“It Sure Looked Unethical”: Brazile Discloses Deal That Gave Hillary Clinton Control Over DNC Before Primary

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_Benghazi220px-donna_brazile_1The DNC and Clinton emails released by Wikileaks ultimately exposed a pattern of false statements by Democratic leaders particularly Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Schultz insisted that they were completely neutral in the primary despite every indication to the contrary.  It was later revealed that Donna Brazile, who replaced Schultz, had first leaked questions for the debate with Sanders to Clinton and then lied about the incriminating emails later to the media (she suggested that they were fake).  Now Brazile is making a come back and has been put back into a position of power at the DNC and ironically on the Rules Committee.  She is also shopping a book. In the book, Brazile confirms that Hillary Clinton essentially bought the DNC by assuming responsibility for its crippling debt in exchange for control over the organization before the primary.  In other words, as shown by the earlier emails and now by Brazile’s own account, the primary was indeed rigged against Bernie Sanders and anyone running against Clinton.


 Brazile says that she discovered an August 2015 agreement between the national committee and Clinton’s campaign that gave Clinton “control (of) the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.” She in return agreed to take care of the massive debt leftover from President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.  Even Brazile (who was fired from CNN for unethical conduct) said that the deal was legal  “but it sure looked unethical.”  She further states that the deal gave one campaign (Clinton) “control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead.” She now agrees that the Clinton deal “compromised the party’s integrity.”

What is obvious from this latest disclosure is the utter mismanagement of the DNC during the Obama Administration as well as misleading statements from a host of Democratic figures .  That failure played into the hands of the Clintons who proceeded to take over control over the DNC to guarantee that no one but Hillary would be nominated. It was not just a dubious arrangement from an ethical standpoint but ultimately rigged the primary for what many view as the worst possible candidate for that election.  From the earliest polling, it was widely understood that the election would an anti-establishment election.  It was also clear that Clinton continue to carry extremely negative polls on her trustworthiness and honesty with many voters.  Nevertheless, virtually every Democratic member of Congress and the DNC would work tirelessly to guarantee the most establishment figure in Democratic ranks would run in the most anti-establishment election in history.  Indeed, many have commented that Clinton may have been the only leading candidate that could lose against Trump.  They were both the most unpopular candidates to run respectively for their parties.  In the end, Clinton was largely campaigning on not being Trump. That was enough to great more votes but many experts believe that other candidates would likely have swept both the popular and electoral voters.  Ironically, what many voters did not like about Clinton was her perceived dishonesty and inauthenticity.  This allegation from Brazile only reinforces that image.  When Clinton and Wasserman Schultz were denying any special arrangements, they both knew that Clinton was effectively handed the keys to the DNC before Sanders ever hit the campaign trail.

The deal was struck before Joe Biden was essentially pushed out of the race by Clinton allies.  (Many experts believe that, even though himself an establishment figure, Biden would have won handily in both popular and electoral votes against Trump since he had fewer polling negatives on issues like trustworthiness).  We discussed earlier the email sources suggesing that one of Biden’s closest aides, Ron Klain, reportedly admitted to working for Clinton behind the scenes to scuttle Biden’s chances.  

If true, Clinton and her people left nothing to chance in first gaining control of critical parts of the DNC and working within the camps of potential challengers to undermine them.  Sanders was all that remained in the end and he came close to dislodging Clinton (even with the concerted work of people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and allies at the DNC).

In the end, the most damaged figure beyond Clinton herself is Schultz. She was previously booted for her biased and dishonest work as DNC head.  This disclosure further shreds her reputation and her veracity.

Then there is the DNC itself.  The DNC just kicked out Sanders supporters and brought back Clinton supporters in a controversial shakeup. It also never disclosed this deal to the public.  

Moreover, some if not all of those powerful Democrats on the board presumably knew of the arrangement. Yet, they continued to express disbelief at the suggestion of any special arrangements with Clinton.

In other words, the public view of the election and the duplicity of key leaders was largely accurate.


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  1. Not that I’m interested in the survival of any political party but this writer has a good point.

    Democrats could have responded to Trump by moderating their stances in an attempt to build a nationally competitive majority party. Such a Democratic Party might support legal abortion, but accept limitations on late-term abortions and not seek taxpayer funding for abortion. On immigration, it might favor generous legal immigration and amnesty for those already here illegally, but recognize a need for border security and that concerns about immigration are not intrinsically racist. It might support gay marriage, but it would not hijack anti-discrimination laws to persecute those who hold a traditional religious view of marriage and human sexuality. And so on.


