Fowl Politics: Missouri Representatives Decapitates and Mutilates Chicken in YouTube Video

mikemoonscreencap32816Missouri Representative Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) takes a more literal meaning to the classic political pledge of a “chicken in every pot.”  In a truly bizarre video below, the Republican legislator decapitated a chicken while discussing a special session and then pulled out its heart.

The anti-abortion, Tea Party Republican saw some political purpose in killing the bird in a YouTube video.  As he snaps the bird’s neck, Moon proclaims “Like any good career politician, when I get the call, I go back to work. God gave man dominion over animals. He allows us to raise them properly, care for them, and then process them for food so we can sustain life. And that’s what I’m doing here with this chicken.”

He then turns to politics as he dismembers the bird:  “So we’ve been called back to this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically.”  The discussion however then turns back to the macabre.  Moon holds out the heart while saying “I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here. So today, I’m filing a bill that will lead to the stopping of abortion in the state of Missouri, and I hope you’ll support it. So stay tuned for more details.”

It is never explained how killing the chicken amplified his political points.


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  1. As a descendant of generations of butchers and as one who enjoys grilling, I see one bright spot to this story: the art of cutting up a whole chicken has not been totally lost. Try going to a grocery store and buying a whole cut up chicken. It’s next to impossible. You can only buy wings or leg quarters or the like. Everything is pre-cut when it comes to the store. Ask a butcher to cut up a chicken and most will look at you like you are speaking a foreign language. The butchers are reduced to placing the pre-packaged meat on the shelf. The wrappers are out of work. An honorable and historic profession is being minimized.

    BTW: As far as I recall, Rep. Moon’s technique is, for the most part, correct.

      1. I am glad to hear that. Do you go to a specialty butcher shop or just the normal run of the mill grocery store? It may make a difference.

          1. mespo – here they are nice enough to do the rotisserie work for you in advance. 🙂

          2. I’m not talking about buying a whole chicken. I’m talking about buying a whole cut-up chicken.
            The former are plentiful. The latter are a disappearing item.

    1. We have a small, private butcher near us that sources local meat, including supporting local 4H (they do have to ship some in, just because of the demand) and will make specialty cuts and blends. They have the charts up on the wall for the different cuts of meat.

      Good, old fashioned cutting and wrapping.

      1. Where do you live, heaven? If it comes in butcher paper, you know it’s tasty. I’ll bet your butcher can get a suckling pig or a capon. Ain’t no better eating than a suckling pig. I’d better stop; I’m making myself hungry.

        1. Rural PA. I have gotten cow heart and tongue and other odd bits from cows and chickens from my butcher.

          Iowa also has old fashioned meat counters. Whole Foods does out here, too. They ground a ham for me (a rather unusual thing to do).

        2. They probably could get suckling pig, but I have never ordered such a thing. I purchased capons from a farmer. I am not sure whether or not my butcher can order them. I have never asked.

    1. David Benson – if it is ocean fish, welcome to mercury poisoning.

      1. Not from salmon.

        Actually, it is river and lake fish from the upper Midwest that have the highest concentration of methylmercury.

        1. David Benson – I don’t eat salmon but, don’t they all swim back upstream or something to breed and die. And doesn’t that make them at least partially river fish?

  2. Ash Grove is Northwest of Springfield, MO. With a name like Moon he could be Osage Indian.
    But whatever, he brings to the table the issue of abortion in Missouri. Abortion happens because humans have sex. Sex without rubbers. Rubbers should be mandatory for unmarried people. In fact it should be a felony to have sex without rubbers if you are unmarried. In days of old before rubbers were invented they tied a sock. I won’t go any farther on that one. There is a poem regarding that. There are too many people in Missouri. Stop the porking. If ya know what I mean jelly bean.

    1. Jack Ruby – some of us can keep time and would rather use the rhythm method or the pill. And some of us want to procreate, like your parents. 😉

  3. This is just in from Cloud 9. The dork is said to have had sex with a chicken and it is soon to be on a video in a theatre near you. He is against abortion because he wants more dumb voters in his district. I am going to look up his town to see what part of the state he lives in. Chickens have a right to life. And liberty and pursuit of happiness. Just like the unborn humans in his district and state.
    I will not watch the video.

  4. My mother in law raised chickens for food, killed and plucked them herself. She lived next door (I will not go into the nightmare that was) and I think she killed and ate our rabbit. She claimed it escaped from the yard, but she looked guilty.

