Polls Shows Both Trump and Macron Down In Popularity

Emmanuel_Macron_in_July_2017donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWhile President Donald Trump has claimed that his “base” remains strong and is growing, the polls indicate that the reality is quite different.  Two additional polls continue to show a decline in support with one, the Investor’s Business Daily Poll, showing Trump at a remarkably low 32 percent.  There is however an interesting comparison with a politicians who is the polar opposite of Trump in style and substance: French President Emmanuel Macron.  Polls show Macron at the same not-so-sweet spot in polling: 36 percent.  That is even lower than the CNN poll for Trump out this week at 38 percent.  That is also one percent higher than Bill Clinton around this time.

What is clear that it is not true that Trump’s base support is growing.  The IBD poll shows Trump’s decline shows a decline from 83 percent to 71 percent among Republicans.  His support among independent is plummeting.  The vast majority of American no longer believe Trump or his Administration.  That is obviously a serious problem not just for Trump but the Republicans facing reelection fights in 2018.

However, it is also true that other politicians have similar figures, including media darling Macron.

Macron has dropped seven points with just 36 percent with a positive view of his performance.  He has 49 percent with a negative view — a 13 percent rise.    That is even a more startling drop for Macron than it was for Trump. After all, Trump lost the popular vote while Macron won with  66 percent of the vote.

The drop is due in large part of austerity cuts in public spending in France — something long overdue.

The emphasis on the polls is understandable, but the lack of context is disappointing. The polling numbers for Trump are presented as unprecedented and disastrous without any comparison to prior presidents like Clinton or contemporaries like Macron.  The conclusion can be that none of this is good for any of these leaders but the reasons are different. Trump may indeed be alienating voters in a way that is unlikely to be reversed, but a comparative discussion would be interesting.

I still believe that Trump is making a serious mistake with these tweets and the personal attacks on opponents and the media.  The independent voter figure could be a disaster for the GOP in losing both houses.  Trump could then face a ramped up series of investigations and a virtual shutdown of any remaining chance for legislative reforms.

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  1. JT states, “The independent voter figure could be a disaster for the GOP in losing both houses. Trump could then face a ramped up series of investigations and a virtual shutdown of any remaining chance for legislative reforms.”

    I don’t think this is a well-considered statement. Just because supporters may be disappointed, it doesn’t necessarily mean the recently disenfranchised will rush out to support democrats. Just because Godzilla doesn’t look especially good doesn’t mean a rush of support for Rodin, which is probably how most independent folk see the Democratic option.

    1. Again, a perceptive comment. There is certainly no guarantee that dissatisfaction with Trump will lead to a Democrat surge, or at least any sort of massive one. There is a lot of built up exasperation with that party of the living dead.

      But then who knows. There are a lot of traditional Democrats still around, amazing as it may seem to us. It’s my opinion that the Democrat party is functionally over – a dead annimal, road kill, what ever. But I admit that pearl of knowledge can take a damned long time to travel.

  2. The Romas (gypsies) all voted for Trump. So did Hungarian voters here. The Poles? Who cares?
    Why do you always talk about Poles on this blog and then mis spell their ethnic name?

  3. LOL ! Keeping the drama queens busy with shiny object “polls, the growing Trump “base” looks on and laughs and laughs.

    Yes, please keep “failing” us Mr. Trump.

    1. INlegaleagle: Please, please list for me what the orange blob has accomplished in 6+ months in office. I really don’t know, so please enlighten me.

      1. Please, please list for me what the orange blob has accomplished in 6+ months in office.

        1. Not Clinton for 6+ months and counting.

        Your welcome.

      2. Natacha, I’ll bet you always mention how much lake a man Michelle Obama looks. And Fran San Nan sure looks like a space alien, don’t you think? And what about Maxine Waters’ James Brown wig–surely that makes you laugh out loud.

        And how about Albert Arnold Algore’s perpetual bloated appearance?

        You are certainly a breath of fresh air. We can all make fun of any politician’s looks, because of you. Thanks!

        1. Please inform me: when did Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters or Michelle Obama call anyone fat pigs or disgusting?

