Train Wreck: Trump Reposts Another Image Attacking CNN

trump-retweet-train-killing-reporter-cnn-deleted_gi5iqhdonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedI previously was highly critical of President Donald Trump for his reposting a video from his appearance at a professional wrestling bout that was altered to look like he was beating down CNN.  With the rising anger and attacks directed at the media, the posting was irresponsible and inflammatory.  While I have criticized some in the media for open bias in its attacks on Trump, I have been alarmed by his attacks on the press.  Undeterred, Trump again reposted an item this morning that featured a cartoon of CNN being hit by a train.  Some people have said that this is outrageous after the car attack in Charlottesville.  I think the objection should be directed at the pattern of images of press being beaten or run down by this President. The free press has helped guarantee civil liberties and good government in this country for over two hundred years.  Unlike much of the world, we have an independent media that is a constant check on the abuses and corruptions of government.  Trump’s open antagonism for the press is alarming and at times reckless.


The image on top of the cartoon explains the purpose for its reposting: “Fake news can’t stop the Trump train.”  Trump feels obviously aggrieved by the coverage of his Administration. I agree with the media has been openly oppositional at times.  While lionized for his confrontations at the White House, CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s interaction with the President this week was more of an advocate than a journalist — as was his confrontation with Stephen Miller.  That is not to say that he did not have valid concerns, but the direct challenges and assertions from the media pool can dangerously blur the lines between commentary and coverage.

I get the cartoon. Trump is saying that he will plow through the bad media. However, presidents have to show a modicum of restraint. He has millions of followers that he is whipping up into a frenzy against the media.  That can be a dangerous mix, particularly when you again isolate CNN for such images.  Moreover, President Trump has consistently ignored his contribution to bad press. Although there is a clear bias in much of the reporting and increasing negative spin given stories, the press is generally covering valid stories and missteps.  Referencing the possibility of a military intervention in Venezuela or Donald Trump Jr. willingly setting up a meeting purportedly to receive dirt from Russia were not missteps or machinations of the media.  To use the cartoon theme, this first year has been a train wreck for this Administration and the cause has not been media coverage.



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  1. ” The free press has helped guarantee civil liberties”

    Maybe once upon a time. James Damore would probably disagree with the above quote considering the MSM response to his “anti-diversity screed” as it was called. The lack of objectivity, particularly in his case, is glaring.

    The part about the press guaranteeing a good government has been a laugh for a good nigh on twenty years at least.

      1. It is hard to engage when the truth of a matter is suspect.

        And, it is irritating when you discover you were steered with false information. WMDs…

  2. In college at JMU, we once had a small seminar with the head of CBS News, Bill Leonard. The only thing I remember taking from that talk was the notion that advocacy by the press was a bad thing. The veteran newsman said the Press needed to remember who they were in any confrontation with a political leader — an objective teller of facts — and not an opponent.

    During the discussion, we talked a lot about Dan Rather and his goading of President Nixon in 1974 (“Are you running for something, Mr. Rather?” Rather: “No, Mr President! Are YOU?”). Leonard was no fan. The reason he gave may not be what you think. He said the danger to the press is not seeming flip or rude to the watching eyes but that through their perceived advocacy they lost any pretense of objectivity and hence credibility.

    True enough then and that’s precisely what has happened now.

    RIP CNN, you forgot who you are.

    1. He’s a figure from the Newseum era of the media. That was a modest interlude, and incorporated a certain amount of pretense and hypocrisy.

      One thing that’s happened in the last 90 years is that social and political disputes have ceased to be orthagonal to the interests and passions of people who traffic in words and imagery. However, prior to roughly 1955, publishers appointed like-minded editors, imposed their own line, and resisted the prog bias of their reporters. Generational shifts in the ownership class and the advent of local monopolies in metropolitan reporting brought an end to that. After that, you had a liberal orientation constrained by the conventions of the ‘Newseum’ culture. Per Fred Barnes, the liberal orientation of the corps of people attracted to journalism was (after 1985) augmented by hiring policies pursued by editors. Essentially, editors were going out of their way to avoid hiring anyone who was an identifiable Republican. Someone like Laurie Garrett could jump from Pacifica Radio to Newsday, but having been an intern at National Review was a career-killer.

  3. Just take a look at this pathetic image: the all-powerful, phallic “Trump Train” ramming “fake” CNN. Psychiatrists could probably teach an entire course explaining Trump’s serious emotional problems based just on the symbolism of this one image. Jon says there is “open bias” by some of the media against this person. Based on what? Do you think we need media to tell us that this is a deeply-flawed, completely unfit, emotionally-insecure xenophobe, misogynist, racist egomaniac who doesn’t deserve to be President? Do you think that media are supposed to not report the fact that his administration has failed to pass any significant major legislation in 7 months, that the majority of the country disapproves of him and the job he is doing, that White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis identify with him, that he mocks war heroes and disabled people, and that he lies incessantly? It is the job of the media to report these things.

