Oregon Schools Strip “Lynch” Name From Three Schools Because They Sound Like “Lynching”

cropped-Lynch-Logo-Empower2It appears that the Centennial School District is really appreciative to the Lynch family for their generous donation of land for the establishment of public schools.  However, it appears that their name is simply unacceptable because, when used as a noun, it brings up painful images of lynchings.  We have previously discussed the same lunacy in higher education with buildings named after a Lynch.  It appears that even if a school wants to name itself after Loretta Lynch, the first female African American Attorney General, she will have to change her name.  Ironically, the first word in the motto of the Lynch Elementary School is “learn” but the learning curve appears too steep in the view of the board.  Under the same logic, animal rights activists could object that the school symbol is calling for the lynching of lion cubs — a highly disturbing and traumatic image for young children.

 KATU reported that the school board in Portland, Ore., dropped “Lynch” from the names of elementary schools after receiving complaints that the names of Lynch Meadows Elementary School, Lynch View Elementary School and Lynch Wood Elementary School reminded them too much of “lynch mobs” and “lynchings.”


As Sharlene Giard, a realtor and the school board’s chairwoman, explained that it was simply impossible to have children of color walk into a school with the name Lynch” “We have children of color and other cultures and we want to make sure that they are able to cross the threshold of those three schools and be comfortable in their surroundings.”  Wouldn’t have been easier (and even educational) to simply explain that Lynch is a personal name and not a noun.  Even on the elementary level, did students really think the school was built as a celebration of lynchings of minorities by mobs in Portland, Oregon?


Loretta_Lynch$So now anyone named Lynch should understand that their accomplishments will have to be recognized without using their names in memorials or dedications.  That turns out to be a rather long list of accomplished Lynches. That includes not just Loretta Lynch but leaders like John Roy Lynch who not only became an attorney and military officer after being born a slave but was elected as the first African-American Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives.  Too bad his name is not Giard.

It is chilling to see our public educational system in the hands of adults who think that this is a proper response to complaints rather than a discussion of the truth behind the name.  How about a nice plaque on the Lynch family?  It appears simply easier to ban the surname without any connection to an act of violence or intolerance.  It is not clear if we will not shrub off the names of others with unfortunate nounal implications like  Master.  PETA may want to change the name Skinner Elementary School.  Native Americans might want to strip away the name on Savage Elementary School.  How about an inner city school named Gunn Elementary School?  

The alternative honorees could have similar problem.  Famous Oregon author Raymond Carver might upset vegans. Oregon football legend Sonny Sixkiller is a dead letter.  Oregon author Bob Welch has the misfortune of a surname now viewed as a terrible slur.  

I guess they could just name every school after Oregon native Courtney Love or, in the the interests of full disclosure, after Oregon civil war hero William Boring.  Even better, they can capture the truly neutral content of their educational mission by naming it after Oregon native Mel Blanc.

My greatest concern is the type of children we are raising into citizens who are sheltered not only from pressures but perceived (and incorrect) insults of any kind.  The notion that it whether something is a real insult or not is immaterial. It is entirely based not on the true meaning or intent but merely how it is perceived by others.  That is a terrible lesson not only in terms of history but citizenship for these students under the tutelage  of the Centennial School District.


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  1. Prepare to erase patton from history because it sounds like patent and that held the man down. Plus he cussed a lot and killed ppl.

  2. Oh, what a lot of hooey. It’s all about keeping the Liberal Democrat Poor Little Black People Narrative alive. Because there is no excuse for Blacks in the year 2017 to be as broke, ignorant and savage as they are. Sooo, the Left keeps trying to distract from the year 2017, and throw it all back to before World War 1, and whatever.

    Look! Blacks are poor today, because of lynchings a 100 years ago! I guess we now know why come Blacks have that 72% illegitimate birth rate. And commit over half of the murders in the country. It’s all those lynchings a 100 years ago.

    Sheesh, there’s been more blacks murdered by blacks in Chicago alone over the last decade than were ever lynched in the country, in toto.

    According to the NAACP, there 4,743 total lynchings in America from 1882 to 1968, with 72.7% of them being blacks. That means 3,448 blacks were lynched.

