Jogger Captured On Videotape As He Shoves Woman Under Bus

4311B91100000578-4769674-This_is_the_moment_a_pedestrian_was_knocked_into_the_path_of_an_-m-6_1502178070739Below is a chilling CCTV videotape of a male jogger who pushed a 33-year-old woman head-first into the path of the bus.  The woman was only saved by a quick response from a bus driver to avoid killing her.

The 50-year-old man was arrested.  The woman received minor injuries and bus passengers ran out to her aid.

The incident occurred at 7:40 a.m. on May 5th on the 700-foot Putney Bridge runs across River Thames.  Notably, the jogger passes by a man without incident but then shoves the woman out of his way.  It is an absolute disgrace.

66 thoughts on “Jogger Captured On Videotape As He Shoves Woman Under Bus”

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    On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 12:02 PM, JONATHAN TURLEY wrote:

    > jonathanturley posted: “Below is a chilling CCTV videotape of a male > jogger who pushed a 33-year-old woman head-first into the path of the > bus. The woman was only saved by a quick response from a bus driver to > avoid killing her. The 50-year-old man was arrested. The wom” >

  2. I’m disappointed in this crowd. This story has been up for several hours, and no one has linked it back to Trump and the Russians. Natacha? Isaac? You guys okay?

    1. An intelligence source speaking on the condition of anonymity has verified through back channels that the woman may have been involved in the Peegate dossier scandal. There’s no truth to the rumor she was DWS nor that the man was involved in any way with the DNC.

    1. Ask DesperatelySeekingaBrain. She thinks that this occurred in the Big Apple.

      1. No, I do not think that, which is what you would understand if you could read what I actually wrote.

        1. Only you and your mom could actually think anyone here gives a hoot what you type! “You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you.”

          Telling that you replied to someone referring to “DesperatelySeekingABrain.” Dear, you’re either born with one or you’re not.

          1. DSS, I’ll handle this for you if you don’t my butting in.

            Get back Jo Jo. Get back to where you once belonged. 😉

  3. Here’s an update of sorts, on the arrest of an American Banker:

    An investment banker from California has been arrested on suspicion of pushing a woman into the path of a London bus, but he claims he was in the U.S. when the incident took place.

    Eric Bellquist has “irrefutable proof” he was not in the United Kingdom when the alleged shove took place in May, his lawyers say.

    London authorities released surveillance video earlier this week in hopes of finding a suspect. The Metropolitan Police Service arrested Bellquist on Thursday.

    Bellquist, 41, was taken to a south London police station for questioning, and was later released pending further inquiries, according to cops.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. The “irrefutable proof” probably consists of footage showing this California banker pushing a completely different pedestrian into LA traffic on the date of this incident in May.

    2. He lives about 3 miles away, fits the description, and fits the profile (private equity master-of-the-universe from San Diego). It may not be him, but it’s certainly credible that it is him.

      1. He either has the alibi, or he don’t. But personality wise, you are right. I just hope if he is innocent, that he doesn’t say anything misogynistic, or being in England, that is probably a crime now, too.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Grl Reporter

    3. Thanks, Squeeky, for the update. I don’t believe his story about his purported “irrefutable” alibi. The California man provides no details of his “irrefutable” alibi, nor does he condemn the heinous act. That’s not the typical response of an innocent person who is considered the suspect in an investigation. And I’ve seen plenty of cases of purported “irrefutable” alibis falling apart when examined more closely. Hopefully, the Police will follow-up on all leads and maintain the appropriate skeptical attitude about all alibis given.

  4. For those not understanding. Click the gear symbol on youtube and then select speed at .25

    She was walking in the path for joggers and not on sidewalk like she was supposed to like the man before her was. She also then stuck her leg out to try and trip the jogger. I would have decked her myself

    1. Look again. It appears the push caused the womans leg to fly outward.

      Remind me, should I be near you, to carry my Glock so I could respond to such violence appropriately and put you our of your misery.

      1. Allan, I would suggest that you look again. The jogger goes out of his way to run into the path of the woman. Nor is the path she’s walking restricted to joggers. Just the opposite. I no longer jog, as I don’t consider it to be as healthful as other forms of exercise, but I have a lot of experience with jogging in all sorts of circumstances, and a jogger must always defer to others walking on a street. This means that the jogger should have run towards his LEFT, rather than toward his right directly in the path of the woman–even apart from his action of shoving the woman out of his way toward the street. You’re working overtime to try to excuse the jogger’s behavior and conduct. There is NO excuse. Period.

