Holder: Mueller Is Going To Charge Trump With Obstruction

Eric_Holder_official_portrait Saying that “I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years”, former Attorney General Eric Holder said on national television that Trump will be charged with obstruction of justice. Holder does not indicate why he is so confident or the specific basis for an obstruction charge.  I have previously stated that I do not see a credible obstruction charge on the available evidence.

There is some irony of the prediction coming from Holder who was rightfully voted in contempt of Congress for his own obstruction of a congressional investigation into the outrageous “Fast and Furious” operation.  He was not prosecuted because the Obama Administration refused to submit the case to a grand jury.
Holder told HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher:
“You technically have an obstruction of justice case that already exists.  I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he’s just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can. So, I think that we have to be patient in that regard.”
As  a criminal defense attorney, I would view the current facts as facially weak and relatively easy to rebut in an actual case.  If Mueller is going to charge a president (and I recently explained why I believe a sitting president can be indicted), he should have a far, far stronger case than the currently known facts.Trump has cited Holder as the type of Attorney General that he would want.  He said “I don’t want to get into loyalty, but I will tell you that, I will say this: Holder protected President Obama. Totally protected him.” Holder was also viewed by many of us as highly political in time at the Justice Department, both in his role in the infamous Clinton pardon scandal and his time as Obama’s Attorney General.



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  1. Holder can guess, just like everyone else. Except Holder made a call to authority before making his guess. So, did Mueller leak something at a cocktail party? Is Mueller part of Obama’s Resistance?

    1. Cocktail party? That’s no longer the way these things are learned. Holder undoubtedly learned of Mueller’s plans during an afternoon he and Mueller spent at the exclusive Crew Club, located at 1321 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005. All Washington establishment insiders regularly meet here, or so I’m told.

    2. Of course he is. Mueller was FBI Director during Uranium One deal.

    3. While making the Clinton Crime Foundation a multi-billion dollar, global criminal enterprise as Secretary of State under the supervision of Obama, Hillary “served” during the period that Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller was Director of the FBI.


      Mueller was not part and parcel of the International Clinton Charitable Philanthropic Racketeering and Money Laundering Foundation? As FBI Director, if Mueller didn’t know, Mueller should be arrested.

      What did Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller know and when did he know it?

      1. George – I agree. Mueller was part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  2. Holder is intimately familiar with felony obstruction crimes, being guilty of several himself. Holder was the “Don” of the “Justice Department” cabal that invented the defense for Goldman Sachs, to insure Lloyd Blankfein got clean away with multi-trillion dollar theft that caused the 2008 depression, which still plagues some geographic areas of the world including the USA.

    This professionally produced 40 minute video proves it, with split screen shots showing Holder’s lies on one half the screen with contrasting text from standing applicable Federal law on the other side of the screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHgbRYgpGGs

    The Justice Department lied through their teeth solely and intentionally to insure Lloyd Blankfein avoided a lifetime Federal prison sentence.

    Every time you heard NPR and every other MSM news outlet say intent to deceive was a legal threshold, that source similarly lied, acting as willing co-conspirators in Holder’s and Blankfein’s successful bloodless Justice Dept. coup. Another major lie they all told was that the law states the Justice Department “shall” consider the prosecution’s effect on the economy. The actual word in the law is “may,” not “shall.”

    Watch the video and post your critic. I have no idea on earth why the subject of the video is not one of Turley’s prime discussion subjects.

  3. Well if he wants the spotlight let it shine on that Fast and Furious caper. Those guns weren’t used for bird hunting but human killings!

  4. Too easy. This one is a no brainer.

    1. Today we have a major article on 20 or so people running for President as Socialists.

    2. Holder who is not famous for much except not much is one of the 19 or so.

    3. None of them are front runners.

    4. Holder notices Schiff getting camera time over a not much of anything memo. and decides to play a race card. to gain even more face time.

    5. Holder claims a spurious friendship with Meuller and points out Trump hasn’t submitted to questioning yet.

    6. Holder offhandedly says isn’t that could it be obstruction….

    7. “Well … and Mueller says I can’t anaswer that”

    8. Holder runs to the nearet TV Station

    9. Doesn’t matter if there isn any truth to the story.. The propagandist of the left will manufacture their own version and versions

    10 The usuall then takes over.

    then they start looking to get them off the hook on that one same way they used this to get off the hook whateever it was the day before or the week before. …

    Meanwhile Holder in certaini publications is the guy with enough guts to take on President Trump.