    Something else occurred to me in the context of Saturday’s events, and that is the apparent need for Trump and Fox to seemingly require fake, pastel blonde hair for its females. Couldn’t help thinking about Hitler and his Aryan identity criteria. Nazis actually had eye charts showing various shades of blue and green eyes that they claimed were identified with the superior Aryan race. They also had charts showing nose configurations and brown eyes they associated with what they claimed was the inferior Jewish race. People have written about poor little Ivanka trying to cover up her brown eyes with green-tinted contacts. Why would she do this, and how ironic is it that she has allegedly converted to Judaism? How ironic is it that Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is working in the Administration of a Presidency that Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists identify with, and alongside someone like Steve Bannon? Why are there so many bottle blondes on Fox News, anyway? Is there an association with Hitler Aryanism? I’m wondering. I acknowledge that there are some that aren’t bleached, but most of them are. Why, when fake, pastel blonde hair doesn’t even look good on most of them?

      1. Miller told his senior class in a speech that he was tired of picking up his own trash. He then told them it was the job of janitors to clean up after the privileged teenagers. Society should understand Miller. He had a sense of entitlement when at the age of 18, he had contributed nothing to anyone. His disdain for people who build GDP by producing a product/service of value has carried forward. His boss Trump has contempt for people who pay taxes. He and Miller are the same.

        1. Didn’t you ever consder the fact that he was being sarcastic?

          It’s very convenient to take another’s words out of context.

          What do you mean Trump has contempt for people who pay taxes? I pay a lot of taxes and I never noted that contempt. Maybe it’s one of those leftist things.

          1. No, it’s not a ” leftist thing”: it’s an observation that is repeated time after time in regard to Stephen Miller and his ghastly views. Do some research and stop being duped by your own willingness to skate over the failings of people with great power. Your need to believe is frightening.

            1. Where is your proof? You really don’t have any for there are statements that he was being sarcastic. I don’t care one way or the other I just wonder how you can be so accepting of facts where credible proof is not attached. I’ve already read considerably on this issue and I think I posted here on it several threads back. Your comments about others is what you see in your own mirror. You can be duped so easily.

              1. Miller’s statement was videotaped and shown by media (not Fox). Trump specifically described people who pay taxes as “stupid” in a video shown by media (not Fox).

                1. Great, let’s listen to the video, but make sure it is not just a snippet that removes context.

                  I await the http for if you have the sentence then you must have the rest of the speech.

                  1. I should add that we all the words that were used. What is yet to be determined is the context. Leaving that out one can pull snipets from almost anyone and demonstrate things that are totally false.

                    Conveniently you won’t be able to provide more than the incriminating sentence. If you are fair then you would recognize the reason why.

                    1. allan:

                      Just a pop-in-head thought for your consideration after reading this thread and from a true favorite author of mine, Sir Edward Gibbon:

                      “I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect.”

        2. A good point, Linda. He also told his friend when he graduated to senior school that he could no longer be his friend because he was Latino.

          1. How would you know this?

            Think about it for a minute. Was it on tape or was it third hand information most likely an attempted smear because without a tape or more than one credible witness it is a he said she said type of event.

            I can see the news media looking to interview people that know susangalea. I know her she was a …. Is that what you call evidence?

  4. The Freedom of the Press died decades ago, probably around time Wilson was President. But Id say it truly died during WW2

  5. A figure like Ted Koppel or James Kilgallen would be unimaginable in the cultural environment in which we live.

  6. Omg JT is making a tribe of himself by being so out of touch with reality of msm

    1. Given that Edith Efron’s opening shot was published when Prof. Turley was 9 years old and the initial installments of Stanley Rothman’s work when Prof. Turley was 21 years old, it is…stupefying.

  7. Trump’s open antagonism for the press is alarming and at times reckless.

    This is fairly silly, Prof. Turley. Sixty-odd years ago, we did not have the gleichshaltung we do now and the word and image merchants maintained professional self-understandings which rendered their enterprises distinct from the political order (even if most of their salaried employees were died-in-the-melt prog voters). Read Jody Powell’s memoir of the Carter Administration: the national press corps retained a measure of psychological independence as late as 1980. This is no longer the case. The media are simply DNC press agents, and Trump is perfectly within his rights to spit on them.