    1. I have read the Federalist. On domestic issues, IIRC I have always agreed with them 100%.

      My potential problem with the Federalist is that it appears all or most of its editors and contributors are so-called “evangelical Christians.” Till proven otherwise, I always presume such persons wrongly believe two egregious errors:
      1. Christ’s Parousia (2nd coming) is still in the future. It’s not. When Christ walked the earth His Parousia was in the future, and occurred in 70 AD when Nero (AKA “666,” the sum total of the numbers correlating to the Greek letters which spell “Nero”) destroyed the Ioudaios (wrongly interpreted “Jewish”) temple.
      2. “Evangelicals” largely if not exclusively believe, when Christ returns, He returns to the modern pagan State of Israel, which evangelicals wrongly believe is a modern manifestation of O.T. Israel.

      The definition of a Zionist is one who believes the modern State of Israel is a modern manifestation of O.T. Israel. Such persons wrongly attribute spiritual power to Israel geography, thus requiring Evangelicals to kill and maim and destroy and punish those who might harm Israel and/or it’s “Israeli” occupants.

      Zionism is the very core of what is likely the largest so-called “Protestant” sect, the SBC/Southern Baptist Convention. Atop many SBC Sunday church bulletins is this verse: “I shall bless those who bless thee, and curse those who curse thee.” The exact and specific meaning of this verse to Zionists such as SBC members is this: “It is the sworn religious and citizen duty of every single American SBC member to fight and die and pay taxes to insure the continued and permanent safety of Israel.”

      Persons who disagree are quickly shuttled out the door.

      The origin of the above interpretation of the listed verse is “The Scofield Reference Bible,” published by Oxford in the late 19th C. Prior to Scofield’s so-called first “study” Bible, Zionism was virtually non-extant within Christianity.

      Don’t call them Christian Zionists, but rather call them Zionist quasi-Christians, or just plain Zionists. SBC members would just as soon deny Christ’s deity than deny the sacred holiness of the modern pagan nation of Israel.

      1. My potential problem with the Federalist is that it appears all or most of its editors and contributors are so-called “evangelical Christians.”

        I have no problem with any religion or no religion at all when it comes to the law and more importantly, natural rights. That’s the lens I use to read everything. The Federalist has a lot of great contributors.

  2. The polls that show Trump with a 33% approval rating are the same polls that gave HRC a 90% chance of winning the election right up to election day.

    1. One of the biggest MSM sources, CNN IIRC, immediately prior to the election split the likelihood of winning as follows:
      HRC 93&
      Trump 7%

      I estimate several million views by now of the YT videos showing His Majesty and Most Highness Lord Jesus Obama laughing into the camera when asked if Trump might win. Ditto dozens of Hollywood types, AKA child-rapist enablers.

      Funny how Isaac loves to mention how dumb is Trump, whilst ignoring doozies like the above when the Emperor lacks clothes, or at least a brain. So dumb on so many levels. One, of course he was wrong. Two, it violates the first rule of war, being to never underestimate one’s opponent.

      I can think of nothing more likely to make a Progressive continue drinking their beer, smoking pot, and eating Cheetos (paid for by tax payers) than telling them 24/7 the race is already over before the vote.

  3. Seems like the party lost control initially by allowing a non Democrat to run under their banner. Bernie seems to specialize in freeloading

    1. Bernie had more polled support as an unannounced candidate than the sum of what Messrs. O’Malley, Webb, and Chafee could muster as formal candidates collecting funds, campaigning, and appearing in debates.

      Sanders also had limited but real accomplishment in executive positions. He was a seminal figure in Vermont politics. Hillary Clinton is a mendacious and crooked megalomaniac who does nothing well, Obama a study in vapidity, casual mendacity, and professional class smug; John Edwards is a sociopath, John Kerry’s an example of someone whose reputation has expanded (like a gas) to fill the offices he’d occupied, Al Gore a study in secular characterological decay, and Bilge Clinton’s grossness is essential. The only presidential candidates you’ve had in the last 25 years who had much business running have been Bill Bradley, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and Sanders (and, as a human being, Dean’s a buffoon).

    2. The party lost control because of their shenanigans and their disgusting candidate. Party needs to reform but it won’t – corporate controlled neo cons.

