Griffin: “This Wouldn’t Be Happening To A Guy.”


We recently discussed the controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin and her disgusting image of a bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.  Griffin held an equally bizarre press conference on Friday that first took responsibility for the scandal and then insisted that she is being set up by white men and blatant sexism.  If this was an effort by attorney Lisa Bloom to repackage the scandal, it was a miserable failure.  Indeed, the press conference could be a lesson for all lawyers in high-profile controversies of how not to respond to a scandal.  There seemed to be not preparation of Griffin and no development of a single coherent narrative (rather surprising for an entertainer).  The set up for the press conference at the law firm was awkward and made the client look like a caged animal.  Bloom’s lead in remarks seemed more like a stump speech than a legal defense.  Griffin was the object of the exercise rather than a human being in distress.  Bloom’s effort to blame Trump for her client’s conduct contradicted one of a number of different narratives being advanced at the same time. The result was a Jackson Pollock press conference of paint splatters.  The problem is that they did not make for a pleasing final image.  I am not sure what Bloom sought to achieve, but it could not have been what actually occurred.   In a rambling press conference, she insisted “Cut the crap, this wouldn’t be happening to a guy.”  Indeed, it would.  If Anderson Cooper held up the bloody severed head of Donald Trump on CNN, he would also be looking at the end of his journalistic career as would other comedians like Jerry Seinfeld.

Griffin seemed to swing wildly from contrition to condemnation.  She insisted that she was being targeted for  “standing up” to Trump who was bullying her for her joke.  At first she said that she would continue to make jokes and be undeterred. She then broke down and said “He broke me. It’s just not right, and I’ve apologized because that was the right thing to do, and I meant it.”  She added “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this.”

Of course, apologizing does not mean that everything is forgiven. People can still find your conduct appalling and question your failure to see the grotesque nature of your statement.

The addition of criminal attorney, Dmitry Gorin, was equally problematic.  There is no serious criminal investigation of Griffin. The Secret Service has been mocked for interviewing everyone from cartoonists to children for threats against the president.  Gorin became little more than a prop in this catastrophic display.

Ironically, Griffin at times sounds like . . . well . . . Trump:  “What’s happening to me has never happened, ever, in the history of this great country.

She then insisted that this was all because she is a woman in a male-dominated industry despite the large number of successful female comedians.  She insisted that “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me, but that’s wrong.”

The effort to portray herself as the victim of sexism (and strangely racism) is about as convincing as Patti Hearst portraying her arrest as the result of an international banking conspiracy.

In the end, it was not clear whether Griffin wanted to be forgiven or lionized for her conduct.  However, the claims of a sexist (and racist) element to her current predicament gets a bit lost in the ISIS-inspired image blasted around the world.


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  1. It reminds me about how French left-wing writer Christine Angot was the secret host of a political emission on a public channel and spent ten minutes screaming to invitee François Fillon how he was the shame of the French politics because he was “merely” under investigation for a scandal of fake job, nevermind any concerns about presumption of innocence and the fact no final judgement had been issued by a regular court.

    The day after, she bragged about the “courage” she had to do this.

    On the field, it made more persons remarks Fillon gained votes.

  2. Contrary to Leftist Turley and the other hypocritical Leftists here (Is there any other kind?), I actually feel sorry for Kathy Griffin. The Leftist MSM, the Courts, Leftist pundits, and Leftist celebrities have all not only made visciously attacking Trump to be fashionable, but have even made it MANDATORY.

    When Leftist Snoop Dog shot an image of Trump in a video,Snoop was lauded for his bod creativity and imagination, and the only disappointment about his video from the Leftists was that it did not show Trump actually getting his head shot like JFK’s.

    When Leftist Robert De Niro said that he wanted to punch Trump in the face, De Niro was applauded as a hero, as he created the Leftist fantasy image of Trump being beaten to a pulp, with his face bruised, swollen and bloody. The Leftists were delighted with this image.

    When Leftist Madonna said that she wanted to burndown the White House with Trump and his family in it, she created the Leftist fantasy image of Trump and his family’s seared and charred bodies, burning to a crisp. Her murderous arson fantasy was hailed by fellow Leftists as “wonderful” and greeted with “You go, girl!”

    But when poor Kathy Griffin just takes the very same conduct to an ever so slightly new level, she suddeny gets attacked by the very same Leftists. What’s with that? Isn’t Griffin simply doing the exact same thing the other Leftists celebrities are doing, but she’s just being more graphic about it? Of course she is!