  8. FOX NEWS is fast becoming the NEWS I don’t believe anymore, after a long trusting relationship I have caught them cheating. I had my suspicions, during the the campaign

    1. That’s a wise move Phyllis. I don’t believe there is one source of news anyone should trust. I’ll hear or read a story and that is the beginning of my information-gathering, not the end. I’ll go to sources from across the spectrum and with any luck, somewhere in there will be the truth.

    2. I wonder what Fox News said that you objected to. I’d like to research it. Remember the News not the opinion department.

      I don’t trust any of them.

  9. Why does Professor Turley believe we have an independent media?

    He’s written numerous articles on biased media coverage himself…

    We do need an unbiased, independent media, but that is not the norm anymore. Trump does enjoy pointing that out in his usual flamboyant manner.

    1. The closest you might get to ‘unbiased’ would be Jim Lehrer and Ted Koppel, who know how to ask questions an are not intensely invested in one side or another. Same deal with the late Mike Wallace.

      In truth, the problem is not ‘bias’ so much as a deficit of curiosity, integrity, and functional and psychological independence. The Obama administration hired it’s press secretary right off the staff of Time magazine. Around the time of that hire, someone enumerated the population of people in patronage posts in the administration who were quondam journalists or first degree relatives of quondam journalists. There isn’t any wonder why the coverage of the administration was otiose. The reporters were covering their own families.

      Keep in mind Brent Bozell’s contemporary assessment of how the media covered the Lewinsky scandal 20 years ago. Broadcast media were Clinton Administration shills, but print media were willing and able to publish things mighty inconvenient to the Administration (in spite of the fact that the national press corps was known from survey research to tilt 8-1 in favor of the Democratic Party). Or consider the New York Times, which has always been a liberal paper; it’s only been a bad joke since the current Sulzberger took it over.

  10. Really, frankly, you ought to read a bit more newsworthy material. Conservatives have to travel to many universities with armed guards to protect themselves if they are even permitted to speak. Milo Yiannopoulos had to be put in a bullet proof vest and taken by police because there was gunfire. Take a look at the other incidents and the videos and take note of the rocks, sticks, fire and all sorts of armaments carried by the leftist protestors.

      1. Frankly – at some point we need to have a frank discussion about violent Liberal political extremism.

        1. Go ahead. Provide evidence that” liberals” and not anarchists are violent.

          1. James Hodgkinson was a liberal, NOT an anarchist, and supporter of Bernie Sanders. So, there’s that. Again, the liberal terrorist gets 24 hours of coverage, this is been going on for 4 freakin’ days!

      2. You are correct, frankly, they shouldn’t be lumped together, but they frequently act in concert. As I just mentioned elsewhere it is likely that both the left and the Nazi Party probably supported Occupy Wall Street. When I was there one of the guys I talked to was a “Nazi”. I found anarchists, leftists and libertarians at that event though some of them didn’t know what they were. At the center of the leftist movement at the least is George Soros.

      3. If anarchists and leftists should not be lumped together, what about neo-nazis, white supremacists and Republicans/conservatives being lumped together? The point is to stop doing it — on both sides.

  11. Trump is just expressing how Conservatives have felt about the press for ages. Instead of people attacking Trump for it, consider the WHY he does it and if you start out with ” because Trump is this or that blah blah blah” then you still dont get it.

    Let me put this in all caps. This is fact btw


    Until you understand that fact you forfeit any right to complain. Professor Turley has that right because he does acknowledge it some.

    Now on to the latest with Trump.
    This is a reaction to the increasingly unprofessional behavior of Jim Acosta who frankly should not even be allowed on any Fed govt areas as press.

    1. Are you claiming, therefore, that Fox, the National Enquirer, and the Wall Street Journal amount to only 10% of “the media”?

        1. And you claim that Gannett and BH Media Group have more reach and more influence than Fox and the National Enquirer and WSJ? When I go into a coffee shop, how is it that the TV is playing Fox and not some local Gannett outlet?

  12. I’d go further and say that Trump’s attacks on the press are ALWAYS reckless and show his rank ignorance.

  13. JT said, “The free press has helped guarantee civil liberties and good government in this country for over two hundred years. Unlike much of the world, we have an independent media that is a constant check on the abuses and corruptions of government. ”

    Huh??? Any good done by the Main Stream Press is totally accidental. And they aren’t “free.” They have become the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party.

    C’mon, it’s 2017. It’s not the 1940 world of His Girl Friday or anything.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It’s as if the man is still in grammar school. Except he’s not. He goes on television, writes for corporate papers. He KNOWS these people.