          1. Leaving aside the context within which Mr. Trump said those things, and who started it in each instance, let’s just say that you simply LOVE to talk that way about people you don’t know but don’t like.

            Now, I can’t imagine how you learned that the president’s daughter in law mocked someone’s appearance, which seemingly, from your argument justifies your appearance-shaming of her, but isn’t it a doctrine of the Left these days that you simply are not allowed to talk that way?

            Let’s take Rosie O’Donnell. Since your writing here makes it plenty OK to say it, let’s be honest, Natacha: she IS in fact a fat pig. And a nasty piece of work on top of it. What’s wrong with pointing it out, for Mr. Trump, after she attacked him–and you feel comfortable talking that way, too?

            The thing is: Mr. Trump is not fat–but you keep lying about his appearance, claiming that he is indeed corpulent. Rosy is a fat slob; Trump was not lying about that. But YOU are lying about Trump’s weight.

            The Left always lies, and follows in their hypocrisy. The great thing is, with you around, we are free to fat-shame anyone we like–even if they are not fat. Thanks again!

      3. Natacha – the WH website has an up to date list of what Trump has done and signed.

      4. A conservative Supreme Court Justice. Withdrawal of 30+ Executive Orders Obama used to govern without congress. Such things as onerous EPA rules and regulations, including illegal and grabs.

  4. Want to see a bump in the Trump polls?

    Take out the Taliban in Afghanistan & Kim Jong Un in North Korea. The olive branch peace deals were offered, but they refused. This went on for 30, 40, 50 years.

      1. In fact the world has seen numerous detonations of nuclear weapons. Is President Trump talking about a new “technology?” What the heck have those brainiacs been doing down at Phantom Works, Area 51 and Los Alamos for the past half century? They should have developed unimaginable weapons, “…the likes of which the world has never seen…,” a long time ago, given their monumental budgets.

        1. Yeah

          The stuff is out of R/D & tested. Why not use it. Like a microwave oven, just follow the cooking instructions. Dinner is served, sleep like a baby…What’s all the weary about?

  5. The latest is the Trump version of Tass: he’s started his own propaganda network and has Eric’s bleached, over-Botoxed skanky wife as an anchor. This is because all of the media, except Fox, of course, are unfair and biased and don’t report how awesome and wonderful he is. So, he needs his own network to put out the word on all of his amazing accomplishments. Mikey Pence attempted to do this when he was governor in deep-red Indiana, and even the dipstick Hoosiers saw through it and got it shut down shortly after it started. Every day, another scandal and more proof of just how unfit this person is to be President. Every day it becomes increasingly apparent that everything this person does is to feed his massive ego, and that he will do virtually anything to receive adulation.

    1. “… bleached, over-Botoxed skanky….”

      I like this. Perhaps because I really dig fat-shaming, which is something Natacha digs, too.

      Talking like this is a fantastic way to think about politics, and to persuade. I wonder if Natacha wrote in here back when Obamacare was being promoted, and talked about how faggy was that pajama-boy with the hot chocolate in his hands was. Appearance is everything to Natacha, and that pathetic fellow sure must have disgusted her.

      This is a great trend incidentally, if she represents a shifting of winds. We can make fun of people because of the way they look, without fear of condemnation, and politics is the justification. I’m all for it. After all, we had a mincing metrosexual in the Whitehouse for an excruciating eight years, and no one was allowed to remark about it. I’m delighted by Natacha’s freedom to talk that way. Bravo!

      1. OK: let me explain some things to you: Chump refers to women as “fat pigs”, so it is totally ironic that he is bloating up like a toad. Even Pope Francis noticed this. He refers to women as “disgusting”, yet he has a fake tan that gives his skin a strange shade of orange, and an absurd pompadour that is covering his scalp reduction surgery to mask the fact that he is actually bald. He bragged about grabbing womens’ genitals to a reporter, if that’s what you want to call Billy Bush. Chump has a stick-figure-with-no-soul foreign-born subservient third wife, and he sponsors beauty pageants, which are all about female appearance. The most important thing about women in his universe is their appearance. They are subservient, mostly all bleached, show a lot of skin and cleavage and wear CFM pumps, but he looks like Jabba The Hut. Even homely Kellyanne shows cleavage and a lot of skin. He is the one who made appearance an issue, so throwing it right back in his face is fair game.