    And when Leftists physically attacked and struck Trump supporters, causing ACTUAL bloody messes of theri faces and bodies, did not the Leftist MSM and Leftist celebrities say that this behavior was okay, either by actually saying it’s okay or by pretending that these many events never happened, which is the same as saying it’s okay. Turley certainly NEVER showed such physical assaults on Trump supporters and NEVER condemned them because he tacitly APPROVED of those assults, though, of course, he would NEVER admit to that, being the extreme hypocritical individual that he is.

    But the blatant Leftist hypocrisy doesn’t end there. When Griffin showed an image of Trump’s severed bloody head, she was merely copying an ISIS style murder. But haven’t the Leftists said that they want MORE such beheadings and Islamic terrorism in the US? Of course they have!

    Have not the MSM, the Courts, the Leftist pundits, and the Leftist celebrities all firmly stated their position that ALL Muslims should be admitted into the US without vetting and that it is far better to allow some Islamic murderers to run free in America than to cause any inconvenience to any Muslims? Of course they have!

    But in spite of all thses facts, many Leftists say that Kathy Griffin has “gone too far” or “gone over the edge.” What edge? The Leftists have no edge and nothing is off limits to them, as long as the attacks are against the “right people.”

    I find Leftists to be very confusing. And perhaps it all comes down to the fact that Leftists are perverse, perverted, perditious — and their strange behavior and conduct can never be explained by logic or common sense because they are simply the antithesis of those things.

      1. David Benson – nobody cares about John Stuart Mills anymore. We have evolved!!!!

        1. Ralph needs to start somewhere. Mills is a reasonable choice.

          1. More Leftist lunacy. You know ZERO about John Stuart Mills. You HATE facts. That eliminates you from any comparison to serious thinkers.

              1. “False” coming from a Leftist means “True.” I thank you for your Leftist admission, but I don’t need the bogus confirmation of the truth from any Leftists.

          2. And your leftist attempt to hijack John Stuart Mill fails. And note that his name is “Mill”–not “Mills,” which you used twice, suggesting that you didn’t actually even know his real name. Perhaps you ought to study what Mill’s philosophy actually was; that is, if leftists are actually capable of genuine study and understanding, without introducing their natural inclinations to prevaricate and lie.

            Mill was a brilliant man and writer. According to some estimates, Mill’s IQ ranks with those of such other luminaries as Newton, Michelangelo, Spinoza, Kepler, Pascal, and da Vinci (that’s the artist, not the California shirt maker). But also in this select group are actor James Woods and Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

            Do you “honestly” believe (I know, an oxymoron for leftists since a leftist cannot be honest) — that if Mill were alive today that he would agree that Trump’s Executive Order to vet individuals coming from certain nations violated the First Amendment of the US Constitution, or that Trump’s order was somehow an “immoral” one?

            If you do, then you know nothing about Mill.

            Mill was a strong advocate for freedom and he adhered to “one, very simple principle of liberty.” But what was that principle, according to Mill? “The only good reason that the state could ever have to restrict an individual’s liberty is to prevent harm to other, nonconsenting persons.”

            Bingo! Although Mill could not have expected the rise of Islam and worldwide Islamic terrorism, he of all people would certainly recognize the harm and danger that Islamic terrorism poses to “nonconsenting persons” and would wholeheartedly support Trump’s Executive Order as just plain common sense. (Unfortuantely the currect SCOTUS is loaded with “jurists” that wouldn’t be fit to clean Mill’s latrine, let alone make important decisions regarding the safety and security of Americans.)

    1. Professor Turley never condemned violence against Trump supporters? Facts are persistent things:

      ” there has been a campaign of violence against Trump supporters that is highly unnerving and dangerous. While there were a few incidents of Trump supporters acting violently, there has not been the same level of outrage at the widespread violence against Trump supporters and police at these events”

      And there is a two-link limit.

      1. As Frank points out, the FACT is that J. Turley NEVER condemned the Leftist’s actions. On the contrary, he suggests that the Leftist had GOOD REASON TO ASSAULT the non-Leftist:

        “However, McLaurin offered a distinctly different account. She says that Durkan called her a “n—er, a black beast” and, as her counsel stated, “The complainant in this case is nothing more than a Trump bully.” The police quote McLaurin as saying “I pushed him. He’s a faker. He wasn’t pushed hard enough to fall. It took him a long time to fall. I did tell him if he keeps following me, I will f him up.””–J. Turley

        Yes, facts ARE “presistent things,” especially when they don’t support your premise.

        1. “On the contrary, he suggests that the Leftist had GOOD REASON TO ASSAULT the non-Leftist”

          Nope. Professor Turley points out that the woman assaulted the old man after he said “all lives matter”. Yeah, that’s a great reason.

          She comes out looking worse for wear in that article. While Professor Turley does present her viewpoint, it in no way justifies it, it makes her look more culpable.

          He has also pointed out the people lying about being assaulted by Trump supporters. Pointing out their lies is condemning their actions.