      Bernie freeloading? Ask the Haitians about those missing donations and the Clinton foundation speaking “donations” when HRC was SOS.

        1. Same-day registration is an invitation to fraudsters and open primaries are nonsensical.

          1. It works okay in Minnesota. Tulsi is quite popular with the left wing of the Democratic Party..

            1. It works OK if you don’t audit and ignore your embarrassments. Democratic Party minions stuffed the ballot boxes for Al Franken.

              Someone disorganized enough to be deterred and frustrated by the sort of voting regulations New York had in place 30 years ago (which required you fill out a brief form a minimum of 60 days before an election, vote at least once every four years to avoid being purged, stay out of prison, and send in an application affirming a stated reason for wishing to vote by mail in order to receive an absentee ballot) really has no business voting.

              Again, open primaries make no sense. You wish to vote in Republican primaries, register Republican in a timely fashion. You want to vote in Democratic primaries, register Democratic. They are supposed to be a means for a political tendency to nominate candidates. A jungle primary which makes use of ordinal balloting is a proper alternative to party primaries (provided the candidates formally declare allegiances).

              The real problems in our political order concern the effects of gerrymandering, incumbent entrenchment, lifelong political careers, first-past-the-post tabulation and award, and the disorganized electoral calendar. Same-day registration and open primaries do not address these problems at all.

    3. Translation: “Bernie has faults I don’t like, hence it’s good that HRC committed crimes, e.g. high jacking the nominating process, violating likely several dozen NEC laws and regulations.”

      Please, never stop being you.

  4. They did not and could not rig ‘the primary’ (and there are over 50 contests, btw) All they could do was manufacture impediments for Sanders, e.g. leaking the debate questions. Sanders just did not have the votes.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Democratic National Committee under Debbie Wasserman Schultz tenure was horribly mismanaged. The woman had so many other irons in the fire she never should have taken the job and all the evidence indicates she is a woman of quite ordinary intelligence with no notable skills apart from running fundraising and publicity campaigns.

    And, of course, her moral and ethical sense is less-than-zero. I’m fascinated to know what dirt that Awad brothers had on her.

    1. “And, of course, her moral and ethical sense is less-than-zero. I’m fascinated to know what dirt that Awad brothers had on her.”

      Oh yeah, that sort of disappeared. Or was it “disappeared-ed”? Will that ever see the light of day, or is he sitting in a dark room with the DNC computers? Did someone get him something to eat?

      1. That isn’t rigging. They’re a constitutional part of the process in the Democratic Party. Now, if DWS had been blackmailing and bribing superdelegates, that would be rigging.

    2. Interesting how Progressives like yourself call HRC having total control of all DNC management positions and policy “not” rigged primaries. For the record, is your position that NEC laws bless and condone the deal HRC made behind closed doors? If yes, why hide it?

      Again, please, never stop being you.

  5. Was Braziel living then? Yep, is she lying now? Yep.
    Donna knows HRC is toxic. Donna may be in the tank for a candidate and lie, but she is anything but dumb. She wants to maintain some level of power in the organization that is as corrupt as any.

    In Julies Caesar’s day they carried knives, now they type on a keyboard.

  6. I have a question.

    This is fraud if I am correct and that the Democratic primary was RIGGED to favor Clinton.

    What about all those who donated to Sanders under the false pretense that he was actually a viable candidate.

    Could they sue, possibly as a class action.

    I mean people spent a lot of money to support Sanders all for naught.

    1. Geeez. Didn’t think of that. It just gets uglier. Yeah, if I would have donated to Bernie I’d be pretty upset. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Does that make for a fraud case? Certainly it has to be against some kind of election laws (note: I have worked on political campaigns in the past, and pretty much have successfully blocked the memories. The FBI guys were nice though. Let me tell you, if you think it’s bad, it’s worse by at least a factor of 10.)

      1. Yes it is fraud and this information should help the case of those against the DNC, a case which the MSM won’t discuss. These people’s attorneys and their families have received death threats. They asked a court for protective orders but the judge refused their pleas. Their homes have been broken in to and Democratic party literature left there as a message.

        Also, Bernie Sanders signed off on this agreement so I hope Bernie supporters will be paying attention to this fact. He knew about it all along and he also pushed his people to vote for Clinton. Please don’t ignore these facts.