      A fried of mine who was in high school in the 1950s, often, in response to something I say about how government REALLY operates, talks about how it’s supposed to be. He’s just some schlub. Turley doesn’t have that excuse. For him to pretend that it IS the way it’s supposed to be is completely disingenuous.

      He hates Trump, because Trump represents the Normal People way of observing The Swamp. Normal People look at the District of Columbia and recoil in horror, the way Hobbits reacted when entering Mordor.

      1. All the normies live in Trump Tower or in Palm Beath with the Trump family. They have multiple wives and lots of gold and diamonds.

        1. Wow. And I thought that Wisconsin gave him his win. How can I have been so wrong about what a Normal Person is? Thanks for the correction, Ken.

          Now, I’m going to have to ponder what his astonishing popularity in West Virginia tells us. Who ARE those people? And why do they hide their gold and diamonds?

          1. Through history desperate people have been susceptible to authoritarian cons with lavish lifestyles. Nothing new here.

            1. This is actually an interesting point. It brings into view the astonishing fact that most blacks did not vote for Trump. Who could be more desperate than the decades-long prisoners/victims residing in the Democrat party’s gulag archipelago, spanning America’s northern cities? After decades of being systematically culturally destroyed, and eight years of a black president who did absolutely nothing to rescue them from the plantation, a desperate gamble on the man who promised to Make America Great Again, to bring back manufacturing jobs…well, perhaps the Democrats did their job too well, and inner-city blacks simply can’t react in their best interests any more.

            1. Really Ken? I know nothing? You have nothing and know nothing. I feel sorry for you. My dog seemed to have it better.

      2. By “Normal People,” do you mean residents of rural and far suburban areas? And that people who live in cities are “abnormal”? City dwellers outnumber those in rural and far suburban areas. That’s why HRC won the popular vote, though not the Electoral College, which is slanted away from urban populations.

        1. I live in a big city, and most of the people I interact with are Normal People. The city is Indianapolis. We tend to vote for Republican mayors and governors because the candidates who have a chance of winning–even if they are Democrats–understand what Normal People are. Our governments are not bankrupt, and our neighborhoods are not shooting galleries.

          To be Normal, you have to bear some resemblance, culturally, to what America looked like in the 1950s. Normal People LIKE America, and don’t want to see it destroyed. Faith, family, safe streets. Normal People despise communism. They liked the NFL until ESPN and the rest of the commies in the media encouraged people like Colin Kaepernick, and the idiots who don’t think the Redskins have the moral standing to hold that name.

          Normal People would not feel comfortable living in the “blue” blotches of America’s electoral map, because you can’t have a nice conversation about America as it is supposed to be in places like that. Even here, in a very Normal part of the country, there are plenty of leftist voters, it can sometimes be touchy talking about Trump, but that’s fine–because they know they are in the minority. They have to be tolerant, in other words, unlike places like Washington (both of them) and New York.

          Hope that helps.

            1. Dallas is actually red w/ blood from a liberal terrorist killing 5 cops.

          1. Are you waiting for a time machine to take you back to the 1950s? Even Mayberry was fictitious.

            1. What an odd thing to say. The people around here (most of the people in the “Red” counties, as well) are very much alive, and simply hold to the values that Trump expressed when he campaigned.

              If you live in one of the blue tumors, you might find that hard to believe. I understand. I commiserate.

              1. Really, My dad was from a small midwestern town and he did not share Trump’s values. He never went bankrupt nor did he throw my mom out because she looked a little older.

                1. Trump has never gone bankrupt. Where did you get that idea?

                  Anyway, the point is not his personal life, but the ideas he expressed in the campaign that enabled him (and still do) to pack sports arenas. Defend our borders, cancel crazy, economy-destroying regulations, make incentives to reverse the globalization and outsourcing American corporations have been enticed to do in recent decades. This resonates with Normal People, in the places where Normal People reside.

                    1. You know this, yet you lied about his declaring bankruptcy. This says something about you.

                      He has something like 500 companies. The problem, as you certainly know well, was confined to one sector, in one period, in one place: Atlantic City. He was late to the Casino boom there, and learned a painful lesson. He was almost wiped out. His companies’ creditors wouldn’t’t renegotiate. That’s business.

                      But then, you already knew that.

                    2. If you have ever invested in local companies and concerns you might have found a number of them going bankrupt as well. If that was the case should we hold that against you?