    Schiff sputters, “But it was my idea first!”

    Pelosi mutters something that makes no sense.

    Schmuckly Putz announced something else that IS nonesense

    Warren claims to be A Aztec because she can pronounce chipotle.

    Clinton blames Vicente because his name proves he’s part of the Fox Conspiracy

    Camelah and Cory motor mouth and brow beat another witness.. ohh damn it’s the janitor.

    Waters motor mouths to an empty chamber trying beat Piglosi’s non record.

    By then it’s tomorrow and what’s his face OBama’s vice groper is trying to sound Presidential …again.

    Same Old Schumer got to go clean my shoe. ,

    1. Linda and sbeth and Renigma are trying to decide what can be down with the word dialectical.

    2. Incoherent; but unfortunately, so typical. Pro tip: especially when cut-and-pasting from websites run from the basement by the guy wearing a mustache disguise at the tinfoil-hat convention, it’s important to at least read the material prior to posting it here.

      this is to “and they all ride around in black helicopters, too” mikey

      1. Marky Mark Mark – this is the first time I am going to agree that you have the competence to give a Pro Tip. Here you are talking about cutting-and-pasting. You have actually done that with prior posts where you have recycled them. Now we know you are plagiarizing, shame on you.

  5. All that has come about in the last couple of weeks is basically an admission that the previous witch hunt was essentially bull****. They can’t pursue that, so now this. Pathetic, and I hope that it backfires spectacularly.

  6. Amazing how those with so much dirt on their clothing can tell others how dirty theirs are.

        1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

          “Tu quoque (/tjuːˈkwoʊkwiː/, also /tuːˈkwoʊkweɪ/;[1] Latin for, “you also”) or the appeal to hypocrisy is an informal logical fallacy that intends to discredit the opponent’s argument by asserting the opponent’s failure to act consistently in accordance with its conclusion(s).

          Tu quoque “argument” follows the pattern:
          1.Person A makes claim X.
          2.Person B asserts that A’s actions or past claims are inconsistent with the truth of claim X.
          3.Therefore X is false.”

          IOW, Holder claims the Trump obstructed justice, and Trump defenders claim that Holder had previously obstructed justice; therefore, Trump supposedly did not obstruct justice.

          Logical fallacies such as the one cited above will not save Trump from he who will not be deterred, Robert Swan Mueller The Third.

  7. Turley throws up another distraction (Holder) to allow those that will not see the trouble that Trump is in. He knows what there is to be uncovered which is why he’s acting so erratic (even for him) as the noose keeps drawing closer. Jared’s in the Special Counsel’s sights right now, Manafort may never get out of jail unless he too cuts a deal, Donald Jr. is frankly too stupid to have covered his tracks. Even Hope Hicks (after checking with her lawyer) is telling the truth (about white lies) rather than go to jail for perjury.

    I think obstruction of justice will be the least of Trump’s troubles although because he won’t be able to help himself, he’ll eventually fire Sessions and Mueller, making things worse. It’s the financial crimes, money laundering and fraud which are already documented and the team with the knowledge to uncover them has all the data.

    As for the colluding with Russia, (conspiracy is a much better word which is a crime), maybe it can’t be proven all the way up the chain? Perhaps it can. Mueller’s people are definitely asking what he knew and when he knew it.

    Don’t let me interrupt your ramblings about Holder, Fast & Furious, throw in Whitewater and Vince Foster if you like. None of these will keep Trump from facing charges. Have a nice day!

    1. If Trump is charged this country will be torn apart (literally). Mueller is no fool, I do not think he is willing to risk near civil war over some obstruction charge. That is unless he has a real BIG smoking gun, which I think he’s got water pistol.

      1. It’s probably true that certain segments of the people won’t accept any charges against Trump. If he’s proven guilty of say, tax evasion, fraud, bribery and other financial crimes beyond ant doubt. They will say it’s unfair because it’s unrelated to Collusion.