        I loved Donna’s tearful call to Bernie, just after this fine Christian woman listened to gospel music, to tell him about something he was already in on. As other people joked: “was the call made before or after she’d sent the debate questions to Clinton?” It’s corruption turtles all the way down!

        1. So the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to rig the election. Millions of dollars laundered to support Hillary Fukishima Clinton’s run for the uber Presidency. The Russians should file a class-action lawsuit to recover the thousands of dollars they spent on Facebook.

        2. Jill good points on Bernie – when he stopped Nina from speaking the “handwriting” was on the wall. As you know I am/was a “berniebot” – very disappointed he turned out to be such a coward. I have high hopes for Tulsi – especially if she runs Indie =) Will she? Dunno know.

          1. Autumn – in the email dump from the DNC there was one from Podesta about having something on Bernie that would keep him in line. Not sure if they have pictures or what, but I am guessing Bernie has a skeleton he does not want out of the closet.

        3. Where did this woman learn to write? It’s the political nonfiction version of a Harlequin romance. Pure dreck.

    2. JS – There was a class action lawsuit and the DNC won – essentially they are a private corp and as such have the right to make backroom deals as they see fit. The MSM buried the story

        1. Paul, it was dismissed Aug 26 – I don’t know if Jared and Elizabeth lee will appeal – they were spooked by the threats and intimidation including the death of their process server Shaun Lucas, the “suicide” of Wisenoth and then Eberwein who was set to testify in Haiti and wound up dead. All in their neck of the woods in Florida.

          1. What a vile human being you are. Always implying someone’s death is a result of these machinations, such an ugly heart comrade.

          2. Autumn and Paul,

            I’ve been checking Jared Beck’s twitter (which is really funny on its own!) to see if they might. The judge seemed to pull reason for the dismissal out of his you know what, so it may not be possible, but this is a written admission by guilt one of the parties involved in the fraud!

            1. Jill – it certainly can be appealed, depending on if the Becks still have any money left. I think there is a case after Brazile’s book. You just have to get her on the stand. I think there is a class action fraud case here.

  7. Did Biden ultimately decide not to run because of the death of his son or because he discovered there would be no money or support for his campaign coming from the DNC?

    1. The DNC one might wager is debarred by law and by-law from financing primary campaigns (party committees in New York are, at any rate).

      I doubt the 73 year old Biden or his wife were all that enthusiastic about the prospect of a grueling national campaign. That aside, hideously embarrassing problems have erupted in the family since their son died.

      Biden’s intellect is well below the median for a national politician and he is bereft of personal accomplishment outside the world of electoral politics. See Keith Ablow: he behaves in public settings in ways that would trigger a dementia work up if seen in a doctor’s office.

        1. I gather he gave you a diagnosis you didn’t want to hear.

          He’s long since given up psychiatric practice, for whatever reason he elected to do that. He’s actually a graduate of Johns Hopkins and was a clinical faculty member at Tufts, so he was likely adequate in that role.

          1. I wouldn’t even trust what he has to say about you, SOT.


            Dr. Keith Ablow, whose comments in the media have sparked concern, is not an employee of either Tufts University or Tufts University School of Medicine, nor is he on the staff of Tufts Medical Center. He is one of more than 4,000 individuals who hold voluntary, unpaid appointments at the medical school. Over the years, Dr. Ablow has given occasional lectures in forensic psychiatry to residents, who have already received the M.D. degree, and has helped to organize a memorial forensic psychiatry lecture honoring a deceased resident colleague. He did not discuss gender identity or sexual expression in those lectures and he has not given any lectures for the past five years. He does not teach medical students.

            Our medical students, in fact, receive extensive teaching on LGBT issues. Our curriculum in this area is consistent with the position of major medical organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as the American Psychological Association. The highly respected faculty who teach our medical students about sexuality and gender identity include Dr. Christopher Bellonci, who is nationally regarded as a leader in the psychiatric understanding of LGBT issues and has for years provided clinical support services for LGBT young people. Dr. Ablow is not involved in curriculum development or teaching for this or other medical school courses.

            Dr. Ablow’s comments reflect his own personal views and should not be attributed to Tufts University or Tufts University School of Medicine. But as an institution of higher learning, Tufts supports the freedom to express and test ideas through vigorous debate and criticism. Such freedom is fundamental not only to academic institutions but to our society as a whole, and it is especially around speech we may not like that our commitment gets tested and proved. Dr. Ablow’s comments have challenged all of us to reflect on the complex relationships between commitments we hold passionately: to diversity and inclusion; to safety and nondiscrimination, to scientific veracity; and to academic freedom. This in no way diminishes the value we place on creating an educational environment that allows for the vigorous exchange of ideas while ensuring that no member of our community is subject to discrimination. And we will continue to work to ensure that transgender individuals are welcomed and supported across the university.


