Lion Bites Osprey To The Delight Of Cheetahs


download-2Okay this might get a bit confusing but there is an interesting legal issue here.  Wales hooker Scott Baldwin missed playing for the Ospreys after he was bitten on the hand by a lion.  The result was that the Cheetahs won the match.  What is interesting is that Baldwin’s injury was due to utter stupidity after the reached into a lion’s cage in South Africa to pet the lion.  That’s right, a grown man reached into a lion’s cage to pet a lion.  The question is when a professional team can penalize a player for injuries due to simple stupidity.



Baldwin, 29, was called rather obviously “stupid” by Ospreys coach Steve Tandy being bitten and needing stitches before the game.  Tandy added,

“There was an incident with a lion, but in fairness it was nothing to do with the lion. He did bite Scott but when you put your hand in a fence where there is a lion, then you will get bitten.”

So true, but that raises the interesting contractual question of when a player should be denied pay when he injures himself through not just an act of breathtaking stupidity but a violation of local laws.

It does appear that the team will penalize Baldwin — perhaps under the theory that a lion bite is lesson enough for even the most dim players.

The Cheetahs beat the Ospreys 44-25 in Friday’s clash at the Free State Stadium.


Next time, the Ospreys might want to release the player under a “Circle of Life” clause:


10 thoughts on “Lion Bites Osprey To The Delight Of Cheetahs”

  1. You know, I’ve seen lions hand fed by keepers at a couple of wildlife rehabilitation centers. That’s where the lions end up after people buy them as cute cubs to keep as pets, who then give clawing the couch a whole new meaning. The keepers have habituated the lions to take food through the fence.

    I really, really, really would not put my hand up to that fence. I wouldn’t expect my fingers to remain attached. It is true that there are some lions who are very friendly with their special person, but they are still not hospital therapy lions. They will never be as universally tame to every person they encounter as, say, a Golden Retriever. There is a real difference between bonding with a wild animal and the genetic tameness of a domesticated pet. Apparently, thousands of years of selective breeding actually does make a difference.

    People love wild animals, but they shouldn’t love wild animals. This reminds me of the man killed by the killer whale at Sea World because he wanted to swim with an orca. The orca removed him of both testicles after killing him. God, I hope it was after.

    My father told me about a tiger who got loose in a zoo. The keepers held their breath as the tiger prowled past a man reading a paper. The man casually reached out and stroked the large cat as he walked by, and then quietly had a fit as he realized what just happened. The tiger just kept on walking. Perhaps luck smiled upon that man because he didn’t intentionally put his hand through a fence but pet the cat without realizing it.

  2. I am worried about the lion is there any chance it could have been infected with stupid human disease

  3. To be fair, it was kind of a wild petting zoo for low IQ people who believe their tour guide or hosts.
    Everyone was petting them through the bars.
    The question remains,
    Do you always believe them?

  4. Sounds pretty lame………….I mean the player Scott Baldwin, after the lion bit him. Well, he seems mentally lame before the bite too, for sticking his hand through the fence.

    Readers can decide whether this story itself is lame.

  5. I think he belongs in Bedlam.

    But then again, around here double fencing is used to separate the stupids, i.e., spectators, from the grizzlies.

  6. Having tutored athletes when I was finishing my masters, I know some can be dumb as rocks, but at least the NCAA set some minimum floor limits they had to pass to get into school to get a scholarship. This wins the Darwin award. They should take his salary for the year and the next year he plays for half pay to make up for his stupidity.

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