    Meanwhile, in Chicongo, here are the murders per year over the last 10 years, 4910 or so, and I estimate that at least 80% or so were black on black which equates to 3,928 black victims of murder by other other blacks:

    2007: 448
    2008: 513
    2009: 459
    2010: 436
    2011: 435
    2012: 516
    2013: 441
    2014: 432
    2015: 468
    2016: 762



    Heck, more blacks murder each other each year than were lynched over 86 years of lynchings in total.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. What would make you believe your figure for lynchings was accurately reported? I could give you examples of towns in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Florida that were wiped out and the death toll was underreported by hundreds in each instance. The history you choose to believe is not the history that was.

      1. What difference does it make in 2017??? Thousands of poor Southern whites were killed in the Civil War, and afterwards thru disease and starvation. Millions of “my people” were killed in World War II in concentration camps, and that is within the lifetime of people now living. Does any of that give me an excuse in 2017 to pop out a few b*st*rd brats by several different baby daddies, or make it OK for me to try to get barb wire banned???

        The Japs in this country were locked up for three or four years during World War II, and they came out of the camps and got back to life. In 1988, they got $20,000 each in reparations, but you know what? Most of them didn’t really need the money, because they had already gotten their lives back thru hard work and good behavior.

        Sooo, add a few thousand poor dead Negroes to the lynching total, and you still don’t come anywhere close to the number of Blacks that are being murdered by black savages inside of 18 months, or less.

        My advice to you is the same as it to Betty Kath and few other people who comment here: Try living in 2017 and forget what happened 100+ years as a cause of the current problems in the black community. Open up your eyes and take a gander at that black 72% illegitimate birth rate. That’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

        And, if you don’t believe the NAACP website lynching figures, then take it up with them.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. The “800 pound gorilla in the room” is your excuse to ignore why the past matters in 2017. The original post by Turley basically mocked and sensitivities to lynching in Oregon (where they occurred also). You wouldn’t (well you just might) mock Jews referring to the Holocaust. The Whitewashing of American history seems just the right term.

          1. I would not mock the Jews, because what happened was both real, and horrible. BUT, that does not seem to have resulted in a complete breakdown of morals among Jews, to where the majority of them are now born out of wedlock, or to where they commit over half the murders in the country. And, there is no one trying to exploit the Holocaust to explain their aberrant behavior, because on the whole, they are pretty law abiding.

            With Blacks, however, it is just another day at the Whine Whine Whine Poor Little Negroes Office. Which, is why I think the silly school board did this, to show solidarity with the folks who are keeping it sooo real!

            Lets see, 72% of black kids are illegitimate, the kids are mostly pretty dumb and don’t even try in school, and blacks commit a way out of proportion amount of crime and savagery in the country. Why aren’t we discussing that, instead of slavery, the Confederate Flag, Jim Crow days, the separate bathrooms, lynching, White Privilege.

            IMHO, it is simply to distract from the realities of 2017, and the fact that 72% of black kids are illegitimate, the kids are mostly pretty dumb etc.etc, etc.

            Criminy, but certain liberal white folks are doing their best to cover up stuff that is happening in 2017, like hordes of savage black teens attacking a Bart Train, and focusing instead on 100+ year old lynchings. To wit:

            April 22: Forty to sixty kids boarded a train at the Coliseum stop and robbed seven passengers, beating up two;

            June 28: A group of four kids assaulted a passenger and made off with a cell phone at Dublin; and

            June 30: A woman on a train with about a dozen teenagers had her phone snatched by one them before the group got off at the Coliseum stop. Thankfully, a good Samaritan was on hand to retrieve the phone.

            So far, BART has refused to turn over surveillance video for any of these incidents.

            ALSO READ: Security Guard Foils Teens In Another BART Strong-Arm Robbery

            Allen told us the agency issued an explanation for why it is being tight-lipped about the thefts.

            “To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district,” she was told. “And in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”

            According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. America’s past, slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, job and housing discrimination, voter suppression, redlining, segregated and definitely not equal schools, mass incarceration. Many of those were not “100 years ago,” some continue to the present. How could those possibly have an impact in 2017 including the illegitimacy rate you love to cite. You “would not mock the Jews” yet you mock black people on a regular basis.

              1. There you go whining again! You know what horrible thing that most black people have to face in their day to day existence in 2017 is??? It’s other black people. It’s their black single mothers who bring in one john after another to sleep with, with their kids around. Who end up molesting the kid. It’s the black gang on the street shooting the neighborhood up. It’s their black neighbors stealing everything that isn’t tied down, to where they can’t even have an Amazon delivery, or a pizza delivery. It’s having to send your black kid to school with a bunch of little black monkeys who care not one whit for education. And your little black kid has to try to learn in that environment.

