the meeting was held at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the photographer was also a request from the Russians.  Sources say that White House security was not aware that the photographer worked for a Russian state-run outfit. To say the least, there was considerable surprise that a Tass photographer was allowed to photograph the Oval Office, particularly when American media was barred.

The White House continues to flounder from crisis to crisis — many of its own making.  The staff appears utterly tone deaf in arranging such events or explaining to the public, as a White House spokesman stated, Trump “chose to receive him because Putin asked him to.”  Now that makes it all better.  The President excluded American media.  He then met with Russians at the height of a scandal over Russian influence all because Putin asked him to?  The nightmare images was then complete when the American people were shown pictures from the Russians as the only permitted photographers.

Lavrov then joked about the whole scandal over Russian influence.  He is likely not the only one laughing this week.

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  1. Let me get this straight: the dems are claiming that Trump “officials” – during the election – hired Russian hackers to hack the DNC to release evidence of their corruption to the American electorate? How did these “officials” know they’d find evidence of collusion between CNN’s Donna Brazile and the Clinton campaign? How did they know they’d find evidence of the DNC’s Wasserman-Schultzing of Bernie Sanders? So maybe the Russians came to the Trump campaign AFTER they’d uncovered this evidence and Trump’s “officials” encouraged them to release the info to the American public? Why would they need them to release it? And what interest do the American people have in protection of their corrupt politicians? Personally, I don’t care if Hillary, and the DNC’s corruption was discovered by ISIS, I still want to know! The DNC will only use the “special” prosecutor to continue to obfuscate and hide their rampant corruption. Whoever did it deserves a medal!

    1. my my! how off base can one get. comparing slightly favorable party treatment to the traitor trump colluding with russians? Knowing a debate question that was 99% likely to be asked anyway simply doesn’t equate to the traitor trump. I am shocked you bothered to waste the time advertising how lost you are.

  2. At what point do people start to realize Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the MSM, Dems, elitists, deep state people, think?

    1. traitors rarely care what others think., Something most conservative/liebertarians are intimately familiar with.

  3. The meeting had been scheduled well before the Comey firing and dealt with foreign policy. For example, according to DEBKAfile, the issue of whether Iranian troops and proxies or Russian troops would patrol Israel’s border with Syria was discussed. It was apparently agreed that Russian troops would do it.

    The Russian military are preparing to establish four ceasefire safe zones in Syria. The southernmost would be located along Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan. The issue came up during Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s talks with US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington on May 11, and a day earlier, in a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

    What should President Trump have done? Cower in the men’s’ room until the nasty Russians left? Neglect substantive matters of foreign policy lest the media report that he met with our Russian “enemies” because they had bought him, body and soul?

    As to the Russian media, Professor Turley says,

    what was more disturbing was the fact that U.S. photographers were barred from the meeting. Only the photographers from Tass were allowed. Tass is state-run agency.

    They were photographers, not reporters. They took pictures. So, apparently, did a White House photographer. Is the concern that the Russian photographers might take more flattering photos than American photographers?

    I prefer that President Trump do his job rather than neglect it, even if the optics are such that the media will chastise him for doing it. The “mainstream” media will chastise him regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

    1. he let unvetted russians into the oval office. enough said. if Obama did so, the coward chaiffetz would be starting impeachment proceedings

      as for him doing his job, is the demanding loyalty to him and not country what you are referencing?

      the liar trump is traitor to this country. You’ve obviously thrown your lot in with the russians. Maybe its a panama thing.

  4. we know this Russian hacking occurred during the Obama years( total failure). but to me it all started right after the nuclear material deal that Clinton sold to Russia. China even hacked us during the Obama administration and Obama did nothing than and he did nothing during the Russian hacking. it just does not make any sense to me that these hackings were never investigate by our politicians or were just brushed aside.

    1. the liar trump has lied repeatedly about his and russian ties and that of his campaign team…..and those that have carried forward like the traitor AG a/k/a grand wizard of alabama KKK

  5. Allowing russian press that wasn’t vetted into the oval office? favoring state controlled media? Oh my! the reality is that trump is a traitor. he would easily continue and already has sold out the country as long as it enhances personal profit.

    The scarier part of this isn’t trump. We New Yorkers have long known about trump and it was why he got crushed in the local vote. That said, what’s really scary are the posts by supposed Americans (we do know many are paid eastern Europeans pretending to be Americans) that will not for one second think twice about trump and put country ahead of the garbage party masquerading as Lincolns party.

    1. Have you New Yorkers also ‘long known about’ the Clintons? Can you honestly say Hillary and Bill Clinton put ‘country ahead’ of their accumulation of more power and money? Do you really believe the Clinton’s are ethical people who are all about doing ‘good’ in the world with their family charity?

      Some would say the ‘reality’ is that Hillary Clinton is a ‘traitor’ who ‘sold out the country’ (and sold access to the State Dept) ‘to enhance personal profit’ and fill the Clinton Foundation coffers — and we have far more ‘evidence’ of that allegation than there is of Trump doing anything like it. And if Hillary and her aides hadn’t destroyed so many emails, devices, documents and hard drives there would be a whole lot more evidence. I hope there is a review of the Clinton case including the immunity granted to all of her aides.