        The point of all of this is irony, which you don’t get. No one in President Obama’s Administration ever bragged about assaulting women sexually, called them fat pigs or disgusting, nor were they all phonied up like the skimpily-clad, bleached and Botoxed females in the Chump family. Melania’s face is so tight that she can hardly smile. They didn’t need to lie about Michelle’s education, either, like they did about Melania’s alleged college education that was fabricated. She may be intelligent, I don’t know, but she isn’t educated. Michelle, on the other hand, is a role model for young women of all races, not just for her Ivy-league education, but for her advocacy for fitness and healthy eating. Irony is the point–if Chump wants to call women fat pigs or disgusting, then he better not be either of these things. If he wants to call other people phony, then he shouldn’t advocate for female appearance as being superior to education and developing talent, nor should he be surrounded by females that are as phony as it gets. He once accused Barak Obama of being the stupidest person ever to occupy the White House. Well, Karma sure is a bitch, isn’t it? This comment inspires people to go after him every time he says or does something that proves his own stupidity and lack of fitness for office, and it’s never going to stop.

        1. what a joke re: “her advocacy for fitness and healthy eating” while Obama signed in the Dark Act which prohibits labeling of our food. So what if Melania doesn’t have a degree? Some of the brightest people I’ve ever met are self-educated. Melania speaks 5 languages. How many does Michelle speak?

    2. Always a source of good information, Natacha. You might want to practice your chops for “Mikey Pence,” who appears to be on deck. I would argue, but I usually like a response not composed from a damaged stream of consciousness.
      Trump my be an orange blob, but at least he gets the break in his trousers correct, not like the last guy.

      1. If you want to know about Mikey Pence, then dig up some transcripts from his former radio program called “Indiana Policy Review”. That is, if you can stomach radical Christian propaganda. You might want to know where he’s coming from if you think he may wind up in the White House.

          1. Because Pence doesn’t make fun of other peoples’ appearances, nor does he require women to bleach, Botox, dress skimpily or wear CFM pumps. Read prior post.

            1. I adore you, babe! You make me so happy! You liberate us to subjectively assess the appearance of strangers in public positions and mock them for our personal impressions. Fat, ugly, fashion-failed, makeup. All’s fair, according to you–and thus for all the rest of us. Thanks!

              1. You really don’t understand irony, do you? I’m not going to waste any more time attempting to explain to you the simple theory that if you are a public figure and are fat and gross yourself you have no business accusing other people of being fat or gross.

                1. So YOU get to do it. With verve. Fearless that no one will call you out on it.

                  I catch on. Liberals can say anything, while imposing the severest speech restrictions on anyone who they think negatively of. I think irony works its way into this somehow.

  6. Polls are meaningless unless we know exactly what questions were asked. It’s clear the – given the failure of repeal and replace- few Trump supporters are ecstatic these days. But ask them if they’d change their vote to HRC. I’ll
    Bet they would not.

  7. The end result is much the same and it is largely independent of the players. We are in an international phase of oligarchy, if not downright plutocracy, where the middle and lower classes are being stripped bare in every sense of the word including that of self governance or even of representation.

    In this period, all is appearances and Macron was diabolically clever in knowing how to appear different from Holland and Holland’s Vichy Socialist party that were raitors to workers and the middle class. So Macron created a whole new party which is the exact same as the old party; austerians that are stripping the public bare, stripping workers of rights that were so hard won in France, making it easy to hire cheap foreign labor, starving public programs such as health care, the famous trains and subway systems, even the post office in an inexorable march to privatize them for the profit of the rich..