      2. None of you types will so much as raise your voice to a person in real life when the day glo bozo faces the music. If you’re such a tuffy, why are you wasting time here making a fool of yourself? You should be stockpiling canned goods, hoarding silver, and buying more pairs of cammo underwear.

        this is to “but I have a book on personal combat” buster

        1. Marky Mark Mark – I am already stocked for the ZA, so that pretty much works in all disasters. Hope you are ready.

        1. From the article linked above:

          “Argumentum ad baculum (Latin for “argument to the cudgel” or “appeal to the stick”) is the fallacy committed when one appeals to force or the threat of force to bring about the acceptance of a conclusion. One participates in argumentum ad baculum when one points out the negative consequences of holding the contrary position (ex. believe what I say, or I will hit you). It is a specific case of the negative form of an argument to the consequences.”

          BTW, if the indictment of Trump results in nuclear-armed civil war in The United States, then it will have been proven that the election of Trump to the presidency had already torn the country apart. Whence the necessity to defeat Trump at the polls on election day in 2020–either in the primaries or the general election. Unless, of course, Trump resigns or is removed from office before 2020, or else declines to seek reelection in 2020 the way LBJ did in 1968.

    2. I’m not sure how “Turley knows what there is to be uncovered”, or how Enigma “knows” what Turley knows.
      For this stage of the investigation, there is an amazing amount of “knowledge” about the ultimate outcome of the investigation and how it will affect Trump.

      1. This is clearly a GOP talking point cause it pops up everywhere. I call them the MAGA psychics!

        1. It could be called “psychic” to make a flat statement about what Turley “knows” at this point.
          It’s not “a GOP talking point” to question a statemt like that.
          And predications of ALL kinds “pop up everywhere”.
          There was no prediction in my comment.

      2. I have a far better idea as to what Turley doesn’t know which is why his constant claims about “no evidence” of this and that are so weak.

        Because I am getting news from places other than “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends.” I’m aware of how much trouble those around Trump are in, and because I listen to Trump and his son’s, Trump as well. Follow the Russian money!

        1. Following the Russian money takes you to Bonnie and Clyde Clinton’s doorstep.

          1. Whatever doorsteps it leads to is fine (don’t forget Jill Stein as well). Citizen’s United makes everything possible. If anyone took Russian money to put their interest over America’s, they ought to be prosecuted.

        2. So now you “know” what Turley knows, and you also “know” what Turley doesn’t know.

            1. “He (Turley) knows what there is to be uncovered”.
              That was your earlier statement, Enigma.

              1. Looking back, I didn’t say “He (Turley)” although I can see how it could be inferred. In the same sentence, I referred to how erratic “he” had been acting and I wouldn’t make that claim about Turley. Turley is quite consistent in offering diversions and excuses for Trump’s behavior.

                1. JT’s columns about the legal case against Trump are based “on the available evidemce”, as he states in this column.
                  I don’t take that approach is a diversion or an excuse.

                  1. Holder is a diversion, acting like the only evidence that exists is that provided in the various indictments is misleading, his constant rationalization of Trump’s behavior is an excuse,

                    1. Tom Nash, don’t forget the taxi-medallion king, Michael D. Cohen, who travelled to Russia in 2016 under the cover story of seeking approval for a Trump Tower in Moscow. If there is a connection to be made between the suspected financial crimes of the Trump Organization and the Russian information warfare, then Cohen is likely to be the nexus of that connection.

    3. I’m with you enigma. We will eventually see what POTUS, aka Crooked Donald, and his crew have been up to.

        1. Enigma,..
          – I speculated in one of these previous threads that I didn’t think that Trump would fire Mueller, but that that there was a very real possibilty that he’d fire Sessions and Rosenstein.
          I don’t know if the purpose would necessarily be to stall or somehow Mueller’s investigation so much as the fact that Trump’s clearly pissed at both of them.
          The recent resignation of the #3 DOJ office holder ( Ms. Brand?, I think) makes me wonder if she sees that coming, and wanted to get out of the way before it happened.

          1. Every report about what Mueller is asking about him and his immediate circle is driving Trump batshit crazy. I believe he’s tired of all the people telling him what he can’t and shouldn’t do, he knows that to do nothing is to await a slow and agonizing takedown, he’ll convince himself that the Republican Congress won’t dare/desire to impeach him and he’ll have better odds taking that chance than awaiting Mueller’s report/indictments.