          1. Give it up, PR, the WEIGHT of the evidence is against you. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence who has not been infected with the disease of leftism knows that J. Turley is a leftist, but a hypocritical one who purports to be in favor of free speech, but who ONLY makes a token gesture when that free speech is anti-Leftist.

  3. I can easily see Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii becoming President right after Trump, Pence and Gowdy. By then she’ll have 24 years of seasoning….but not as a Democrat they won’t exist anymore.

    1. “Democrats won’t exist anymore” … really? Oh I hope so. I hope whatever opposition replaces them are listeners. I have friends who just don’t understand why Hill and Bill aren’t in the White House. OK. But no one will listen to the answer.

      Has everyone seen the imitation of Captain Quegg by Hillary? I saw three in two days and two locations.

  4. I think this was all planned to get her more attention, hoping to restore her dwindling career. This reaction would have happened to a guy because it was just a stupid, stupid thing to do. I don’t know how many children saw this hideous imitation of ISIS terror, but even one is too many. President Trump has a loving family. Five children and several grandchildren. The hurt this must have been for them I can’t imagine. I know it hurt me. The man was elected with votes from millions and millions of Americans. I wish these protests would end and let him lead.

  5. Karen S, I think your postings are great, but these people live in an alternate universe.

    1. Sometimes that’s the only explanation.

      It’s like she’s crying, “Why aren’t I popular? Everyone else hit Trump and were applauded? I don’t understand!” I don’t think she gets it. After hearing her cruelly berate people for years, one has to wonder if she’s ever cried about anyone other than herself in her life.

      Meanwhile, Lisa Bloom has come across as very inept and unprofessional. This was more political grandstanding than actually helpful to her client.

      1. Karen – this should help Lisa Bloom get more clients. Everyone wants to do a public meltdown. Although she finally did make the argument it was art. However, I think she made it too late.

  6. Let me get this straight.

    If Ms Griffin was a white guy, then Anderson Cooper and Chelsea Clinton wouldn’t have publicly remarked that they were appalled at her stunt? Is everyone mysoginistic who complained?

    She’s always described herself as a D list comic. So…rather than the white man keeping her down, perhaps it’s either her own lack of talent, work ethic, or unwillingness to change her approach if her current one was not successful. There are plenty of beloved, glorious female comics. (Betty White – I love you. Please move to a spa for your own safety. Icons are dropping like flies.) There are female comics and comedic actresses who are tough and edgy, ditzy, scathing (Joan Rivers), bubbly (Goldie Hawn), recent immigrants, multigenerational American…you name it, there have been female pioneers in the comedic field. They made it in the “patriarchy”, so why didn’t you, Kathy Griffin? Look within, because that’s the only thing you can change.

    I have long felt that Kathy Griffin’s comedic style is cruel. I do not enjoy roasts, and so I typically do not enjoy her style of humor. To each their own.

    How would Kathy Griffin have responded if Trump, or a Trump supporter, posted a viral image that showed them holding her bloody severed head in effigy? I know how I would feel. It’s threatening and disturbing. And I would be frantic if my child saw such an image.

    I do not believe that this was an overt threat – as in she was not warning the President that she was sharpening her knives and coming for him. But it is a frightening, threatening image. It is protected free speech. So is my own vigorous and vocal complaint, as well as the complaints of the Trump family, Anderson Cooper, and every other rational person on both sides of the political aisle. I feel that Chelsea Clinton had a unique perspective. She was a First Daughter. There are very few alive today who have lived that role, and who know what it’s like to be young and in that terribly bright spotlight of political partisanship. It absolutely breaks my heart when I think of the underage children of any serving President, including Chelsea Clinton, Malia and Sasha Obama, and Barron Trump witnessing frightening death threats against their parents. That includes a few instances of Obama being burned or hanged in effigy over the years. That would be really scary to a child. Wrong wrong wrong. We are not France of the Terror.

    There is a video of the photo shoot in which she jokes with the photographer that they will have to immediately move to Mexico because they won’t be able to live in America anymore. She knew there would be backlash. I think she believed her job would be safe because Hollywood deemed all things Trump evil, and you cannot threaten or wrong an evil. It’s fighting the good fight. Perhaps she thought this would make her relevant, launch her career, and lead to book deals and shows. That would be worth some backlash. But losing her job was clearly not, as her tears show.

  7. By way of explanation, clarification and for my personal edification, is “bam bam” “bamm bamm” and is that entity a boy or a girl, or if an adult, a man or a woman?

    1. Don’t worry, George. No one is going to go anyway near your edification. Trust me.

  8. Kathy Griffin is a danger to herself and others and should be committed for 72 hours.

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