Holder: Mueller Is Going To Charge Trump With Obstruction

Eric_Holder_official_portrait Saying that “I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years”, former Attorney General Eric Holder said on national television that Trump will be charged with obstruction of justice. Holder does not indicate why he is so confident or the specific basis for an obstruction charge.  I have previously stated that I do not see a credible obstruction charge on the available evidence.

There is some irony of the prediction coming from Holder who was rightfully voted in contempt of Congress for his own obstruction of a congressional investigation into the outrageous “Fast and Furious” operation.  He was not prosecuted because the Obama Administration refused to submit the case to a grand jury.
Holder told HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher:
“You technically have an obstruction of justice case that already exists.  I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he’s just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can. So, I think that we have to be patient in that regard.”
As  a criminal defense attorney, I would view the current facts as facially weak and relatively easy to rebut in an actual case.  If Mueller is going to charge a president (and I recently explained why I believe a sitting president can be indicted), he should have a far, far stronger case than the currently known facts.Trump has cited Holder as the type of Attorney General that he would want.  He said “I don’t want to get into loyalty, but I will tell you that, I will say this: Holder protected President Obama. Totally protected him.” Holder was also viewed by many of us as highly political in time at the Justice Department, both in his role in the infamous Clinton pardon scandal and his time as Obama’s Attorney General.



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  1. The only comment that can be made with what going on is the country politically is that it has become the shining light on the hill for corruption. The democrats know full well they can do anything they want and they have the media and political courts to turn the other way. The examples are so numerous. The exclamation point is the crimes of hillary and her crew and that includes bill. Who would ever be as calm and unfazed if the FBI was just even knocking on your door to come down and answer some questions? She had not a worry in the world.
    The day of reckoning is going to have no mercy. This just can’t keep going unchecked, A PRICE HAS TO BE PAID

    1. Tony re: “shining light on the hill for corruption” damn lot of good it’s done — for all those who have done so and continue to do so. The “Hill” aka HRC is apparently immune from any prosecution.

  2. Mueller is going to find that President Trump had “no intent” and that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue charges.

  3. “Leaks” are illegal.

    Eric Holder is a criminal.

    Eric Holder should have been prosecuted after being found in Contempt of Congress.

    Eric Holder must be prosecuted now.

  4. https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/cenk-uygur-joins-the-chorus-demanding-that-trump-escalate-further-with-russia-20f7529860d7

    Want to get Trump right now??? 1. war crimes 2. dereliction of duty-handing over control of the military to the military. Guess he’s just too lazy and too stupid to keep on top of things–that else there’s not enough beautiful chocolate cake for him to make decision his own decisions to kill civilians anymore.

    Eric Holder is scum. If he has evidence, provide it. Otherwise, no one except his true believing Dims want anything to do with this lying, cheating, disgusting human being. He should be up for war crimes himself, not trotted out as some scum sucking “leaker” of the deep state. He is a remora on the deep state. Jeesh, why are people listening to such hideous liars?

    In the article I linked to above the author points out that leftists refuse to take Trump on from the left. Gotta ask yourself why that is! Trump has done horrible things to Russia. He’s about to start WWIII. Do all these lefties really think they’ll escape out tjhe stargate when the planet is poisoned? Hard to imagine being so stupid as to egg on WWIII with nukes. .

    These people are not only failures, they are just plain evil.

    1. First paragraph needs mistakes corrected:

      Want to get Trump right now??? 1. war crimes 2. dereliction of duty–handing over control of the military to the military. Guess he’s just too lazy and too stupid to keep on top of things–that or else there’s not enough beautiful chocolate cake for him to make his own decisions to kill civilians anymore. What a complete loser.

      1. Not enough beautiful women involved. His young crush Hopie Hicks returned to being a Greenwich debutante.

    2. Jill, TYT lost their credibility after they endorsed HRC. Now with neo lib funding Cenk is full on neo lib / neo con.

      Obama, HRC and the neo cons organized the coup which led to the current the Nazi regime in Ukraine and Trump is continuing to support it by selling them weapons.

          1. Attacks on Bernie are bad. Bernie is a good guy. JIll stein not so sure. Invested in big big pharma.

    3. ” 2. dereliction of duty-handing over control of the military to the military.”