            Tony Monaco, Harris Berman, and Paul Summergrad

            1. Evidently the past tense is a concept that defeats Elaine. The term ‘was’ refers to the past, Elaine. Bit too late for all the pupils you miseducated over the years.

              1. Irrelevant jabber to distract from the fact that she — I mean he — rather frequently calls on Keith (A)blow to make “his” points.

                And there were no “pupils”, honey. I’m not a retired teacher — and if you can’t get that right — one has to wonder what else you’re missing.

                But keep jabbering away…spouting nonsense about “retired teachers”…who have “miseducated pupils.”

                (Anyone who had Elaine M. as a teacher was lucky indeed. The world would be a better place, if she’d educated you.)

                1. I gather you find Ablow’s name triggering.

                  You’re not Elaine, but you take the time out to commend to me a random school district retiree in Massachusetts that few people who are not Elaine are likely ever to have met in meatworld. Thanks for the tip.

                  1. Check with JT — who has some very good things to say about Elaine (as do I — and others…)…

                    That I would “take the time out to commend” her has nothing to do with who I am… Having said this, the fact that you (and Nicky) continue to malign her? Well, that tells us quite a bit about you. You and Nick — because he got this started.

                    Keep runnin’ in circles…, SOT: It’s what you do best. It’s no wonder the spam filter singles you out. Gee, what name will you be using next…

    2. Olly, Biden had tried twice before the win the primaries and failed. Not much enthusiasm for “Uncle Joe” – besides it was HER turn =)

  8. American politics is a closed system based on power and funded by oligarchs. What does one expect. We sit here and criticize the scumbags that run our country but it is our acquiescing, being entertained, getting the opportunity to criticize, etc that perpetuates this perverse shame of a system. The way it works is, lie, make headlines, point fingers, write a book, make money, and maintain the polarization of politics. We are being entertained while getting screwed.

  9. We now know it was Seth Rich, the murdered DNC IT staffer that leaked the emails to WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange has put up a reward for the conviction of his murderers. The problem is; what government agency has the balls to go up against the power elites in the DNC and deep state?

    In the Anthony Weiner emails Podesta wrote “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

    The leak occurred in early 2006, I believe in March, and Rich was murdered in July.

    Later in the email chain Joel Benenson said, “I think we have to make examples now of people who have violated the trust of HRC and the rest of the team.” Robby Mook also replied to Podesta’s message, throwing his weight behind the bloodthirsty campaign manager, saying “I would love an example being made.”

    According to Judicial Watch The Trump Admin. is blocking investigative activities and even stalling in court cases against corruption in the DNC and Obama Admin.

    Apparently, we can’t let to much out of the bag. There are not enough prison beds in the swamp.

    We’ve always known how dirty politics really is, you just don’t want to believe that we have digressed this much. Even going back to pre Civil War we are finding more and more evidence of corruption and a long line of historian and academic gatekeepers hiding it from the public.

    Jefferson was right; “that government is best which governs least.”

    How to restrain government has always been the problem. It can only be done by protecting our rights but most will acquiesce their rights for fear of retaliation, to be a part of the confiscatory cartel or a government contractor.

    Then we wonder how we have ended up with a $4 trillion annual Federal Budget, a $20 trillion deficit and over 737 military bases around the world according to Chalmers Johnson’s new book, “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic” (Metropolitan Books).

    Or that we are giving massive amounts of money out in foreign aid when there are now some 100 million people here in the U.S. at or near the poverty line.

    1. HSkipRob said, “The leak occurred in early 2006, I believe in March, and Rich was murdered in July.”

      A typographical error for 2016? HSkipRob must use the numbers keys at the right-hand end of the keyboard. The remainder of the screed looks typographically error-free.

      1. Chalmers book, “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic Paperback”, isn’t new. It was published back in 2008.

  10. Turley said, “Indeed, many have commented that Clinton may have been the only leading candidate that could lose against Trump.”