    Macron is an economist by training and he has a lazer like focus on austerity which is currently the guiding principle of the European Union and particularly of the Eurozone. He will succeed in destroying a considerable part of France’s underlying social premise that the purpose of the state is for the benefit of the people rather than the people are disposable to the benefit of the giant corporations that the state is enthrall to. While this is Macron’s mission, the Eurozone is already deeply in trouble expressly due to the unsustainability of austerity as an economic system. In the meantime, his popularity will plummet like a rock.

    The similarity to Trump is that Macron conned his way in by lies – in Macron’s case the very dramatic lie of creating a totally faux new party. The difference is that Macron is focused on his mission of absolute rent extraction, rather than simply on himself, and he has the full backing of the European establishment.

    Trump is thrashing around. He demonstrated his weakness by signing a bill that removes his own presidential authority to oversee sanctions on a foreign country. In this case on Russia and that abrogation of Presidential authority will prove utterly counterproductive to our national interests (Russia will simply become far more independent and this will include closer relations with China which is the opposite of what is desired). This typifies Trump. He is a weakling that will do what ever he deems expedient to stay in power. This willingness to throw everyone overboard to protect numero uno will buy him some time with the establishment, but not for long. Ultimately they consider him a loose cannon that creates more problems than are solved by his willingness to capitulate at the drop of a hat and at the expense of his constituents.

    Hopefully both Macron and Trump will share the similarity of being one term Presidents. The real problem is what con artist will replace them and will enough people in either country start to come up with ways to fight what seems to be an inevitable empire collapse on a global scale.

    1. Macron was very clever in his campaign. HRC was not clever. At all.

      The forming new economic block of Russia, China, and Germany–and probably France will be interesting. I know McNuts is trying to lever Ukraine again to upset that, but I think the route is set.

      1. Well put. I tend to agree on your assessment of the economic block. Not much Zbigniew Brzezinski’s dystopia, and our leaders stampede to swallow it finger to the wind, can do to stop Europe, China and Russia from defending their own interests. I suppose Trump could set off the big fireworks which I imagine would please many in this country at least for a couple of microseconds.

        But weak and self serving as he is, I think Trump may be smart enough to realize that playing golf in a bunker one or two thousand feet below grade, by himself, has limitations.

  8. Macron’s ratings are dropping because he is editing the French social system of stuff France can no longer afford. Macron is fine tuning in the German fashion the interrelationship between corporate, labor, and government. He comes from a background that has studied and experienced all three. The French, like anyone, will whine and complain, the thicker the louder. If Macron’s moves produce positive results the French will be the first to realize that the medicine was for the best and his ratings will rise. The difference between the French and the Americans is that France is a true democracy with no private ownership of politicians and multiple parties which much cooperate. America is an oligarch designed by private ownership to be an either or system stagnated so that bought and paid for politicians provide for the top few percent using the disguise of democracy, free choice, etc., and somehow rooted in holy scriptures. France is designed to evolve and work out its problems. America, not so much. By the way, putting Macron and Trump in the same story is just downright mean to Macron.

    1. The Dems unquestionably provide for the rich and poor, and lack any sympathy for those who pay most of the bills, the working class. I can count at least a half dozen persons I have personally met who have their entire lifestyles paid for by me and other hard working taxpayers.

      One persons entire life struggles are caused by her being a drunk (what they were called before they invented the purely sympathetic term “alcoholic”). She has free rent in a 2-BR apartment, money to buy her drug of choice, food stamps, etc, etc. Oh, and don’t forget she gets sympathy too, whereas 50 years ago such scam bags were shamed and often (thankfully) died an early death. Unfortunately this maggot-parasite probably lives to be 80 plus. Another person has a minor physical disability that does not keep him from working with his college degree, the others fake mental problems that keep them unemployed, fat, and happily sucking on the government teet.

    2. So you are an austerian. You imagine a government is like a household and ignore that a household can’t “create money” when it needs to stimulate the economy. Austerity is nearing the end of it’s shelf life no matter how many times the public is willing to be conned. And you are wrong. Both Holland and Macron (despite the faux banners they fly), but more particularly the European establishment are all deeply committed to privatization. Privatization is the goal, austerity is the means. What do you think they are doing to Greece – like a pack of ravenous jackals.

