Where Is Mueller?


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For a year, we have debated the foundation for criminal allegations against President Donald Trump and others in the continuing investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Mueller has indicted individuals for crimes far removed from the Trump campaign, but has remained silent after the singing of the national anthem (I think it was the national anthem) by Fergie at the All-Star NBA game.


Mueller is allowed to investigate  “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated” with the Trump campaign as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”  The scope includes the right to investigate “any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)” — including perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and intimidation of witnesses.

Surely this is a national security threat.  Moreover, it “arose” as much from the investigation as Paul Manafort’s mortgage before the election.  Whether Manafort overextended his assets pales in comparison to the over-extension of Fergie.

Even if this is not the destruction of all evidence of the national anthem, surely if constitutes some from of criminal intimidation or false statement.

It is time for Mueller to unite the country and prosecute Fergie.





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  1. And now for a show of hands. How many blawg hounds think that Trump can get reelected in 2020 without the assistance of Putin’s cook, Yevgeny Prigozhin, and his information warfare operatives at the Internet Research Agency?

    Please explain your answers.

    1. Do you know who was doing what the Russians have been charged with? They disrupted Trump rallies and utilized violence trying to make it seem the Trump team was violent when it was actually Democratic operatives

      That was Robert Creamer and Scott Foval Kramer who on videotape admitted all those actions in the name of the DNC. One can see the video at Project Veritas.Their actions were disgusting and made many take note that it is hard to distinguish a Russian operative from a Democratic operative. Of note is Creamer was at the White House almost 2 dozen times.

      No, the Russians should not have done what they did, but neither should the DNC and Hillary. They all seem to be made from the same cloth.

      Will Trump win in 2020? I don’t see why not. He won in 2016 when he should have lost and he won despite not being adequately supported by his own party. He has demonstrated fine leadership both here and abroad. He has pushed back at the Russians and when the Syrians crossed the RED LINE he didn’t giggle. He acted strongly. Many people now have jobs and increases in pay. Taxes have been reduced and the public is gradually seeing that the Democratic arguments are lies that are used because they have no successful policies that actually benefit the working American.

      Trump doesn’t want or need the Russian operatives though the Democrats seemingly will take the Russian type operations where ever they can find them.

  2. Just as “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang sparked the rap music genre, here is the song that inspired Fergie:

  3. This could be a case of the Russians trying to interfere with the singing of our National Anthem. Perhaps Fergie has been colluding with the Russians to make Americans have doubts about their National Anthem! Shouldn’t Mueller investigate this possibility?

    1. Lawrence – there are some people who think that MI6 had a part in helping Steele with the dossier and in going into hiding. They could be helping by backing Fergie to destroy the National Anthem.

      1. PCS, you didn’t get a chance to respond to this inquiry from the previous Edwards/Clinton thread:

        PCS, this whole Steele, “dossier”, MI6, incestuous, circular, convoluted, obfuscatory mis and disinformation, Hillary oppo-research debacle has me so confused I don’t know which way is up. But what really gets me is “Late4Dinner”. Is Late4Dinner Diane, Annie or Inga or all of the above? That seems dubious as L4D never mentions the glorious hijinks of her “nurses” union and her narrative style doesn’t seem to have the same timbre.

        1. George – L4D is Diane before she changed her handle. I am not sure she is Inga/Anne since she and I went around and around on a regular basis. Inga/Anne was short of being a nurse if I remember correctly and had grandchildren. Inga/Anne has some 23 different sockpuppets one day when JT was out of town and poor Darren was left to monitor the board by himself. We were able to snoop them out in about 20 minutes because of her writing style. However, she has been off the blawg for a long time and Diane and I have not gone head to head.

          Darren and JT have the ability to see if the sockpuppets are using the same IP address or not. This allows them to shut them down if they want or warn them.

          1. 10 4! It was a just a bit of a mystery, the sudden disappearance of Annie/Inga. Nature abhors a vacuum. L4D doesn’t seem precisely like the same persona.

        2. George said, “But what really gets me is ‘Late4Dinner’.”

          George, thank you for admitting that I’ve gotten your goat.

          P. S. Have you figured out how to defend Trump without also defending Putin, yet?

          1. L4D, I understand your predicament. If you don’t praise yourself, praise for you will never materialize. You have not gotten my goat. because I pay precisely zero attention to your incoherent and hysterical sub-mental meanderings. What I did pay attention to was the conjectured identification of L4D as long lost Annie/Inga by another commenter. One is compelled to consider any sudden disappearance. Sorry I couldn’t reinforce and perpetuate your delusional state. I must admit, however, that last inane post does have the familiar aberrant, irrational ring of Annie/Inga.

        1. David Benson – to sing the National Anthem you need a voice that has a range of at least 1 1/2 octaves. When I was singing in choirs all the time, I could sing it, but not now, I just mumble my way through it. I have always contended that you know the new citizens because they know all the words to the National Anthem. 😉

    1. The video is unavailable but yes, bring back Jody. Let her grace the outside world once again. Keep knives at a distance, though.