            1. Enigma, you’re probably right. If Trump knows what financial crimes he has committed, then he has a powerful incentive to fire Mueller. After all, Mueller can easily refer those crimes to the State of New York for indictment and prosecution. And Trump can’t pardon himself nor anyone else for State offenses.

              However, the previous history of special counsels strongly suggests that firing Mueller would only lead to the appointment of another special counsel to continue the investigation. And then there’s the brief history of independent counsels to consider. Robert Fiske’s final report on Whitewater only led to Ken Starr’s Whitewater investigation and Starr’s final report only led to Robert Ray’s Whitewater investigation.

              So, basically, the only way out for Trump is actually to be innocent of any crimes.

    4. Well, you certainly have the direct pipeline into the inner goings-on in the Beltway, as a member of the exclusive Crew Club, located at 1321 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005. All Washington establishment insiders regularly meet there, or so I’m told, so your information is likely to be first-hand, literally.

      1. Ralph – I would direct you to where the last holdouts are that believe that Trump is a paragon of virtue and is innocent of everything. But you’re already here.

        1. Enigma, nobody has said that Donald Trump is the “paragon of virtue” or “is innocent of everything,” or anything remotely like that. However, it’s ridiculous for Leftists–of all people–to argue that merely because Trump is not a “paragon of virtue” or is not “innocent of everything,” that this must mean that he is guilty of some punishable criminal offense. To Leftists, ridiculousness and hypocrisy are badges of honor.

          1. There was a specific complaint about Holder’s morals, hence the comparison. I’m sure Trump is guilty of financial crimes, in particular, money laundering, because of known real estate transactions and the aforementioned lack of morals.

          2. I, as one Trump voter and supporter, have never found it important that he be virtuous. And I have never expected it. Much more important to me is that he’s a first-rate fighter, he has taken on a very large, corrupt, dangerous, obsessed establishment class that has rotted our country. . Very few would have lasted THIS long. I give the man credit for taking them on.

  8. Holder is a man without a moral compass. The laws of this country are being discarded fast and furiously.
    When the leaders are so corrupt in the homes In churches in the schools of our land where do the young go for moral inspiration?

    1. Given the fact that the Russian people are rightfully too afraid to question Putin’s oligarchy, criticism of U.S. corruption falls flat as propaganda.

    2. Is there any universe in which you believe Trump has a moral compass? Did you watch the video of him describing his pursuit of a married woman, talk about sexually assaulting women, you do know he paid off porn stars (plural). He lies daily, requiring his staff to lie to cover up his lies. He stiffs contractors, has lied in previous depositions, this is the man you would hold up as an example?

      1. I don’t recall naming any other person as lacking a “moral compass” than Holder, however I did mention that moral leadership is sadly lacking in many leaders. In no way am I defending the President in his personal life’s choices. I do hope for leaders who care about this Republic and our impressionable youth.

        1. From the article linked above and in Trump’s own words, no less:

          Trump told the gathering: “He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great.” Trump added, “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

          Was Trump “joking?” Is it “funny?” Given the fondness for the tu quoque fallacy amongst Trump supporters and defenders on this blawg, would Trump’s remarks quoted above still sound funny had Obama or Clinton uttered them???

          1. Given the fondness of Trump supporters and defenders on this blawg for the argumentum ad baculum, would nuclear-armed civil war in The United States be proffered as a negative consequence of Obama or Clinton joking that being President for life is great and maybe we’ll give it a shot someday???

              1. L4D did not say that President for life is great. Trump did. L4D did not say that the indictment of Trump would cause civil war in America. Mike Peterman did.

                The moron who has nothing intelligent say besides President for life is great–maybe we’ll give it a shot someday is the one-term lame-duck President Trump.

                BTW, in addition to being moronic, Trump’s statement is an all too obvious instance of hyperbole.

  9. Liberals have burned up their credibility on too many “cry wolf” claims. The country, except for the progs and media, are sick and tired of speculative grievances.

    1. pbinca, Trump said the system was rigged and yet Trump won the election. Was Trump crying wolf? Trump said he believed Putin’s denials of meddling in our election and yet Trump also claims that Russian meddling had no effect on Trump’s historic election victory. Was Trump crying no wolf? Trump said the Russia thing–you know, with Trump and The Russians–was a made-up story, a hoax and fake news. Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for waging information warfare against The United States and is likely soon to indict more Russians for hacking the DNC and Podesta emails leaked to DC Leaks and Wikileaks. Is Trump still crying no wolf?