      Belief in austerity as an economic policy is like belief in blood letting. The more you do it, the sicker the patient becomes. The sicker the patient becomes, the more necessary it is (by your compass) it is to double down on MORE blood letting. And so it goes.

      1. The last time anything like real austerity was applied to a depression was 1920-21 in the US. It was a spectacular success. Keynesian solutions produce, at best, the type of stagnation that Japan experienced in the 1920s and 1990s, and we experienced in the 1930s and since 2008 in the US.


      2. What is “austerity”? Has Greece, for instance, eliminated say, half of its governmental departments, and fired most of its bureaucrats? Has it gotten out of the schooling business? Stopped “regulating” its economy? These things would be marks of “austerity,” but I don’t think they have attempted any real reversal of socialism. Has any country?

        Certainly, JR is right about Coolidge’s America, when he/she uses the term “anything like,” but the truth is that Cal didn’t REVERSE any of the horrors that were starting to destroy America in the prior decade (the creation of the Federal Reserve, the institution of an income tax). He just didn’t use the Treasury to intervene. Sitting pat and letting the marketplace function isn’t “austere,” it’s just not growing new flab.

        1. I’ll take it further. The depression that began in 1920 had a more severe drop in GDP and rise in unemployment than the depression that began in 1929. Wilson was incapacitated so did nothing. The much maligned and vastly underrated Harding slashed spending and taxes at all income levels, and reduced the national debt by a third. By the autumn of 1921 recovery was well underway, with unemployment down sharply and strong GDP growth.

          1. You’re right about Harding, JR. I’m a great fan of Coolidge too, of course, when all is said and done. Your whole statement is of course correct. I just wish that Cal took advantage of the opportunity, instead of just letting it all play itself out.

        2. You are correctly, if loosely, identifying austerity with the phenomenon of transferring power and resources (money, assets, and so on) upward to the rich in the form of corporations – largely financial. This process also involves transferring the day to day business of managing these assets and resources away from a government whose primary purpose is to directly benefit the people, over to corporate entities whose sole duty is to make a profit ostensibly for it’s shareholders, but primarily – as it turns out – for the benefit of its executives.

          But you imagine it happens all at once. The transfer of wealth from the people and their government to financial institutions, and banks who turn around and provide diminished access to them in the form of rent extraction for shelter and necessities and serfdom in work relationships takes time and massive amounts of propaganda partly because it is so obviously in no one’s interest except the giant corporations and their tiny plutocracy of owners. It has been going on in this country for over 40 years and we are just beginning to see the ultimate fruits in the form of collapsing government and infrastructure.

          In the case of Greece, austerity is an external phenomenon being imposed on them from without, largely by the Troika and particularly by Germany’s financial elite and it has only started in earnest in the last decade. This comes about due to their tragic mistake of joining the European Union and more particularly the Eurozone. Since the process of wealth transfer is so obviously toxic to the well being of the vast majority of people (referred to as the 99.9%), it takes time and absolutely massive amounts of propaganda emanating from think tanks, schools, the Main Stream Media, and so on to create populations sufficiently dead inside to acquiesce to their own destruction..

          So be patient.

          1. Well that’s an interesting response. Were you TRYING to miss my point?

            I like this part: “a government whose primary purpose is to directly benefit the people”. Well, I think that government’s purpose is not to provide any kind of benefit to anyone, but to stop evil–and almost nothing else. That is, it should not be thought of as a promoter of good, but only a suppressor of bad. Maintain a level playing field, in other words.

            Of course, all governments in the modern era are assumed to be grown in size, endlessly, even when the presstitutes assure us that supranational entities impose “austerity” upon them. That’s because people are stupid, for the most part, and the presstitutes know that. Hell, the presstitutes themselves are abysmally stupid themselves about these matters.

            That is, the presstitutes bemoan “austerity” because welfare recipients have their dole reduced when the IMF and whatever agents the Germans care to use to extract their pound of flesh fear that countries like Greece might default on their loans. Why, I ask, must we accept that definition? Bloated government is the problem, and the dole is only the symptom. REAL austerity would be directed at the GOVERNMENT, the pusher, not the junkie.