                It’s the black drug dealers, and the black crack hos, and the black single mother whore with 6 kids that she has turned out into the streets at all hours of the day. It’s the house that a black person bought, that will probably not go up in value, because it is located in a black neighborhood that looks like a scene from a jungle movie.

                One day, black people will admit that they have met the enemy, and their enemy is them.

                I have provided this video to you before, where TS talks about how he was brought up more than he does about the 6 year old black brat with a gun. Try listening to it. It’s compelling, and sad, and exactly what I see in Penelope’s black clients. Or, you can’t keep on whining about some really relevant like a lynching back in 1923.


                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                  1. AND because it is not being used to excuse their bad behavior in 2017. Funny how you missed that part, isn’t it. And funny how you never seem to address anything I say to you. You never deal with the 72% illegitimate birth rate, and why it still exists in the 21st century. You never deal with how other people in the world overcome the bad things that happened to them in say, the 1940s, while blacks are still whining about slavery in the 1800’s.

                    If it ain’t about whining, making up dumb excuses for bad black behavior, and blaming white people for everything, then you just don’t want any part of it, do you?

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. I don’t see black people whining about slavery, or Jim Crow or every iteration that came after. If you want to see real whining, listen to those claiming reverse racism which is apparently being implemented without all of the trappings of power of the original.

                    2. enigma – Whose film company is named 40 Acres and a Mule? Who is asking for slave reparations from the entire nation, even though most of us were not here and there are no slaves left?

                    3. Spike Lee owns the film company. Many people are talking about reparations which have historical precedent. Reparations were given to the Japanese after the internment camps. I don’t push for reparations because I believe they are unachievable and it would be time and energy that I’d never get back. Not that I think they aren’t deserved. America’s inherited wealth which is much of it, has a direct relationship to the way it was originally “earned.” America’s poverty in many cases has a causal relationship as well.

              2. enigma – when blacks push whites to the back of the classroom and refuse to let them speak, they deserve to be mocked. If whites did the same thing, they deserve to be mocked. We all hang together or we all hang separately.

          2. “The original post by Turley basically mocked and sensitivities to lynching in Oregon”

            He mocked people being so sensitive that they would discriminate against a family’s name. Children are not so stupid as to believe their school is named for a horrible act.

            Adult anxieties are being pushed onto kids who should istead be made aware of the generosity of the people for whom their school is named. Instead the name Lynch has been branded as a terrible word, nevermind the context.

            Reminds me of the poor innocent O, unjustly maligned by Captain Black in The Wonderful O:

            “I’ve had a hatred of that letter ever since the night my mother became wedged in a porthole.” he explained. “We couldn’t pull her in so we had to push her out.”

            The school board stomped on that family’s generosity. Apparently they are now community pariahs for having the “wrong” last name. They shall henceforth be known as the L-word Family instead of the Lynch Family, again never mind the history of their family name.

            The name Lynch either derives from de Lench, a family who invaded Britain with William the Conqueror, or, the Irish form which comes from the name O Loingsigh which derives from a Gaelic word meaning mariner.

            The school board members are anxiety-ridden language police.

      1. frankly, why not start your own blog and write about topics you favor, rather than spewing your idiocy on an entirely unrelated thread?

  3. Diane Ravitch wrote a incisive book called The Language Police. In it she noted the attempts from both the right and the left to rewrite tests, books, and curriculum. Two examples in the book remind me of the concern that kids would have problems with the name of their school.

    A passage about G.W. Carver was removed from a standardized test because kids with peanut allergies might become too anxious to answer the questions about it.

    And, passages on a standardized test about snowflakes and snow were removed because kids who had never experienced snow would not be able to answer the questions.

    In the musical The Music Man the local gossips bad-mouthed “Miser Madison”, the richest man in town who gave the town the hospital, high school, park, and library.

    Sounds to me like the people surrounding Lynch Elementary School are singing:

    “Pick-a-little, talk-a-little, pick-a-little, talk-a-little, cheep, cheep, cheep, talk-a-lot, pick a little more!”