                  1. Where did we get the idea that Chump went bankrupt? From the Bankruptcy Court filings, that’s where.

                    “…the ideas he expressed in the campaign”–pandering to disaffected, low-educated whites who think that America isn’t great, because they can’t compete in the job market, and who nostalgically want to return to the 1950’s when women and blacks knew their place, when you could graduate high school and get a factory job or job in a coal mine, and who believe that Mexicans and Muslims are bad people. People who stupidly believe that regulations are causing the loss of jobs, not outsourcing, like Chump himself is guilty of. Maybe you’d like to drink the water in Flint, MI. President Obama actually deported more illegals than Chump has. Chump could solve the “problem” of the illegals by heavily fining companies that hire them, showing up at hotels, restaurants, non-union construction jobs, roofing companies, landscaping companies and the other places that hire low-skilled illegals and rounding them up. Not hard to do, but the wealthy Republicans who depend on this pool of slave labor won’t have it. Nevertheless, stupid people believe Chump has their back.

                    1. Get back to us when you’ve learned the meaning of ‘limited liability corporation’ and ‘equity capital’.

          2. So I guess Bloomington and West Lafayette are NOT inhabited by “Normal People.”

            As I have opined many other times in Turleyland, I fear it is time for our country to have a divorce, and split into strictly ideologically “pure” regions. I don’t know how to do this, but it would save a lot of angst and ill humor. But at least you would feel comfortable, surrounded by cream-cheese uniform people.

            1. As I have opined many other times in Turleyland, I fear it is time for our country to have a divorce,

              We’re already divorced; we’ve been trying to live in the same house but that less than amicable relationship is coming to a head. There are numerous obstacles to reconciliation but the biggest one is over what type of government we are supposed to have.

        2. City dwellers outnumber those in rural and far suburban areas.

          In states where municipal annexation has been discontinued, they certainly do not. Exurban, small-town, and rural populations are about 36% of the total, nationally. The rest are split between dense suburbs and core cities, with the former the majority. See the following: greater New York (core city, 45% of the total; enveloped old cities (e.g. Newark), 10%; suburbs, 45%), greater Los Angeles (core city, 25%, enveloped old cities, 5%; suburbs, 70%), Chicago (core city, 35%; enveloped old cities, 2%, suburbs 60%+), Bay Area (core cities, 25%; suburbs, 75%), SeaTac (core cities, 1/3; suburbs, 2/3).

    2. With the exception of Pravda Faux News. amIright?

      this is to “free press” reporter

      1. Right you are! That is why the Liberals really hate FOXNews. It didn’t parrot the Democratic Party Narrative. FOX covered the stories that people like Sharon Attkisson were pulled off of over at the MSM, because it might make Obama “uncomfortable.”

        That is why you have all the hate and rage directed at FOXNews.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Fox News is an unfunny joke. I watch it occasionally just to inform myself about the opposition. Where do I start? How about with the Aryan fake blondes flashing lots of skin and wearing CFM pumps, as the uniform female appearance standard, not to mention how literally stupid they are, which they prove every single time they open their mouths? How about the endless pivoting to blame President Obama, pounding on HRC, or bitching about Loretta Lynch or Susan Rice every single time Chump is caught doing something stupid, sinks even lower in popularity polls, fails to pass legislation, alienates a former US ally, etc, which is literally daily? How about the endless attacks on other news media, calling them “fake” when they report that Chump has historically-low polling numbers, that he has failed to pass any major legislation, and that he rolled back environmental protections and tries everything possible to eradicate the accomplishments of the US’s first African-American President? Talk about propaganda. How about attacks on members of Congress who actually vote in line with the desires of their constituents instead of falling in line with Herr Trump? The majority of US citizens do NOT want Obamacare repealed. Period. They want the problems with escalating premiums and lack of choice solved, but not repeal. Fox never reports that. Then, it’s the literal arrogance of people like Hannity.

          1. Natacha – Congress has failed to pass any significant legislation. Trump only gets to sign the bills when they are passed by both Houses.

            1. Every President prior to Tangerine Man stumps for his legislative agenda, instead of sitting on his fat butt waiting for Congress to do everything. When Chump holds a “love me” rally, all he does is elicit applause, and that’s because of his emotional insecurities. How many times did LBJ, for just one example, push for passage of the Civil Rights Act? The examples of other Presidents explaining bills that they advocated for are too numerous to list. Of course, those were real Presidents, who were also patriots.

              1. Every President prior to Tangerine Man stumps for his legislative agenda, instead of sitting on his fat butt waiting for Congress to do everything.

                And then there are Presidents that have a pen and a phone and tell Congress they can sit on their fat butt, he doesn’t need them. I doubt your civics literacy wouldn’t recognize the danger in that.

              2. Natacha – LBJ got the Civil Rights Act passed mostly by Republicans and the few Democrats he had enough dirt on to swing their votes. He was a great politician, however neither a great President or great patriot.