            REAL austerity would mean that 90% of government employees would have to find honest work, because that’s the REAL dole–sinecures in the permanent state–and that’s never even dreamed of. This fake version of “austerity” is a painful joke. What is needed is radical decentralization, the elimination of the very possibility of rent-seeking because government is too powerless to dispense largesse. Every man in Greece could go back to catching fish and selling them in a small village, or growing his own wine, or making his goats’ milk into cheese. They would be forced to restore the good society the bloated, monstrous State squeezed out of existence.

            An austerity whose name no one dares utter.

            1. “presstitutes”, eh? Sounds like bodily fluids I’ll stay away thanks, 🙂

              One of the reasons Medicare is so wildly successful is because it eliminates the “profit” motive and goes straight for spending a maximum amount on actual health care. The same thing holds true for various forms of government management; the military, the post office, the fire department, the police (until asset theft), universal health care, transportation such as trains (in some coutries) and so on. True, government can get out of control and become top heavy, but then unregulated Capitalism seems to invariably become corrupted as well.

              As to TRYING to miss [your] point, you don’t seem to have much of a point to make, never mind much of one to intentionally miss even if one wanted to go to the bother.

              1. Other than a mish-mash of vaguely understood ideologies, that is.

                1. Not so much.

                  The point I thought was implicit in my initial reply is that what they always talk about as “austerity” is nothing of the sort. I thought that was obvious. True austerity would be choking off the monster’s life blood (the monster being the State and the blood being its access to money).

                  Government is the agency of the problem the Greek people suffer from. They should have relinquished the debts the politicians incurred in their name, fired most of the employees behind that crime, and gone back to the world depicted in Zorba the Greek. Spain and Italy should do the same. They had great countries once upon a time. Communities took care of themselves, without religious faith in a distant bureaucracy.

                  Austerity, in its true sense, is choking the bureaucracy to death. Which option is off the table.

                  If you did not catch that (to me obvious) point, well, I gave you too much credit.

                  1. While you are resonating to the same tired old dog whistles used time and again over the last 40 years to sell neoliberalism to conservatives who are particularly subject to resentment and paranoia, people are dying of austerity in Greece. You have absolutely no idea of whats going on there or what you are talking about. Most of these are people who didn’t even take out loans but who have now had their pensions raided and their jobs and economy trashed by a government desperate to pay off loans of truly draconian terms; so much so that people are literally starving. Meanwhile you sit in your safe little American cocoon soaking up two thirds of the worlds resources and passing your simplistic judgement on peoples about whose circumstances you haven’t a clue.

                    As to the issues with taxation, Greece blew it and initiated a policy of extensive over taxation (long before but subsequently exacerbated by the current debt fiasco imposed by the Troika). As people found more and more ways to avoid these draconian taxes, the government responded by adding ever new and greater taxes. A viscous cycle. It may sound all in line with your misplaced and stereotyped moralistic views, but it has nothing to do with the loafers and dead beats that populate your fantasies and turn them into nightmares of resentment.

                    This misplaced judgement is obvious from your wistful ignorance of what Greece or Italy actually were in what you call their hay day (you reference Zorba the Greek – 1930s) At that time both Italy and Greece were largely fascist states. Heyday to you perhaps, but to the people who lived and worked there, crushing authoritarianism with dehumanized bureaucracies meddling in every aspect of their lives.

                    As to classical Greece, government was everywhere and accepted by all as an institution of enlightenment and of the people. Capitalism, in the sense of exploiting the labor of others as a commodity, wasn’t even nascent though there were rudimentary markets.

              2. You touched upon it. Society is made up of issues that are better off run through government and others better off run through the private sector. Where everyone pays for everyone, in the case of healthcare, the private sector is a parasite and serves to raise costs. This is a fact that is proven year in and year out in the 36 better health care systems/countries. The only thing that keeps America backward in these respects is that it is an oligarchy and its representatives are bought and paid for before they get into the system. The two party system creates the stagnation as well as the chaos and allows the oligarchs free rein. To be great again, America must look to the successful models and learn. If you don’t learn you simply stay the same or fall behind. Trump is the result of chaos as he thrives on it. When a point of exasperation reaches confusion, his drivel sounds attractive. The only problem is that Trump is mentally unbalanced.