      1. Diane – and a lot of people, including Assange are saying he did not get them from the Russians, but rather from a leak via Seth Rich. I think Mueller is going to have a tough time making his case beyond a reasonable doubt.

        1. Paul, you’re in denial. The Dutch caught Cozy Bear red-handed in the act, complete with video and facial recognition of known Russian intelligence operatives. If any of those Russian agents ever set foot outside The Russian Federation, then Mueller’s case against them will be a slam dunk.

          Now let Seth Rich rest in peace–you heartless cad, you!

          1. Diane – I think Seth Rich did the right thing, he just got killed for it. People die around the Clintons. Podesta just threatened Kushner. He is probably the one who put out the hit on Seth. When the Dutch turn over the tapes is when I believe it. Again we have a bunch of unnamed sources telling us about the Dutch and what their tracking ability is. Even I, have my camera turned so that if someone turns it on, it does not see anything. You do not think Cozy Bear would not do that? Do you not think he is tech-savvy enough?

                1. Your Middle Initial. One who cavils is a caviler. WWAS had a typo on the word cavalier that came out caviler.

        2. Excerpted from the ARS Technica article linked on the next page:

          AIVD’s intrusion into the network gave them access to computers used by the group behind Cozy Bear and to the closed-circuit television cameras that watched over them, allowing them to literally witness everything that took place in the building near Red Square, according to the report. Access to the video cameras in a hallway outside the space where the Russian hacking team worked allowed the AIVD to get images of every person who entered the room and match them against known Russian intelligence agents and officials.

          1. Paul Caviler Schulte said, “Even I, have my camera turned so that if someone turns it on, it does not see anything. You do not think Cozy Bear would not do that?”

            Read the excerpt from the ARS Technica article posted above. It was a closed circuit TV system that monitored everyone who came and went into and out of the room in which the members of Cozy Bear worked. Your comment about your own computer camera is literally irrelevant, Caviler.

            1. Diane – I doubt very much they know which one is Cozy Bear.

              1. You dolt, you! Cozy Bear is a team of hackers. Ten on a shift. Three shifts a day. Same thing with Fancy Bear, a.k.a. Apt. 28, who work in the same building as Cozy Bear at Apt. 29.

          2. Excerpted from the Volkskrant article linked on the next page:

            Three American intelligence services state with ‘high confidence’ that the Kremlin was behind the attack on the Democratic Party. That certainty, sources say, is derived from the AIVD hackers having had access to the office-like space in the center of Moscow for years. This is so exceptional that the directors of the foremost American intelligence services are all too happy to receive the Dutchmen. They provide technical evidence for the attack on the Democratic Party, and it becomes apparent that they know a lot more.

            It’s somewhat of a ‘fluke’ that the AIVD hackers were able to acquire such useful information in 2014. The team uses a CNA, which stands for Computer Network Attack. These hackers are permitted to perform offensive operations: to penetrate and attack hostile networks. It’s a relatively small team within a larger digital business unit of about 80-100 people. All cyberoperations converge here. Part of the unit is focused on intercepting or managing sources, while another team is dedicated to Computer Network Defence. In turn, this team is part of the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit, a collaborative unit of the AIVD and the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service MIVD, of about 300 people.

            It’s unknown what exact information the hackers acquire about the Russians, but it is clear that it contains a clue as to the whereabouts of one of the most well-known hacker groups in the world: Cozy Bear, also referred to as APT29.

            1. Paul Caviler Schulte said, “When the Dutch turn over the tapes is when I believe it. Again we have a bunch of unnamed sources telling us about the Dutch and what their tracking ability is.”

              Paul, you have an absolute right to deny anything and everything that inconveniences your beloved Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory. But why would you remain so keen on exercising your right to deny that Russian intelligence operatives hacked the DNC and Podesta? IOW, why is it so damned important to you to defend Russia at the expense of defending your own country?

              1. “…Russian intelligence operatives hacked the DNC and Podesta”

                If that is what you believe then you should recognize that DNC by not letting the FBI have full access to their computers aided and abetted the Russian operation and future Russian operations. That isn’t treason, but it is in the same family.