      I guess you prefer the type of supervision by those that tie the hands of American soldiers so they are killed like was happening under the Obama administration.

      1. Allan

        I prefer our Constitution. It says, the military answers to civilians. If you were in the services (or know someone who is/was) you would know that. You (or they) would have taken an oath to uphold that very principle.

        Don’t you worry about Obama. He turned over huge swaths of the army to his military buddies, including military contractors. Did you know about JSOC? Ever heard of BAE?

        If you think war contractors and top brass care about our soldiers being harmed I would suggest looking into work by Dina Razor. Our soldiers were starved, electrocuted, went without the equipment they needed in order to make more money for mil contractors. Rumsfield blithely waved away our soldiers concerns for inadequate armor on their trucks.

        The fruit salad doesn’t care and the contractors have sold their people down the river, hundreds of times.

        1. “I prefer our Constitution. It says, the military answers to civilians.”

          Jill, read the Constitution. It says “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy… ” and he is, but the Constitution doesn’t say that military men cannot work for the President in his efforts running the military. Would you prefer a plumber to do that or perhaps an unemployed liberal arts graduate? You realize of course that someone needs to have in-depth knowledge of the military to run it and tell it how to do its job, right? Who do you think has that in-depth knowledge?

          I’m in favor of a military that is up to date and its active duty members protected and well armed. It protects the nation which is the primary reason for the government to exist. That is why the military should not be used as a tool in the budgetary process. The Democrats couldn’t give a sh-t and would rather our soldiers die on the field with insufficient protective gear while they will spend vast amounts of money on illegal aliens that have broken our laws.

          1. Both parties want cannon fodder for their foreign adventures and have ‘what have you done for me lately’ memories when Vets come home. It was ever thus.

          2. Allan,

            I prefer a govt. which abides by the constitution of the United States, end of story. Trump may not cede his authority to the fruit salad, even if he is stupid, lazy, ignorant and so on. Our military is ultimately under command of a civilian. that is so we don’t get a military dictatorship, which, too late, has already happened. Dictatorships may make trains run on time or they may not. The military is mission literally trillions of dollars. How is that efficient?

            I feel you are being bamboozled on the need to the US military to be everywhere in the world. We do not bring freedom. We bring misery. Libya has slaves now that it’s been reduced to rubble. It is very difficult for Americans to understand just how cynical and cruel are arms deals are. We are called the lords of war and we are considered the top terrorist nation in the rest of the world. We simply do not see what this govt. is actually doing.

            Here’s just a slice of what we’re doing in the Black Sites:


            I don’t know about you Allan, but I didn’t sign up for this govt. to do these horrific things. It brings me no joy that we have sunk this low in how we treat our own people and others in the world. I DO NO CONSENT.

            1. Jill, I say a strong military, but I didn’t say the military had to be everywhere. However, our navy has kept the peace on the high seas preventing small wars from blocking trade that is necessary for the world. Sometimes we have gotten too involved and sometimes not involved enough and sometimes we lost our way causing a war which could have been managed diplomatically.

              If you prefer the Chamberlain approach then you probably like speaking German. If you prefer the Ted Kennedy approach (who actually interfered (probably treasonable) with legitimate US policy towards the Soviet Union that led to the end of the cold war then you might want to brush up on your Russian.

              The world is not a simplistic place and I think you look at it very simplistically and you don’t understand the various opinions that exist. That is OK for thankfully you will never have anything to do directly with the defense of our nation. Despite its failures, the US has been the best and most caring super-power the world has ever known.

  5. Trump is a national security threat, until we get answers on why he is so in love with dictators and despots, he will remain a threat to the republic and democracy.

    1. So you’ll be protesting MBS when he comes to the US for a State Visit FishWing? Or maybe MBS is you’re kind of dictator?

        1. Ken,

          So I guess that means MBS is your kind of dictator. Since you can’t answer a direct question, I will assume this is what you meant by our non-sequitur.

          You partisans and paid people never can answer a question. You have to be a sincere person to answer questions in a honest, straight up manner.

          1. I don’t subscribe here and don’t know what you are talkin about. If you think I earn chump change postin a few times on a blog then you are da chump.

          2. Do you think that a partisan progressive Bernie supporting democrat is worse than an NRA lovin white nationalist? My guess would be yes and yes.