                1. About 80% of the Congressional Republican caucus voted for the 1964 act. I believe about 2/3 of the Democratic caucus did as well.

          2. Natacha, I understand you better now. Your understanding of politics is limited to leftist sites. You don’t even know the difference between News and opinion. You also seem not to like woman that perhaps look better or dress better than you.

            In the rant there wasn’t one tangible news event on a news show that you actually complained about. You need to apply yourself a bit more.

            1. I think this: if an alien arrived at Earth and looked at the Fox News readers, the alien would notice that: females are mostly uncovered and have fake yellow hair, they wear strange shoes that damage their feet, ankles, lower backs and knees because males like the resulting abnormal tilt to the female pelvis resulting from extremely high heels: the sexual readiness position for blind copulation utilized by animals, where the parties cannot look into each other’s faces. Yes, psychologists say that’s the reason males prefer females to wear the CFM pumps. They would see men wearing tailored suits made of quality materials and with a design that compliments their size and weight, with coordinated colors between the suit, tie and shirt, appearing professional. The power and credibility disparity of the females versus the males, due just to appearance alone, would be apparent even to an alien. It has nothing to do with looking or dressing better: it’s all about equality and credibility. Men and women cannot be on an equal footing when the females’ appearance is based on sexual suggestiveness. Would you like Hannity if his hair was bleached pastel yellow, and he was wearing above the knee shorts and a wife-beater t-shirt? Why should women bare their arms and legs, way above the knee, anyway?

              Here are some tangible news events: how about the historically-low poll numbers 7 months in? How about the former leader of the KKK publicly announcing that Chump is their candidate. How about his refusal initially to strongly condemn the racists involved in the Virginia riot, then reversing himself, and just now, defending his initial lack of condemnation? These are facts, not opinions.

              1. Wow. You really have a lot of issues. A real piece of work. More red flags than the United Nations. You’ve got some weird thing about hair dye and high-heeled shoes. Probably some dark, bizarre and unresolved mommy-issue. Who was your mom? Mommy Dearest? You sure seem to have some odd and strange phobias dealing with anything remotely considered feminine. A real whack job.

                1. Does it occur to you that people who think women should have fake yellow hair, show a lot of skin and wear ridiculous high heels are the ones with issues? How do you define femininity? Appearance, defined as whatever is most sexually suggestive? Wanting women to be judged on their talents and abilities, rather than a phony set of appearance criteria defined by males is not “some weird thing”. I think men who desire this of women are the ones who have “some weird thing”. They must objectify women because that’s the only way they can relate to them. In their minds, women are not their peers, and cannot even appear to be so: they must dress and behave in sexually suggestive ways. It’s no surprise to me that you identify with Trump, who owns a beauty pageant.

                  1. I strongly suspect that you identify with those dirtbags, commonly found at any array of protests–the purported females, with questionable hygiene, sporting braided underarm hair, with the ever-present nose rings, hideous tattoos covering their pasty skin and, not to mention, filthy and matted long dreadlocks, which haven’t been washed in decades. Sound about right? I suspect so.

                  2. You don’t have any talents or abilities. (Except if you count persistent online shrewishness as a ‘talent’).

                2. bam bam – I long ago learned that women dress for men, for women or for themselves.

              2. Natacha – you twit, Trump condemn the actions of both sides almost immediately. However, his statement was not to the liking of the leftist press and liberals, so he did it again. And then he called out the alt-left.

              3. Natcha said…..”because males like the resulting abnormal tilt to the female pelvis resulting from extremely high heels: the sexual readiness position for blind copulation utilized by animals, where the parties cannot look into each other’s faces.”

                What, like there’s something wrong with that?

                  1. Aha! That, or some kind of fetishism publication having to do with “blind copulation utilized by animals” wearing CFM pumps? Hey, live and let live. We don’t judge around here. 😉

          3. You are just a regular, tightly bound little bundle of hate, aren’t you? Here, let’s just dissect one thing you said:

            The majority of US citizens do NOT want Obamacare repealed. Period. They want the problems with escalating premiums and lack of choice solved, but not repeal.

            That is because “fixing it” is presented as a viable option, when it isn’t. Obamacare can not help but have escalating premiums because a good portion of it isn’t insurance at all, but just straight out paid for health care (the pre-existing condition) part. You can not “fix” that.

            Assume there are 100 people who have trucks, who get collision insurance on them for $150 per month. The insurance company has decided that $15,000 per month will cover the probability of fixing damaged trucks plus a 10% profit for running the business.