  4. And, of course, there is the literal translation of the Grand Teton mountains ….

  5. There are a number of States with a Lynchburg. Librarians in Ohio and Illinois assure the public there was never a history of racial violence there. Lynchburg, Missouri was named for the numerous lynchings there. Virginia’s named after Charles Lynch whom most attribute the word to. He’s credited with “Lynch Law” generally applying to British Loyalists although he was a tobacco farmer and owned slaves who no doubt he was very nice to. Lynchburg, TN was named after a different Lynch although there has been at least one lynching. Lynchburg, Mississippi has the good graces to no longer exist. While a little research can dig up an incomplete list of lynchings by every state. South Carolina was good enough to publish the race and alleged crime of the victim. I say alleged because that whole court thing goes against the whole idea of lynchings. I won’t deem to tell any here what conclusions to draw.

    Search billions of records on Ancestry.com

    First Name

    Last Name

    Name Race M/F Offense Date County
    Adams, Luke B M Attacked Woman (rape) 20 Apr 1924 Orangeburg
    Adams, Mitchell B M Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Allen, Wm B M Murder 24 Aug 1921 Lexington
    Baker, Dora B F Prejudice 22 Feb 1898 Williamsburg
    Baker, Frazier B M Prejudice 22 Feb 1898 Williamsburg
    Barksdale, Heyward B M Attempted Rape 10 May 1893 Laurens
    Becket, Martin M Assaulted Girl (rape) 25 Jul 1882 Hampton
    Belin, John B M Murder 27 Jan 1898 Florence
    Bell, Peter B M Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Best, Walter B M Murder 23 Feb 1918 Barnwell
    Black, James B M Murder 4 Jun 1902 Colleton
    Black, Wm B M Burglary 7 Jan 1890 Barnwell
    Blake, Wm Sr B M Murder & Robbery 17 Oct 1895 Hampton
    Blakeney, Daniel B M Assaulted Girl
    (attempted rape) 8 Aug 1882 Lancaster
    Bonnet, Nathan B M Attempted Rape 13 Sep 1882 Barnwell
    Bookard, Kitt B M Quarrelling 11 Jul 1904 Berkeley
    Brinson, Joseph B M Assault 29 Mar 1912 Cherokee
    Brown, Lawrence B M Arson 6 Jan 1897 Orangeburg
    Brunson, Charles B M Assault 8 Mar 1886 Hampton
    Burt, Wm B M Assault 17 Feb 1900 Aiken
    Butler, Jesse B M 16 Jul 1903 Aiken
    Butler, Mansfield B M Murderous Assault 8 Sep 1921 Aiken
    Caldwell, Andy B M Assaulted Woman (rape) 21 Jun 1889 Fairfield
    Campbell, Caleb B M Criminal Assault (rape) 3 JUn 1882 Fairfield
    Cantri, Marion B M Assault 23 Feb 1913 Clarendon
    Chisolm, Edward B M Injuring Livestock 9 May 1892 Berkeley
    Clark, Flute B M Murder & Attempted Rape 25 Nov 1910 Lexington
    Collins, Benjamin B M Murder 10 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Cook, David B M Attempted Rape 16 Jul 1882 Kershaw
    Cooper, Simon B M Murder 8 Jan 1897 Sumter
    Cornish, Wm B M Assaulted Woman 21 Jul 1901 Beaufort
    Cornwell, Samuel B M Quarrel with White Man 29 Sep 1888 Chester
    Crawford, Anthony B M Murderous Assault 21 Oct 1916 Abbeville
    Crawford, Jefferson B M Murder 2 JUn 1894 York
    Culbreath, O T W M Murder 21 Sep 1885 Edgefield
    Danford, Tut B M Turned State’s Evidence 8 May 1889 Abbeville
    Darling, Jeff B M Murder 10 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Davis, Arthur B M Injured Mule 8 Jan 1909 Florence
    Davis, Jacob B M Rape 21 Aug 1893 Greenwood
    Davis, Mark B M Assault 17 Nov 1906 Newberry
    Davis, Robert B M Attempted Assault (rape) 16 Aug 1906 Greenwood
    DeLoache, Frank B M Murder 22 Dec 1905 Barnwell
    DeLoache, John B M Murder 22 Dec 1905 Barnwell
    Dicks, Dan B M Intent to Rape 17 Jul 1896 Aiken