                How can Diane not be up in arms about what the DNC did except if she were willing “to defend Russia at the expense of defending your own country”

                1. In case you hadn’t noticed, oblivious one, Hillary Clinton was positively paranoid about the FBI investigating anything having to do with emails. And that is, indeed, both a serious character flaw and a colossal blunder on Hillary’s part.

                  As for aiding and abetting the Russians, the Dutch informed the NSA about their hack into Cozy Bear in 2014 and the NSA immediately informed the FBI about the Dutch hack of Cozy Bear also in 2014, because the NSA cannot do what the FBI does, by law. Meanwhile, the earliest hack of the DNC came from Fancy Bear in 2015, but was not discovered until Secureworks started investigating a rash of phishing emails sent to the DNC in March of 2016.

                  Besides, the notion that the victim of a hack is aiding and abetting the hackers is specious blame-the-victim nonsense on the face of it, Allanonsense.

                  1. “a serious character flaw and a colossal blunder on Hillary’s part.”

                    That alone made her totally unfit for the Presidency, but she was not alone. The entire DNC stood beside her actions. That demonstrates the DNC was willing “to defend Russia at the expense of defending your own country”

                    I won’t comment on the jibberish contained in your second paragraph because I don’t think you at this time of your life you merit much attention towards your fact finding which is mostly a search for a false excuse to explain away the actions of those that you support.

                    Your third paragraph makes little sense. If the Russians hacked the DNC computers anyone not permitting the FBI to investigate the computer is willing “to defend Russia at the expense of defending your own country”. Remember any information they hacked could later be used by the Russians against the United States.

          1. Pence won’t be able to get elected in 2020 anymore than Gerald Ford could in 1976 nor Hubert Humphrey in 1968. IMO, Pence wouldn’t even get the Republican nomination for President in 2020. And I doubt that Trump would resign anytime soon–if at all. The Democrats would have to make big Blue Tsunami gains in both The House and The Senate to pressure Trump into resigning. So Pence would not be POTUS for very long.

    1. Excerpted from the WaPo article to which Gable kindly linked us just upstream from here:

      “Trump’s fundamentally distorted personality — which at its core is chaotic, volatile and transgressive — when combined with the powers of the presidency had to end poorly,” said Peter Wehner, a veteran of the three previous Republican administrations and a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. “What we’re now seeing is the radiating effects of that, and it’s enveloped him, his White House, his family and his friends.”

  10. The goal is to charge the president with something, anything, regardless of whether or not such a charge has merit or is likely to result in a conviction. When a prosecutor initiates an investigation against a person and this having the sole purpose of prosecuting the person, the inevitable outcome is that the defendant goes to trial regardless of the probability of an acquittal. For it is the act of prosecution that is the punishment.

    1. Yes, the goal has been to make hell of the lives of Trump and as many of his people as Mueller and Weismann can accomplish. It’s a MOB-like operation. Breaking down doors in the middle of the night, bankrupting people with attorney fees , hours and hours of circular questioning, the special counsel statute requires evidence be present….there never was any. The whole thing is wrong. It’s disgusting beyond words. It’s the ruination of our republic, in my view. I don’t think we will recover from this episode…..the hunting of, and psychological torture of , an elected president.

      1. I’ll see you opinion, and raise you. You are of course, allowed your own opinion–no matter how reality averse–but not your own facts. You see, federal grand juries don’t issue indictments merely to “make hell of the lives” of anyone. Nor do defendants plead guilty to those crimes where “there never was any” evidence. I understand that the echo silo you live in has misinformed you regarding the serious and substantial evidence which has been revealed–and plead guilty to–by the day glo bozo’s “people.” However, your inability to detect the big con is squarely on you. Revealing yourself to be a gullible rube is undoubtedly quite embarrassing. I am so sorry for your loss.

        this is to “hannity is my truth whisperer” cyndie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – even I know that a good prosecutor can get an indictment on a ham sandwich from a grand jury, or at least the right grand jury. Right now there are 3 federal grand juries running in San Diego. One is harder to get an indictment from because they have a few people with a legal background who want more information before they will vote a true bill. The federal prosecutors get to choose which grand jury they want to use. Right now they are using the tougher grand jury for more complex cases.

          Someday you might learn all this which you should have been taught in law school.