      In fact, it was Hillary Clinton’s actions and choices that led to this FBI/Comey situation in the first place. All of this here can be traced back to Hillary Clinton.

      1. The Clinton’s are from Arkansas. And the thread and my reply were about russian access and dumb donald being a traitor. Maybe you should try a RIF program?

  6. Gee. Can Putin meet with the American Ambassador?
    What is an Ambassador?
    All ambassadors are spies.
    But all spies are not ambassadors.
    Jeso. Hey Zeus, full of juice, don’t let your meat loaf.

  7. “…ranks as one of the worst political decisions of a White House in years.”
    Dr. Turley, it’s not often I disagree with you, but this was a genius move by Trump.
    It’s no different than Obama using the birther story to his advantage.

  8. Obama had only his official photographer and all photographs came from the WH. Get over it.

  9. In matters of foreign affairs, political consideration should be secondary. If Putin had something of importance to convey to Trump via his ambassador should Trump refuse to hear it because the timing looked bad to Democrats?

  10. He certainly showed his contempt for the media. Hoorah for Trump. How else could one characterize them better. They only hold one dinner a year to snub.

  11. I find it hilarious! I suspect that Trump is trolling the Democrats on this one! Plus, what is Trump supposed to do? Refuse to meet with Russians so that the Democrats can continue their stupid nothing-burger game??? Screw ’em!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. I can’t believe The Professor didn’t think this one through.
      This meeting was arranged a week or two ago. The firing was a separate issue for the President. He is multi tasking. The man literally sleeps 4 hours a night.
      There were 2 photographers, the WH Photographer And Tass. The Pres. Didn’t want a circus. And withheld a press conference to spite them.
      The FBI had had a office IN Moscow since the 1990’s. This is getting ridiculous. Let’s have some REAL fun and investigate Clinton foundation pay for play Russian Uranium.

    2. I agree w Squeeky…..this was trolling of the Democrats and the media. The day after firing Comey, Trump meets with Sergei Lavrov…..and when the press was later invited into the Oval Office who is sitting there for a photo op but Henry Kissinger – President Nixon’s Secy of State! Epic troll.

  12. Maybe because the Russia “scandal” has turned into the nothing burger it was originally suspected of being. Do you want to know one person who is absolutely certain about his dealings with Russia? Donald Trump. He sure keeps acting like a man who has nothing to hide and has become impatient with the idea that he has to wait to find out.

  13. I found this to be a very confused article. “So not only did Trump meet with the Russians at the height of the allegations over Russian influence but the American people only saw pictures given to them by the Russians”. Pretty shortsighted and moronic comment.

    So is Trump not to meet with any Russians? Should we just go to war with them? How is the U.S. to have diplomacy with Russia? Should we stop all joint operations with the Russians?

    Seriously, who cares who takes the pictures, are the pictures being questioned as authentic? Do you believe they’ve been ‘photoshopped” LOL!~!!! Stop the nitpicking and seeing a conspiracy behind every bush!

    1. I guess that they think that with the media saturation on “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” we all just now accept it is a fact.

    1. In the eyes of the rest of the world, The Donald is the ultimate ugly American – ignorant, demanding, arrogant, ostentatious, narcissistic, sloppy in his speech and demeanor, clueless. Can the US political system handle that type of President or will the rest of the world view him as so destructive that they must step in to constrain him?

  14. And the Americ hating GOP Congress sits silently by and enjoys their power, perks and privileges. It’s appalling.

      1. Steve, yup: “dash for the cash” — on both sides of the aisle.

  15. No matter what the President does the Dums and their press are going to go after the guy. For next 4 years the Dums will do nothing but cause problems for the nation and its people until they elect another Marxist. GOP show some Ba*^* ignore the noise and do the people’s business without the Dums, if they had the majority they sure would.

    1. So, are you ok with everything you read in this article? The Russians provided the photos of the meeting. Unless you are saying the Dems control Russian media also…

      1. Yea, bring the lane stream media photographer in I can just imagine what they would have done. Since the guys been in office everyday it’s one hit after another.

    2. I’m in complete agreement with you. I’ve heard Conservatives that say we now should appoint Garland as the next FBI Director to sooth the Democrats. I say: “Sc r e w” the Democrats”. After 8 years of Obama, I won’t let a Progressive in my home. I despise them ALL! Can’t take another LIE and if their mouths are moving, they are lying. The TV media created my detest for this group of Americans. Years ago, I voted both sides of the aisle based on the individual…no longer. I certainly don’t want to hear their LIES about anything and everything and if the Republicans don’t get their act together and give President Trump their UNDIVIDED support, I’ll never vote again. I have a punching bag of Obama with a MAGA hat on it’s head and I took a swing at it t every time Obama (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor) told another LIE. Most of the air has been knocked out of it now but it was with the greatest pleasure that I taped a MAGA hat to it’s head on November 8, 2016.

  16. It was either the worst or the best.

    How DOES one drain a swamp, anyway?

    One must first engage the swamp.

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