Saudi Police Hunt Down Dangerous Woman Who Launched An Attack On Historic Fort In Miniskirt [UPDATED]

_96977823_mediaitem96971517The Saudi Kingdom is still leading the boycott of Qatar over its support for extremist Islamic groups.  However, the Kingdom has not stopped pursuing threats at home with an attack launched against a historic fort.  Saudi police are searching for this woman who has shocked the Kingdom by posting images of herself wearing a miniskirt in public. That’s right, the police are pursuing the case brought to them by the infamous Saudi morality police to bring the woman to justice. UPDATE: The Saudis have now arrested the woman in the miniskirt in the latest madness of Saudi extremist values.  


Notably, the photographs were taken in a street in a fort at Ushayqir Heritage Village in Najd province. That is the province where the founder of  Wahhabism was born.  Many of the most violent groups adhere to Sunni extremist views, including Wahhabism, which also support the Saudi denial of basic human rights for women.  Saudi Arabia continues to fund mosques around the world teaching Wahhabism, including many associated with extremists.

In these photos, a model called “Khulood” is shown simply walking around the fort without being covered up by the medieval “abaya” required under the Saudi dress code.  While many supported the model for her bravery, other Saudis called for her arrest Journalist Khaled Zidan wrote: “The return of the Haia [religious police] here is a must.”

This is how precarious this medieval system remains. A young women in a miniskirt can become a national threat.  It not only shows the lunacy of religious orthodoxy but the need to stamp out any expression of independence or individuality lest it should inspire others.  What Wahhabism cannot do is allow people to make up their own minds and live their lives according to their own beliefs.  The Saudi princes made a deal with the Wahhabi clerics to gain power in exchange for mandating Wahhabi values in the Kingdom . . . and now a woman shows up in a miniskirt.

The sooner they catch her the sooner the Saudi government (with the support of the Trump Administration) can return to fighting religious extremism in Qatar.

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  1. So what actual positive benefits flow to a society that allows bimbos to strut around in mini-skirts as opposed to a society that demands women not strut around in mini-skirts???

    Saudi Arabia has a positive birth rate, while Western countries seem to have a declining birth rate. Which Western Countries have plenty of sex going on, it seems to be the fun sort of sex, the sporting kind, that leads not to families.

    Sooo, maybe the Saudis just have more mature attitudes towards sex???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – they are just bimbos behind closed doors. So, you have bimbos with mini-skirts and bimbos without mini-skirts. A mini-skirt does not a bimbo make. 🙂

  2. In his new book, “The Strange Death of Europe,” British journalist Douglas Murray documents his travels across Europe reporting on the migrant crisis, and concludes that Europe is so morally exhausted that it rejects its own right to exist. “Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument,” writes Murray. “Those in power seem persuaded that it would not matter if the people and culture of Europe were lost to the world.”

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