Egyptian Government Reportedly Orders Abusive Examinations Of Gay Men In Crackdown On Homosexuality

Flag of EgyptEgypt Coat of ArmsIt has long been the U.S. policy to ignore human rights violations of some of our closest allies as part of a realpolitik.  However, that means that our citizens give billions to countries who deny their very humanity and criminalize their very being.  A case in point is Egypt.  Egyptian authorities previously arrested seven people for simply flying a rainbow flag.  Now, according to Amnesty International, six men will be subjected to anal examination in the country’s abusive legal system.  They are charged with “promoting sexual deviancy” and “debauchery.” What is alarming is that both lawyers and journalists in Egypt have supported such crackdowns.  Various reporters expressed outrage at the notion that anyone raised the rainbow flag in public and called for their persecution.

One man has reportedly been sentenced to six years for merely being a homosexual.  Yet, this is a country that actively seeks billions from a country with millions of taxpaying homosexuals.  Obviously, our aid to Egypt means that they will be able to save money in other areas like imprisoning and abusing homosexuals.

In a country that continues to be a font for Islamic extremism and terrorism, Egypt is committing public resources to performing anal examination and running down homosexuals.  Yet, these prosecutors are receiving enthusiastic support from Muslim clerics and leaders.  Indeed, one leading Sunni cleric said that there is no difference between terrorism groups and homosexuals.

So these clerics have no difficulty in taking money from gay American citizens but would imprison them if they ever came to the country as openly gay individuals.  I understand that our aid often has overriding strategic goals, but supporting nations that abuse women and homosexuals raises serious moral questions for every American.  If Egypt and Saudi Arabia cannot even recognize the humanity of homosexuals, I have a hard time believing that they are part of the solution to fighting Islamic extremism when they are hunting down homosexuals.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder. . .what crime did the guy, relegated with the task of inspecting all of these rectums, commit to deserve such a task?

    1. bam bam – I heard that hundreds volunteered for the job of rectum checker and they had to hold a lottery to select just one and and alternate if he got sick or overwhelmed.

  2. But wait! Under the law of globalism, it is xenophobic to consider our own country and culture superior to any other country. Clearly, any declaration that the freedoms we enjoy here are superior to anal examinations to test for homosexuality in Egypt, where being gay is a punishable crime, is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and Trumpist.

    I am reporting this article to Antifa, who will come batter everyone who complains about the treatment of gays in the rest of the world as Fascists until they shut up and accept more immigrants from countries who kill gays. Then they will call for a boycott of the blog because it is written by a Caucasian, so every word must be in support of colonialism by cis gendered Christian straight white men. Whew! Thank no deity whatsoever that there are social justice warriors brave enough to fight the good fight!

    Really, that’s the only civilized solution. Now let’s all retire to our gated communities patrolled by armed security guards.

    1. Karen – you certainly live a more guarded life than I do. We don’t have any guards or gates.

      1. I was pretending to be a coastal elite. I live in a rural area. We guard our own gates. 🙂

  3. Conservative influence has grown exponentially to a point where it may now never be stopped, all owing to the ridiculous crap that liberals have been shoving down the throats of America, using the courts to illegally enact legislation, depriving the most vulnerable among us of life, taxing working people into bankruptcy, creating massive government handouts that have 10 folded the cost of living since the 60s, while at the same time promoting open borders and illegal immigration at a cost of 1 trillion dollars since 2010, enough money to buy 10 million homes for Middle Americans, or enough money to put $50,000 in the pockets of 20 million Americans.

    Unless liberals stop forcing their murder, debauchery, inflation, vote fraud and open borders down the throats of everyone, the US will soon be farther right than Egypt.

    America is not just the Melting Pot of people, but of ideas, too. Liberals have to respect conservative values as much as they respect their own liberal values. Otherwise, liberals will be no more, not even a shadow of their former selves. Not even a sane conservative would want to live in such a world, where already exist too many miserable examples in other parts of the world.

    If this is what you did not have in mind, then knock it off, liberals! I mean, haven’t you had enough comeuppance already? Because if you haven’t, there is one hell of a lot more of it on the way already.

  4. Somewhere, in a smoky gay hooka bar in a disreputable Cairo neighborhood, Abdul the gay stand up comedian is working this into his routine. . .

    “Sooo, Officer Mustafa handcuffed me and then he roughly “examined” me. By the Prophet, we still see each other every Wednesday aftrenoon. . .” bada boom.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. Enigma was on here the other day arguing that Egyptians are black, so he should come back explain why black dudes are going around looking up other dude’s butts. 😂

  6. This editorial fails to recognize that Islam is part of Egyptian culture, as .much as Christianity is the foundation of ours. This law. charging these men with “promoting sexual deviancy” and “debauchery.” would find huge support in America. We Westerners seek to impose OUR definition of. ” human Rights” on islamic nations who see us as the poster child for immorality an diviancy. We should remember we have No permanent friends, only permanent interest.