  4. The media commentary and the politicians who get quoted are missing something Central to the wacko shooter story. One solution is to have the local cops in the local town
    where the brat was kicked out of school, take him to Malcolm Bliss
    Mental Hospital. They get a preliminary order of detention and then
    have a hearing in Probate Court after the guy is examined by the
    psychiatrists. IF, by a preponderence of evidence he is mentally ill,
    severely as in psychotic, and poses a threat to himself or to others,
    then he is ordered locked up in the mental ward, max secuirity and
    treated. If he gets better and no longer poses a threat to self or
    others then he is put on out patient care and allowed to live at home.
    If not he is locked up in Bliss for life.
    First. The Senators rant on media that Congress has to do something. State governors say Congress has to act!.
    Second. The central issue is why mentally ill persons (wackos) are on the streets. There is a way to put them in mental hospitals (damn near prisons) and keep them out of the public.
    Third. Back in days of old I used to represent mental patients seeking freedom. Some were committed to mental hospitals (prisons) and some were convicted of crimes and assigned to mental hospitals. There are two catagories in the criminal prosecutions. Not Guildty by Reason of Insanity or Guilty but crazy.
    There is a civil commitment aspect. Civil courts. In Missouri it was the Probate Court. These courts could hear cases. Wackos like the Floirida guy could be in treatment at Malcom Bliss Mental Health Center getting thorazine and other drugs or shock treatment.

  5. Anacreon would leave heaven after hearing that. Sounds like she was strangling a possum.

  6. Jeffrey Sachs, over on Juan Cole’s blog, points out that the USA is violating the law in attempting to overthrow Assad in Syria.

    What about that, Jonathan Turley?

  7. There was so much that happened last week, that I’m posting my summary of last week’s real events.

    After the mass murders in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, the FBI thought they were again going to get away with sweeping their latest deliberate failure to lift a finger to stop a mass murderer under the proverbial rug.

    The Leftists then began to salivate. They just love mass murders and this one involved children, which delighted them to no end. Why? Because they believed this presented a wonderful opportunity to pursue their anti-Second Amendment agenda. To them, more mass murders automatically means more calls for gun control, an objective far more important to them than American lives. Americans are expendable to them.

    The media also spread a lot of lies about mass murderer Nikolas Cruz, claiming, for example, that he belonged to, or was involved in, some “right wing” “White supremacy” group, which was a complete fabrication. The media, of course, never apologized for lying to the American public.

    But, unfortunately for the lying FBI, the DOJ, and the Leftists, a fellow by the name of Ben Bennight stepped forward to announce that he reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI because Cruz posted an ominous threat on Ben’s YouTube Channel on September 24, 1917, months before Cruz carried out the crime that he threatened to commit in his post. To knowledgeable people, this information meant that the FBI had more than ample warning of the threat that Cruz posed to others, but chose to do nothing.

    In response to this, Donald Trump, Jr. “liked” a Twitter comment that basically said that the FBI couldn’t be bothered with stopping mass murders because it had far higher priorities than stopping mass murders, like pursuing an anti-Trump political agenda. FBI Director Wray tried his best to cover up for the FBI and dismissed Don, Jr.’s and the Twitter poster’s completely accurate assessment of the situation.

    The FBI, caught with its pants down again, lied again, as usual, by claiming they were “unable” to track down who Nikolas Cruz was, even though there were only about 13 individuals with that name that used that specific spelling, and even though the FBI routinely tracks down individuals who post on the Internet–when the FBI wants to–by getting their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and then tracking the locations of their computers.

    Then, it got worse for the FBI. Another individual stepped forward to announce that he/she called the FBI’s hotline in January 2018 about Nikolas Cruz in January, about a month before the mass murders, and provided information that warned the FBI that Cruz seemed poised to go on a killing spree. Of course, the FBI did nothing to protect American lives with that information either, because protecting Americans isn’t one of their priorities.

    While the FBI thought they could fool most Americans with their lies about being “unable” to track down an Internet poster named Nikolas Cruz, with this evidence, they couldn’t get away with lying that they didn’t know what to do when they get information about dangerous individuals via hotline callers. So, the FBI had to fess up, just a little, and announce that FBI “protocols” weren’t followed.

    The counter response of weasels at Mueller & Co and the lying DOJ leaders was to come out with their “13” indictments of Russians. Their purported crimes? They used aliases on Facebook and Twitter and then made some political comments having no bearing whatsoever on the election or to Donald Trump. In short, Mueller and the DOJ served up a Nothingburger costing millions and millions of dollars for the American public to swallow, to attempt to distract them away from the FBI’s failures, while claiming that they were going to “perform” an internal “investigation” into who in the FBI failed to do their jobs. Like the DOJ and the FBI, who have lied to the American public repeatedly, and who managed to make thousands of critical emails mysteriously vanish, could legitimately investigate themselves?