            1. Well Ken,

              If you think I think both groups have followers who are as dumb as mud and destructive to our nation, then you’d be right about what I thought. There are fascists on the left and on the right. How could you have missed that by now!

              In short, I’m actually anti-fascist!!!! (not a fakie!)

                1. I ain’t the one defending Putie and T rump the corrup oligarchs. Do you think I am a rogue Russian troll that is pro democracy and anti Putin Trump Kushner money laundering schemes?

                  1. Ken, we all have images of you mostly not pleasant. A Russian troll might be more interesting than our imaginations, but no, you don’t have the savvy to be a Russian troll, at least not a paid one.

              1. You fail to condemn the NRA or the White supremacy movement. All Ineed to know. Enough time on this goofy blog today. I don’t work and if I did I would be bald from readin all da goofs.

                1. Ken,

                  If you can’t make an argument, don’t lie. Jeesh! That’s the work of a real loser!!

                  1. Jill, WWAS said that you speak the truth. Guess what? That’s a testable hypothesis, Jill. So, I’ll give you one chance to identify the lie that you just accused Ken of telling. If you have failed to identify that lie by this time tomorrow, then I’m going to take an especially keen interest in testing WWAS’ hypothesis that Jill speaks the truth. You’re on notice, Jill.

                    1. “You’re on notice, Jill.”

                      Sounds like Diane thinks she is the Reichsfuhrer.

                    2. Stop exaggerating, Allanonsense. L4D is just another bookkeeper. And Jill’s account has been overdrawn for quite some time now.

                    3. “Stop exaggerating, Allanonsense. L4D is just another bookkeeper. And Jill’s account has been overdrawn for quite some time now.”

                      OK, Diane, you are not the Reichsfuhrer, you are the Reichsfuhrer’s bookkeeper.

      1. Jill, it is MbS not MBS, but either way, FishWings will have to ask for help.

        1. I don’t know Allan, I’ve seen it both ways but I kind of like a corrupt bank and a corrupt ruler having the same initials. It’s poetic justice. That’s why I always choose MBS!

          1. Jill, it seems you have a reasonable reason to choose the initials with a capital B. I looked it up and it is used both ways perhaps based on location. I note a lot of people call Hillary Clinton HRC, but I always felt HRC should be replaced by the word SCUM (Soon to be Convicted Uppity Mobster).

    2. So far Trump has demonstrated himself to be a great defender of our republic and the rest of the world.

      Take a look at what Ted Kennedy did.

      In a letter addressed to then-Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov, dated May 14, 1983, KGB head Viktor Chebrikov explained that Kennedy was eager to “counter the militaristic policies” of Reagan, who defeated Carter as the Republican nominee, and to undermine his prospects for re-election in 1984.

      Kennedy was considering another run for president in 1988, but did not rule out running in 1984, Chebrikov informed Andropov in the letter.

      Kennedy suggested he could work with the American news media to help organize favorable American press coverage for Andropov and other Soviet officials, according to the 1983 letter.

      Here is how the KGB’s Chebrikov described Kennedy’s proposal, in a published English translation:

      Kennedy believes that in order to influence Americans it would be important to organize in August-September of this year, televised interviews with Y.V. Andropov in the USA. A direct appeal by the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the American people will, without a doubt, attract a great deal of attention and interest in the country. The senator is convinced this would receive the maximum resonance in so far as television is the most effective method of mass media and information.

      You can read the rest here http://thefederalist.com/2015/03/10/ted-kennedy-secretly-asked-the-soviets-to-intervene-in-the-1984-elections and more


      You couldn’t give a damn about American security. If you did you would become better educated.

      1. FishWings said, “Trump is a national security threat, until we get answers on why he is so in love with dictators and despots, he will remain a threat to the republic and democracy.”

        Allan said, “You couldn’t give a damn about American security. If you did you would become better educated.”

        The growth of American nationalist fervor under Trump’s America First and Make America Great Again dog whistles threatens to undermine our international alliances and our appeal to moderate political parties in the Muslim world; such that, continued growth of American nationalism will predictably lead to our own and our allies’ defeat in the war on terror. That, too, is one more amongst the several reasons that Russian information warfare against The United States has sought especially to promote nationalist fervor in America. No doubt FishWings is savvy enough to see the fruits of the Russian information warfare operation on daily display right here on the Turley blawg. Were not yet sure exactly how savvy Allanonsense might be or become–someday.

