Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas.

I am in Chicago with the family for Christmas with my 90-year-old mother Angela.  We got our wish this year for a white Christmas with a few inches on Christmas Eve.  The Chicago Bears completed the perfect Christmas by winning on Sunday. Even though the Browns are the worst team in the country without a single win this year, none of us made any assumptions given the record this year.




75706_415843048470592_965859015_nWe took my Mom to St. Mary’s of the Lake for midnight mass (though it is no longer actually at midnight and end regrettably at 11 pm).  This is my childhood church where I have literally spent every Christmas of my life. It is a gorgeous church and I love the fact that it is now part of the tradition of my four children.

Last night, I made our traditional Cioppino soup — a tradition started by my late father, Jack Turley. I hated the soup as a kid so fate has left this tradition to me. I am now as addicted to the soup as my father was.

I cook the beef as well as the Yorkshire pudding, horseradish. and other traditional dishes for the dinner.  We will have the entire family clan over to the house. A total of 29 this years.

Despite the latest loss of the Bears, we are all in good cheer and it is wonderful to be home in Chicago.

The Turley family wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday. I will be toasting our blog family tonight and give thanks for the wonderful community we have created at this site.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Merry Christmas ! Professor Turley, you could not do anything more meaningful, as far as I am concerned, than to attend Church services with your family. Particularly your Mother. She must feel blessed in deed!!

  2. I buy live rattle snakes from one of the migrants who lives out in the woods. I cook them on the grill after cutting off the heads and pitching them in the outhouse. The snakes are seasoned with spices and then the side dish is mashed potatoes and butter with green beans on the side. We call this “Joseph and Mary eat snakes for Larry”. Larry was the founder of 8th Day Dog Adventists.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, JT, and stay safe in Chicago. May everyone on the blog have a bright, beautiful, peaceful day doing the things you love with those you love!

  4. Merry Christmas, JT. We got a little snow in the upper Midwest last night so it looks like Christmas. Italians traditionally have a feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve. My godfather, Uncle Micky, would always make it. I miss those days. I’m guessing the Cioppino is seven fish in one pot.

  5. Merry Xmas JT and your wonderful 90 year old mother.
    She is an inspiration to us all.
    Don’t forget a drop of something sensible.
    Red or White.

  6. Yes, please enjoy Christmas—while it lasts. Depravity has become the new religion, and decency and integrity are quickly becoming outmoded concepts of a bygone era.

    In Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South America, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and in the multitudes of Islamic nations, decency and integrity is already dead. And even when President Trump tries to do something about the malignant growth of criminal migrants, the vile politicians masquerading as judges in the Ninth Circuit continue to insert their perversion of the law into the process in their effort to eradicate decency and to promote depravity even further. Even cockroaches like them become emboldened to spread their vermin when they feel confident that there’s little that can be done to eradicate them.

    Here’s Pat Condell with a timely message:

    1. As Rev. Sharpton pointed out, Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refugees when they fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s decree to kill all baby boys. Think about that in the context of your President pretending to be a person of faith, but railing against refugees and denying them haven, plus his Evangelical followers who support him and his policies.

      1. Ah, so Sharpless is your hero. That immediately transmits that you’re a Leftist hater of civilization. Sharpless encouraged the murder of police officers and Jews. He’s succeeded.

        And had you actually LISTENED to what Pat Condell said, which, of course, you did not and cannot do–as a dedicated Leftist who hates facts, evidence, and logic–you’d know that he Condell did not rail against all migrants. He railed against the barbarian migrants that nations are importing wholesale.

        But thanks for presenting the vile Leftist Islamocommunazi position. Only a vile Leftist could speak of Sharpless in the same sentence as a mention of Jesus.

        1. Thanks for the Cusack/Christmas Eve Mass link, swarthmore mom. (This might be a good time for JT to do another interview with John Cusack.)

          “Francis called for a “new social imagination … in which none have to feel that there is no room for them on this earth.””

          Urbi et Orbi: Pope calls for peace for Jerusalem

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May it be a joyous and safe Christmas. Lovely church, btw.

    Merry Christmas to all in our blogging family, regardless of our politics. 🙂

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