            Then, the gov’t allows people who have trucks that are already totalled to join the plan. Bob has a 2014 Dodge that has $15,000 worth of damage, and he joins up. The insurance company now has to fix Bob’s mess of a truck, and that bumps the monthly premiums to $315. And there is a new “Bob” every month. Then, there are two “Bobs” every month and the premiums go to $430 per month. Some people can no longer afford collision insurance, so they drop the coverage, and the premiums go up again to cover that.

            That, in a nutshell, is Obamacare. Obama and his Rocket Scientists thought they could cover the increased costs by mandating that people who did not even own trucks had to get truck collision coverage, or pay a fine. They found it cheaper to pay the fine. And frankly, it is no longer even collision insurance, but basically mandated truck repair.

            Now, you ask the remaining truck owners who have collision insurance if they want to junk collision insurance altogether, or fix it. Well of course they are going to say “fix it.” But how does one fix it? By throwing out all the “BoBs” who have totalled trucks. Which, is the same as throwing out the pre-existing condition, which for Obamacare is the same as repealing.

            That is the kind of stuff that gets discussed on FOXNews.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Do you think that before we had Obamacare, that we didn’t all pay for the uninsured in one way or another–via higher premiums to cover unpaid for services, for taxes for those on Medicaid, for free care provided as a result of Hill-Burton, or unpaid medical bills discharged via bankruptcy? One big difference is that people can get regular checkups and preventative care, and in the long run, that will save money. It’s cheaper to prevent heart disease than treat it after the fact. It’s cheaper to catch cancer early, before it spreads. Strokes and kidney failure can be prevented by treating hypertension. If you don’t have mandatory coverage, then only sick people will sign up, and that increases the costs for everyone. That, in a nutshell, is why everyone must be covered–that is the essence of insurance: everyone pays into the system, not just those who are sick. We couldn’t have affordable life insurance if only the dying purchased it. If only the dying purchased it, premiums would not be affordable. Insurance spreads the risk, making coverage affordable for everyone. Merely having access to health care is a blessing. Every other civilized, modern country on Earth has universal coverage, without the involvement of health insurance companies that look out only for their profits and a ROI for their investors.

              Fox advocates for the wealthy: those who don’t want to pay fair taxes on their income or their passive investments, medical device companies that don’t want to pay taxes on their obscene profits, health insurers who balk at being required to pay out 80% of premiums to pay claims, instead of high salaries and bonuses for CEO’s, instead of millions spent on lobbyists fighting regulations, instead of campaign contributions to candidates who will protect their profits in lieu of protecting people who need health care. This is the kind of stuff that gets discussed on MSNBC. The best fix would be universal coverage for all, like England, France, Canada, Sweden and other countries have.

              1. As usual, you are clueless. That fabulous universal coverage, that you tout, fails miserably, but someone so dense, who doesn’t go beyond the surface of an issue, fails to grasp that nugget of truth. Long, long waiting lists are the norm for those in desperate need of various procedures, and anyone, with enough money, jumps to the head of the line. I know this, not because of a hunch, but because I have friends–yes, actual friends–who live in these paradises, where universal coverage is the answer. When they need a heart transplant, they fly to the US. When they need to have surgery on one their corneas, where their eyesight would be lost if they had to wait their actual turn in line, they pay thousands and thousands, out of pocket, jump the line, and get surgery to save their eyesight.

                If those other countries are so fabulous, why not join their citizens and bask in the greatness that is universal coverage? We could all take up a collection for your one-way ticket.

              2. Natacha, you have absolutely no knowledge on this subject.

                Preventative care with the exception of vaccines costs more money than it saves.

                Obamacare didn’t just increase premiums rather it increased the cost of care.

                You want the rich to pay their fair share, but who is being forced to pay for another’s care? Middleclass working people and the young healthy.

                In line with what squeeky tried to teach you think of fire insurance. What would happen to rates if people started to buy fire insurance only after their house burnt down.

                How do you think Obamacare was passed? It was a lie to the American people said Gruber who was one of the main architects of Obamacare.

                It was passed without being read by our legislators but economists knew at the time and stated it would fail and it did and their reasons it would fail was right on target.

                I think you are beyond help because your reason for being on this blog seems to be to yell nasty words at people without ever dealing with the realities at hand.

                I wonder if you wish to reveal your age? I am not asking, but with an age I can better understand what your thinking process is especially with regard to healthcare.

              3. Natacha – China, UK and Canada have a two-tiered health care system. Part is public where they take everyone. Part is private, where you get you own doctor.

