Saudi Cleric Declares That Women Lack the Intelligence To Drive

screen-shot-2017-09-24-at-1-41-40-pm.pngSaudi Sheikh Saad al-Hajari has reportedly come out strongly against the movement to allow women in the Kingdom to drive.  Sheikh Saad al-Hajari said that the ban should remain because women possess a “lack of intellect” compared to men.  He explained that they have only half the brainpower of males.

We have repeatedly discussed the plight of women in Saudi Arabia who face medieval Sharia laws and state-supported sexism.  A brave cadre of women continue to defy these restrictions.  Progress has been slow and incremental. Recently, the Kingdom indicated that women might be able to go to the Opera  – a measure of the ludicrous laws imposed in the Kingdom.

If Sheikh Saad al-Hajari has his way, they will not be driving to the performance.  He noted that the intelligence of women is half that of men and that their intellect falls to a quarter when they “went to the market”.

Just in case you thought that this is just some madman with a Koran, al-Hajari is the head of the Saudi government’s religious edict authority in the southern province of Assir.  In a country imposing Sharia law on its populace, clerics like this play critical roles in explaining the religious basis for laws and traditions.

The cleric is quoted as saying that people must be understanding and sympathetic to women:  “It is not their fault, but women lack intellect do they not?  Would you give a man with half an intellect a driving license? So how would you give one to a woman when she has half an intellect?” He then added “And if they go out to the market this gets halved again! So they now have a quarter of an intellect.” If the last point was a joke, it was hardly funny.   The problem with the Saudi clerics is that it is hard to tell when something is a fatwa or a joke given their extremist views.

I have said it before but will say it again. The women fighting for basic rights in Saudi Arabia are some of the most courageous civil rights advocates in the world.  They risk whippings and arrests from the government as well as abuse from citizens in the fight for equal rights. They must advocate for these rights against ignorant figures like al-Hajari who hold key religious positions.  However, one can only hope that history and intellect will prevail in the long-run.



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  1. When you combine money, power, and some types you get a government by exclusivity. The Islamic states are founded on a religion of exclusivity. Power is the exclusive right of the male, and then inherited. That power is passed on and supported by unlimited funding. How else could these perverse conditions exist? So, you have idiots, ranting religion, with unlimited funds and resources to keep them in power.

    Now, compare this to what we have in the US: oligarchs funding a perverse system, idiots placed in power by those oligarchs-one incredible idiot as supreme leader, mindless ranting of what it means to be American, and so on. Ultimately there is no comparison when it comes to the Western Nations and the Islamic States; the Islamic States would be completely out of the picture if it was not for the oil. The Western Nations, with all their faults, represent the pinnacle of human social evolution. But, it is wise to look into another mirror from time to time and reflect on ourselves and our shortcomings. These days, America has regressed and is falling short of its ideals. Compare and contrast the speeches of these Islamic idiots with the speeches of our idiots and you might see where we are going wrong. Oil funded royals and oligarch funded idiot puppets.

    1. “These days, America has regressed and is falling short of its ideals.”

      True, but that is the fault of the socialists that want more and more government which then teams with the largest corporations all with the intent of subjugating the minds of free people.

    2. Accurate comment.

      People are generally the same everywhere. The class of victims differ. Depending on cultural assertions, as Dr Seuss noted, it could be that those with stars on their bellies are favored over those without stars or vice versa. Or the criteria could be religion as in Israel, or skin shade, or gender orientation, language, age, ability, species, or any criteria that favors some over others.

  2. I think women have enough sense to drive, but this is really about whether or not the Muslim world will give into the idiotic notion that “fairness” requires men and women to have the same rights. And, a society is doomed as soon as it gives women the right to vote under that scenario.

    Sooo, while the Saudis are wrong about the driving, they are most definitely right that women are not as smart as men overall. I mean, all you have to do is look at America, where black whores (and white whores, too) with illegitimate children is a major voting bloc. My goodness, but if the Democrats ever lose the “black whore with illegitimate kids” demographic, they are screwed in elections.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It’s hard to believe you mean some of the things you say. Assuming that you do however, you comment is offensive and appalling.