          1. Yet again, you avoid the stronger of my two substantive examples. Do “ham sandwiches” also plead guilty? Although I understand you may not even possess the level of ability to recognize and thereby be intentionally evading the issue, rest assured, those that are trained in such matters will always note that critical weakness in your response.

            this is to “oh, ya; but maybe they were turkey sammiches, you know, like in San Diego” georgie — paulie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – even a ham sandwich will plead guilty to a nothing charge to save money. I am sure you have heard of businesses pleading guilty when there is just a fine. It is cheaper in the long run than going to trial.

              1. Papadopoulos is not a business, nor did he plead guilty so as to be let off with just a fine. Flynn had a business. But Flynn’s “business” did not plead guilty–Flynn did. Nor has Flynn been let off with just a fine. Manafort and Gates also had a “business” that turned out to be an ongoing criminal enterprise. Gates pled guilty to avoid a lengthy prison term. Manafort can’t hold out much longer.

                Remind me! How many fines has Trump paid so far? I’ve lost the count on that score.

                1. Diane – count the number of fines Chase Bank has had to pay, or Wells Fargo, etc. It is part of the cost of doing business. Flynn is likely to get off. Manafort is playing hard to get. If he can prove the FISA warrants opened up a parallel investigation, he is home free. The IG is be unloosed on the FISA warrants. And the FBI/DOJ IG report is out this month. That could open up calls for a new special counsel into the activities of the FBI and the DOJ. That would include Mueller and his staff.

                  1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

                    “The president’s tweet reveals that he really doesn’t understand how the government works and how the Justice Department works,” said Michael Bromwich, a former department inspector general.

                    He added that the inspector general’s office has a reputation for professionalism. “It’s incredibly demoralizing to have the chief executive of the government not only not understand and appreciate what you do, but attack what you do on a constant basis,” Mr. Bromwich said.

                  2. Paul Caviler Schulte said, “Manafort is playing hard to get. If he can prove the FISA warrants opened up a parallel investigation, he is home free.”

                    There was no FISA warrant abuse. And Trump knows it. Because Trump read the Schiff memo. Even Turley has dropped the FISA warrant abuse defense. Because Turley read the Schiff memo. The Inspector General may not even be investigating the FISA warrant abuse allegation. All Sessions did was refer the Nunes and Schiff memos to the Inspector General. Because that’s all any A.G. can do. But even if the Inspector General investigates the alleged FISA warrant abuse, the I.G. will not find any evidence of crime to refer to prosecutors. Because there was no FISA warrant abuse. Time to let go on this one, too, Caviler.

  11. Holder should, and may yet be charged with obstructing justice himself.
    He may also face other charges as he should.

  12. If he ends up being correct, I’ll wonder who leaked the info to him.

        1. Ah sorry I read that as ‘has not been right much (of the time) etc. Well there is the mental disorder aspect.

          1. Do not worry, you are wrong about everything – this is mild compared to your thought process. (I break myself up, “ thought process” or whatever you call it.

            1. YNOT, as strange as it might seem, I think Michael may have made a joke about himself. Or Not. My guesses about Michael are not often correct.

  13. Mr. Holder is a political animal and not one known for his integrity.

    More fodder for the liberal press, but not accurate.

  14. AG Holder is the example of how not to be an Attorney General. Didn’t follow the law, blocked material and personnel from cooperating in investigations and protected criminality.

    Of course, Mr. Holder didn’t state what Pres. Trump has obstructed. All these investigations have carried on, thousands of documents have been turned over, all alleged witnesses have appeared before committees and Mr. Mueller.

    I am certainly no expert, but there hasn’t anything that we have learned that comes close to an obstruction charge.

    1. Mike Peterman, the obstruction of justice charge may hinge on whether Trump knew, and, if so, when might he have known, that Flynn had lied to the FBI. Also, Trump might have been told that Flynn had not knowingly lied to the FBI. The answers to those questions will either strengthen or weaken the case for an obstruction of justice charge against Trump.

    1. and he makes me want to puke whenever his face shows up anywhere.

      1. Mike Peterman, medicine for motion sickness is readily available over the counter at a drug store near you. Advance warning of Eric Holder’s face appearing on TV is, on occasion, hard to come by. However, if you keep your TV remote control in the sweaty palm of your trembling hand, you may be able to avoid taking a healthy dose of your own motion-sickness medicine.

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