    What was true in 2016, would be truer still in 2020. The only way that Trump can get re-elected in 2020 is if Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee for President in 2020. That’s why Turley is tormenting us with the specter of 2016 replay in 2020. Turley needs to toy some more with a mortally wounded HRC just as badly as Trump does. Now hear this: Hillary Rodham Clinton does not have nine lives. Find some other mouse to toy with. Hillary is political road kill. And so is Trump.

    1. What was true in 2016, would be truer still in 2020. The only way that Trump can get re-elected in 2020 is if Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee for President in 2020.

      I see one of your hobbies in your old age is making stupid categorical statements.

    2. In my opinion neither one of them will be running for anything. Trump is at 33 percent in Gallup with a good economy. That is pretty much unheard of.

      1. It was the opposite under Obama. Obama’s policies had low approval numbers in the 20’s and 30’s with a stale economy, while his overall approval was high 40s or more. Trump has the opposite happening with high approval numbers for his policies and a good economy, but overall approval in the 30s.

  11. I cannot believe that Brazile did not know what was going on, the stories had been in the press for some time of the way Hillary was using the DNC as a slush fund. Did she not read them, chose not to believe them?

    And I think Donna Brazile is trying to wipe her hands clean of the whole mess. She is blaming Hillary and Barack, who still owes the DNC several million.

    The only new thing is Hillary bought the DNC before the primary, which we all knew was rigged.

  12. The 2020 campaign will be about the 2016 campaign. Hopefully the asteroid runs again so we can end all this already.

    1. No! Please, Dave137. I can’t go back there. I’d rather have the asteroid go back to 2016. Can you arrange that? Or at least look into it? Por favor?

      1. Not sure if it can be arranged. The museum-curator about to be in charge of rocket scientists at NASA thinks there’s still debate over whether asteroids even exist.

        1. You mean to tell me Trump appointed a museum curator to head NASA? Was this curator from The Smithsonian Institute? No. Wait. The Smithsonian would never hire an asteroid denier. Trump would. Especially if he or she curated the Real Estate Hall of Fame. Asteroids are bad for property values. Even the rocket scientists at NASA admit as much.

          1. With your worse than useless and divisive DNC, you better start warming up to the thought of 4 more years of Trump. Quit whining about Trump and find a candidate already!

            1. What’s the rush? It’s not even 2018 yet. And we have to find someone who can beat Kasich, anyhow.

              1. I would argue the barge that is the Democratic party is taking on water pretty quickly. Going to take some time to stitch that big hole together to be able to put on the dog for the election. Seems the dems are all about losing. Want to impeach Trump (a “middle of the road” stater as far as I can see), and your Randian king Pence, just who the Dems would LOVE to have in office. Duh. Watergate strategy ain’t going to work out for you here. Maybe instead of trying to be greasy and keep lying about Russia, you can go deep and find a real candidate. Not sure you have one; I argue the opposite–you only have two years to sort this gargantuan mess out.

              2. Unless Trump elects to retire (or dies in the interim), Kasich will not be the nominee. If Trump does retire, Kasich’s chances will be only a shade better than that of any randomly selected governor or senator who elects to set up a campaign.

                Since popular contests eclipsed slating by grandees as a source of delegates, the major parties have nominated some two dozen presidential candidates. All but one were incumbent presidents, de novo candidates, or had been at least the runner up during their previous run. Since the advent of primary elections at any level, you’ve seen just two occasions when the party nominated an also-ran from previous contests: Hubert Humphrey and Albert Gore. Both had held obtrusive federal posts in the interim, which Kasich hasn’t.

  13. Dana Brazille is part of the problem and has always been. She was deep into the corruption of which she now speaks and wants us to believe she cares. No Democrat should be fooled. She should resign immediately as should the rest of the corporatist crew. They are in large part responsible for the Trump administration.

  14. Let’s crack open a cold beverage of choice and sit back as the usual narrative unfolds. Brazile’s book will hit the shelves and for about 72 hours it will dominate the media’s attention unless some other shiny thing comes along to catch their eye. There will be interviews on morning shows, maybe a book and tour, and so forth. Then the Clinton apologists will come out of the woodwork in one of two ways: a) they’ll have some handy dandy catch phrases to explain ti all away (a common one is “well, all campaigns do it”), or b) Hillary’s team will leak dirt they’ve accumulated on Brazile.

    All the while Madam Secretary and her Scooby van freak show will get off guilty as hell but free as a bird. Mueller? Mueller??

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