    Dowdle, Bailey B M Murder 5 Apr 1887 York
    Dublin, Alfred B M Attempted Arson 13 Mar 1912 Bamberg
    Dublin, Richard B M Attempted Arson 13 Mar 1912 Bamberg
    Elliott, Frank B M Assaulted Girl (rape) 1 Apr 1884 York
    Elrod, Reuben B M 30 Jun 1903 Anderson
    Etheridge, Robert B M Attempted Assault (rape) 20 Aug 1906 Saluda
    Evans, Charles B M Murder 1 JUl 1903 Orangeburg
    Felder, John B M Stealing 20 Dec 1912 Orangeburg
    Fogle, John B M Attempted Rape 28 Nov 1903 Dorchester
    Ford, Cain B M Murder 4 Jun 1902 Colleton
    Furz, Hugh B M Accessory to Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Gaillard, Samuel B M Rape 5 May 1893 Williamsburg
    Gill, Hardy B M Attempted Murder 3 Jun 1894 Lancaster
    Gilmore, Jim B M Attempted Rape 23 Nov 1908 Hampton
    Good, Giles B M Murder 5 Apr 1887 York
    Goode, Eliza B F 13 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Gray, Henry B M Rape 23 Jul 1897 Laurens
    Green, Allen B M 23 Apr 1930 Oconee
    Green, Wm B M Frightened Women 4 Dec 1914 Florence
    Harris, Elbert B M Arson May 1898 Anderson
    Harrison, Essex B M Murder 10 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Head, Dennis B M Refused Information 16 Jul 1903 Aiken
    Howard, Sam B M Cohabitation 12 Nov 1898 Florence
    Hudson, George B M Attempted Murder 2 Jun 1907 Edgefield
    Hughes, Mose B M Father of Arsonist 3 Jun 1906 Union
    Hunter, David B M Violated Contract 4 Jan 1898 Laurens
    Jackson, Columbus B M Murder 9 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Jackson, Willis B M Criminal Assault (rape) 10 Oct 1911 Anderson
    Jenkins, Dan B M Attacked Women (rape) 21 Jun 1930 Union
    Johnson, Harrison B M Witness to Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Johnson, Henry B M Rape 3 Dec 1890 Pickens
    Johnson, Ira B M Murder 15 Jul 1895 Greenville
    Johnson, John B M Rape 12 Jun 1882 York
    Johnson, Ripley B M Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Jones, Judge B M Witness to Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Kaigler, Handy B M Rape 31 Jul 1893 Lexington
    Kearse, Hannah B F Knowledge of Theft 2 Dec 1895 Colleton
    Kearse, Isom B M Theft 2 Dec 1895 Colleton
    Kennedy, Calvin B M Rape 29 Feb 1896 Aiken
    Kennedy, Robert B M Attempted Rape 7 Nov 1893 Spartanburg
    Kirkland, Edward B M Murder 24 Oct 1921 Allendale
    Laddison, John B M Attempted Murder 23 Nov 1901 Anderson
    Lawton, Will B M Murderous Assault 6 Dec 1893 Greenwood
    Leaphart, Willie B M Rape 5 May 1890 Lexington
    Lee, General B M Attempted Burglary 13 Jan 1904 Dorchester
    Lincoln, Isaac B M Insulted White Woman 30 May 1893 Oconee
    Lipscomb, Moses B M Murder 5 Apr 1887 York
    Lowman, Bertha B F Murder 8 Oct 1926 Aiken
    Lowman, Clarence B M Murder 8 Oct 1926 Aiken
    Lowman, Demmon B M Murder 8 Oct 1926 Aiken
    Lozier, Will B M Murder 12 Jul 1915 Abbeville
    Lundy, Richard B M Murder 7 Dec 1891 Edgefield
    Mackey, James B M Murder 25 Oct 1898 Edgefield
    Mackey, Wash B M Murder 25 Oct 1898 Edgefield
    McFadden, George B M Criminal Assault (rape) 1 Oct 1893 Williamsburg
    McKinney, Wade B M Murder 9 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    McKnight, Andrew M Making Indecent Remarks 26 Jun 1889 Union
    Meetze, Dub W M Arson 16 Jul 1893 Lexington
    Morral, Ralph B M Accessory to Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Morrison, John W M Murder 1 Oct 1904 Lancaster
    Nelson, James A B M To Prevent Evidence 12 Jul 1894 Edgefield
    Nelson, Jim B M Rape 23 Nov 1903 Chesterfield
    Pendleton, Allen B M Murder 17 Sep 1905 Abbeville