        1. It’s ‘Anonymouse’ not ‘Allen’ who is making excuses for the lout.

            1. Mouse, You probably don’t know what a di*k is. Maybe that is why you are so miserable.

        2. Ralph, I assume you have already seen DSS’s correction. It’s the squeaky anonymouse that believes in pushing people over and into the street so they can be killed. Anonymouse needs to be captured, bagged and stamped on.

          1. Yes, Allan, sorry about that. By context I’m sure everyone understood my intent was to respond to anonymous or anonymouse as the case may be.

    2. She was next to the sidewalk. Not in his way. Did not try to trip him. He had plenty of room on the jogger path. Your assessment is mistaken.

    3. There is no designated path for joggers It’s just a sidewalk, and it’d have been no trouble just to run around her. Her leg did not fly into his path until he’d pushed her over.

  5. I am very interested in his reasons for why he did it. That ought to be a curious thought process. Somebody as narcissistic as he seems to be, will certainly have an excuse other than, “I’m a sociopathic twit.”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Well, you could ask the twit on this board trying to make the case for him by claiming, contra what anyone can see on the video, that she attempted to trip him. Bullies commonly fancy the other kid started it.

    2. If the jogger actually is this person from California, then you already have your motive. I have driven in many different states throughout the U.S., and Californians have the attitude that they come first and “f-ck” everybody else.

      For example, the drivers in California are, without a doubt, among the worst. They are selfish, obtuse, and insensitive drivers. They drive as though they are the only people driving and seem to care less about anyone else. To give you a clear example of this, I was once driving on a major freeway in CA in the far right lane, going toward Los Angeles, and, looking ahead, I saw a car coming in from an entrance to the freeway that trying to get into the right hand lane, but none of the drivers on the freeway would let the car in. However, I slowed my car down a bit as I approached to give the other car some time to join in my lane. I even had to honk lightly to encourage the car to finally turn into the freeway, as the driver seemed shocked that I was allowing her in. I got no less than three “waves” of gratitude. But in most other states that I’ve driven in, most drivers wouldn’t give a second thought to allowing a driver into their path as a common courtesy. But courtesy as a rare commodity in CA.

      1. The news today says the London police have ruled out Eric Belquist as a suspect. They’ve gone back to looking.

  6. The woman’s leg is out trying to trip him, and he pushes her away. Two arrogant, morons refusing to yield. They both should be charged.

    1. No, that did not happen. Her leg was in his path only after he’d shoved her aside and she was heading to the pavement.

  7. The most shocking part of this story is not that there are lunatics, amongst us, who have no concern for the lives and safety of others. No. Not at all. It’s the simple fact that an arrest has been made in this case. All that the authorities had to go on was a blurry and somewhat out of focus video of some average and generic-looking white guy, who happened to be jogging, in England, wearing a grey t-shirt and sporting short brown hair. Not the most unique or unusual of descriptions in that part of the world. There must’ve been an additional part of the suspect’s description, which we are missing and which was disseminated, to the public, thus triggering a positive ID of this Brit. I strongly suspect that, in addition to the above-referenced details regarding his appearance, the public was informed that the suspect, allegedly, possessed a mouthful of straight, unstained and gleaming teeth. . .that would’ve given him away, quite quickly, in merry ole England, and was probably the reason for his quick capture.

  8. Put a sandwich board on him that reads: Allah Was Wrong: Your Wives Are My Property, Now Get Out! With flowers in one hand, chocolates in the other and dragging a Koran by his foot, drop him off in the worst Muslim no go zone. If he survives 24 hours, then cut whatever the maximum sentence would be by half.

  9. The investigation into the jogger’s apparent selection of a woman to throw under the bus, may uncover other transgressions against women. Immediately prior, he jogged past a man, without incident.

  10. Runners are a weird lot, outdone in their arrogance only by cyclists. Not sure if I’d prefer jail or the rack for this guy. Maybe, I’d let the bus driver decide. He’s got a quick mind.

    1. Sentence him to doing all the stunt scenes in the next Baby Driver movie.

      BTW my favorite book in our local public library is titled: Jogging, the Dance of Death.

    2. “Runners are a weird lot, outdone in their arrogance only by cyclists.”

      “Broad Brush” syndrome.

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