        1. “The growth of American nationalist fervor under Trump’s America First and Make America Great Again dog whistles threatens to undermine our international alliances”

          Diane, you do not have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. The prior 8 years demonstrated a world in flames and a loss of American prestige and security. Reagan had to fight the same fight, but when he was done the Soviet Union was no more and the Cold War ended. Too many Presidents have kicked the can down the road leaving us less and less secure. (This does not mean we have to fight every war. It means peace through strength and a better use of soft power.)

          Being savvy is not one of FishWings assets. It isn’t one of yours either, but you dive into things where you have almost no knowledge and where you are unable to put even the simple pieces together.

  6. The idea of Eric Holder commenting upon President Trump’s actions as “obstructing justice,” is both funny and pathetic. But I guess a corrupt Attorney General will speak favorably of a corrupt special counsel, since they maintain the same standards.

    The primary reason I believe in the corruptness of Muller is because he is taking his goose chase so wild and free beyond anything that was connected to a potential electioneering scandal. The action of him indicting 13 Russians who were never in the United States is beyond ridicule; it is farcical.

    For that alone, he should be disbarred.

      1. T rump supports torture and big bombs and drones. Where are da secret wars goin on. Mueller ain’t prez and I would not vote for him or T rump.

  7. WHAT??? This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black… no pun intented here. This guy is such a loser. Guess he forgot he was the obstructor in chief and was charged with contempt of Congress. I’m charging him with my own contempt…. Disgusting man with no memory of FAST AND FURIOUS.

  8. “”I’m telling you, it’s a rigged system folks,” Trump said. “I’ve been saying that for a long time. It’s a rigged system. And we don’t have the right people in there yet. We have a lot of great people, but certain things, we don’t have the right people.”

    1. Excerpted from the Peter Wehner op-ed linked above:

      Now consider this: The Republican Party once prided itself as a defender of objective truth against postmodernism. Today, it has become the party of perspectivism — the view, articulated by Nietzsche, that all truth claims are contingent on a person’s perspective rather than on fundamental reality. “It is our needs that interpret the world,” Nietzsche wrote in “The Will to Power.”

    1. The sob belongs rite there in jail -mainly for the murders resulting from the Fast and Furious caper.

  9. ” With the clearly unethical and most likely criminal behavior of the upper management levels of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) exposed by Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, there are two complementary areas that have been conveniently swept under the rug.

    The first deals with the murder of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich, and the second deals with the alleged hacking of the DNC server by Russia. Both should be of prime interest to special counsel Robert Mueller, but do not hold your breath.”


    Also noted here:

    1. Wait! You forgot about whitewater! and the other dead guy, victor or vince something-or-other. And Benghazi! How could you omit mentioning Benghazi! We need investigations, we need hearings! Oh, wait, right; never mind.

      this is to “hannity makes me goggle-eyed” rosie

        1. These T rumper’s propably think it is coolio that he wants to make himself dictator for life. Been busy and blog administer Darren Smith wants me gone not that I give a rats ass. Readin your posts and a few more.

          1. Ken, Darren Smith dare not get rid of you without getting rid of Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter in the bargain.

            1. Diane, why are you getting so bossy lately? You can’t tell Turley or Darren Smith what to do with their blog.
              Besides, Squeeky is much more interesting and entertaining than any of you trolls.

              1. “Diane, why are you getting so bossy lately? ”

                Just lately? Diane has always been competing to become the next Reichsfuhrer.

      1. Marky Mark Mark – they gave up on Whitewater because Hillary hid the billing records from the Rose Law Firm. They suddenly appeared after the case was over. Funny about that. Hillary has been able to wait out the statute of limitations on several crimes. However, some are ongoing and some do not have a statute of limitation. That is where she is vulnerable. My understanding is that there are at least two independent investigations into the Clintons going on right now.