      1. Maybe it is offensive and appalling. But is it true??? I notice you guys never deal with that part of it. You comment about the comment, but you never deal with the substance of the comment.

        So, c’mon, take a stab at it. Are black whores with illegitimate children a Democratic Party voting block, and do Democratic Party politicians play to that demographic? Remember, that currently 72% of all black kids are illegitimate. . . some of that black girl magic, i guess that Hillary talked about. . . ginning up little b*st*rds out of thin air. Abracadabra. . . oh look! Dequarius! Presto allakazaaam! Oh look, Lakeeshaweesha. . .

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  3. I would like to hear this Sheik explain the 1/2 intellect thing to the IDF. They seem to believe women can drive fighter planes.

    The evolution of it is much slower, and not enough time has elapsed to make it researchable, which is why we are looking to pass through our ‘strainer’ as many women as possible in order to understand the characteristics of the female Israeli Air Force pilot.

    1. Discrimination against women, but take note how leftist women blindly follow Linda Sansour who appreciates Sharia Law and Sharia Law is discriminatory against women.

    1. They may be a little slow in modernizing women’s rights, but Saudia Arabia is doin’ a “heckava job Brownie” when it comes to financing terrorists doing co-president Kushner’s bidding.

    2. No problem. But we don’t have to support them or allow them buy property in our country or send them arms. Every time we allow them more access we encourage their export of this ideology. The princes of Saudi Arabia and are deeply embedded in our country and they believe ring their idol gay with them.

  4. Let’s remember that Saudi Arabia is a favorite country for President Trump–and the “new ban” exempts Saudi Arabia even though 15 of the 19 9/11 lowlifes who killed 3,000 Americans came from it–and this is the mentality that they have–as they continue to bomb Yemen into the Stone Age….

        1. Saudi Arabia is in the $10-$25 Million dollar tier donation category for the Clinton foundation. We won’t discuss the rest of the money that has been supplied both personally and to the foundation.

          “relationship”(s) are important for countries to work with one another, but personal relationships where influence peddling exists is another story.

      1. Can you define ‘love affair’? We have ordinary diplomatic and trade relations with them, the government grants the aerospace industry a license to sell equipment to them, and there was a period of time (1990-2002) when a modest American garrison was stationed there. Pretty bog standard.

      1. Ter ber – as long as I have been on here we have been complaining about JT’s proof-reading for this blog. It has never improved. I think part of the problem is when he is writing the blogs, they are near midnight D.C. time and he is thinking faster than he types. I have just learned to go with the flow. 😉

        1. I understand Paul. But he invoked Jesus into his rant on proof reading,
          Just wanted to give him a heads up on that. It triggered me, so now, I can
          Go back to my safe space. 😘

  5. And yet we continue to support this country and pretend that it is our ally. The sad thing is that in the name of diversity we often see those who should be in full throated opposition to any ideology or religion that supports this view of women counseling tolerance and even embracing those who share it. Human rights are not negotiable. Unfortunately there are some on the left and many on the right who believe that they are. As a result the US has many such allies. Shameful.

    Of course, we have our own fanatics who see women as less competent. They claim women should not have physical autonomy or be able to make their own medical decisions without the intervention of “small government”. I see a dangerous kinship there.

  6. Here’s a guy who probably still rides camels to work and later eats them feels woman don’t have the intellect to drive vehicles.

  7. As a second wave feminist, this was a huge issue. Yet back in the dark ages of the 1990s when I was in university, it’s was about equal treatment for all globally. Where are today’s third wave? Oh yeah, Linda Sasour was preaching the benefits of shariah, whilst posh American woman called the hajab a liberating symbol.

    1. They had not finished counting when they had to move the funds to Canada and hence to Curacao.

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