    1. Actually, the Founding Fathers acknowledged a need/benefit of and for religion, but many of the pioneers who abandoned Europe for the Americas desired to escape the government sponsored tyranny of the priest and the kind both being “in the same sack.”

      A good example of the priest and king occupying the same sack (to the detriment of the public) is the current Marxist Pope telling American Catholics they are to be in bed with pro-abortion Democrats and against Trump on the issue of illegal immigration.

      On a related matter, the term “Judeo-Christian” is one of the most oxymoronic extant. Modern Judaism’s Talmud (its holiest of holy books) declares Christ is son of the whore Mary, fathered by a Roman centurion named Pantera. (The Pope once banned the Talmud. The Rabbis subsequently changed the name Jesus to Pantera as a code word to convince a later Pope to lift the ban on the Talmud.)

      American Christians and Catholics had no interest in joining Europe’s WW2. Later it is reported that a Judaic in the State Department made up the term “Judeo-Chrisitan” as a propaganda tool to convince Christians and Catholics that Hitler’s attacks against Jews equaled attacks against American religion. The term helped increase American thirst for war. The term is a lie and idiotic, but of course, it sticks to this day, most preferred by naive and/or deceitful Zionist (faux) Christians


      1. Joseph Jones — Complete fantasy. Go to some mental health counseling.

  7. Ultimately, homosexuality is self-resolving and self-terminating. Homosexuality perpetuates nothing and, therefore, has no value. Homosexuality is a cul-de-sac – a non-entity.

    Marriage binds a man and a woman for the protection of their union and the children they bear, making homosexual marriage irrefutably impossible.

    Homosexuality should be pitied and treated through palliative care, not placed on a pedestal as untouchable, mystical, positive and superior.

    1. George: unless you just stepped out of a time machine, I must assume you are joking. If you aren’t joking, then you are the one to be pitied, and who needs treatment. Not criminalizing homosexuality is not the equivalent to placing it on a pedestal as untouchable, mystical, positive or superior. Homosexuals are born with an attraction to persons of their own gender. How would you “treat” someone with “palliative care” who is born homosexual, anyway? Homosexuality isn’t a disorder, but intolerance and judgmentalism are.

      You say that homosexuality “perpetuates nothing and therefore has no value”, but what about the love two people have for one another, the joy they bring to one another and to children they adopt and raise to be tolerant, open-minded people who are accepting of others? Some of the most unhealthy families I am aware of are the products of heterosexual couples.

      1. Homosexuals are born with an attraction to persons of their own gender.

        There is no indication that they are ‘born’ with any such impulses. The causes of homosexuality remain a mystery. Discordance among identical twin sets is at least as common as concordant homosexuality (more common by a factor of 3 per some studies).

    2. George and others — Read more deeply about Classical Greece, even up through Hellenistic times. Maybe also in early Christian times although I still have to study that period myself.

      Anyway, start with Aristole’s four meanings of love for which the Greeks had four words. It will give a different perspective on so-called homosexuality.

      1. It’s marriage, stupid! Nobody cares about homosexuality. Homosexuality is self-terminating. The problem is the absurd and incoherent, political provision of the institution of marriage to homosexuals. Marriage protects the children produced and the bond of the married men and women. Homosexuals cannot procreate. End of discussion. Homosexual marriage is a ridiculous and irrational attempt to normalize perversion for political purposes. Nothing more. The theater of the absurd.

        1. George – I have two lesbian friends who are now married to each other. One has 6 children, the other 4. Each was a lesbian through their heterosexual marriage. So, George, lesbians can have children. And married gays have been known to impregnate their wives. They do it for king and country, not for fun.

          BTW, they are still good friends with their exes.

    3. George, sounds like you have never had to go to a morgue to identify the body of a 20-year-old who committed suicide because he ‘came out’ to his parents and brothers who judged and rejected him instead of accepting him, supporting him and loving him for who he was. And you never had to read the personal journal entries that documented the suffering and the agonizing pain of a human being who was struggling to come to terms with who he was before he took his own life. If you had, you might not be so sure of your position on homosexuality.

      1. No but I had to lift the guy’s arm, which had fallen off and was hanging by strings of soft tissue, back up onto the stretcher after he was removed from the dust-off and on his way to Graves Registration in Cu Chi. There was nothing to indicate his sexual orientation after he “came out” to Vietnam to be instantly disarticulated by a communist RPG and die for his country.