        3. patrick, Greece is a double whammy. Socialists w/o anyone paying taxes. Those freakin’ Greeks just say “screw it” and are all scofflaws to varying degrees. The hard working Greeks have all left Greece a while ago, came here and opened diners. My sister worked her way through college in New Haven, CT. She worked @ a Greek diner open hours a day, EVERY day of the year. It was owned by 2 Greek brothers. One worked Midnight to noon, the other noon to midnight. They both worked EVERY day of the year. Greeks never rent the property where they operate a restaurant. They always own it and like to own the adjacent properties as well.

          1. I suppose the question then is (and I am not surprised it comes to this): can a richly nuanced and lovely culture, once free but subsequently communized, be brought back from the flesh eating germ that is communism? Maybe not.

            I know something of those diners. I grew up in Chicago, a few blocks away from Jon Turley, in fact–he was my high school buddy’s kid brother–and there are plenty of places around there like the one you mention. It was often said about those hard working guys that they saved every penny they made in Chicago and retired to Greece as rich men.

            Perhaps all the verve and independence and love of freedom was communized out of the Greeks, and there is no hope for them. Certainly they’re not trying to drive out the Moslem invaders this time around, as they had the spunk to do once or twice before. Very complacent, they seem to have become. Perhaps all the best of them came to America. Shame.

            1. patrick, We are tentatively planning to visit Greece in 2018. We will be going w/ Greek friends who have family there and speak the language. I’ll report back.

    3. Macron was sucking up to Trump during Bastille Day. Can’t the Canadian Rain Man read?

      1. Canadians are very worried the vapid, pretty boy PM is going to get his clock cleaned during NAFTA negotiations.

        1. Trudeau has handled the idiot President quite well thus far. Trudeau has been given high marks for his handling of Trump while being chastised for not coming through on other campaign promises like adjusting the election process. Observer the difference between the Canadians who can actually think out each issue and some Americans who simply can’t think at all.

      2. Macron was doing what ever adult does with a petulant child, or a mentally unbalanced person; patronizing him, placating him, making him feel important so he will be of some use or better still, simply leave France alone. That’s what you do with spoiled brats.

  9. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/345662-the-memo-signs-of-trouble-emerge-in-trumps-base “On Monday evening, a new CNN poll put his job approval rating at 38 percent. Just as worryingly from the White House’s perspective, the same survey showed his “strong approval” among Republicans sliding to 59 percent, from 73 percent in February.

    In a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, Trump registered an overall job approval rating of just 33 percent.

    The president was even underwater among white people without a college education — the heart of his election-winning coalition last November — registering 43 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval with that group.

    And the Quinnipiac poll, like the CNN survey, showed a decline in the share of Republicans approving of his performance. Among Republicans, his performance won the approval of 76 percent now in contrast to 84 percent in late June.”

  10. On point, but I have to say: if dems take the midterms, it will be the first time in my life I might consider retiring in another country. The modern day DNC is a very different beast, and a beast it is. Life as we know it and any opportunity to build a future would cease. Trump is a loudmouth and a buffoon, but thus far very little has transpired that actually impacts our day to day lives (barring the chicanery of the FCC). A DNC controlled government would be the end of us at this point, methinks, it would be the new Dark Ages. Elightenment and fairness will have pulled an Elvis and left the building. I am voting Independent or Republican for the rest of my life. The democratic party no longer exists as an option in my mind. I know there are many others who feel similarly. If they think it’s going to be a sweep, they are in for a surprise.

    1. The “impact on your day to day lives” kind of depends on who you are and where you live. While he has been ineffective in passing legislation, he’s created more uncertainty surrounding health care, the EPA has turned a blind eye to the ecology (the just leaked climate report might force them to do something) and the Justice Department is trying to bring back mass incarceration and keep those private prisons full, then there’s the immigration policy which literally requires people to keep proof of citizenship (papers) on their person if they look like they might be illegal.