  5. I don’t like to see animals killed, sooo I won’t watch it. But the truth is, up until the 1940s or so, one of my grandmother’s family did the same thing. It was simply how they got chicken to eat. They also went to the bathroom in an outhouse. Another older family member who is 88, remembers when they first got electricity on the farm he grew up on.

    I also suspect that about 150-200 years or so from now, people will once again be killing chickens themselves. Because we will be out of oil and gas, and the transportation system that allows quick jaunts to the grocery store will be over. And why truck in chickens from 1,500 miles away? People will be returning to farm life in larger numbers as a matter of necessity. Raising their own chickens for food and trade.

    We will probably have electric trains crisscrossing the country, and plenty of electricity from nuclear power plants, but that will not replace good old oil and gas. They now have have electric big trucks in Europe, which get whole 62 miles between charges. That ain’t gonna move chickens west, and produce east.

    Plus, if Europeans want to visit the United States, and vice versa, it will be by boat. A big old sail boat with a standby motor for emergencies.

    Anyway, I digress.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. “But the truth is, up until the 1940s or so, one of my grandmother’s family did the same thing. ”

      1940’s??? You guys must be city slickers. When I was a boy my grand mother called me and my cousins together to watch her wring a chickens neck – a little different but similar to the video available here. I still have cousins that raise a few chickens – you don’t think they keep them as pets, do you?

      Some of them also raise cattle. I don’t know what the charm is. I have an uncle well into his 90’s and one in his late eighties. They both go out each day to tend their cattle. There is always something to do. But they sell the cattle and buy their beef from Walmart.

      1. bfm – the secret is never to name them. My people raised beef cattle and potatoes and made ice cream. I was very popular in school. 🙂

        1. You are pretty popular here, too. But I am sure you would be much more popular, not to mention earning plenty of points, if you would pass around some of that ice cream.

          1. bfm – sorry, been out of the business for some time. Not sure how to get ice cream across the internet. I just lost a laptop because I spilled coffee on it. Not sure just what damage ice cream would do.

      1. bfm -in some states, something like this gets you points. Maxine Waters acts like the village idiot and it gets her points, this guy kills and guts a chicken and it gets him points.

        1. “… this guy kills and guts a chicken and it gets him points.”

          Well, I am not giving him any points till he produces his next video – frying the chicken with turnip greens on the side and corn bread – in a cast iron skillet.

          Hmmm …. Does anyone remember why we voted for him in the first place?

          1. BFM – I have to deal with McCain. I did call his office yesterday and tell him it was time to do the people of Arizona a solid, and retire.

  6. Maybe he wanted to elicit the predictable horror from animal rights people who are silent on abortion..other than that, it’s inexplicable.

    1. Animals are perfectly capable of living independently. Fetuses are not. We need to be caring and compassionate toward those who are capable of living independently.

    1. “Farm animals are protected to the standard of the industry.”

      I would be very surprised if the techniques used in corporate slaughter houses are as humane as what we see here. If you think this video is bad, perhaps you ought to google the legal techniques that corporations used to prepare chicken for sale.

      I am not sure what all this has to do with the issues faced by Representative Moon.

      But it does bring up an interesting point: today, many of us enjoy meat, but few want to consider what it takes to prepare meat for the table.

      1. Veganism and vegetarianism are growing exponentially. The higher the price of meat, the more money we save compared to those who buy meat. When compared to tasty crunchy veggies, meat has relatively little flavor, little texture, little crunch, and little nutritional value.

        1. Go vegan. You will feel better, have more energy, look better, and live longer.

        2. “When compared to tasty crunchy veggies, meat has relatively little flavor, little texture, little crunch, and little nutritional value.”

          Little nutritional value, except when it comes to protein. But that is what insects are for.

        3. Pescetarianism is my preferred diet, though I avoid farm raised fish. The wild-caught Alaska sockeye is coming in soon and the organic CSA farm shares are out now. The best time of year for eating

  7. I don’t know why he chose to cut it’s head off. It’s much easier to hang them upside down and cut the jugulars. All that flapping around is avoided though perhaps it’s dramatic for the viewers. Somehow this makes a political point, I guess.

    1. When can we get to see you video there Darren?

      Did you go school for that or a family hand-me-down technique you learned.

      Is your method deemed natural and organic too?

  8. My mother’s mother killed a chicken every day for dinner by wringing its neck. In cities it’s done for us. Chickens raised without additives to their feed aren’t yellow, which is what most of us are used to. Intriguing.

  9. Check out the chickens, being filmed, walking around, as this blood-spattered hillbilly kills a chicken on camera. You gotta know that they’re thinking. . .and we’re the ones that they call birdbrains.

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