              4. I am not against universal health care. I think we need to move in that direction, but I am not sure how you can structure the program to be economically viable, and high quality. Our country is not composed of the same kind of people as other countries which have such programs. The main problem that we have with healthcare in this country, is COST. The costs are out of control because there is a medical monopoly that is not prosecuted under the Sherman Anti-Trust Acts the same way any other industry would be.

                Those costs would remain the same even if we adopted some form of universal health care, or even the Republican alternatives. But, to reduce the costs from 20% of GDP to around 8% would result in a financial depression. I think it would be short term, but there will be a problem when an industry built on a 20% GDP model is slammed with an 8% reality.

                That being said, there are still problems with universal health care systems in other countries because there is just not an endless pot of money to provide all things to all people. California just contemplated going with universal care, and had to back away from it because of the costs.

                Another factor is, that some of the same programs and ideas supported by the Liberal Left contribute to the problem thru interconnectivity. For example, if you are for 10 to 20 million illegal aliens staying in the country, then that helps sap the finances. You have the Medicaid costs of these people without getting the tax revenues to help offset them.

                If you are for “Families Come In All Shapes and Sizes”, then you endorse the single mother family aspect which also adds to the costs in so many ways. The destructive lifestyles produce broke people who can’t pay medical bills. And like you said above, everybody has to pay insurance or the system doesn’t work.

                If you believe that apps like Tinder and Grindr should be permitted, then you have the costs from all the unnecessary stds, and HIV infections. If you think drugs should be decriminalized, then you will have another non-contributing sector of society with bad health habits.

                Sooo, the answer is just not as simple as saying, “Let’s have universal health care!” It might work in Australia. It might work in some places in Europe. But our problems are different.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

      2. See the e-mails Judicial Watch has pulled out of the Justice Department’s pr apparat. The utterances of reporters would be embarrassing were reporters these days capable of embarrassment. They did not wish to inquire into why the attorney-general met with the husband of the target of a federal investigation and were pleased to collude with the attorney-general’s flaks in suppressing the story.

      3. Mark, Ken & some others here that do not like Trump maybe should try to expand your knowledge base of what’s really happening here in the USA & the world right in front of our eyes.

        I suggest you watch these videos that have come out over the last week. On the Prison Planet link scroll down to the bottom of story & there is list of a bunch of recent videos. I haven’t watched all of the 1st video yet, but notice in the 1st few minutes show the fascist group antifa chanting, demanding Soros pay them their wages. LOL. Also notice the Red/Black flags, that’s a literally a Fascist Flag they are waving.

    3. But, I thought you said the Democratic Party was kaput [to use a German word], so how would they have the money or power to influence the majority of news outlets, including cable, television and newspapers? They are the minority in Congress, so why would media side with them, assuming they side with anyone?

      Did you know that Hitler used the word “lugenpresse” to describe media that criticized him during his rise to power, before he shut them down completely? That word means “fake press”.

            1. Everyone goes to the toilet, but everyone does not attack one of the pillars of our democracy, which is a free press, free to criticize the likes of Chump.

              1. I submit that you have no conception of right and wrong as a non-personal thing, only how something affects you, or reflects on your belief system.

                Therefore, if President Michelle Obama in 2024 assaults the press, which at that future time looked like FOXNews all over, then you would be all for her doing it. Because you would not view that as a “free” press. But you are incapable of seeing the Main Stream Press Democratic Party Shills as “un-free”, because they parrot what you believe.

                You are not a very smart or well-informed person. And you get really torqued out when people suggest that you are not as smart, or as reasonable, as you think you are. Face facts. You’re just a DNC shill, and you have no capacity for original thought. Or insight.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. I submit that you have no conception of right and wrong as a non-personal thing, only how something affects you, or reflects on your belief system.

                  I think you have our little harridan pegged. Jill too.

              2. Correction. Not everyone goes to the toilet. You are a perfect example. Terminally constipated and full of sh@t.

                1. What is most amazing about all of this is the ad hominem attacks, rather than a logical response to points raised. You accuse opponents of Trump as being illogical, filled with hate, etc.. Res ipsa loquitur.

                  1. Congratulations! You were able to use the word Trump in a sentence. We’ll work on your times tables later.

              3. I should just leave it to squeeky, but I can’t because your ignorance is legend. The press may be free, but that doesn’t mean the press is correct. In fact today with regard to the political landscape the press frequently prints mistruths and opinion instead of true news. Since when are Americans supposed to accept what the news media have to say? Since when can the news media print their “truth” (dreams) and another cannot say it is wrong especially when it clearly is. I have to wonder where and how you were educated?

              4. Natacha – if CNN where actually a pillar of the free press I might agree with you, however, since Hillary threw her flowered hat in the ring, they have been an arm of the DNC.

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