    Peterson, John B M Rape 24 Apr 1893 Barnwell
    Phoenix, Robert B M Accessory to Murder 28 Dec 1889 Barnwell
    Pope, Robert W M Being of Bad Character 24 Feb 1890 Hampton
    Pope, Son W M Being of Bad Character 24 Feb 1890 Hampton
    Preston, Tom B M Rape 30 Jul 1893 Lexington
    Price, Thomas B M Assault & Attempted Rape 19 Apr 1896 Kershaw
    Puckett, Richard B M Criminal Assault (rape) 12 Aug 1913 Laurens
    Quarles, Herbert B M Assaulted Woman (rape) 19 Jun 1921 McCormick
    Richardson, Rosa B F Murder 12 Jul 1914 Orangeburg
    Rivers, Peter B M Attempted Arson 13 Mar 1912 Bamberg
    Roberts, Daniel B M Murder 5 Apr 1887 York
    Roberts, David B M Assault & Robbery 1 Jan 1883 Abbeville
    Robinson, Caesar B M Attempted Assault (rape) 1 Dec 1886 Florence
    Robinson, Charlie B M Assaulted Woman (rape) 14 Jan 1901 Barnwell
    Samuels, Frank B M Murder 11 Jun 1909 Colleton
    Seymour, Allen B M Assaulted Girl (rape) 16 Dec 1914 Hampton
    Shaw, Dave B M Burglary 27 May 1892 Laurens
    Simmons, Quillie B M Murder 11 Jun 1909 Colleton
    Sims, W T B M Seditious Utterance 23 Aug 1917 York
    Singleton, Richard B M Attempted Rape 18 Sep 1883 Sumter
    Smith, Jules B M Criminal Assault (rape) 14 Jun 1915 Fairfield
    Smith, Mark B M Shot Sheriff 7 JUn 1919 Abbeville
    Spain, Willie B M Attempted Burglary 23 Aug 1906 Dorchester
    Steward, Joe B M Fighting with White Man 1 Apr 1920 Laurens
    Stokes, Wm B M Attempted Assault (rape) 22 Jun 1895 Colleton
    Stuart, James C B M Attempted Assault (rape) 24 Sep 1904 Laurens
    Sullivan, Edward B M Murder 10 Dec 1894 Anderson
    Sullivan, Luther B M Murder 25 Oct 1898 Edgefield
    Taylor, John B M Attempted Rape 5 Jul 1904 Chesterfield
    Thomas, Will B M Murder 22 Nov 1912 Newberry
    Thompson, Charles B M Murderous Assault 8 Sep 1921 Aiken
    Thompson, Prindley B M Murder 5 Apr 1887 York
    Thompson, Will B M Rape 30 Jul 1893 Lexington
    Thomson, Abe B M Assaulted Woman (rape) 1 Mar 1886 Spartanburg
    Turner, Samuel B M Murder 28 Dec 1897 Williamsburg
    Waldrop, Manzeo W M Rape & Murder 31 Dec 1887 Pickens
    Watts, Drayton B M Murder 9 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Whisonant, Frank B M Assault 29 Mar 1912 Cherokee
    White, Nathan B M Arson 24 Nov 1892 York
    Wideman, Mrs B F Murder 27 Dec 1902 Greenwood
    Wideman, Oliver B M Murder 27 Dec 1902 Greenwood
    Williams, Cairo B M Murder 30 Jun 1904 Williamsburg
    Williams, Jesse B M Murder 9 Nov 1898 Greenwood
    Williams, Wesley B M Attempted Assault (rape) 5 May 1886 Kershaw
    Wilson, Dillard B M Murder 24 Nov 1914 Sumter
    Unnamed B M Assaulted Woman 6 Aug 1891 Pickens
    Unnamed B M Rape 8 Feb 1897 Saluda
    Unnamed B M Burglary 21 Oct 1901 Hampton
    Unnamed B M Intimate with White Woman 4 Jan 1922 Florence

  6. Most students pay no attention to the name of their school.

    Well, maybe in high school.

    1. David Benson – I paid attention to the names of all my schools. It wasn’t until high school that I worried about mascots and rivalries.

  7. I thought of it in a more modern meaning as in Loretta. Wonder if that’s not the real reason and they are just taking a page from the PC book to get it through under their nose.

  8. I hear that there are some calling for the changing of the name Ferguson Middle School. This is located in Ferguson. It used to be: Ferguson High School and then Ferguson Junior High School.
    Some want to rename it after Michael Brown. The problem is this. Many of the kids who go there are of brown color. If you named it Brown Middle School then they may be offended.

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