      1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

        Based on the images, analysts at AIVD later determined that the group working in the room was operated by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). An information and technology sharing arrangement with the National Security Agency and other US intelligence agencies resulted in the determination that Cozy Bear’s efforts were at least in part being driven by the Russian Federation’s leadership—including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

        The data collected by AIVD began to pay off in November of 2014, when the agency alerted US intelligence officials that the Cozy Bear group had obtained login credentials and email from US State Department employees. enabling the National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the State Department to shut down the attack within 24 hours. A later attack on the White House was also picked up by the AIVD analysts, de Volkskrant’s Huib Modderkolk reported.

      1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

        “The Dutch access provides crucial evidence of the Russian involvement in the hacking of the Democratic Party, according to six American and Dutch sources who are familiar with the material, but wish to remain anonymous. It’s also grounds for the FBI to start an investigation into the influence of the Russian interference on the election race between the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidate Donald Trump.”

        Pay particular attention to the second, or last, sentence in the paragraph cited above. There you will find yet another point of origin for the Russia investigation that was prior to, and independent of, the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS. Of course, this also verifies yet another key allegation of the Trump-Russia dossier–albeit, one that had already been verified by our own intelligence assessment. So there’s now verification of the verification.

        P. S. The time has come to let Seth Rich rest in peace.

          1. And yet, they did. And so did the NSA. But the NSA is not allowed to do the work that the FBI does. And, even more to the point, the NSA gave the FBI probable cause for starting the Russia investigation.

            BTW, there is no longer any rational basis for denying that Russian intelligence operatives hacked the DNC and John Podesta.

              1. Prove that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails. Otherwise, your in no position to demand proof from anybody for anything–you terrible two-year old, you!

                1. Diane – I have people who are willing to go on record. You have unnamed sources. My named sources trump your unnamed sources.

                  1. Then name your sources right here on the blawg–Blufferbuss. Or are your sources more like imaginary friends to whom you can only allude because nobody else but you can see them???

                    1. Diane – my sources are already outed while yours are ghosts and may not even exist.

        1. Diane – the Dutch have been in the dark too long to come into the light now. The FBI examined Seth Rich’s computer and found communications with Wikileaks and an offer to sell them info. Buzzfeed is suing the DNC for support on the hacking but the DNC is stonewalling them. Buzzfeed is being sued into oblivion by 5 people for publishing the Steele Dossier.

          1. None of you get it. Russia could have cared less who won in 2016. They wanted precisely what we have now: a severely polarized population that doubts institutions and processes. That’s why Russian bots organized both pro and anti Trump events AFTER the election. They want to sow seeds of chaos in our system and they are succeeding very well.

            1. You are right, who won was not their concern, but like most everyone else they assumed Hillary would win and I think they had good reasons to want her to win. She could take a bribe and the Russians probably have a lot of dirt on her. The Russians know the Clintons. They paid them enough money. They didn’t know Trump and like Reagan Trump could become a threat.

            2. andrewworkshop – I know exactly what the Russian trolls were up to, but that is a different discussion from hacking the DNC, which they didn’t do. BTW, it was a surprise to Putin that Trump won, just like it was to the Lame Street Press.

              1. People forget that the DNC and Clinton wouldn’t have been hacked if they followed basic IT security protocols AND didn’t maintain illegal servers in her residence. Podesta’s password reportedly was “password”…even Linda could have hacked that one 🙂

                1. andrewworkshop – the original story was that Podesta was directed to gmail’s site to make the change but he went back to the original email. Now the new story is the IT manager is taking all the blame to protect Podesta. This is from a Frontline called Putin’s Revenge (2 parts).

  10. Anti-American, wholly unconstitutional, affirmative action “swamp” scum.

  11. Mueller, Holder and the Keystone Cops – a national disgrace; a global joke.

    When will Congress impeach AG Jeff Sessions criminal negligence and dereliction? Alternatively, Sessions is covering up exactly what Speaker Ryan and House members want hidden.

    Holder, members of the FBI, Intel community, Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s entourage have committed clear, present, provable and egregious crimes which have been revealed by honorable and impartial members of these groups and the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General. AG Jeff Sessions has persistently refused to prosecute any and all of these crimes while focusing on the mortal priority as the national existential threat of drug overdoses.

    Why doesn’t the American Attorney General enforce the federal law against federal criminals in America?