  11. ‘The vast majority of American no longer believe Trump or his Administration.’

    This percentage of Americans is growing every time Trump opens his lying mouth. Regardless of how thick some Americans are, they cannot keep the reality of the situation from seeping in for long. They don’t believe because he does next to nothing but spout ridiculous lies. His base is strong but shrinking. The biggest dupes usually hold together stronger the longer.

    1. Trump doesn’t perceive his statements as “lies” but rather as “great ideas” that only he is able to come up with. While it may be true that the Lebanese government supports Hezbollah, Trump probably believes that his idea that Lebanon is fighting Hezbollah is what they should be doing and probably what some in the Lebanese government are doing. In his mind, whatever he says is gospel and must be true no matter how many others think otherwise.

  12. Bill Clinton’s low polling resulted from overreach on the health care initiative. He could recover in a way that Trump cannot. He was by most accounts personally charming, and he was willing to tack to the center after losing Congress. His policies were far more free market oriented, at least in the last six years of his presidency, than Bush. Bush II, Obama or Trump. Finally, the Fed was just beginning its 20-year project of looting the middle class on Main Street to levitate markets on Wall Street. Trump, on the other hand, has no coherent policy or beliefs and seems downright unlikeable to most people.

  13. You have to get down to the raw data on the poll to find out what is really going on.

        1. LOL. Anyone who has ever read what I write knows I am a mouthpiece for NO ONE but myself. You, are projecting, Ken Doll/Dem Troll.

    1. I tend to agree. And if it’s a one time gig, then there’s no holding back. Got to get it done. Buckle up and watch him work. 🙂

  14. All polls had Brexit and Trump losing. Polls are one of elitists tools to control the masses. Get off the poll troll wagon, JT.

    1. Agreed. I don’t know what function polls serve, it isn’t as if politicians pay any attention to them. They only serve their paymasters, e.g., the lobbyists.

        1. Precisely. The federal government is the creation of the states, not the people, and thus the exacutive is selected by the states. Thank God for the federal system. Imagine the nightmare we would suffer through if the people who ruined California empowered to choose the president. Ugh!

          1. I have a hope that the Trump presidency will help our friends on the left rediscover federalism and Constitutional limits on executive power. A low probability hope, but a hope nonetheless.

      1. At least I’m an American and not a Russian. And Hillary wasn’t my first choice. I’m just someone who believes in majority rule not minority rule.

        1. Well Jane, then you then need to work and amend the Constitution. Buona fortuna!

        2. We HAVE majority rule. The states, weighted for population, select the president; the majority of the electors–who are apportioned based on population–decide who becomes president. It’s a glorious way to avert the horrifying prospect that California, New York and Illinois would render Iowa, Wyoming and West Virginia voiceless.

          1. HRC’s entire plurality vote differential and then some came from just four cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Scary what might happen without the Electoral College.

        3. I’m just someone who believes in majority rule not minority rule.

          A perfect example of why we have the electoral college. Thank you for making the founding father’s point.

        1. Thanks. I enjoyed reading your post. One question. Could you be specific and explain what you mean by “hacking our election”? We hear those words all the time in the media and few people know what that means, exactly. I’m just wondering what your take is.

          1. What we know Russia did was attack us on social media, unleashing a number of false news stories designed to influence our elections in favor of Trump and undermine confidence. They used human resources and “bots” in an attempt to influence public opinion. They at least tested the software governing our voting machines which typically operate on the county level. If they had any success I’m frankly not sure anyone would tell us. They attempted to influence people including members of the Trump campaign. Whatever success they may have had will likely be uncovered in the investigations. We know the Republican platform was influenced at the behest of Russians and with the willing support of Paul Manafort. We know they met with Kushner and Trump, Jr offering help. We don’t yet know the truth about what happened because the White House version of events is quite changeable depending on what the press has uncovered. We know there are real estate deals between Russians and Trump himself that in the very least are highly questionable and his attitude towards Russia is thus far inexplicable. That’s what I mean by hacked!

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