    Of course, most intelligent Americans don’t trust the media, don’t trust the FBI, don’t trust the DOJ, and understand that all those groups are infested with anti-American Leftist liars. Meanwhile, all the Left can do is to engage in mental masturbation, if not the physical variety, obsessing and fantasizing about Stormy Daniels and the 13 Matryoshka nesting Russian dolls.

      1. Wrong. I don’t subscribe to the Apostle Paul. I find him and his false writings to be Appalling. But I understand that individuals who hate facts and evidence, such as I’ve discussed, are disturbed by hearing the truth. That’s a natural response for the programmed left who cannot think or reason; and who can only regurgitate propaganda they’ve been fed.

    1. Haha. Nice. “[M]ost” Americans…? As if you know anyone besides the guy who delivers your pizza to the basement side door.

      this is to “you just can’t be too careful these days” ralphie – georgie

      1. Wrong, Markless. Most Americans voted for Donald Trump. The majority of American understand that they’ve been lied to by the media, by the FBI, by the DOJ, by the CIA, and other Deep State operatives. And if Donald Trump were to run again, he’d win hands down. Although he’s still not taken the actions that I’d like to see, putting the Deep State out of business altogether, he, at least, is moving in that direction, whereas Americans understand that the alternative right now is embrace the Deep State tyranny even “deeper.”

        1. False. The popular vote went to Clinton.

          Go visit with a mental health counselor. You have difficulty with you truth.

            1. The popular vote in a majority of 50 state elections went to President Donald J. Trump. There is no singular national popular vote. You may want to read the Constitution. Alternatively, get a one-way ticket to Cuba or China as your personal “pursuit of happiness”.

            2. See, Benson, even the very word “truth” is so hateful to you that you unconsciously blurt out “you truth, ” revealing your unconscious recognition that I am the truth teller and you are the liar. Then, more than a half-hour later you realize that your unconscious unwittingly revealed that I am the truth teller, creating a sense of panic that you urgently needed to attempt to correct.

              Benson, you seem to know little about anything. Did you ever graduate from high school? Are you at least working toward your GED? (This might explain your comments about T.S. Eliot, though your posts demonstrate that you’re an illiterate when it comes to his writings.) Are you a welfare recipient, a government employee, or a community organizer? Even for a leftist you seem exceptionally stupid. And that’s saying a lot.

              You also do an awful lot of projecting about mental illness. Have you sought professional help for your problem?

          1. False. The popular vote in California went to Clinton. The popular vote in the rest of the country went to Trump.

            1. Need we continually re-learn how our system works? No, we are not a democracy. We are not a democracy because democracy sucks. We are a republic because republics enshrine in their electoral processes balance that is absent in a democracy.

              A democracy is 5 wolves and 4 hens voting on dinner. A republic recognized proportionality.

        2. Please post more of this counter-factual material. The entertainment value is through the roof.

          this is to “but in my reality, I’m actually the president” ralphie – georgie

        3. Please discuss further this ominous-sounding “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered. It appears that your dogged sleuthing has bright to light an nefarious cabal of ne’er-do-wells, hell-bent on the single-minded purpose of eradicating our ‘Merican way of life, or fluoridating our precious bodily fluids, or some other dastardly deed.

          This is to “Inspector Clouseau” ralphie

  8. It isn’t the National Anthem that was absent–it was any semblance of talent in the “singer” who “sang” it. In a way, her performance was appropriate because only in America could someone this this horrifyingly bad sell millions of records.

  9. Those who would care to debate what is really real are encouraged to read Nikki Halley’s op-ed in today’s TNYT.

    A crime?
    What punishment?

  10. For forty nine fuhreeking million dollars Progressives get to point to 13 Russian mass murderers (scratch that), 13 guys in a basement posting on Facebook. And POTUS’ administration severely hampered, unable to stop a mass HS shooter, even after about 40 reliable, accurate reports that the guy is a potential “professional school shooter.”

    Mueller, beyond being a disgrace and failure, is a criminal who hired almost exclusively ultra Partisan witch hunters. Mueller told Obama it’s OK for Obama to assassinate American citizens even on US soil, without judicial charges.

    1. Excellent. A Republican wackjob trashing a Republican for not being wackjob enough. Outstanding. Keep up the good work.

      this is to “we shall purify the volk, uh, er party” joey

  11. Obama, Hillary, Rice, Power, Huma, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Yates, Farkas, Kadzik, Strzok, Page, Baker, Horowitz et al. must be prosecuted for abuse of power, corruption, dereliction, negligence, treason and conducting a coup d’etat in America.

    These treasonous denizens of the “swamp” are the “deep state”.

    1. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

      Excellent. A Republican wackjob trashing a number of Republicans for not being wackjob enough. Outstanding. Keep up the good work.

      this is to “we shall purify the volk, uh, er party” georgie – paulie

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