        1. George, We’ve all had experiences in life that change who we are haven’t we? I read your words about homosexuality being “self-terminating” and of ‘no value’….and I understand your point…but those words brought up a painful memory of a “self-termination” that I shared here for whatever reason. Not the place. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.

  8. What JT fails to mention is that this isn’t about according or denying humanity to homosexuals in Egypt; it’s about maintaining a longstanding and ingrained societal taboo and punishing those who attempt to mainstream a behavior deemed repugnant and an abomination. Any fallacy that we, in the West, are so much more tolerant in our treatment of perceived sexual deviants is just that. . .a fallacy. Those who are accused of and ultimately convicted of pedophilia or incest, for example, are prosecuted and jailed in the West. It isn’t because we lack humanity that we, as a society, condone and support these actions. It’s precisely because we believe that we are humane that we attempt to punish the wrongdoer while, simultaneously, protecting society from these individuals by any array of punishments, including incarceration. How far off is that from what is transpiring in Egypt? We think that we are so high and mighty because we distinguish what we do from what the barbarians in Egypt are doing, basing our distinction upon some notion of consent? That in cases where individuals have been accused of acts of homosexuality, there are consenting adults? Tweaking the definition of consent will permit children, family members and any assortment of barnyard animals to be imbued with the ability to legally consent to various prohibited sexual conduct. Is JT ready to declare our inhumanity, in the West, of those convicted of pedophilia, incest and beastiality?

    1. I agree with your comment, but lest we forget, JT uses his legal skills to represent polygamists, a horrendous practice that is rife with well-documented abuse of women and children. So it would appear that when it comes to deviant sexual practices, JT’s view is pretty much ‘anything goes…..’

  9. If Egypt and Saudi Arabia cannot even recognize the humanity of homosexuals, I

    Neither Egypt nor Saudi Arabia have declared homosexuals to be ‘non-human’. They have declared consensual sodomy a common crime. The question at hand is one you will not address: is the notion of ‘human rights’ to be so sectarian that every place on Earth’s gotta have the mores of the West Village?

  10. US aid to other countries seems to be strictly about military alliance and zero about human rights.

    1. It’s called ‘reasons of state’ and it is properly the primary guide for foreign policy.

      As for ‘human rights’, manufacturing a legal regime wherein sexual deviants have a franchise to exhibit themselves is an option exercised in occidental countries only in the last 40 years and largely imposed by professional-managerial types on an unwilling populace through the agency of the judicial ukase. That sort of thing would not be a priority even were the quality of internal governance a primary concern.

      1. 1. Reporters are not auditors.

        2. Why would we punish the Egyptian military for disposing of Mohammed Morsi? Morsi was an enemy of the United States, an enemy of congenial dealings in the Near Eastern state system, an enemy of robust public deliberation in Egypt, and had overstayed his welcome with the Egyptian public.

        1. 1. Non sequitur.
          2. US has a law not to give aid to countries engaging in coups. You can google it on your own. The US is inconsistent in holding itself to its laws, as in this case. The admin continued aid arguing removal would “contribute to instability in the region,” which is code for “we really don’t know what we’re doing, so let’s just let it ride, and Americans are too stupid to notice and object anyway.”

          Really surprised you even bothered to respond to my comment, DSS.

        2. an enemy of robust public deliberation in Egypt? Bwahahahaha…….good one!

  11. I have a hard time believing that they are part of the solution to fighting Islamic extremism.

    I have a hard time believing this post was written by Turley. Someone has an axe to grind and this pathetic post was all they had to offer.

    1. It is widely believed that latent homosexuals tend to be the most fanatical about attacking homosexuality. So be careful about what you attack publically.

      1. It is widely believed that latent homosexuals tend to be the most fanatical about attacking homosexuality.

        That’s one of the stupidities of the age. Stupidities shouldn’t influence public discourse or public policy.

      2. So be careful about what you attack publically.

        I never fear speaking the truth, regardless of the latent or blatant fanatic’s leanings.

      3. Ad hominem attack. Your argument is so weak, stupid, inane, and meaningless it’s all your ilk have. You can’t argue the point, so you publicly ridicule and condemn your opponent.

        Till about a half C ago, the American Psychiatric Institute had public policy labeling homosexuality as a mental disease. The homosexual lobby rioted at their annual meetings till the Institute changed their opinion.

  12. At least they are giving them an anal exam first before just throwing them off the roof. I think this is a step up. Homosexuality is illegal there. Their country, their rules.

    1. “At least they are giving them an anal exam first before just throwing them off the roof.”

      Kind of gives new meaning to “pucker up….”

      1. slohrss29 – during our draft physicals, we were told to bend over, grab your cheeks and smile. 😉

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