    Why don’t the People, through their representatives in Congress, impeach the corrupt and complicit Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    1. Please continue to post such materials. I am greatly amused by the picture of you shooting spittle at the monitor as you furiously cut-and-paste your conspiratorial nonsense.

      this is to “I heard obama ate puppies” georgie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – Obama has admitted to eating dog, not sure if it was puppies. You would have to ask him. As usual, you have nothing to add to the conversation, except a double insult. Although, both of the insults are built on quicksand.

    1. It’ll make an excellent sound-bite for the campaign ads his Republican primary challengers will run against Trump in 2020. (There will be a great many of such Trumpian sound bites in 2020).

    2. “”I’m telling you, it’s a rigged system folks,” Trump said. “I’ve been saying that for a long time. It’s a rigged system. And we don’t have the right people in there yet. We have a lot of great people, but certain things, we don’t have the right people.”

          1. Let’s never forget Jill Stein. She was openly working in Moscow during her campaign. And, mysteriously, she coughed up more cash to support recounts in three states than she spend on her entire campaign. I’d love to know where those ducats came from.

    3. Trump is a funny guy!

      —On his son-in-law: “We were late tonight because Jared could not get through security.”

      —On Vice President Mike Pence: “He is one of the best straight men you’re ever going to meet … he is straight. Man.” Trump also said, “I really am proud to call him the apprentice ”

      —On Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “I offered him a ride over and he recused himself. What are you going to do?”

      —On The New York Times: “I’m a New York icon. You’re a New York icon. And the only difference is I still own my buildings.”

      —On former chief strategist Steven Bannon: “That guy leaked more than the Titanic.”

      —On the first lady: Trump said he doesn’t understand why everyone says #freemelania. He said she’s actually having a great time.

      Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article203398504.html#storylink=cpy

    4. You left out the fact that it didn’t sound like a serious comment and after each sentence, there was laughter from a supportive crowd that supports tough actions against China.

      Unfortunately, Gable, you don’t know what you are talking about and take statements out of context. Not entirely your fault as CNN sets people like you up all the time.

      1. Allan, Gable was not disputing that Trump’s remarks were intended to be humorous. Gable is disputing the notion that Trump’s remarks actually were humorous. They were not funny, Allan.

        1. You can define humor any way you like for your own consumption. You don’t define what humor is.

          Gable’s words indicate that he totally misinterpreted humor for reality. I don’t blame him because CNN bases their newscasts on people like Gable because jokes taken out of context can increase CNN’s ratings. The only problem is that it leaves people like Gable and perhaps you in the dark.

  12. The people running DOJ, FBI, the FISA court….clearly they do whatever they wish. If mueller wants to do this, he will. The law doesn’t matter any more. No one is following the laws we have.

  13. Is Professor Turley ever going to address the Imran Awan issue? Possibly the biggest cyber spying episode in recent history endangering national security by giving these Pakis access to their computers- the Dem House members who hired him, his wife, brother and other associates.– DWS threatening the Capitol Police after they refused to return her laptop –why isn’t the FBI all over this?

    Luke Rosiak has written 50 (!!) articles alone which can be found here::


    “The FBI’s Failed Investigation of Imran Awan”

    “One might think that foreigners stealing sensitive data from Congress is a national security matter; or assume that stolen Congressional IT equipment shouldn’t be sent to foreign countries; maybe common ground can be found on the basis that it is a federal matter when Congressional staffers brag that they can have people tortured in Pakistan. The FBI disagrees.”


    “The Very Strange Indictment of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT Scammers”


  14. what Holder, “too big to fail, too powerful to jail” is doing is deflecting.

    “”members of both parties will come together to roll back financial rules, during the 10th anniversary of the biggest banking crisis in nearly a century. And it’s happening with virtually no media attention whatsoever.

    Aside from the gifts to Citigroup and other big banks, the bill undermines fair lending rules that work to counter racial discrimination and rolls back regulation and oversight on large regional banks that aren’t big enough to be global names, but have enough cash to get a stadium named after themselves. In the name of mild relief for community banks, these institutions — which have been christened “stadium banks” by congressional staff opposing the legislation — are punching a gaping hole through Wall Street reform. Twenty-five of the 38 biggest domestic banks in the country, and globally significant foreign banks that have engaged in rampant misconduct, would get freed from enhanced supervision.”

    “Instead of Taking on Gun Control, Democrats Are Teaming With Republicans for a Stealth Attack on Wall Street Reform”


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